What Happens Now?

2010 05 30_1695The trial being over it is time to move on from the trial issues, events and evidence. I may  to go back to them from time to time but I learned as a young boy when I’d gawk at the dead horse lying in the street outside my home on O’Callaghan Way and the peddler’s wagon sitting horseless in the middle of the street that you can’t beat a dead horse and expect it to get back on its feet.

I expect now that the trial is over we’ll see a plethora of new books about Whitey and perhaps a movie or two equally as dreadful as The Departed which more than any film in recent history showed the bankruptcy of Hollywood by winning the Academy Award for best picture of the year.

If what’s in the future tracks the way the stories have been written to date then expect more of the superficial analysis that tells us some strange soap opera type stories of Whitey and his companions with a little sprinkling of Billy to spice it up. This will happen because these authors will be writing from within the approved context that has been developed over the years which pretty much boils down to the Tale of Two Southie Men, Whitey and John Connolly, and the gangster people they surrounded themselves with. That type of comfortable scenario makes all happy since it fulfills the conditions that my wife has for seeing a movie that it must have a happy ending.

These authors will tell us of this evil twosome and tell us how justice is served when these two products of South Boston will end their earthly existence behind bars. What all these authors will be unable to tell us, and what most of them have no idea about, is the full story. Perhaps that’s because few really have a sense of the case other than what was brought out at the trial. Most are tethered to the fictitious account previously established by willful writers who twisted matters to meet the predetermined agenda.

How many can honestly say Whitey was worse than John Martorano, Steve Flemmi, or Frank Salemme, government witnesses? How many will examine the many different roads, actually more than those leading to the Arch de Triomph, that follow just from these three facts: the alleged informant status of Whitey, the alleged corruption of John Connolly; and the alleged unreliability if not falsity of the reports in the FBI files.

How many of them will include within their stories the part J. Edgar Hoover played in creating the culture that let this extensive criminality spread?  Will any see that the John Naimovich story ties into the Whitey Bulger story and tells us of the environment that existed throughout the law enforcement community in Boston during those years?  How many will wonder at the lack of law enforcement action to all the murders that had been committed by these gangsters? What about the inimical obsession of the Boston Globe writers, Howie Carr of the Boston Herald, others in Boston’s mainstream media and the Department of Justice which poisoned the public against Billy Bulger by constantly bringing him into these matters? How is it he was supposed to know of Whitey’s murderous ways when no one else seemed to know of them until long after Whitey had fled?

Will any wonder at the sentence of Catherine Greig a woman without a criminal record to eight years in prison based on the idea she went off with a man accused of 19 murders when at the time she fled he had not been accused of any? Will they wonder why a woman in the same situation who was living with a man who committed 20 murders and murdered people while living with her was never charged with any offense?

Are there any that will wonder why the FBI has a system in place that any inquiry into the activities of one of their informants goes to the handler of that informant? Or why FBI agents at the brick level are afraid of reporting in-house offenses committed by other agents to their superiors for fear they will suffer? Will any wonder how it is that two top criminals both became informants of the same FBI agent, in other words, how did they tell each other that they were both rats, that is if they did.

It is important to understand that except for one or two things, the trial of Whitey Bulger brought out very little that was new.  Those things probably weren’t picked up by those unable to understand all that occurred and is still occurring that allowed a situation like that of Whitey’s to exist. I mentioned Todashev in Orlando, the Marathon Terrorist Attack, and the Marc Rossetti matters that tell us what our FBI is about.

Without the FBI there is no Whitey; without the FBI many people now dead would be alive. How many writers will tell us that?  Without the FBI culture there would have been no John Connolly the protector?

How many of these writers will tell us that it is not through the FBI that criminals learn things but through their street knowledge. Ask any of those at the top, survival in the underworld requires a constant alertness as to who is doing what. Weeks would tell how a an automobile in the neighborhood that passed a location twice would be picked up as being cops on surveillance. Everything was done in a protective mode. Top gangsters have ten times the amount of informants as any FBI office. We learned this from what the criminals told us on the stand or what common sense shouts out at us.

