Waiting For The Next Move: How Will The Boston Globe React

() HareThe Boston Herald after failing to mention the Huffington Post article that  pointed out the questionable relationship between the Boston Globe and Boston U. S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz – you should never have a federal prosecutor in the business of bringing charges based on what is good for a newspaper’s circulation – in its next day coverage told how a conservative group founded by Romney supporters is upset that people in the office of the Boston mayor may have had a hand in assisting the Huffington Post relative to the article.

There was still no mention of the most important point in the Huffington Post story which was the sordid Globe/Ortiz connection. Yet there was a line that was a gem. This line shows how the local media is not interested in the truth but in undermining it. It talked about the public records requests filed with City Hall to have it disclose all connections between the mayor’s office and the Huffington Post. Here is the line about the requests: One was from The Boston Globe, the other from the Herald; both asked if City Hall staffers were involved in the Huffington Post article.”

That is how our local newspapers act when the truth about our local U.S. attorney is disclosed. They have no intent on following up and doing an examination of her actions to see if they are as bad as alleged. They want to know who is that may have assisted in getting out the truth about her. They change the story from one of the U.S. Attorney using her office to please the Globe to one of the mayor’s office helping a legitimate news source write a story.

Look at it another way. Suppose an article from the Boston Globe was a negative story about the Speaker of the House of Representatives Robert DeLeo. Do you believe the Herald would have been filing public record requests of the Commonwealth seeking to find out who in the State House is contacting the Globe?

What the Herald and the Romney group should be requesting are all emails from the U.S. Attorney between it and the Globe relating to the cases mentioned in the Huffington Post article. They should be demanding it disclose what it has done about the ongoing and endless leaks from its office to the Globe. That is the problem that exists and not whether the mayor’s office is attempting to set the record straight and show what everyone should know by now which is that the Boston Globe is working with the U.S. Attorney to overturn the vote of the people of Boston in electing Mayor Walsh. The Globe did not like the results of the election so it is using the U.S. attorney to change it.

What that gem of a sentence also disclosed was the Globe’s interest in the story. There is no doubt it knew about it as soon as it was written. It quickly went after the mayor’s office while saying nothing about it yet in its own news coverage. The question is will it mention the story. To do so is to give it more life and allow people to question its integrity.

I predicted it will mention it but try to discredit the authors. If it tries to bury it – this is a big story alleging the Boston U.S. attorney is incompetent and playing footsies with that newspaper – that will be more telling because these are serious allegations that must be addressed.

All praise must go to the Huffington Post for daring to take on this subject. That is the duty of the media which is to provide a watch over the government. We in Boston have been deprived of our watchdog because of the relationship between our newspapers and the federal authorities. I cannot think of one negative word that has been written or said about the local U.S. attorney’s office (outside of Dave Boeri at WBUR) or even about the FBI (except Howie Carr’s lament that it had a file on him)  especially when its actions after the Marathon Terrorist Attack shouted out that something was amiss.

The issue is now out in the open. Watch to see how it plays out. Will the Globe react as usual and increase the pressure on Ortiz to indict the mayor by requiring its columnists to write more negative things about him? Will Ortiz respond to the criticism by indicting him on some frivolous charge? Or, will the lifting of the lid on the cozy relationship stop the indictment in its planned tracks, and perhaps, turn our local media into responsible news sources?


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    1. Government entities have discovered that one of the best ways to cover up fraud, waste and abuse, theft of honest services and public corruption by their colleague perpetrators is to publicly recognize and publish these counterfeit “superior performance” stories.

      Based on my direct knowledge, as a former Department of Defense Title VII Complaints & Investigations Specialist, my immediate supervisor and Equal Employment Opportunity Manager, was a direct participant in promotion fixing, rigged investigations, retaliation against complainants, frame ups and more.

      The EEO Manager’s quid pro quo for her participation and cooperation were a total of three promotions, bonus awards and the DCMA’s highest award, the “Superior Performance Award” in 1998. And, of course, as much publicity as the story could garner.

