Wednesday Morning – July 10 – Update

skullGetting a lesson in forensic anthropology. The government will show Barrett, McIntyre and Hussey were discovered where Weeks said the would be and were murdered in the manner Weeks said they were murdered. It proves without a doubt that Weeks was present at the murder scene and had a hand in burying them.

Everything else is still up in the air. Did Weeks do it with Whitey and Stevie as he testified or did he do it with Stevie and Pat Nee as Whitey may testify?

We are now watching Dr. Mirer handling a plastic skull which she will use to demonstrate where the wounds on Bucky Barrett were found. She will also use the skull later for the others I assume.

There will be no cross-examination of any note. So I don’t expect much to come out of the trial today.

The courthouse will be jumping later – the Marathon Terrorist Bomber will be arraigned.  The families of the victims and the victims themselves are supposed to be here to take a look at him.

The only question that lingers in that case is will he go to trial or cop out?  There are rumors that the federals talked to him to see what he knows about the Bulgers and Southie. Too bad he couldn’t come up with anything, he’d be living in Country Club Lane in Milford if he only he could.

I’m heading for Winchester to see an old friend after court and have a beer so I’ll miss the excitement.

PS:  Whitey is in his forest green shirt and is doing a lot of talking to counsel during the break. Right now he and Brennan are engaged in a deep discussion. Whitey holds left hand up to mouth and whispers to him. They upstand and continue their discussion as the jury come in. J.W. Carney arrives. Whitey as usual scans the jury as they arrive. Carney whispers something in his ear. Court continues.



7 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning – July 10 – Update

  1. my favorite thing about kevin weeks is he isnt very smart, just tough. once on weei:s dennis and callaghan red shea verbally shredded him,which is like watching the freshmen team intramurals of sorts,but then kevins ex gf called in and said how he abused her etc it was a proud day for southie, somewhere howie wants to write a book abt it.

    1. pat2e:

      I’ve alway love thinking about Week’s testimony how he threatened to kill Janice Connolly and throw her into a landfull but he was only kidding. To prove he was kidding he noted she kept going out with him. The prosecutors were happy to point it out. It never seemed to dawn on them that like Scheherazade she had no choice except to keep the brute happy. Howie can title his book: “Southie Proud.”

  2. matt in texas: since when is kevin weeks fit? of all things he is. not one person who consider him fit theese days, mullet wearing…yes and talk about taunting like bulger is gonna go outside and figbht him. what a coward. its bad enough your a rat and now your gonna lie testify and gloat. you 2 weeks are a mullet wearing non harvard ill shaped brother…he is in shape….pear shape lol

  3. Not so sure the bomber will really be that much relief to the fbi, they have blood on their hands there too.

    Thinking about yesterday’s events, I wonder what the jury thought of a fit 57 year old former boxer puffing his chest out at a feeble 83 year old man saying “whatcha wanna do?”

    Of course, Grampa Bulger is a profanity spouting murderer but the visual must have been ridiculous.

  4. bringing in the Chechnyian now to Joe Moakley Court House should give the federales a breath of good media in contradistinction to their dirty laundry that is being washed in Judge Casper’s court.

    The TV last night had Mr. White “you suck” Mr Weak “f**k you” Mr. White “f**k you too”. Sounds like the end of a very deep friendship,Tom Swift said brokenheartedly.

    1. Hopalong:

      Interesting the FUs came after Weeks lamented it was not easy testifying against a person he considered an older brother. When they turned on each other they really showed the true characters of these gangsters.

      Don’t see much good publicity for federals with Tsarnaev coming in – still would like to know what they did after the Ruskies tipped them off – and why they didn’t try more subtle means of going after the Marathon Terrorist Bombers – caught up in the drama of the day or something like that.

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