V-V Day (Victory over Vivus) – Only 100,000 Deaths – Where Were The Crowds?

Trump is telling us that he has brought about a great success in the fight against Covid-19. If it wasn’t for him – if some other president was in office – we would have over 2 million deaths from Covid-19. That we have only 100,000 – only 100,000 or almost twice as many deaths as happened in the Vietnam War –  Trump considers quite a victory.

Where are the crowds on the streets celebrating this victory?

Yes, Jared Kushner had it right – Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law – said  “the federal government rose to the challenge and this is a great success story and I think that that’s really what needs to be told.”

Where are the crowds on the streets celebrating this great success? Where are the Mission Accomplished signs? Is there any other president who can say he presided over 100,000 deaths of Americans in three months?

Above is a photograph of Times Square on V-E Day when Germany surrendered? People poured out into the streets all over American in celebration of our success on the European theater. There was still a war going on in the Far East with the Japanese Empire. Japan would surrender in August. Again, as shown on the photograph to the left the people jammed Time’s Square in celebration of victory over Japan, V-J Day.  The country had finally stopped fighting since Pearl Harbor was bombed, the day of Infamy, on December 7, 1941.

Now we have had a great success and we just hit a milestone that will be remembered for as long as our history. The 100,00 death in the great Trump success. Yet the question remains.

Where are the crowds on the streets celebrating this great success? Is it because the Deep State has ordered to folk to stay home? All right, assuming that’s the case but that group has no control over the Red States. Why don’t we see the crowds in Dallas, or  Butte, or Pensacola out in celebration? I have been pondering this since we claimed victory. It finally came to me.

There’s a twenty-foot statue in Sarasota, Florida, of the sailor kissing the nurse in the iconic Times Square photograph.  The Kiss, as it is known was a marvelous example of the elation of the folk to the news of the surrender. A sailor grabbed an unknown dental assistant and gave her a big kiss which was captured by a photographer.

Obviously that could not be done in the present age. Firstly, since we are celebrating V-V Day which was in part accomplished by not touching strangers no kissing would have been allowed. Second, to take such liberties today would cause the sailor, not being a big deal like Trump who brags how he can go around and grab women by the private parts, to run afoul of the #metoo movement and possibly result in his being incarcerated by the police for some type of sexual assault.

But perhaps there is another reason. Trump, not being the type of guy who goes around bragging about everything he does as if he was the first and only person who ever accomplished anything and his absolute refusal to use the word “great,” being a humble guy does not want to make a big deal of his accomplishment.

Too bad, in these dire days it would have been nice to celebrate something, even a fake V-V Day based upon a fake success.



20 thoughts on “V-V Day (Victory over Vivus) – Only 100,000 Deaths – Where Were The Crowds?

  1. The people have had it with Trump and his gang. They are rising up angry against the plutocrats. The sound of marching feet disturbs my dreams. A phalanx of bayonets advances on the future, two steps forward, one step back. The only thing to it, is to “do it.” Spartacus, call home. Strelnikov, get the train rolling. Bourgeois society is choking on it’s contradictions. It won’t be long, now. America’s social fabric is coming unraveled.
    Let’s pull at the strings.

    1. Sorry to mention the uprising going on around us. The next escalation of the righteous conflagration will be a second amendment fight. The issue will involve the possession firearms by black, brown, and, commie people. It’s an important issue, seeing that these folks’ interactions with the fascist security organs, and, their supporters, will, shortly, move from rocks, and, bottles to guns, and, bombs.

      The pace at which events are happening is quite exhilarating. The revolution is building it’s momentum. Could be a tidal wave forming, just, over the horizon. Swelling with gathered energy, it threatens to move.

      The people, united, will never be defeated.

      OWS was the dry-run for what’s coming next.

      All praise to the young cadres. You’re making your bones. All power to the dialectic!

