Upcoming Witnesses For The Prosecution

DSC_0339Prosecution has the following witnesses scheduled to testify. Doctor Mirer is still on the stand today telling about her forensic examination of the bodies that were recovered as a result of information from Weeks.  Other medical people will follow to tell us the white powder found was consistent with lime and the fragments taken from the head of one victim was consistent with bullet fragments. Doctor Richard Evans will testify that the bullets that were found in the victims in this case caused their deaths, or as Prosecutor Zac Hafer put it, “the twenty-five .45 caliber bullets found in the body of Edward Connors killed him.”

The other witnesses aside from the medical or scientific ones scheduled for today are: Elaine Barrett, a relative of Bucky Barrett; Kevin Daily (?) not on witness list, one was mentioned as a friend of Joe Murray and the other as having been shot by Pat Nee, so believe it may be the former one; Paul “Polecat” Moore, in witness protection, a strong-arm guy for Whitey’s drug operation; FBI Agent Montinari (one of the good guys in Boston FBI office during the time); Barry Wong, the guy who drove Kevin Weeks in to the restaurant to pick up Bucky Barret’s money; Steve Davis, Debby’s brother and seen on local TV recently; and Patricia Donohue, the wife of the man killed with Brian Halloran.

Tomorrow we will hear from: David Lindholm (a drug dealer who was extorted), Anthony Attardo (an extortion victim whose brother was shot), Barry Halloran (a relation of Brian who was gunned down), and Kevin Hayes (another extortion victim).

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  1. There are private people on the ‘”list that does not exist list” cousins. Tread carefully. … Very carefully.. before you start a process that violates their privacy. They will not understand. Sean.

    1. Anonymous, thank you for your post and “in-sight”/advice. It is noted. Do bear in mind, however, and please understand and take this in the well-intentioned manner it is intended to be delivered in, that you may have “ooops’d” a tad bit on that last one by a slip of quick-habit. In the interest of securing your own privacy which you seem to tread very carefully to do by virtue of the call name you chose and the tone and let’s say the tenor of your message above, you may not want to put your name down at the bottom again in the future. Just food for thought. Well-intentioned food for thought, at that, to be most clear.

  2. according to the papers Rep.Peter King of New York is not to pleased about the FBI blowing him off in the congressional hearing. He seems to be a tough good guy, maybe he can help bring some needed administrative reform and culture change to the Bureau.

    1. Hopalong:

      The only ones that count in Congress are the people at the top – the rest just strut about and King is one of the biggest strutters. I think the FBI’s top priority in DC is to ensure it has those in power in its pocket by doing whatever it takes to bring that about. (Everone has her price and her relatives)

  3. Want to see what all these killers look like today. Take a drive over to L-Street and sit outside the L-Street Gym (Curley Recreation Center): the killers will all parade by, sooner or later, their chests sticking out like they accomplished something in life. The only thing they accomplished was they killed about 50 people and hurt hundreds more. Thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach. Thank you Fred Wyshak and the FEDS and Major Tom Foley!!! Helluva job you’ve done in keeping our communities free of gangsters, drug pushers and terrorists. Keep on hunting that Great White Whale. Gross incompetents! Grotesque incompetents!!!!

    1. William:

      If you sit outside the L Street Gym you’d find yoursef sitting next to Stippo Rakes. The last time I was by there he was sitting there having just come back from Castle Island.

  4. Kevin Dailey was the guy Pat Nee shot 5 times at close range, but Kevin survived. Dailey was also a partner of Lepore
    and Murray.
    Here’s a video of Pat Nee bragging about the shooting:

    1. Patty:

      Video didn’t come through. Don’t need it Read about it in his book. There’s another Kevin Daily around. We’ll find out tomorrow. Don’t see what the one shot by Weeks would add to the case.

      1. (The video is a beauty and its only 2 mins long on YouTube. Search for “American Mob Pat Nee.” Nee even suggests he is still in the business.)