How many will figure out that it would have been easy for Whitey to claim he (or Flemmi) were giving information to O’Sullivan against the Mafia and that was why O’Sullivan gave him immunity? He didn’t do that but made an outlier claim that O’Sullivan wanted a guarantee for his and his family’s personal safety and in exchange for that he would protect him against being prosecuted for any of his actions. He did that knowing there was little evidence that would support him yet the happenings in the Naimovich case known to only a few persons can only but lead to that conclusion that O’Sullivan was hell-bent on protecting Whitey as shown by the extraordinary efforts he took in that matter.

What I’m suggesting is that it is time to move on from the trial and the matters surrounding it into a study of the things that brought about the Whitey Bulger era.

I’ll continue this blog but the Whitey aspects will fade but the issues which those raised will remain relevant. Matters affecting our civil rights and the antiquated Massachusetts criminal justice that gives us cases such as those of Amy Lord and Jennifer Martel need to be addressed. So will any topic of general interest that stem from these areas.




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  1. my sister was a juror on the Whitey Bulger trial and is totally disgusted with the corruption that went on & still in going on within our system from the Prosecution, FBI and police and has met recently with former FBI agent Robert Fitzpatrick who was a witness for the defense; the “honest” FBI agent who was fired without pension, etc. My sister said the prosecution was mericiless in their questioning when he was on the stand, treated him like a criminal. She wrote an article in the Boston Globe regarding the trial and has done a few interviews.

  2. Dear William Connolly,
    Americans are angry at the FBI and DOJ for a lot of things. How can we attempt to create justice abroad when we allow widespread federal corruption at home? This is why I believe the petition to investigate Kevin Weeks is so important. He is the weakest link. The fact a federal seal was placed on information that contradicts his testimony is almost proof there’s something very wrong going on.
    But I think John Connolly got what he deserved. I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship. Beyond what everybody thinks, my main grievance concerns a murder near Triple O’s. My friend, a young boxer, was found shot to death behind Mul’s. This boxer’s brother earlier was killed trying to pass a car on Boston Street near Andrew Square. They were going over that bridge when deciding to pass the car. Sadly, they couldn’t see a bus coming in the other direction. Four or five young kids were killed when the bus hit their car. When the older brother was found dead behind Mul’s, John Connolly said, “That’s alright. He was a piece of sh…”
    This boxer shouldn’t have been hanging around Triple O’s. I think someone there couldn’t beat him with their hands, so they used a gun. But I’ll never forgive John Coonnolly for making that statement. Of course, he, Whitey, Weeks and everybody in that crew knew who committed that murder.
    Steve Rakes was my good friend. He read my lawsuit and we talked about it many times. Here’s the two sections of my lawsuit that mention his name:

    1. Afraid:

      Any petition to investigate Kevin Weeks for perjury has to be directed to the DOJ. He is the DOJ witness. The DOJ put him on the stand and believes his story. I don’t see it going anywhere when you are telling an agency that agrees with the guy and knows everything that you do that it is wrong.

    2. Dear Afraid:

      I do sense a pattern here:

      (quote)75. ‘In order to prevail under this rule, Dammers must be able to demonstrate duress caused by the government continually until May 11, 1999. By that date, however, Connolly had long been out of the business of partnering with Bulger. ‘Equitable tolling is based on concealment or other misconduct by the defendant.’ Crawford v. United States, 796 F. 2d 924, 926 (7th Cir. 1986). Once the misconduct ceased, and the United States began actively seeking to frustrate rather than further the Winter Hill Gang’s criminal activities, the government was, under the facts in this case, no longer responsible for ongoing threats made by members of the Winter Hill Gang. We therefore agree with the district court that Dammers’ duress argument fails.’16

      If I read #75 correctly (and I have already stated that I am not a lawyer) I am troubled by the assumption: “Once the misconduct ceased, and the United States began actively seeking to frustrate rather than further the Winter Hill Gang’s criminal activities, the government was, under the facts in this case, no longer responsible for ongoing threats made by members of the Winter Hill Gang. We therefore agree with the district court that Dammers’ duress argument fails.’16”.

      My family’s facts would have shown the court, at that time, that the US had not FULLY TURNED THE CORNER in their efforts to begin to “actively seeking to frustrate rather than further the Winter Hill Gang’s criminal activities”.