      1. Khalid:

        What do you do when the walls come tumbling down? Do away with law and order and what is left to protect you. Surely you don’t find protection from the anarchists — who may have advanced their causes better if they could have agreed with one another on the course to follow but being anachists whenever they met to they ended up fighting among themselves for being an anarchist means nothing more than you know better than anyone else what is best so why listen to others.

        One of the most meaningless statements is: “the people, united, will never be defeated.” I never understood what it is supposed to mean. Do people united have a leader? Do people united make rules and laws? Who does it? Which people? All of them? United to do what? Be careful for which you wish.

        1. Matt: I get your drift. I’ll think about it, then, reply. But, keep in mind, everything is moving so fast, my musings seem dated before they arrive.

        2. “Make the walls tumble down” wa-llahi! That brought back memories . In ’74 I went down to Chi-town to demonstrate support for the De Mau Mua killers. The noisy demo circumambulated Cook County Jail yelling encouragement to inmates resistant behind the wall. After the political formalities, we visited the accused. My squeeze at the time was a Hell’s Angel mama, Sarah M. The hacks brought us right up to the cell block for the visit. As the escorting turn-key looked out a window, Sarah disgorged a cornucopia of pharmaceutical delights from her bosoms. Passed them right through the bars, she did. Ah, those were the good old days.

          “The people united, will never be defeated” is a nineteenth century labor slogan. It regained currency during the the anti-VN War protests. A lot of the old favorites will be recycled for the present revolutionary movement. “Eat the rich” is my sentimental choice.

          The apocalyptic moment is upon us. See Sartre’s “Critique of Dialectical Reason.” Our future has a past.

          Commies, and, anarchists, generally, don’t mix . The bad blood goes back to Trotsky’s double-cross of Nestor Makhno. Don’t believe all the hysterical ravings of the media. If the feds had a red-handed anarchist in custody, they’d be trotting him/her out for the cameras.

  2. What is the number of deaths that would you forever Trumpers feel that he may have been in error (or, more likely, one of his lackeys) in handling the epidemic? 200k? 400k? 1M? You are beginning to sound like Westmoreland.

  3. I wonder if Glorious Leader will deputize the 82 Airborne. Johnson was was so worried about the 1967 revolt in Detroit, he sent the whole division to put down the uprising. The official fatalities came to forty-plus black people. Folks from Detroit, who were on the streets during the action, say that the dead from the fighting were over four hundred. Marcuse, in “Counter Revolution and Revolt,” said that American Blacks were rebellious, but, not yet, revolutionary.” Well, that, might have changed over the last fifty years. Perhaps, now, they have become revolutionary, as, well.

    All praise to the streetfighters. All power to the dialectic.

    1. K-The paras in DC did not fire a shot. They spent most of their time trying to reel in the National Guard.

  4. Can somebody help to keep this in perspective. How many people, on average, die EVERY YEAR in the USA of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, drug addiction, the flu, and auto crashes. ??? Is 100,000 deaths such a big deal ???

  5. That is Jo Biden in the sailor uniform. He recently passed the 100 thousand mark of women and girls he kissed. Many of those were unwanted . You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  6. V-V-D-Day; victory over venereal disease days we did not celebrate either when we found treatments for AIDs or antibiotics for other sexually-transmitted diseases, but these treatments have saved millions of lives.

    V-VIVUS is a good Freudian Slip because Trump, the most pro-life president in American History, is Victory for Life. V-Virus Day, too is a victory for lives saved.

    President Trump’s early action saved perhaps a million or two. (some estimate.)

    Trump said to a “friend” in confidence on a bus: When you become a celebrity (like a rock-star) women LET YOU grab them by the pussies. The Ant-Trump pussy-marchers distorted his words into this: Trump goes around grabbing women by the pussies.

    We didn’t storm the streets and celebrate when we beat Polio.

    But here’s the real test of FREE SPEECH: to say what you want even to artistically express yourself with hyperbole, but without falsifying the record.

    Let’s see how many lives we would have lost in America if we were Italy, Spain, or France. I’ll post that data next.