      While all of these discriminatory and fraudulent practices were happening, I was requesting assistance from the entire chain of command, the Fraud Hotline Director Leonard Trahan, Jr., the Boston FBI, AUSA & Public Corruption Officer Brian Kelley, the US Attorney, Legislators and others.

      In exchange for my lawful reporting, I received supreme whistle blower treatment for doing the job I was assigned to do.

      One of my collateral duties was to advocate for the minority population at DCMA (one half of the United States). I learned that if you do that job, the penalties and consequences are severe.

      Following my meeting with Boston Globe’s Steve Kurkjian on July 14, 1999, I was framed and fired.

      At my “rigged” Merit Systems Protection Board hearing, Colonel William A. MacKinlay testified that I “wrote letters to half the world.”

      The Administrative Law Judge in my case issued a rigged decision.

      The retaliation and intimidation did not stop after my employment with DCMA ended.

      Despite the Massachusetts United States Attorney’s website asking citizens to “Report A Crime” of “Public Corruption” and “Fraud Against The Government”, which I did and continued doing, someone from the US Attorney’s office sent US Marshals to my State court house job on two occasions and threatened me to stop reporting [public corruption and government crime] to the US Attorney and to the federal bench as required by 18 USC 4 or else [I would face a frame up.]

      Based on my 12 years of direct court experience, yes, the US Attorney’s office can and will frame you, you will not receive due process or a jury trial and they can get away with it through any and all “legal” manipulations and tricks that a judge will allow.

      The fraud, waste and abuse is in the billions of taxpayer dollars and the collateral damage in unquantified. It’s all in the public record, Judge William G. Young, presiding.

      It’s a story of public corruption and government crime never told because the Boston Globe and the media won’t tell it.

      Sworn & Commissioned Officer, Massachusetts Trial Court (Retired)
      Expert Government Witness on Retaliation, Fraud, Waste & Abuse
      Board of Director Member, Boston State Hospital Development Project

    2. Rather:

      The Department of Justice, so-called, lives in their own little magical world of make-bleieve.

    1. MS:

      The way things are going if we listen to Dr Barber we won’t have to worry about things for too long.

  1. You should be saluted for your persistent exposure of this nefarious arrangement. This isn’t a Globe only problem, although they are the worst. Every media outlet in the city has averted their eyes to this corrupt cabal. The media in Boston is about as truthful as Mrs. Clinton Is there a remedy? Major change is required..

    1. NC:

      At least the news is beginning to spread outside of Boston with the Huffington Post articles.

  2. Matt:

    I’m always reminded of the June 23, 2011, Boston Globe column by Joan Vennochi , “Power Hitter US Attorney Carmen Ortiz gives no cover to corruption.”

    Her office has been a participant and contributor to the racial problems we see in America as evidenced by the biggest promotion fixing scheme in the history of the federal government designed to cheat minorities, especially blacks , and women out of merit based promotions.

    You can access my 30 page affidavit regarding the US Attorney’s well planned discrimination via Pacer.

    The Globe remains silent on conduct which is one of the most newsworthiness stories in the history of news reporting.



    1. Doug:

      Do not expect any help from Boston’s media – they have sold themselves to the federal officials a long time ago.

      1. Matt:

        I wasn’t expecting help for myself. I was speaking for us all.

        As it turns out, my column below was a prediction of what happened in Dallas. More innocent police will be murdered because the leaders in America continue to do more talking than acting. This morning’s Meet The Press has almost every Talking Head in America. The trouble is that it’s all just talk. I have solutions, but no one wants solutions.


        Any reasonable person knows that front line police have one of the most difficult and dangerous, if not the most difficult and dangerous job in society. They place their lives on the line every working minute of every working day, never knowing if they’re going home, to the hospital or to the morgue.

        Because of a few “bad apples” front line police across America are getting slammed.

        Keeping the police in the cross hairs is for the worst of all reasons: politics, money, budgets, greed, ego and cowardice.

        Essentially and unfortunately, two mishandled grand jury decisions and spinmeisters for profit have resulted in police now becoming “scapegoats” and “sitting ducks.”