      If it is true (as I was told by the FBI Agent from the Boston Office) that my family’s complaint files that named associates of the Winter Hill Gang as primary suspects in the sabotage of our spring water business in MA and NH, were, in fact, destroyed, in 1997, in order to protect members of the Winter Hill Gang, then one could assume that the courts did not have all the facts available to make it’s findings.

      It was not until the testimony, in the recent trial of USA v Bulger, of the long time secretary of the Boston FBI that it became apparent that the destruction of documents was an on going policy of that Office. She testified that she had 18 bosses. She had been employed by that Office for decades.

      The “lack of subject matter jurisdiction” in layman’s terms effectively means ‘royal run-a-round’. I thought the point of the rule of law was that the crime victim dial 911, file a legitimate complaint,and some law enforcement agency investigates? My family has found that this has not been the case. The 911 call needs to get to the authority of ‘competent jurisdiction’, and if it does not the victim only gets the response that sorry, this agency, or court ‘lacks subject matter jurisdiction’. And, when an FBI agent actually tells you that your complaint file has been destroyed. It is too hard to believe…but no longer.

      So, not knowing that the criminals are being protected by those agents who have a duty to protect and serve the victim, the victim is essential placed in the very dangerous position of doing more private investigation and, in my family’s case under the threat of death.

      And, then in many cases time runs out, because the victims do not have subpoena power to compel the necessary facts. And, if those facts that are necessary to prove the complaint beyond a reasonable doubt have truly been destroyed by those who have a duty to serve and protect NOW WHAT? IF ANYTHING?

  3. Afraid, my friend: Remember it was the DOJ and its prosecutors who put on the witness stand known perjurers Morris, Martorano, Flemmi, Salemme (in an earlier trial) etc, and it was the prosecutors and judges who approved the ridiculously lenient deals for serial killers and career criminals (they still do: viz Amy Lord murder). (2) All FEDs and Staties involved in this sordid mess should be investigated. (3) Read my book “Character Assassins: Carr, Dershowitz, Mudd: Who’ll Live in Infamy?” (2013) and my book “The Fix: the Corruption of Mass. Courts and Agencies, Appendix V (“The Political Persecution of John Connolly and why President Bush should pardon him”).” Both are available on Amazon; put the book’s title and my name, Connolly, in Amazon’s search engine and they’ll pop up. The only minor mistake in Character Assassins is that I had Flemmi testifying at John Connolly’s first trial in 2002; but all else is true and prophetic. Carney and Brennan have shown in 2013 that Martorano and Flemmi and Morris and others were perjuring themselves. In fact, as Character Assassins points out, Fed Prosecutor Wyshak and State Trooper Major Foley warned prosecutor Durham (first Connolly trial) not to use Salemme the known perjurer as a witness, then in subsequent trials, Wyshak repeatedly used known perjurers Martorano, Flemmi, MOrris, Weeks—Steve Rakes was prepared to contradict Weeks testimony before he was assassinated—(4) So, get a petition to investigate the FBI, DOJ, Prosecutors and lenient Judges and the lying Appeals Court jurists/clerks(who’ve deliberately misstated the facts of Connolly’s trial and conviction) and I’ll be happy to sign that petition. (5) Better idea: Make a hard copy petition and send it around the World, to the UN and NATO, too, to investigate the deep seated corruption in the justice departments and spy departments in America. (6)You are not alone in being hounded and bankrupted by our FEDs. (Consider Chuck Turner’s case, etc.) We, the good people (not perfect), must speak up and speak out or we will see more travesties and abuses of power from the 10% of FEDS (FBI, Prosecutors, Judges) who are out of control and the 50% of FEDs who have simply forgotten what the Constitution and America are about. (6) AND FREE JOHN CONNOLLY WHO over the course of a decade (from 1999-2013) WAS SCAPEGOATED AND FRAMED BY THE SERIAL KILLERS and PERJURERS INCLUDING MARTORANO, MORRIS, SALEMME AND FLEMMI, etc. (7) We know the FEDs have gotten in bed with perjurers and killers; we know the local Media/Press has gotten in bed with the FEDs and cozied up to the killers and perjurers. We know the Media/Press/DOJ has conducted a political jihad against Bill Bulger and many other moderate good people from South Boston and the Boston area. Don’t fool ourselves! Don’t put blinders on!!! Evil people and just plain bad people, power hungry, insolent, hubristic, exist inside and outside government! (8) God Save the USA from the corrupt FEDs, their enablers and abettors; God save America its domestic enemies (FEDs and non-FEDs); God save us all from the lot of them!

