What More Does Federal Prosecutor Freddy Wyshak Want? How About Showing Some Heart For Catherine?

Whitey’s gone. He even got a Christian burial. Thanks to the Boston Globe we know where he was buried. I guess they’re hoping by giving the information about his grave site,that was totally unnecessary, they can inspire some Mafia-wannabe to go after the title of “The Man Who Defaced Whitey’s Tombstone.”

We already got a couple of that type sitting in isolation believing they have crowned themselves with honor as the “Men Who Murdered Whitey Bulger” although l’d guess little credit will accrue to them for having set upon an unarmed 89-year-old man confined to a wheelchair unable to defend himself. At least Liberty Valance (Lee Marvin) was armed when he was shot. If there’s any justice in the world those guys who murdered Whitey should spend the rest of their lives the Supermax ADX Florence in Florence, Colorado. They’ll be in good company with a couple of other cowards, Ted Kaczinski, who liked to send bombs through the mail, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who planted one behind spectators peacefully watching a marathon.

Speaking of justice, it must be obvious to Boston Federal Prosecutor Freddy Wyshak that his theory behind the prosecution of Whitey Bulger was bankrupt. It should be perfectly clear to him that his brother Bill had nothing to do with any of Whitey’s criminal exploits. Ab inititio his theory which found its origin in certain writers for the Boston Globe never held water.  All he had to do was ask and he would have learned that state law enforcement, the people who were chasing after Whitey, never even considered for a moment that Bill was his brother. The false propaganda by Herald writer Carr and the Harvard law professor and his crew that somehow Bill’s position as Senate president intimidated state law enforcement motivated Wyshak into suggesting that Retired FBI Agent John Connolly went wrong because of his association “with the Bulgers.”

Wyshak should have also known from his own work that the idea was false. He paraded before himself countless numbers of criminals offering deals beyond imagination for someone who could give him something on Bill. He could offer them the world but as much as they coveted the offer they had nothing to give. Bill was clean, that couldn’t be said of others who fixated on him.

Now it is up to Wyshak to bring an end to the suffering caused by his wrongful thinking. There is one person in particular in prison because of his, I’ll use the term Whitey used when referring to the Norfolk DA’s office where I worked, vendetta. (From the Italian vendetta “a feud, blood feud.”). She is Catherine Greig.

Greig was the woman who fell in love with Whitey. She accompanied him on his 16 year escapade while he avoided answering to an indictment for racketeering that said nothing about murders. When she left in early 1995 there had never been any evidence, none, that she knew Whitey had murdered anyone or did anyone else know he did other than those who might have been with him. When and if she learned about it, if at any time while Whitey was on the lam, is not known. Even if she learned of the murder allegations against him there is no showing she believed them.

She was captured along with Whitey. She had no criminal record. She pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting Whitey’s flight and some other minor non-violent acts. She then was subject to a real Wyshak show. He paraded in alleged victims to air their grievances against her. She suffered the indignity of having members of the family of victims of Whitey come into court and castigate her even though she had noting to do with their problems.

She received the most draconian sentence of any woman in America who was a first offender for a non violent, non drug related crime by a multiple of three. Ten years in prison for being with a man running from justice. Never in American annals of criminal law had any woman been so punished. In fact, a woman did exactly what Greig did, spending 16 years with a criminal worse than Whitey, John Martorano, who was also hiding from an indictment, was not even charged.

That was not enough for Wyshak. He piled on. Imagine the cruelty of Wyshak thinking a woman who loved a man should be forced into testifying against him. She refused to  answer his questions about their life together before a grand jury. As the judge informed her, she made herself liable to go to prison for life. He added some more years to her already absurd sentence.

Her case shows the federal judiciary at its most obtuse and cruel. Her case showed how the federal judiciary got suckered into believing the false Whitey saga. Whitey’s crimes paled in comparison to those of others who that judiciary all but let walk.

Greig was punished for falling in love with a guy. It was never shown she knew or believed he committed any of the crimes alleged against him. Her love has now been murdered in prison. Time to have a heart. Time to let the blood feud go. Time to let her go home to her family and friends. How about it, Freddy?

