Were You On the Bus? If So Tell Steve Bannon

SnowSteve Bannon is interested in learning the identities of those who were on the bus. He promises that there will be no retribution against you or your friends. If you do not trust he will keep the commitment you can contact me and set up an attorney client relationship where I can pass on the information to him anonymously.

You wonder how I am involved in this. Bannon, I suspect, has reached out to prominent bloggers in Massachusetts to assist him in this. He recognizes that we are closer to situation than others. The only condition he imposed is that we not disclose the content of our conversation.

All I can say is this is very important to him. I assure you your confidentiality will be respected unless it is determined that it is necessary to do otherwise. So please, if you were on the bus or know anyone who was contact Steve.

By the way it is nice how many of you are able to explain the fabrications of our president to misstatements. It is to be noted that some of the lies he or his staff put forth are usually corrected a day or two later. But keep in mind that is after they are caught.  You know what I mean: “no reporting of terrorist acts” turns into “under reporting of terrorists acts.” Of course, under reporting means nothing. Any incident could have received under reporting which like beauty being in the eye of the beholder so under reporting is in the eye of the aggrieved.

The most amazing news coming out of last week is that while President Obama was imposing sanctions on Russia we find Trump’s national security adviser was talking to the Russian ambassador Kislyak in Washington about them. The worst part is that he denied to the public  twice and through the vice president that the subject came up. This guy Flynn is a retired Army general having served 33 years who was fired by Obama. How could a guy spend so many years defending the country and then betray it like that? Tells you a lot about him. Certainly can’t save “we’re in safe hands.”

He is the same guy who sat next to Putin at some Russian dinner. At the same table with him, I am told, was the  Green Party candidate for president Jill Stein. They all have one common denominator: money. Do they put a price tag on their loyalty to the United States? I guess it does show that everyone has his or her price. General Flynn also appeared on Russian Television which has the habit of putting on people who will follow the party line.

The worst thing about Flynn is that after denying that he spoke about sanctions he recognized that his lie had been uncovered. So he,  as I noted before which is a pattern with the Trump and his people, changed his story. Now consider this: President Obama to much fanfare announces sanctions on Russia for helping Trump get elected and at the same time Flynn is overheard talking to the  Russian ambassador about the position of the Trump team on the sanctions.

Now this is truly astounding. Flynn no longer denies it. He says through his spokesman:“while he had no recollection of discussing sanctions, he couldn’t be certain that the topic never came up.” Many denials — then caught lying — a cover-up — no recollection.

Do you think a general would have no recollection of that subject coming up? Here’s my simple question do you think he lied? And who, by the way, do you think he was sending the signal for?

One further item. The bus I talked about  I assume you know was part of the Massachusetts conspiracy to pour illegal voters into New Hampshire as again alleged by Trump. Bannon is under pressure to prove that happened. Any help you can give will be appreciated.

32 thoughts on “Were You On the Bus? If So Tell Steve Bannon

  1. Khalid

    Gen. Strangelove (Michael Flynn) is history, now. I can’t keep up with the pace of the news. Things are moving at light-speed. Glorious Leader might not make it to May-Day. You Trump guys stand to be as embarrassed as Germans who voted for Hitler. I feel for you. Shame is a heavy cross to bear.

    1. Honest Abe

      Shame is mainly in the eyes of the person who accuses one of shame.

      Jonathan Swift said “I never wonder to see men wicked, but I often wonder to see them not ashamed.”

  2. Honest Abe

    So. Who was this Flynn you speak of? I seem to recall the name. Wasn’t he once mayor of Boston? Different Flynn?

  3. DanC

    Afterthought: I don’t believe Flynn said anything to the Russians without Trump’s knowledge and approval. It’s really kind of weird that he stands accussed of lying to Mike Pence!

    1. Khalid

      Manafort is the key to unlocking Glorious Leader’s treachery with the Russians. He has gained the most from this unholy alliance. General Strangelove is small change. Look how easy he got caught. Strangelove must have missed the war on drugs. Manafort has been keen enough not to hang himself, using the phone. He’ll be harder to nail down. The money trail will be his downfall, unless ,he can get CIA to cover him. If Trump keeps Flynn on, it’s because Flynn has something on Glorious Leader. It gets better everyday.

      1. Dave

        Carter Page and Rosenft is the big fish the Deep State wants. If they can pin Trump to that sale it is all over for his administration, Pence included.

  4. DanC

    Sorry. This is pathetic. Massachusetts license plates. Seen in far away New Hampshire!

    From Politfact: “In New Hampshire, the attorney general’s office has prosecuted two criminal fraud cases, one civil fraud case and investigated other complaints since 2012, Assistant Attorney General Brian Buonamano said.

