Update on Trump Boys Leaking to Soviets, I Mean Russians, the Identity of American Spies

edvard-munch-the-scream-1893This is a story you want to keep on top off. It is because we have leaks to Russia coming from within the intelligence agency. The leaks began after the Trump administration gained access to the intelligent briefings.

The Moscow Times on January 31, 2017, had a headline:Russian Federal Agents Suspected of Treason Reportedly Passed Secrets to the CIA.” I speculated that was the reason for their arrest and now it seems that it is true. “Sergei Mikhailov, a top cyber security specialist in the FSB, and his deputy Dmitry Dokuchaev are being accused of “breaking their oath and working with the CIA,” . . . 

It goes on: “Four people have been arrested in this case, and eight individuals in total have been identified as accomplices. Only four suspects have been charged, and others could get off as witnesses.”

Somehow few seem to make the connection between the access to the identity of those men in Russia working for the United States which had been secure up until Team Trump was given the information and their subsequent arrests. There seems not to be a squeak about it in the American media although for me it is like a blinking red neon sign on top of a lonely diner/motel late at night on the far outskirts of town. Shouldn’t there be some sort of investigation into finding out who else had access to that information after access was given to Team Trump. Did Paul Manafort get it through one of his friends on that team?

Scary stuff to think of this spies within our midst compromising the identities of people who work for us. But perhaps that goes along with our planned partnership with the Soviets Russians.

Take note of this article in the Moscow Times where the writer says after talking about the telephone call between Trump and Putin: “This new world would be a one where Russia and the United States would have primacy over other states in Europe. The same would apply to the U.S. alliances in Asia, where countries like Japan would have to look to Russia for supplemental reassurance against Chinese dominance.”

I don’t know how many of you are aware of Roosevelt making the same deal with Stalin which put most of Eastern Europe into what was known as “Captive States under communist rule.” I wonder if Trump ever heard of Yalta or the enslavement under these communist governments of millions of Eastern European people. Is that the reason the Russians have just stepped up their attacks in Eastern Ukraine?

His actions at home with his Muslim Ban and his many lies are frightening but when you see he is entering into a pact with Russia putting it into a primary position over other states that have been free then you Trump voters must be very happy we are going back to 1945.

It was Churchill who spoke about an Iron Curtain. We now will see it again. It is the Iron Curtain coming down between the American people and those that run it out of the Executive Office where long serving members of the State Department who might have another opinion of Trump’s actions are told to leave and where an acting U.S. attorney refuses to enforce an order she  believes is illegal she is said to have “betrayed” the Department of Justice which was another lie. She did not want to enforce Trump’s order. It had nothing to do with the DOJ.

And my friends as the Iron Curtain descends on the truth keep in mind no dissent and those who don’t follow any orders, even illegal, will be considered as betrayers.

25 thoughts on “Update on Trump Boys Leaking to Soviets, I Mean Russians, the Identity of American Spies

  1. Tadzio : Incisively rendered, as usual. Churchill had many …uhhh …idiosyncrasies. But he personified JOHN BULL in all of the obdurate pertinacity of the English character. As a moral force, center, and stubborn example of Imperial Will and Western Democratic values, his presence was a transcendent one. As Maggie Thatcher said … ” I know that History will treat me kindly, because I will write it myself!” … Here’s raising a glass to Winston. and all who live in the neighborhood of St.Paul’s! 🙂

  2. Just a footnote. Churchill did not coin the phrase “iron curtain”. He cribbed it from Joseph Goebbels who used 13 month before. “If the German people lay down their weapons, the Soviets, according to the agreement between Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin, would occupy all of East and Southeast Europe, along with the greater part of the Reich. An iron curtain would fall over this enormous territory, controlled by the Soviet Union, behind which nations would be slaughtered. The Jewish press in London and New York would probably still be applauding.” What Churchill bemoaned was what he gave birth to. He was later heard to admit, “We killed the wrong pig.”

    In all of human history no man lost as much as the besotted fool Churchill. Upon attaining office his stated purpose was to preserve the British Empire. He lost it. The Imperial General Staff won the war and one of their most effective tools was a waste basket into which they threw Churchill’s oddball suggestions.

  3. FAIR ENOUGH , Jon 🙂 … Come back, steer clear of MGH, and just generally play it cool, I suspect you won’t have to be wearing Robert Lowell’s red socks at McLean’s.