    1. I guess you have removed all doubts we might have to the answer of the question; Would you rather live on your knees or die on your feet?

      1. Live free or die. Stop this needless Lockdown for persons sixty-five years old and younger. For persons older, the more vulnerable with comorbidities, i.e. pre existing illnesses, let them decide for themselves whether they want to continue to isolate, isolation carrying its own risks of disease, or unshackled themselves and go out and get fresh air, sunshine and exercise.
        As Herman Hesse counseled about a century ago in one of his great novels: LET EACH PERSON DECIDE FOR HIMSELF OR HERSELF WHAT IS RIGHT AND WRONG.

    2. HERE ARE THE DEATHS PER MILLION (as of today)
      Spain 594 deaths per million; U.K 545, Italy 544, France 436, Sweden 404, Ireland 327, U.S. 300, Canada 174.

      Why less in Canada? Because it is distant from New York City. Why so high in Sweden? Because it opted for herd immunity. At end of the day, time will tell if Sweden’s approach was better; today Sweden’s rate is four to six times higher on average than Norway, Denmark, Finland.

      If the Trump-Pence administration had not acted quickly and decisively, its death rate would approach Italy’s or France’s or others. If so, if the U.S. had a death rate of 594 deaths per million, today there would be (594 x 320 =) 194,000 deaths in America. Some say Trump’s restrictions on travel from China announced on January 31 may have prevented over a million deaths in the U.S.

      National Geographic confirmed that sealing off borders, limiting immigration, was the one major factor that lessened cases and deaths in many countries.

      You cannot compare countries like South Korea or Poland that were not focal points of the spread of Covid-2. There were two international focal points: Northern Italy and New York City. President Trump had zero to do with creating these focal points. Mayor Bill DiBlasio may be held responsible for encouraging folks to “come on downtown” throughout the first week of March, as Botox Pelosi’s late February call for all to party-heartily in San Francisco’s Chinatown may have caused an uptick in cases and deaths there.

      From Worldmeters: “When analyzing the breakdown of deaths by age and condition we can observe how, out of 15,230 confirmed deaths in New York City up to May 12, only 690 (4.5% of all deaths) occurred in patients under the age of 65 who did not have an underlying medical condition (or for which it is unknown whether they had or did not have an underlying condition). Underlying illnesses include Diabetes, Lung Disease, Cancer, Immunodeficiency, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Asthma, Kidney Disease, GI/Liver Disease, and Obesity . . .So far there has been 1 death for every 1,166 people under 65 years/ and 89% of the times, (at least) the person who died had one or more underlying medical conditions.

      CONCLUSION: Through no one’s fault but China’s, the VIRUS spread from Wuhan City (the epicenter for the World Spread) to Lombardy Italy (the epicenter of the European Spread) and from there to New York City (the epicenter of the United States’ Spread: the “Acela Corridor” so-called.)

      1. It is hard, my friends know, for me to proceed cautiously, as I know oftentimes it is unwise to be reckless, but my history is that I often through caution to the wind, and proceed full speed ahead, sometimes just for the fun of it, but other times just to test the waters I dive right in, especially when my gut says I might be right or might be of some help, so in that spirit I had this:
        Please read my prose verse: my letter to Nancy; which begins Dear Nancy, they have not invented Botox for the Brain, which goes on to urge Nancy to retire and rock in her rocking chair and sip tea, and which concludes by advising Joe, too, to do likewise.
        Signed, Billy C, a.k.a., Doctor Quackenbush, just another Savin Hill Billy

        1. Tell us, please, about a few of your major mistakes made by charging right in.

      2. “Some say Trump’s restrictions on travel from China announced on January 31 may have prevented over a million deaths in the U.S.”

        Since 1% is the death rate of those infected you are claiming that some say 100,000,000 cases of infection might have been stopped because of Bonespur’s quick and decisive action. I assume that you are in agreement with these scholars. Can’t make this shit up.

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