  4. Dear Honest Abe and Jean,
    Thanks for the reply. Most people enter law school to make money. When they graduate law school making money is a bigger priority. Judges, lawyers, DAs, assistant DAs, they come from the same cloth – money means everything. Of course, there are exceptions, but without money winning in federal court is very difficult.
    But there’s power in people. I plan using the public to influence politicians. Although most politicians are lawyers, getting elected is their biggest priority. If something can get them a lot of press, and it is something the public supports, they will support it.
    I’ll keep Matt and this blog posted on my progress. The last chapter of the book – “‘Gaga’: The Real Whitey Bulger/ Irish Mob Story” – concerns Whitey’s tial and FBI corruption. Unlike the rest of the book, this chapter is in my own words. The rest of the book is in Gaga’s unique sing-song voice, but this chapter is simple third-person narrative.
    My chapter will end with information about the online petition and it will ask for signatures.
    I’m torn whether to include parts of my lawsuit in that chapter or use them in the online petition website.
    After this weekend, I’ll be more specific. If possible, I’d appreciate your feedback.

    1. Dear Afraid

      I am no lawyer. But, what I have learned from my family’s ordeal is that victims need to explain what has happened to them with as many facts as they have at that moment. Since, victims do not have the power of subpoena, and, as US AG Holder said, the average citizen can’t know what the US DOJ knows – the only way that the investigators can judge a complaint is by the specificity of the facts they are provided. Then, the rest is their discretion.

      Good luck. Please keep us all posted. As Matt has pointed out small candles that are lit everywhere, shine a clear beam of light on the dilemma going forward. Candle Power. We need to go back to the basic principle upon which this country was founded: We the People, with justice and liberty for all…not just those who can pay for it.

  5. Dear Matt, I miss quoted Edmund Burke. He said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Yourself, and everybody I’ve seen comment on this blog, could be considered “good men.” The last words of the below are; “This Committee’s work should not be considered complete until the foregoing is accomplished.” I believe enough signature’s on the petition to investigate Kevin Weeks for perjury would help spur additional Congressional hearings on FBI corruption. This goes beyond Boston FBI corruption. You said it yourself when commenting that the investigation of more than 100 FBI shootings found that in every shooting the FBI did nothing wrong. This makes America look like Russia. Of course, most FBI agents are honorable hardworking individuals that seek to make our life better. But should the American public allow corruption by the minority of FBI agents tarnish the world’s premier law enforcement agency? FBI agents, like the CIA, take an oath to protect their agency. They put this oath above the oath required when testifying before a court and when testifying before Congress. I think Kevin Weeks is the weakest link. Would you sign this online petition? Would others reading this comment sign the petition to investigate Kevin Weeks for perjury? Here’s the information that ends with; “The Committee’s work should not be considered complete until the foregoing is accomplished.”
    February 3, 2004.–THIRD REPORT
    This Committee’s work is not done concerning any
    determination of facts relevant to the Federal Bureau of
    Investigation’s (FBI’s) conduct toward informants’ testimony.
    The Justice Department has withheld potentially significant
    information, and several potentially significant witnesses have
    not been fully interrogated due to the assertion of on-going
    investigations or prosecutions, or because they, at least at
    this time, are unwilling to testify.
    The Committee should, and we believe it has the obligation
    to, continue its work by pursuing as yet unavailable records
    and other information from the Department and by interviewing
    relevant witnesses once the Department’s investigation and/or
    prosecutions are complete or if the circumstances occur that
    encourage heretofore unwilling witnesses to testify. We believe
    further important and helpful information could certainly be
    available, and it should be pursued.
    More thorough inquiry should have been made on behalf of
    the Committee about the relationship between the FBI,
    informants, and members of the informants’ families and whether
    those relationships impacted FBI investigations outside the
    scope of Patriarca, Barboza, Flemmi, or “Whitey” Bulger’s
    activities. The Committee should consider whether further and
    more in-depth investigation would tend to inform the goals of
    its subject hearings or would instead serve only to gather
    information, however indicative of improper activity, outside
    the scope of purpose for this particular inquiry.
    The Committee needs to conduct further efforts aimed at
    examining what, if any, Department and Bureau corrective
    actions have been undertaken since this scandal first came to
    light and the adequacy of same, as well as what actions must be
    taken legislatively, through regulation, by oversight activity,
    or some combination in order to prevent a continuation or
    recurrence of similar events in the future.
    Finally, this Committee would be well served, and would
    serve Congress well, if it conducted follow-up hearings on the
    disgraceful conduct of the Justice Department in its lack of
    forthrightness and cooperation. If Congress is to assert its
    role as a co-equal branch of the government, and fulfill its
    responsibilities of oversight, it must be able to obtain
    honest, responsive, and timely information from Executive
    departments and agencies, barring some privilege justifying any
    failure to appropriately respond to Congress’ requests.
    The Committee’s work should not be considered complete
    until the foregoing is accomplished.
    Hon. John F. Tierney
    Hon. Stephen F. Lynch.
    Hon. Elijah E. Cummings.