  4. Dear John King McDonald, I’m not worrying about being killed – but being detained in America. It almost already happened. At 5am (first subway), I went from Southie to Massachusetts General Hospital because of high blood pressure. My blood pressure was so high, I was admitted inpatient. The doctor asked what was bothering me and I answered, “I filed a lawsuit against the FBI.”
    Apparently, this doctor made a phone call. I was locked in the psychiatric ward from 6am to 3:30pm. When a Harvard student, I volunteered at MGH. When a thief, I stole from MGH. I know their security like the back of my hand.
    Requesting to use the toilet, I was taken from the room by three men wearing suit jackets. One ~three feet way, one ~7-10 feet away, one ~15 feet away. When I took a step, they took a step. It’s called lock-step surveillance.
    I had a plane ticket for Australia (leaving the next day), a job and a family. The doctor said I’m a threat to myself and to society. I was being sent to McLeans Hospital.
    Only a senior doctor asking, “What’s this other appointment?” – and my answer, “For boxing license stress test,” saved me from being committed to McLeans Hospital.
    So the FBI put a hospital patient suffering from high blood pressure under lock-step surveillance. I’m sure this helps explain my FBI FEAR.

  5. Dear Honest Abe,
    Unlike the past, where Tommy went everywhere with fighters, he works is at the gym certain hours on certain days (except when it’s deer season or there’s summer striping fishing). Peter’s gym is 371 Dorchester Avenue – across from the old Adams and Sweat rug company.
    You’ll like the gym. Tommy’s boxing pictures are on the walls and there are TVs showing fights (including Tommy’s fights).
    Stick your head in and say hello. I’m stuck in Australia living on a shoe string, so even calling Tommy is difficult. If you can visit the gym, please tell Peter and Tommy that Jon said “Hi.”

  6. The Russians are great at this game. During the early years of the Cold War, the NKVD/KGB intercepted most of the CIAs attempts to help the Forest Brothers. Agents parachuted right into their arms, because, Soviet moles had compromised their missions. The same thing happened during the VN War. The Soviets taught NVN/VC intelligence the whole game. All the teams dropped into NVN were captured, and/or, killed. In more recent times, FBI turncoat Robert Hansen, supplied the KGB with info that allowed them to roll up whole strings of assets. These people were later executed. If there are moles among the Trumpsovki, the firm will figure it all out. It’s what FBI does. Everything is up to Comey.

    1. How can we miss you when you never go away?Go back to herding goats! 8 comments? Get a life!

  7. I think we have to at least consider the possibility that these guys are innocent, this happening in Russia and all. I also think that if Matt’s suspicions are correct, a defector or two will come knocking at the CIA’s door sooner rather than later.

  8. When does ” Dissent ” start to become a form of treason ? … Your inferences are rabidly partisan, wholly speculative, politically self-serving, and transparently designed to tarnish the candidate that you did not vote for…. More … HAPPY PROPAGANDA!

    I do not believe you are treasonous. I do believe you are in a state of rebellion . When your noble and silvered white man’s head gets busted by some Black Lives Matter social justice Ivy Leaugue snot ,and you hear … WHAT DO WE WANT … DEAD COPS … WHEN DO WE WANT THEM .. NOW! … as you fall to the ground just remember that good form requires that you raise the clenched fist of solidarity. Indoctrination after all, demands it! 🙂

    1. That’s what literary critics call “purple prose.” When, exactly, have BLM, and, Ivy League snots, broken any “noble, and, silvered heads?” You tripp’in?

      1. Save it Kameradio. You’re not Little Red Riding Hiood. Don’t insult my intelligence. I don’t insult yours. BLM can save the White Privilege rhetorical bs for the privileged blacks as well all whites . Up here in Boston I’ve seen a lot of upper middle class black students fomenting and lamenting ; hurling invective and bile against working class white cops. Give me your old school brothers and sisters who have really suffered. Them, I will listen to. Their anger I understand. I am an equal opportunity son of a bitch. Done my own suffering ; got my own anger. I don’t like cultural squatters, virtue signallers, upper class twits, black or white, who consolidate their own material status while pissing on the working class, black or white or any other color. I deal and treat with people, regardless of color, as I find them . I assert my own sovereignty of spirit as a human being and an individual. I refuse to be a cipher in the self-serving ” revolutionary ” calculus of intellectuals committed to a marxist programme who are all theory and no truly hard ass life experience. I do not number you among the last.