        Did the gov really say they were calling a KEVIN Dailey, or were they referring to Agent Tom Daly?
        If its Kevin, there’s only one. He was the guy who was with Murray and he was the same guy shot by Nee. I’d assume he’d be used to corroborate Murray’s drug dealing, the severance package or some extortion. Basically, the prosecution is doing an outstanding job at cross corroborating their shaky witnesses with less interested witnesses and forensics. This week, they added a lot of bricks to the wall. Many of them were interlocking bricks, the hardest ones to knock down. However, if the defense can show the defense witnesses collaborated on their stories, and the stories were lies, each interlocking brick becomes highly suspect and turns into a liability for the government.
        I’m not sure whether to be impressed or suspicious at how well the forensic anthropologist corroborated Weeks’s testimony. I suspect they studied each other’s reports before hand. She did her examinations 13 years ago! She was too good.
        Couple that with the fact she was fired from the Medical Examiner’s Office for repeatedly losing human remains. That’s exactly the kind of malleable and controllable witness the USA loves. They don’t need to be perfect, they just have to so what they’re told and be consistent with the other shaky witnesses.

        1. Patty:

          Maybe I’m wrong on that – it must have been Tom Daly the agent who just testified. I may have been thinking Kevin.

          We stray paths on Dr. Mirer. I thought she was a good witness, not good but very good. The prosecutor Wyshak did a nice job putting it into evidence. I really look at it as a non issue in the case other than you have to prove these people were killed. Weeks goes to a spot and says there are three people under here, Barrett, McIntyre and Hussey. They dig and find three bodies, two male and one femaale. For me that is enough – I didn’t need all the icing on the cake about how they were killed to be corroborated. You didn’t need to have much training to tell there was a hole the size of a bullet in the skull right where Weeks said it would have been.

          But beyond that is Carney going to argue these are three other people? The same things go with respect to the other three. Who they are seems to me to be quite clear; as does how they are killed even that being unnecessary in the case of the two women.

          More important than all of it is the issue of Whitey’s relationship toward these bodies. Did he murder them or didn’t he. Right now all we know is that Weeks said he did, Benji Ditchman will come on and say he murdered them. It’s not a who is it case, it’s a who did it case. Whitey has to come forward and say he didn’t murder them, but who will believe him.

    2. Patty, thank you for including the video. Did you catch the slight cock of the head and the split second – micro second grin on his face when he was talking about “kicking out his teeth – that he would not do it now, we all watch CSI so we know not to leave any forensics behind.” The skip in breath coupled with the grin coupled with the confidence of perfecting the trade is chilling.

      I wish there was a website that put up a current video or photo of all the bad-guys in the area mobs, mugs of their associates, with a “where are they now” caption underneath and crimes they have committed…and will likely commit again without any forensics left behind because they’ve mastered their dark arts.

      1. Alex,

        Pat Nee was releaaed from fed prison 13 yrs ago and is the Boss of South Boston rackets. He is obviously under protection of the US Attorneys.
        Search YouTube for a video Nee made with his current Crew. Search for “the Real Deal South Boston Peninsula productions.” The idiots actually filmed it in the illegal gambling club that Nee runs. They even put their real names in the credits at the end. The bald guy who pulls the gun is Nee’s real enforcer. It would be comical if people this dumb weren’t armed and stupidly dangerous.

        1. Patty:

          Nee has to be a top echelon informant. Weeks is probably also one. They will need lessons so that’s why the feds will let Benji Ditchman out as soon as Whitey goes west.

    3. Another pal of the FEDs freely roaming the streets, bragging without a tinge of remorse about gunning down unarmed victims. Wasn’t it Wyshak-Foley who cut a deal with Martorano allowing him to protect his gangster friends, like Nee, and Martorano’s gangster brothers. Thank you FEDS and Fred Wyshak et al for releasing eight serial killers back into our fair neighborhood. Thank you Boston Globe writers and Boston Herald writers for making heroes of these killers. Did Pat Nee take Father John Saunders’ locker at L-Street. The Saunders Post in Southie was named after Father John’s brother Paul a Marine killed in combat on Saipan and awarded the Silver Star for bravery. Or did he take Hop Swift’s locker? Hop was a commander of a destroyer in the Atlantic and Pacific during World War II and the founder with his three Navy brothers, combat veterans all, of Swift Instruments (binocular, spotting scopes, telescopes); their shop was next to the Robert Ryan Playground on Dot Ave, just up from East Cottage Street, on the periphery of Savin Hill, a stone’s throw from the Avenue Bakery: I can still smell those hot-cross buns.