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  1. Wyshak needs to be removed. He may have started out with honorable intentions, but he has turned into a sick, twisted individual who appears to take delight in torturing people. The parade of “victims” that were allowed to come in one after another to yell at Catherine Greig was sickening. There is no other way to describe it. Justice is no longer his goal…it’s now about punishing anyone that crosses him. Look at the poor sad sack from the bureau. His treatment of Fitzy (not that I’m a fan of his, btw) was another example of his bizarre idea of justice. Scary.

    1. Declan:

      Don’t freeze on Thanksgiving.

      Your example of Fitzpatrick is right on the money. I was not particularly fond of the guy – his book didturbed me and I wrote about my displeasure with it – but he was jammed in by his hyperbole and testified consistent with it. It had no effect on the case. Whitey was dull convicted. But as you note Wyshak sought vengeance, not justice. Rather than letting it go he indicted Fitz for perjury.
      Never understood Fitz folding his hand. I knew he was supposedly ill and didn’t want to do time – no judge should have given him any but it seems the judges are also afraid of incurring Wyshak’s wrath – but to stigmatize himself with a perjury conviction I didn’t understand.

      Yes, a good example. He’s like a mini-Muhammed Bin Salman.

  2. The most vile and subtly evil among us in Boston, in government and the media, are toasted in many circles within the media and academia and among the hoi polloi, the ordinary folks. “The worst are full of passionate intensity; the best lack all conviction.” Re-read Yeats the Second Coming and his 1916 and re-read Judge Bork’s SLOUCHING TOWARDS GOMMORRAH.

    We are in the midst of a Revolution . . . I’m on the Pro-Life side, and against the Leftists, Neocons, Character Assassin Smear Artists like Carr and Cullen, and against the DEMS’ SOCIALISTIC, BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG BROTHER, TAX AND SPEND, PLANTATION MENTALITY, IDENTITY POLITICS, POWER-ABUSING, ANTI-FAITH-BASED-INDIVIDUALISM . . .


    FOR EXAMPLE, the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center labels Focus on the Family, a traditionalist faith-based Christian Evangelical organization, a hate group because it defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

    The Hillarian Leftist hate traditional conservative faith-based values.

    It is a civil war between Leftists and Traditionalists, a war fought, as explained in Mac the Dog, the novel, on the relatively bloodless battlefields of fearless expressionism.

    Give me ten men who are stout hearted men who will fight for the right they adore, start me with ten and i’ll soon give you ten thousand more

  3. Give me ten men who are stout hearted men and I’ll soon give you ten thousand more. We need ten. Obscure pamphleteers, names mostly lost to history, started the American Revolution, French Revolution and Russian Revolution.
    We need a new revolution to purge our government of sadistic power abusing federal persecutorial prosecutors like Fred Wyshak, the Sterns Gang and their bosses in DC. Have we forgotten they drove an innocuous young man to suicide? Have we forgotten they hit a state senator with an 130 page indictment, attempting not just to prosecute, but to persecute and bankrupt. It likely induced his early demise. Have we forgotten what that Federal Courthouse did to the Probation Officers, to Boston Police Officer Kenny Conley, the owners of the Caswell Motel, City Councilman Chuck Turner?

    Have we forgotten Wyshak recommended 8 years imprisonment for a nurse who deposited her bookie husband’s earnings, about $400,000, but only probation for the Congressman’s wife who laundered $4,000,000 of her brother’s offshore earnings.

    Have we forgotten Wyshak’s answer to Judge Young who asked why he was recommending probation, and Wyshak in court answered, “Because she’s the Congressman’s wife.”

    Unequal Administration of the Law as the corrupt power abusing sadist Wyshak sees . . .pamper the rich politically connected Congressman’s wife, persecute a lowly nurse, the bookie’s wife.

    Re-read Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984 . . . An as we purge the Federal Government of the Power Abusers, we urge the Media to purge itself of sadists who delight in others’ sufferings, who repeat the words of serial killers as if they were gospel, like Carr and Cullen.

    America needs a house cleaning . . .the Government and Main Stream Media need a house cleaning . . .give me ten men to pamphleteer against the sadists and power abusers and I’ll soon give you ten thousand more

    Up the republic . .Let the Revolutionary Reform begin with the prosecution of Wyshak and his colleagues, and the firing of Carr and Cullen . . .We the people must purge our government of the power abusers . . .the leftist MSM must purge itself . . .