    1. Afraid:

      Excellent posts. So much work to be done. I hate it when people say, “All we can do is hope for the best.” I hate it because, as people like you and Matt have proven here many times over, we can do a lot more.

    2. Dear Afraid:

      “More thorough inquiry should have been made on behalf of
      the Committee about the relationship between the FBI,
      informants, and members of the informants’ families and whether
      those relationships impacted FBI investigations outside the
      scope of Patriarca, Barboza, Flemmi, or “Whitey” Bulger’s

      In association with the above excerpted quote from the 2004 Congressional Report, I would strongly suggest that the ‘Committee’s’ work is not complete. My family’s facts and testimony would support the supposition that the FBI’s close relationships with its (now publicity known and yet to be discovered) informants, and/or covert agents, was the determining factor in the destruction of our complaints in the Boston FBI office in 1997. We named the Winter Hill Gang, among others. This was around the time deals were being made with the devils, and it was the ‘devils’ and not the victims that appear to have been protected.

      For years my family has been struggling to seek Justice for our complaints. A few days ago we received a letter from the OIG US DOJ stating that it does not have jurisdiction over the destruction of the complaint communication et al issue (see Thought for the Day nhjustice.net) If there is an active and ongoing Congressional Committee that does have jurisdiction, I would agree that the “Committee’s” work is not yet complete. Our complaints have been buried since 1997. It is time for them to be recognized by an authorized government branch that has competent jurisdiction. Its time for Congress to ACT for the citizens that need them, and not only for those who can ‘pay to play’.