    Buonamano told the Associated Press he has no evidence to back up Trump’s claims. Buonamano said his office is looking into fewer than five complaints that involve possible voter fraud since 2012 and none so far this election. (He didn’t provide an exact number.)

    About 729,000 people voted on Nov. 8 in New Hampshire, according to the Secretary of State’s office.

    Historically, instances of voter fraud– even allegations — have been scant in New Hampshire, according to Secretary of State Bill Gardner, the state’s top election officer.

    “I have no basis to say it’s rampant, and there are ways we can deal with it,” Gardner said earlier this month.

    State law requires voters to show a valid ID at the polls. If they don’t have one, their picture is taken and they have to sign an affidavit swearing they are who they say they are. After the election is over, the Secretary of State’s office will send out confirmation letters to those people to check their identities.

    This is pretty conclusive: N.H. vote fraud is another Trump lie.

  5. tadzio

    In November of 1960 there was ample evidence that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was fraudulently elected President by massive illegal voting and vote counting in Texas and Illinois. Many historians from both sides of the political spectrum have concluded this to be a fact. A gentleman, Richard Milhouse Nixon, so loved his country that he did not want to tear it apart by contesting the election. He put the nation first.

    In November 2016 Donald John Trump was elected President by the will of the people. There are no hints that any of the the states that he carried had any voting irregularities. There are questions is some states that Hillary Rodham Clinton carried. Those doubts are moot.

    In the MSM and in many circles of the Democrat party there is a dearth of gentlemen and ladies. None appear to have the patriotism or classiness of Richard Nixon in 1960. He had better reasons to be aggrieved than the left wing Democrats do today. They want to tear this country apart. They are promoting, no, begging for a Civil War. They do not love America. The discord being sowed is convincing evidence that they despise this nation, its majority population and the principles upon which it was founded.

    The politics of hate practiced by the left has led to riots and the suppression of free speech as at the University of California, Berkeley. There are promises of escalation. All those cheering this Color Revolution, often financed directly and indirectly by convicted felon George $oro$, may find that it is a red, a blood red, affair. It will be mostly their own blood.

    The incessant, usually nitpicking, petty whining and faux revolutionary posturing will go nowhere with ordinary Americans or the men and women who man the military and the country’s law enforcement agencies. Hillary lost on Election Day. Grow up. Get over it. Stop sowing dissension.

    The right to oppose is just that – a right. Adults exercise it with discretion, caution and dignity. None of these can be seen in puerile temper tantrums daily reported in the press. The only toy the left wants to play with is a loud rattle that it keeps banging about in the streets, in the courts and in Congress. All noise, no importance.

    This childish intransigence is akin to playing with fire. All societies are fragile. Hotheads act heedlessly. Flames can spread. That is the goal of the anarchists who are too closely associated with the soul of the Democrat party and all those deluded saps who go along for the fun.

    The election drama is over. The script has been played. The curtain has fallen. The bows have been taken. The applause has died down. Go home. It is over. Stop in a bar and cry in your beer if you want. But go home. Go to bed. Nothing good happens after midnight. The election clock tolled twelve times in the night weeks ago.

    No need to worry. You are in safe hands. There really are no things that go bump in the night under your cot. Trump is President. He is my President and he is your President.

    1. John King McDonald

      Tadzio : Timely observation. Am just finishing Mailer’s CIA doorstop novel, Harlot’s Ghost. JFK also took 95% Protestant West Virginia. J.Edgar Buddha’s ( CIA cognomen for their arch Bureau-Cratic nemesis: note the grudging respect in the naming) agents had taped intercepts to the effect that many West VA Sherriffs were beholden to the ” Lieutenants ” of Sam Giancana. Then there was sexy WunderGal Judith Exner, at that time , ‘ 59 , known as Judy Campbell. This brunette Cleopatra beauty was successively ,and at times in tandem , dating Frank Sinatra, Sam Giancana, and JFK. All Kennedy Clan disavowals since there is clear documentary evidence that this ravishing 26 year old was a frequent White House visitor , the logs are self-evident, and caller. Also it is clear that JFK was hopscotching Judy as he hopscotched the US in the Primary race. They met in numerous cities. This included the Georgetown digs he shared with wife Jackie. Under the circumstances Exner’s claim that she conveyed certain satchels of large denominations of simoleons from Jack Kennedy to Sam Giancana to swing West VA, which this Irish Catholic boy won, seems quite believable . Let’s not even start on Castro and how pissed off Lansky, Trafficante, and Giancana were at losing their Casinos.

      ” Mr. Giancana, are you giggling? …I thought only little girls giggled Mr. Giancana. ” …Senator Robert Kennedy …McClellan Committee Hearings 1959 .