        ” Let’s call a spade a spade ” … your words. ” It is only by people’s words that I know them ” … your quote . Get real ; there are numerous documented instances of BLM on White violence. If someone is screaming at me, like a programmed revo bot, about ” White Privilege ” I take them at their word. They are a Black Supremacist . There are White Supremacists. There are Black Supremacists. Again, I am an Equal Opportunity MOFO when it comes to burying anyone who wants to bury me. BLM wants to talk shit. I take them at their word. I still recollect that there are legitimate gripes in their agenda, but they are getting lost in the ” White Noise.” ; Shame , that .

        1. John:

          Sometimes, all the hyperbole gets in the way of your message. Is what you are writing intended to be an affective message, eliciting emotion, as in creative writing, or, a connotative message, relaying the specific information, as in academic writing, or, journalism? Adjectives are at the heart of a creative piece, but, in non-fiction writing, less is more, with modifiers. If the intention is to relay information, and/or, make a point, onanistic adjectival flourishes are counterproductive and obscure the meaning you are attempting to relay

      2. Look uhmmmm … Bloomsbury …. stylistically , try to sort out the difference between mild sarcasm, and ” Purple Prose. ” Just because you’ve come across a titillating bit of critical literary nomenclature does not mean you have to wave your hand excitedly for teacher just to show teacher you learned something knew. You do this a lot . Your prose is often unnecessarily convoluted and when presented with logical argument you resort to shallow insult. How’s this for purple prose : stick it up your ass!

        Don’t be a carping little bitch, Khalid. Don’t worry so much about trying to convince people you’re a smart guy. That is a given . I don’t have time for the brightest girl in the Smith College INTRO TO FIVE BRITISH WRITERS CLASS to be … ” trippin ” If you want to learn to write like me you are going to have to stop writing like … anybody. Just fucking … Write! … See … William Saroyan’s Letter on Joe Gould. Anyhop … you have lured me into enough tedium with your unlikely pedagoguery . Following is my answer to your envious request for clarification : SEE NEXT COMMENT

        1. Just talking about writing. Its the sort of thing one does in writing clinics.
          The communicative theory comes from Roman Jakobson, of the Russian Formalist school. The Russian Formalists examined all the different shapes and forms in literature. They analysed novels, poetry, short-story, non-fiction, instruction manuals, advertisements, propaganda, every instance of literature they could place on the slide of their analytic microscopes. They gave us a completely new way to look at writing. I read your stuff. A more sober use of adjectives, and, the artful inclusion of an occasional comma is the only advice I can give.

          1. Oh drat … He’s rattling on about the RUSSIAN FORMALISTS now ; always the one for the hip contemporary reference. ” Onanistic stylistic flourishes? ” … didja really just want to use the word ” onanistic ” Khalid , completely out of any intelligent context and bereft of any but an imaginary connection in your feverish head to anything I had written? Talk about masturbating in a cork lined room! Talking about writing? You did your usual smartass quibbling driveby of a posted comment, and promenaded a lot of nonsense. I’ll write as I choose. Your tactic is to make petty and baseless charges regarding this that or the other : quiddiities reclining on the usual pseudo – intellectual couch along with whatever radical academic you can fit onto it for company. It gets tiresome. You’re talking RUSSIAN FORMALIST smack. Try fashioning your own thoughts and present them in a original fashion. You’re whingeing on about commas again … another boomerang that came back and hit you in the head, as I illustrated before that ypu use too many, in the wrong placement, and are ill suited to being a punctuation coach. Physician, heal thyself, as usual! Try to be a little less of the intellectual inebriate when it comes to ornamenting every other sentence with a citation of some academic or another. I am bored by pedants and pedantry. I take time to write this only because I like to dope slap you time to time.. And you like it when I do, obviously! … Ya’ nutty bastard! 🙂

  9. Glorious Leader wants an all out war against Muslims. Killing Anwar al-Awlaki’ s extremely photogenic 8 yr. old daughter will outrage the Muslim World. Trump’s made it blood-for-blood in the worst possible way. No one in the Islamic World will be shocked or, care, about DAESH’s next barbarity. They’ll think of that beautiful smiling child, and, say to themselves, the West has it coming.

    1. 20,000 Drone … Extra-Legal … Assassinations… during Barak’s eight years. The double standard waves its bloody colors yet again ! 🙂

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