  4. This is such a joke in a way. Yes, this is the time to apportion blame and we revert to Cathy Greg’s plight in the Tower of Wyshak. Is it unrealistic that savvy fellows …. Really savvy …. like Kevin Hagen White figured out that where the Bulger was the Bulger was feared ; whether in the Senate chambers or the street. This impugns Billy’s reputation not at all. It is matter of perception, and lacking proof, of opinion. And everyone is entitled to their own. If that rugged marker in St.Joseph’s with the name only BULGER incised and a sword like Cross above that name is Jimmy Bulger’s then I wish him peace. It’s not easy being an older brother, or a younger one in this case.

    But this is nothing. That he got whacked in Federal care and that the disinformation stream of statements such as non-brick types in hush puppies , shoulder vests, and complacent self-opinions like to promulgate : ” His level of care was lowered because he was making a nuisance of himself in Florida ” or this DOOZY : ” Whitey always wanted to go out with a bang . He may have deliberately brought this about .” … have already started.

    Is there nothing the MK Ultra Super Soldier Jimmy Bulger cannot do ?!?

    Or that he , according to the most veracious among us , has not done !?!

    YOUSE with care . What a mess !!!

  5. We’ve recounted in detail the abuses of power by the Sterns Gang (Wyshak, sterns, durham, their cohorts in boston and Washington dc) in several books and numerous articles/post on blogs
    We remember the clerk of the Appeals Court in Boston while John Connolly’s Miami Jury was out, releasing a decision in a civil case “FBI Liable for Murders” blasted on radio, tv, internet, every newspaper in Miami, while John Connolly’s jury was considereing whether to believe the serial perjurers Flemmi and Martorano and their triple hearsay evidence, evidence already rejected by a Boston Federal jury.

    We could go on with the abuses of power. I thinks Wyshak and his cohorts are not only persecutorial power abusers, I think they are bully-boys and sadists. They act more like Stalinistic Stooges, than Americans.

    Prosecute them, the federal prosecutors and their greenlighting bosses in Washington DC.

    I and others have written extensively, exhaustively about these matters, and yet Wyshak still sits in office . . . .an outrage to men and women of conscience . . . .and the judges who abet them (consider the probation officers case, for one; or Caswell Motel;) still hold power . . .an outrage

    Andy McCaulay correctly noted during the St. PAT’S PARADE CASE, as the Veterans were abused by jurist after jurist, state and administrative, “it’s time to take the muskets off the walls.”

    It’s time for a house cleaning. We need not resort to arms. But the same spirit of Revolutionary Fervor must rid us of the Persecutorial Prosecutors who abuse power and the judges who abet them. They act as foreign powers, not as Americans. They ues their offices to advance personal, and socio-political agendas, not to serve the American people. We must prosecute them and oust them from office. Clean house.

  6. Fred the Fed Wyshak, the Jihadi Javert, staged a Stalinistic Show Trial in Miami based on the triple hearsay refreshed memory of two serial perjurers, one, Flemmi, whom the Fred the FED had publicly labelled a serial perjurer, and during that five week show trial Fred the co-lead counsel in Miami, had staged sitting behind every day of that five week trial FIVE DEPUTIZED STATE COPS, DEPUTIZED AS FEDS, CHARGED WITH HUNTING DOWN TWO FOES, WHITEY’S GANG AND THE IMAGINARY STATE HOUSE GANG LED BY BILL BULGER.

  7. Matt, I hesitate to call any man “evil.” I do call Fred Wyshak the Jihadi Javert, because he falsely deluded himself into thinking he was on a crusade to get Billy Bulger, when in fact he was on an unholy mission, an evil jihad to persecutorially prosecute innocent folks . . .including he (and I include him in the Sterns Gang (Sterns, Wyshak, Durham and their cohorts of persecutorial prosecutors in the Boston Office and their bosses in DC and their successors) . . .he and his cohorts invented the false rogue agent narrative and persecuted many an innocent folk. Innocent probation officers. An innocent nurse (a bookie’s wife) Wyshak wanted sentenced to 8 years in prison . . .she was John Connolly’s sister in law . . .