  6. Dear Matt, I left the below comment on the David Boeri’s (WBUR) article, “Why Justice Fell Short In The Trial Of ‘Whitey Bulger.'” I’m creating an online petition to investigate Kevin Weeks for perjury. My persistence comes from the Edmund Burke quote: “Evil will succeed when good men do nothing.” Additional motivation comes from my belief the public will sign a petition that seeks to reveal: 1. why did the 1st Circuit Court accepted vastly different testimony from my brother and Kevin Weeks concerning the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders; 2. why a federal seal was placed on my brother’s Boston Police Incident Report concerning those murders; and, 3. who influenced a federal judge to place that seal. Everybody agrees Boston FBI corruption occurred during Whitey’s reign. But FBI corruption (eg. allowing Kevin Weeks to testify when knowing he would commit perjury) also occurred during Whitey’s trial. Here’s the comment I posted on the David Boeri article:
    “The government used three main witnesses: John Martorano, Stephen Flemmi and Kevin Weeks. Each of them received sweetheart deals. The jury didn’t believe John Martorano. Stephen Flemmi admitted committing perjury before Judge Wolf. So that left Kevin Weeks. But Kevin Weeks committed perjury when testifying about the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders.
    On May 11, 1982, my brother, Jaime Parker, witnessed the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders. He testified about those murders before Judge Reginald Lindsay. Kevin Weeks also testified under-oath about the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders.
    Kevin Weeks couldn’t see the Michael Donahue and Brian Watson murders because he was inside Anthony’s Pier 4 Restaurant parking lot watching the Pier Restaurant with binoculars. When Brian Halloran left the Pier Restaurant, Kevin Weeks said in a walkie talkie, ‘The balloon’s in the air.’ Brian Halloran entered Michael Donahue’s car. A car close to the Pier Restaurant blasted Michael Donahue’s car with a machine gun.
    Earlier that day, my brother and I enjoyed a boat ride. He was returning to my boat moored in the Fort Point Channel when Michael Donahue’s car drifted across the street. It stopped in front of three buildings and almost hit my brother’s car. My brother couldn’t drive around Michael Donahue’s car. Another car boxed him in. Who was in that car? Who machine-gunned Michael Donahue’s car? Reporter David Boeri published an article in which Kevin Weeks said Whitey Bulger had 6 FBI agents ready to hop in his car with machine guns. Did one of those agents blast Michael Donahue’s car with the machine gun?
    Whitey Bulger and his accomplice parked in the alley beside the Stop and Shop fish company. They walked past my brother’s car. Whitey was carrying an AK-47. My brother knew it was an AK-47 because he legally owned an AK-47. Whitey’s accomplice jumped on Michael Donahue’s car and shot through the windshield. Brian Halloran leaped from the passenger door. Whitey dropped him with bullets.
    Brian Halloran wore white pants. For two minutes, Whitey Bulger tortured Brian Halloran. As both men yelled obscenities, Whitey Bulger started shooting Brian Halloran’s ankles. My brother watched red dots rise up the white pants. He said Brian Halloran flapped like a flounder.
    40 minutes later, two FBI agents found my brother at his girlfriend’s Dorchester apartment. The FBI agents asked what he witnessed. If recognizing Whitey Bulger, he probably would be dead.
    My brother’s car was registered to our mother’s house. No one contacted my mother and she didn’t know the girlfriend’s address. Either the FBI followed my brother from the murder scene, or one of Whitey Bulger’s gang followed my brother and contacted the FBI. There is no statute of limitations for accessory to murder. The two FBI agents that found my brother at his girlfriend’s apartment should be indicted for accessory to murder.
    Kevin Weeks testified Whitey Bulger wore a wig and his accomplice wore a mask. My brother saw no mask and Whitey Bulger wore no wig. The two FBI interviewing my brother filed a report saying he told them one of the killer’s had curly brown hair (same as James Flynn). That was a lie!
    They put a federal seal on my brother’s Boston Police Incident Report. Robert Mueller worked for the Boston U.S. Attorney when Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue were murdered. Robert Mueller was the Boston U.S. Attorney during Halloran/Donahue murder investigation. Only very powerful person could influence a federal judge to seal a public record. Did Robert Mueller request sealing my brother’s Boston Police police witness statement?
    The 1st Circuit Court accepts two vastly different testimonies about the same murders. One from a person that has no reason to lie and one from a person with every reason to lie.
    The policeman speaking to Brian Halloran before he died also gave testimony before Judge Lindsay about the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders. This policeman stated he lived in South Boston and his testimony was being video-taped because he would be away on a vacation. He testified that Brian Halloran told him James Flynn was the gunman who shot him. Every policeman living in South Boston knew implicating Whitey Bulger in murder was a death sentence. This policeman couldn’t even look at the video camera. His eyes were downcast and shifting from side to side as if full of guilt.
    The two FBI agents didn’t show my brother Whitey Bulger’s photo. They showed him James Flynn’s photo and kept insisting he was Brian Halloran’s killer. They instilled fear in my brother. They told him gangsters lived near his house. They offered my brother the protective witness program and a credit card if he would testify that James Flynn killed Brian Halloran. My brother went from being a normal citizen (plumber) to a state hospital mental patient because of the fear instilled by the FBI.
    When James Flynn was arrested, the FBI took my brother from the mental hospital and brought him to a grand jury. Again, they wanted him to identify Jame Flynn was the killer of Brian Halloran. Unlike the FBI, my brother couldn’t send an innocent man to prison.
    In 1985, the FBI asked me for criminal information. Since I lived in South Boston, giving the FBI criminal information at that time meant my death. Both my brother and filed federal lawsuits. These lawsuits have never been mentioned by any press. As you can see from the above, the federal corruption revealed by the Whitey Bulger trial was only the tip of the iceberg. Federal law enforcement corruption happened DURING the Whitey Bulger trial.
    The FBI knew that Kevin Weeks would be committing perjury when testifying about the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders. Tax payers were forced to pay a $100 million dollar settlement because the FBI used Joseph Barboza as a government witness when knowing he would commit perjury.
    FBI agent Gerald Montanari was in charge of the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murder investigation. Gerald Montanari testified during the McIntyre civil lawsuit trial. Judge Lindsay asked him, ‘Was Whitey Bulger a suspect in the murders?’ Gerald Montari answered, ‘Yes.’ Judge Lindsay asked, ‘Was the witness shown Whitey Bulger’s picture?’ Gerald Montanari answered, ‘No.’ Gerald Montanari was referring to a female witness. There was no mention of my brother. During the recess, I told a McIntyre family lawyer about my brother and his pending lawsuit. When the trial resumed, this lawyer asked Gerald Montanari, ‘Was this (the female) the closest witness?’ Gerald Montanari answered, ‘Yes.’ Clearly, you can see that Gerald Montanari committed perjury.
    We need further Congressional hearings to investigate FBI corruption.”

