What To Look For In the Kevin Weeks vs James “Irish Whitey” Bulger Showdown

Boston At Night — Whitey Used The Darkness To Conceal His Dark Deeds

Kevin Weeks is an obvious liar. You don’t go off to murder a person with strangers. Weeks wrote the idea behind committing a crime is not being caught. Especially If you decide to take someone out, you want to do it alone or be with people you can trust with your life, if you are sober and planning the event.

Weeks when he testified previously said he went to murder Brian Halloran with Whitey and with – a masked man he didn’t know. He expects people to believe this weird happening that runs against everything we thought we knew about self-preservation. Not only did he not know the person before they headed for the murder and watched him gun down the victims but he never bothered to inquire of Whitey “who was that masked man.”  His story is simply incredible

FBI Agent John Connolly said from his prison cell in Florida after Whitey was arrested in June 2011 that Whitey told the federals that Connolly had nothing to do with him going on the lam just before the indictments came down in January 1995. Connolly naively thought some relief was at hand. He doesn’t understand the federals are going to let him die in prison unless he can live to 100 plus. Connolly thought if the truth came out then the RICO charges against him could not have been brought because the statute of limitations had expired.

Those RICO charges just slipped under the statute when Weeks came up with the story of Connolly telling Whitey to flee. This conveniently continued Connolly’s role in his conspiracy with Whitey up to 1995 even though he had left the FBI in 1990.

Here again Weeks lied. He told of a meeting at the South Boston liquor store owned by Whitey and himself back in December 23, 1994. Prior to that time Weeks had never spoken with Connolly other than to say hello. Connolly and Whitey dealt with each other on a face-to-face basis outside his presence. Weeks said on that date that Connolly showed up at the liquor store and asked for Whitey. Connolly apparently had information to convey to Whitey.

But Connolly, an FBI agent of more than 20 years service dealing with informants and wise guys and knowing you never give them anything to use against you, decides he has to tell Weeks the information,. Weeks is a guy he’s hardly ever spoken with before. Connolly decides to expose himself in this manner.

Weeks says he leaves the busy two day before Christmas customer area and goes into the walk-in freezer with Connolly. That’s so they couldn’t be overheard which in and of itself makes no sense for Connolly to be taking that precaution when he’s conveying it to a person he doesn’t know if he can trust. Aside from that, Weeks said Connolly told him to tell Whitey the indictments were coming down after the holidays. There was plenty of time to get the information to Whitey so why’s Connolly acting like it’s an emergency and dropping his safeguards?

All right, let’s accept that and assume Connolly forgot his years of training and exposed himself. But according to Weeks, Connolly doesn’t stop there, he adds, “this information is only known to four FBI agents. O’Callaghan is one of them and he told me” or something to that effect. Connolly not only compromises himself to this stranger but also undermines his buddy, O’Callaghan. This doesn’t even smell like the truth.

This latter part was argued by the prosecutor as the basis for believing Weeks suggesting how else would he have known that select information unless Connolly told him. The answer was obvious. He could have learned it from Connolly later when he and Connolly were conspiring together to help Flemmi in 1997 and 1998. Or, from Whitey, who he remained in contact with after he fled.

Weeks also testified he remembered December 23 1994, because it was a clear cold day when in fact it was stormy and warm. A tropical storm had come up from the south and hurricane type winds were blowing off the Cape and trees were toppled in the cities adjoining Boston.

Weeks has also given different account of what car he was in during the Halloran shooting; previously he testified he was in his sister’s car but later he changed the car to one with a lot of communication gear in it.

Also, of interest will be the interaction between Prosecutor Wyshak and J.W. Carney. Wyshak uses objections to stop the witness from going off in the wrong direction. He uses talking objections to give the witness time to get a breath of air. He also uses them to interrupt the flow of the cross-examination. He did this  frequently with Brennan. I’m waiting to see how Carney will respond to them.

Then again there’s a bigger matter to consider that I will talk about in my next post.


9 thoughts on “What To Look For In the Kevin Weeks vs James “Irish Whitey” Bulger Showdown

  1. Is there any conceivable way C&B can get the Connolly alleged tip into testimony? You have documented a pretty big Achilles heel for Weeks and I would imagine the prosecution is aware of all this and will block any attempt to bring it in.

    I think the defense did a very good job creating a cloud of couubt if not straight up discrediting Martorano. This witness is even more crucial and it seems like all the tools are there to create a cloud of doubt about Weeks. From my “novice” standpoint, the biggest question is if the defense can even get the tools out of the bag?

      1. In a discussion regarding Weeks and Bulger hard to see what Sicilians and Calabrese have to do with anything.

    1. Anonymous:

      Many like to commit crimes but can’t do the time. The government loves that fact. A little squeeze here and a little there and all the juice they want to hear comes pouring out.

      1. Can you imagine the outrage if another country (insert any country at odds with ours here) used the threat of incarceration to coerce testimony that suits the position of the state? I often wonder why the citizens of other countries put up with such blatantly dishonest practices and I now realize that I only have to look at my coworkers, friends and family to see how our society accepts it in this country.

        We are asked to believe that the deals were cut with these criminals to testify to the truth. Who is there to ensure that what is spoken is the witnesses truth and not the FBI/DOJ preference of the truth?

        If I held the threat of lifetime incarceration to the person reading this sentence, could I convince you to testify that you believe that the sun revolves around the earth?

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