    Here’s the proof . . .go on YouTube and listen to Colonel Foley (he and five State Cops were deputized as FEDS by Wyshak) during a speech in Somerville in June of 2013 . . .Foley said He, Wyshak, the Deputized FEDs and the FED Prosecutors had two foes . . .two enemies they had to fight . . .one was Whitey . . .the other was the STATE HOUSE under BILL BULGER . . .foolish Foley then repeated a false phony anecdote about how Billy intervened on Whitey’s behalf against State Cops . . .

    Foley, the Five DEPUTIZED STATE COP FEDS thought Bill Bulger was the enemy . . .how and why did they think this . . . .they didn’t think it up on their own . . .there is no doubt Wyshak and the STERNS GANG told them to pursue Billy . . .

    Moreover, it is a matter of public record (recorded in four of my books, The FIX, Character Assassins I and II, and Three Billboards Outside Boston) that Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz, who has done much intellectual good in his life, had a long bitter Vendetta with Bill Bulger and urged Federal Prosecutors in writing in articles and op-ed pieces to pursue Bill Bulger and the FEDS (the SternsGang) dutifully complied with Professor Dershowitz’s instructions: “Squeeze the innocent John Connolly (he’s just a cop) to get Bill Bulger, the Senate President, UMass President.) We know, too, Gov Romney complied with the jihad ax an innocent man, Bill Bulger.

    You see, at the root of this is a hatred for conservatives and Irish-Catholics from Boston who squished a grapefruit in the face of all liberals, at the Globe, at Harvard, at the Herald, with a 9-0 victory in the St. Pat’s Parade Case. With Dershowitz, at the root of it is Bill Bulger bested him in a public debate at the State House during the appt of a Judge . . .and Bulger’s law partner bested Dershowitz in a trial over some real estate cash . . .seems petty,, but not to a cocksure Harvard Law Prof, convinced of his intellectually invincibility in legal matters. He lost the law suit. He lost his opposition to Paul Mahoney’s Judgeship . . .Paul rose to acclaim and a stellar career as a jurist . . .

    So, you see, Dershowitz, like all Americans, has free speech rights and can say and write as he pleases as can I . . .the evil comes when Federal Prosecutors and their greenlighting bosses in Washington DC use Federal Power to persecute innocents, to prosecute excessively harshly, to put on the witness stand serial perjurers, to give obscenely lenient deals to serial murderers, murderers of young women, rapists, drug pushers, to use the lowest curs with ever changing ever malleable provably false stories to prosecute and imprison innocent men and women.

    Catherine Grieg is just one who the Federal Prosecutorial Persecutors have persecuted in the last 20 or so years. A pox on Wyshak and all unrepentant evil doers houses. And old Celtic curse

    1. “A pox on Wyshak and all unrepentant evil doers houses. And old Celtic curse.”

      Jim Loscutoff couldn’t have said it any better.

  8. You hit the nail on the head. What cruelty. Justice has been perverted by Wyshak. He has engaged in open and gross abuse of a female.. Bin Laden kills 3000 Americans, Seal team six captures his wife. They don’t even arrest her. They never arrested Al Capone’s wife or John Gotti’s wife. The corruption and dishonesty of the DOJ in Boston is pronounced. The judges at that Courthouse are useless. Aren’t they suppose to supervise these idiotic prosecutors? Trump should shut down that entire courthouse for two years Transfer all DOJ employees to Springfield. Drain that swamp.

  9. WOW!

    I am glad you got that out of your system Matt.
    There is nothing scarier than a fighting Irishman from Southie.

    In other faux,fighting irishman news


    Phillips: May not have heard Notre Dame students took a knee Saturday, but you need to know the religious reason why

    Carron J. Phillips
    NOV 14, 2018 | 7:00 AM

    I wonder if Whitey knew the FBI wacked President Kennedy?

    Ed Tatro gives a big shout to all the uneducated and uneducable
    MC Irregulars
    He is speaking in Dallas this weekend and sent me this email


    The Inheritance
    Poisoned Fruit of JFK’s Assassination

    by Christopher Fulton; Michelle Fulton
    Trine Day

    History , True Crime
    Pub Date 22 Nov 2018

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