      Under the circumstances, Tadzio, RFK would seem to have been a hypocrite. An ill advised hypocrite or an entirely witting political gangster who figured he could take the MOB for their money, and humiliate and jail them ? History only answers that he and his brother paid an awful price. Interesting stuff!

      1. John King McDonald

        ★ Assassinated Presidential candidate Senator Robert Kennedy made his political bones, excuse the expression, a decade before Senate ascencion as Chief Counsel of the U.S. Senate Select Improper Activities And Labor Rackets Committee …Chairman John McClellan ’57-’59 .

        His scathing remarks to Jimmy Hoffa are legendary. His asking Sam Giancana if he resolved business disputes by putting people in car trunks, in retrospect, may have demonstrated an absence of …tact .

    1. Khalid

      Not MY President (NMP)

      Tomb’s, bro, ran Clinton’s show up in NH. I’ll have to ask him about these buses. Filled with illegal aliens, you say? Even, Steven, God rest him, couldn’t have cooked up such a diabolical deed; press-ganging urban mongrel hordes from their squalid digs in the illegal alien barrios of Boston, promising them green baloney bag lunches, and, a day off from their illegal labors, if they’d vote Democrat. I can see why Glorious Leader is so upset. Boggles the mind, it does.

  6. Bill C.

    It’s funny: I can’t find that much quoted Trump quote: What I find is that some anonymous source reported that during a private meeting Trump said “thousands voted illegally” in New Hampshire and then later that people were “bussed in.” Apparently the press put two disparate statements together.
    Here’s a typical report: “Trump insisted both he and Ayotte would have won the Granite State had it not been for the “thousands” of people ‘brought in on buses’ from Massachusetts to “illegally” vote in New Hampshire, according to Politico.” Check Politico and all the “quotes” are separated, too.

    According to the Herald, the facts are:

    “Trump lost New Hampshire to Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8 by a thin margin of 2,732 votes. The GOP’s Ayotte lost her Senate seat to Democrat Maggie Hassan by 743 votes.

    The Herald continues:
    “But Trump’s hardly the first to raise such concerns, and many point to state rules that allow for same-day registration. Former Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, who now lives in New Hampshire, has claimed the region’s prevalence of college students helps tilt elections. “People from Massachusetts could have gone up and voted that day and quite frankly some do,” Brown told Boston Herald Radio in November after the election. “It’s well known. It’s no secret.”
    New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, (said) A WEEK BEFORE THE ELECTION that Democrats had been busing Bay State residents into New Hampshire to vote: “There’s no doubt there’s election fraud here.””

    New Hampshire state Rep. Al Baldasaro, a co-chairman on Trump’s campaign, said he saw more than two-dozen Massachusetts license plates at a polling location in Londonderry on Election Day. He concedes they could have been new residents to the state (and there’s no evidence they actually voted), but Baldasaro believes voter ID laws would be a step in the right direction.

    “I saw more Massachusetts cars in my polls than I’ve ever seen in other elections,” said Baldasaro. “He’s (Trump’s) right about the fraud in New Hampshire. We’re aware of it, big time.”

    So, Trump, Brown, Sununu, Baldasaro and others all have expressed concerns about illegal voting in New Hampshire. Trump’s reference to “busing” no doubt comes from Sununu. But when Sununu said that one week before the election, the Press didn’t shout that he lied or the sky was falling.

    Like I said: It’s funny who things are twisted!

    1. mtc9393 Post author


      Trump’s senior adviser Stephen Miller: “I’ve actually, having worked before on a campaign in New Hampshire, I can tell you that this issue of busing voters in to New Hampshire is widely known by anyone who’s worked in New Hampshire politics. It’s very real, it’s very serious,” Miller said. “This morning on this show is not the venue for me lay out all the evidence.” http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2017/feb/12/stephen-miller/white-house-senior-adviser-repeats-baseless-claim-/

      Sadly, there is no evidence of the illegal votes in NH or busing except in Trump’s and his associates minds. Nothing is twisted. Truth is nothing is twisted.

      1. Bill C.

        Matt: I’ve cited three New Hampshire politicians who say otherwise. Beyond New Hampshire and speaking generally, consider this: “Efforts to uncover voter fraud involving aliens are not a new phenomenon, but date back to the 1990s. A June 2005 report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) identified the possibly significant scope of the problem, finding that up to 3 percent of individuals called for federal jury duty from voter registration lists in one district were not U.S. citizens.”

  7. Honest Abe

    Flynn and Putin? You know how it is. Even Roosevelt and Churchill had to sit for a photo with Stalin. It happens.