        In a Dec. 28, New York Post editorial (“Holder and Obama are making race relations worse, inflaming hatred”) David Clarke, the black sheriff of Milwaukee said, “Law-enforcement officials are appalled at the way the Obama administration exploited tragedies in Ferguson, Mo., and New York City to appeal to its political base. … They trashed an entire profession with a broad brush because it was politically expedient for them to do so.”

        The Al Sharpton’s, the Rudy Giuliani’s, the various talking head spinners and those newspaper editors who selectively report (or remain silent) on the slanted side without telling about the “who” and the “what” is not the fix that is needed.

        Based on my direct knowledge, the United States Department of Justice’s (DOJ”) role in perpetuating the racial divide in America is huge and for some strange and unexplainable reason, the DOJ is determined to keep it that way.

        “Racial pimps”, hucksters and “talking heads”, are the professional flamethrowers of racial hate and divide in America and make a handsome living at it.

        As to the media’s role, it now seems that Rudy Giuliani and Al Sharpton have one thing in common: Keeping the police in the news, almost daily.

        Message to Sharpton and Giuliani: It’s not the police. It’s a “few bad apples.”

        The collateral effect of this racial divide rolls over to all Americans, but most white Americans, especially the few that see only color, seem to be unaware of this fact.

        America is focusing on the wrong issue. There will be no change unless and until people start talking about “what” and “who” causes the racial divide in America.

        Until and unless the United States Department of Justice takes proper and appropriate measures to remove “bad apples” from the Justice Department and get serious about wanting to fix the racial divide in America, as Harvard professor and former federal judge Nancy Gertner writes in her Nov.25, Boston Globe op-ed, “There will be more Fergusons.”


        The author, Douglas K. Kinan, is a Viet Nam Era veteran, a former DoD EEO Specialist and Black Employment Program Manager, former Human Resources Director, a retired sworn and commissioned officer of the Massachusetts Trial Court, a public service Community Advocate and currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Boston State Hospital project representing the six areas of impact, Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain and Roslindale.

        1. Doug:

          Thanks – you and others have me thinking. In the 1960s we tried to put Jim Crow behind us – we instituted the Civil Rights Law – we poured, one person wrote, trillions into trying to even out the playing field for all Americans. In the 2010s the statistics show very little has been accomplished through all these efforts (I am surmising this without having really checked thinking what I am told are present day statistics would mirror or come close to that of the 1970s) The obvious conclusion from that seems to me to be not that we haven’t done enough but what we have been doing is wrong.

          You suggest the DOJ has a big role in this. You have your own problems with the DOJ which may make you tend to identify that as a source but that does not mean you are not right. You say the DOJ does it for some strange and inexplicable reason. Why would it be in the DOJ’s interest to do this you must ask? You then identify the media as a culprit and again ask why is it in the media’s interest to do this.

          Those are two pretty powerful forces that can keep things stirred up indefinitely. Go back to the time when the Brits ruled India. How did so few rule so many? It was done under the divide and conquer theory. They set one group of people off against the others so that they could keep themselves in power while the groups fought. Who then gains from whites and blacks being set off against each other?

          The media gains with its ability to tell stories and point fingers and increase its profit. The DOJ benefits with more jobs and more programs and more investigations and more investigators. The Democratic party gains by being the party that allegedly “protects” the blacks so they gain them as voters. What do those groups have in common as their general philosophy? If we know that we can feel pretty confident that if we reject that philosophy as having shown it is a disservice to the blacks then we can apply a different one so that things will change.

          Or put it another way, if the blacks condition markedly improved what groups would be hurt by that?

          Just some thoughts off the top of my head.

          Thanks for writing.

          1. Matt:

            You have it wrong when you say that the DOJ’s well planned discrimination is a suggestion. It’s a fact and all you need to is look up the official public court records, especially my sworn affidavits .

            I do not have any personal problems with the DOJ. I object to their public corruption and criminal conduct, subsidized by billions of tax dollars.

            Just some verified facts in the official record.


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