  7. MTC

    in the after battle report I am recommending you for a distinguished service to the public ribbon with one cluster for patience and one for sticktoitiveness.

    Keep on keepin on

  8. What happens now ? Excellent question, Mr. MATT. From the perspective of the gov’t. – DoJ, F.B.I., M.S.P., B.P.D., etc … I suspect that it’s a wrap. Move along, nothing to see here, all’s well that ends well …. With WHITEY and JOHN CONNOLLY in the rear view mirror, happy days are here again …. For me ? Though I wasn’t expecting much else, as a kid who grew up watching “The F.B.I.” w/ EPHRAIM ZIMBALIST, Jr. on Sunday nights ( I’m 53 y.o.), the disappointment, disillusionment, and cynicism about our country in general and law enforcement in particular has only been furthered. Though I’m not very optimistic, I do remain hopeful that things might change for the better !

    1. Gus:

      We’ve been through worse times as a country so lets hope we all get together, recognize what we have, keep the cops out of our wallets and personal live, let people do what they want as long as it doesn’t interfere with the well being of others. We can do this if we try to keep on top of things and call out when we see something that doesn’t seem right. Remember that Hope was all that Pandora had when all the evils spilled out of the box.

  9. Matt et al.,

    You investigators/writers are vital.
    The growing knowledge of the consequences of what happens when law enforcement partners with violent criminals instead of catching them is difficult to take in.
    But we’ve been forced to live with the effects of these partnerships, so we CAN handle reality because we ARE handling reality.
    The stories and legends we are told to explain the terror and death are not satisfying.
    Because somewhere in the back of our minds, things just don’t line up.

    The idea that we can move forward without shedding the stories and gathering the facts is ridiculous.
    We have no idea what forward means.

    I’m a little traumatized by having dived into The Trial of Whitey Bulger and then bellyflopped into our national tragedies. I would never have suspected how much this would hurt.

    That is why you people with the knowledge of the mistakes we have made, you people, you are important to those of us who live the small lives crucial to a healthy society. We’re not in high level meetings because the small and young and old need our care. And healthy societies tell the truth to those coming after.

    The first step is to trust that some of you out there are telling the truth.

    1. Firefly:

      One reason things don’t line up is we are supposed to think all is well since Whitey will die in prison. It’s like chasing the wolf away from the sheep after he’s been wandering unmolested among them for days, the carnage she caused remains. What was going on under Whitey is still going on today. Until the FBI is willing to stop protecting and partnering with criminals we have people living among us with licenses to commit crimes.

      The most important thing is not to let anything get you down or especially to think somehow your life is smaller than any other. Knowledge is power and the ability to speak out while we still have it evens the field for everyone. What we are all about is to preserve this country so that those who come after us will have the same rights as we have enjoyed. The future of the country is in the small and young and any moment telling them of the good things we have in America is well spent time.

      We need a thorough shaking up in many areas. One thing that is good that there are many working in government who are doing excellent work even though they are all labeled with the opprobrium hacks. It’s time we stop struggling against each other and look for ways to struggle for each other.

  10. To go forward, it appears that we must keep looking in the rear view mirror. Bill Black was a banking regulator back in the mid-80’s S&L Crisis. His writings take us forward into the 2008 global financial crisis. And, now he too has focused on the FBI’s role. In this article attached below, he believed the FBI was conned.