  8. John King McDonald

    Fifty Tempests In Fifty Teapots! … Donald J. Trump has elevated Media saturation to monsoon levels long ago. Let it rain. Let it pour. It’s all good news for him. What real stake does he have, except an egotistical one, in who voted in NH. It is all a grand diversion ; more red meat to a defeated and ravening Democratic wolfpack and the Media crows who dart in and out for their bloody pecks at the carrion . It is another dead issue. He is the President. Incumbency and good economic results will get him a second term. Provided that the usual suspects don’t do something really stupid on the World Stage. In the meanwhile, keep on kvetching about this irrelevant BS. It is apparently a necessary existential distraction from the reality of things as they are ; not as you wish they would be . 🙂

  9. DanC

    I don’t think Flynn said anything to the Russians without Trump’s knowledge and approval. This will make the business of getting rid of him tricky. (There appears to be some hope that Flynn will simply go away. ) I find it odd that Flynn stands accused of lying to Mike Pence, but not to President Trump.

  10. nc

    There was a local tv report with a NH resident who worked the polls for Trump. Said he saw several autos with Mass. plates at his precinct Was told there was a bus with Mass people voting in NH. Scott Brown thought he lost his Senate race to college students improperly voting in NH and in their own state. 2. Interesting part of Flynn story is how the Times and Post got the transcript. Is this similar to the Globe getting wire tap information and publishing it?. Who leaked the intercepted content? Were sources and methods compromised? Was Brennan at CIA running an illegal intelligence campaign against the President Elect. Something is rotten in DC. Is this the Deep State ( entrenched establishment) at work? The new team has to clean house.

    1. Honest Abe

      “Something is rotten in DC.”

      Whoa!!!! Wait a minute, now. You can’t get away with that!

      Now that I live inside The Beltway……its almost, not totally, but almost as much fun as watching Boston politics from my castle on the hill in Milton. The 70’s was the best.

    2. mtc9393 Post author


      When the truth comes out you want to chase it away by cleaning house of the truth tellers. Is it bad that we know that Flynn was in cahoots with the Russians?

  11. DanC

    So thousands of people from Massachusetts were bused into New Hampshire to vote for Clinton? Let’s see, to generate the 3,000 votes needed to win, the Dems would have needed 60 buses carrying about 50 passengers each. Assembly and disembarcation points would be needed in both states. Then there’s the question of thousands of voters remembering their bogus voting names. And then nobody would talk or brag about it. And none of the buses would break down or be stopped by the cops for routine traffic violations. No one would ever become suspicious and take cell phone videos of the on- or off-loading of the buses. It’s embarrassing to think that President Trump is peddling this fantastic lie.

  12. Khalid

    wa-llahi! The Trumpsovki are beginning to envenom each other. That’s a good sign. Stephen Miller needs to don an SS Grupenfuhrer’s uniform for his Sunday morning media appearances. If Miller is going to talk like a dangerous Nazi nut-job, he should dress like one.

  13. Bill C.

    1. Did Flynn “discuss” sanctions? Or was the word merely mentioned? Let’s see the transcript before we call someone a liar.
    2. Matt says Trump is a liar to say the press doesn’t cover terrorism. But I wouldn’t be a liar to say the Boston Herald doesn’t cover College Soccer. Everyone would know I meant they don’t adequately cover it.
    3. Let’s look at Trump’s words. Trump is talking about “terrorism”: He acknowledges, “You have seen what happened in Paris and Nice.” So, he’s acknowledging the Media’s coverage of those events. So, he’s obviously not saying the Media doesn’t cover any Terrorism Events. He’s mentioned that everyone has seen Paris and Nice. He’s conceding the Media’s covered those events.
    He continued: “It’s gotten to a point where it’s not even being reported.” So, he’s speaking of very recently.
    Is it not being reported?
    The White House listed 78 terrorist attacks (“executed or inspired by ISIS) in the last 2 years; even Politico conceded, “Of the 78 incidents listed by the White House, we did not report only 12 of them – some were so minor they received barely any coverage elsewhere.” Some, but not all. So, Trump is correct: it’s gotten to the point where some terrorist attacks are not covered: “It’s (terrorism) is not even being reported.”
    3. As I’ve said before, two professors published a peer-reviewed study estimating about 12% of illegals were registered to vote and 6% voted. The Press published the critics of the study. By and large the press ignored the original authors rebuttals of the critics.
    4. I recall someone calling Trump a liar because Trump said it “looked like” a million people were on the Mall. Photographs showed that is exactly what it looked like from his podium: a full Mall. Aerial photographs showed the Mall was half-full.
    5. Were people bused into New Hampshire to vote? Did College students vote twice? Did illegals vote? Who knows? Let’s find out!

  14. Jim

    I wonder what Flynn was asking from Russia in return for lifting sanctions? Everything is a deal with Trump.

  15. Ed

    “No recollection”? Worked for HRC.

    “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?”

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