      1. William:

        I’m told Pat Nee took the locker of Hop Swift because it is reserved for people who fought in combat. Pat Nee was a Marine in Vietnam so he was entitled to have it.

  5. I believe Tom Daly is about to be crossed. Isn’t he the one that says the FBI is still giving protection to certain mobsters? Wrote a letter to that affect, but Wyshak said he “retracted” it? If so, that could be an explosive cross. If not, I digress.


    1. Jim P:

      Cross was not confrontational – Carney isn’t that type – most confrontational he has been was today when he told he judge rulings shouldn’t all be one sided. Carney used cross to do what I said he needed to do (not that I’m suggesting he followed my advice) is to show that it is not only from the files that Connolly could have gotten informatino to put into Whitey’s file but also from the chit-chat around the office and the office meetings at which these things are routinely discussed. That is important to his arguing Whitey wasn’t an informant one of the goals in this case.

    2. What does that tell you: A person writes an letter then (sua sponte or under what gun may we ask?) the same person within months retracts it. This happens all the time in our ordinary lives when we put our ideas down on paper and then a few weeks later tell some Federal Prosecutors who don’t like our original ideas that we are retracting them. The whole system stinks to high heaven. Whose the Captain Ahab at the federal helm of this stinkin sinkin ship hell bent on harpooning some imaginary great white whale and ramming broadsides all who dare steer a different course before it?

      1. William:

        Daly has been strange in this case. As he aged he seemed to find more of a home on the prosecution team.

  6. BTW, how about Dan Conley having cops follow the disalvo family around to grab a piece of DNA evidence.
    The disalvo family has always been cooperative. They could not have asked? Gotten a sealed warrant?
    Stasi type activities against innocent civilians like the immature kid with gun Dan is.
    Not to mention the costs and use of resources.
    Plus the fact they called this press conference bf exhuming disalvo.
    Mayorial and gubernatorial campaigns plus narrow minded law enforcement public relations are driving this now. Always a bad mix.
    I don’t see this going smoothly for Dan

      1. Hyde park. Former ada under Newman Flanagan. Boston district city councillor. When he was on council he tried to take out Hyde park rep scacia. Menino hates hum. Consolvo will screw up Dan in Hyde park.
        Dangerous if this guy gets control of bpd

        1. Ernie:
          I wonder if Menino could have won another term – with the apathy of the people so high he very well might have done so and easily. I’ve been traveling the streets of Boston lately and they are a disgrace. It seems Menino has been governing with smoke and mirrors. Did you ever go over the Forest Hills overpass; clearly the worst road in America. Do you think if John Connolly wins they will let him out of prison in Florida?

  7. I’m still looking for solid evidence against whitey regarding murders. Admittedly I’m not catching every piece of evidence but just on motive and opportunities re the bodies dug up. Seems they all have pat nee and Steve flemmi more involved and more reasons to kill these people.

    1. Ernie:

      The evidence has come in from Murderman, Brutalman and now Benji-Ditchman (Flemmi) will put the evidence in. Weeks was not contested on the murders. Nor was Martorano but both were shown to be liars. Let’s see what Carney can do to the Benji-Ditchman who I agree has the motive and opportunity to do all of the murders. If Carney handles it right he want that jury to conclude Benji-Ditchman killed the women alone and if that is the case then the government tried to frame Whitey on those cases so it probably did it in every case.

        1. William:

          Weeks put it best, “I’m a criminal therefore I’m a liar.” All cases like this are full of lies.

  8. dont mean to much up the comment section, but this is more overkill on the prosections behalf as you suggested earlier in the week. the defense has already admitted to being a gangster. so the best friends cousin of a extortion victim isnt really rellevant is it? also i understand the familys are victims but if they werent at the scene what can they add than saying ~it was in black mass so we know he did it~!

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