    I shared your blog with Mr. Black, and so I am now sharing his blog with you. Writing for the victims who have been caught in the squeeze that began with the S&L Crisis, and have continued to suffer, I agree that the Question ‘NOW WHAT’ should be the focus of your blog going forward. If we can’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it…and we may not survive the next global financial crisis, which for all we know is just around the corner. We need a very strong and proactive Government to protect the homeland, from threats – within and without. Destruction of the global financial markets is the goal of the international mafia and jihadist

    But, how to do it remains the issue going forward. I would hope that this blog would continue to explore the processes that are used to that end.

    “The Incredible Con the Banksters Pulled on the FBI”
    Posted on August 16, 2013 by Devin Smith | 11 Comments

    By William K. Black

    1. Jean:

      I read the article. It was too much of an apology for the FBI. A fraud is a fraud and it doesn’t take too much skill to be able to uncover it. The reason why the FBI passes the buck back to others is that it is easy to do that. The FBI can employ whatever skilled person it needs if it can’t understand something. It is not the FBI to sit back and to wait for someone to report something to them. I think there is the word investigate in its name and that incorporates the concept of being proactive in things. Remember, one of the basic tenets of the FBI is to pass the buck to someone else.

      1. Matt – I agree with you and that is why I informed him of your blog…he may have not been in the same trenches that we have been in…otherwise he is another voice in the wilderness…and we need all the help we can get…

        1. Jean:

          I think we will slowly make progress. We’ve had lots of visitors and if we can plant one seed or light one little candle who knows where it will sprout or upon what the light will fall.

          1. http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2013/08/22/bill-black-report-fbi-partners-with-banks-and-blames-mortgage-fraud-on-poor-borrowers/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ForeclosureFraudByDinsfla+%28FORECLOSURE+FRAUD+|+by+DinSFLA%29

            Matt, The above link is to a recent video where Bill Black no longer is saying FBI was ‘conned’. Now he is saying FBI partnered with the Banksters in the latest financial crisis in order to incorrectly define ‘mortgage fraud’ etc. Black’s shift, in my opinion, focuses on the power, or misuse of it, by the FBI as chief investigator for the US Government.

            In the S&L Crisis there were 30,000 criminal referrals from the banking industry to FBI so that it could investigate. In the recent and much larger crisis where banksters’ had partnered with the FBI, there were 0, yes, ZERO. So, if there are no referrals then there is no mandate to investigate. The banksters’s by partnering with the FBI effectively bought protection: another form of immunity. Do I sense a pattern here?

            1. Jean:

              Thanks for the video. I’ll be sure to watch it. I disagree with the idea the FBI needs referrals. We’ve seen that one of its stock in trade is to go out and enlist people to be informers and using them go go and ferret out crime. I don’t think it would take much difficulty to take a look at some of the actions that went on recently and launch an investigation into them. Alleging it has to wait for referrals if that is what its mindset is presents a dire picture. Perhaps that’s why 9/11 happened, no one referred the plot to the FBI to investigate.

  11. I have many questions, sadly the one whom can answer them all wont be participating. Im unaware the mail conditions at the adx in florence .colo but would love to see an angry whitey relish his hatred on carr and the likes for years to come or a tell all book abt pushups etc lol actually my intrigue is peaking at his cali apartment. When captured’ wb had those falsehoods written by globe reporters,rats and heralders. He also had alot of money,current money not the same bills of 94′ when he fled. Im no genius but changing in 8ook at a bank might raise suspicion. So who helped? Your right his gf catherine got unfair treatment. This nonsense that he hid in plain sight on his own bothers me someone got tired of helping or seeked the reward money. But who? Kevin weeks wasnt the last man to see him. Like the departed rumor an fbi agent seen him. He would of hightailed it outta cali aftyer that right? I want his niece to write a tell all…..please

    1. Pat2e:

      Whitey will not be able to communicate out of ADX. Remember its a clean version of Hell and even those who have gone the the standard version, have not communicated back. But don’t despair, his niece or nephew or someone else connected with him will come out with a book giving his version.So be patient, Whitey’s version of the story will soon be out according to my sources.

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