What To Make Of The Kavanaugh 11th Hour Attack: Horns of A Dilemma. Big Questions To Answer

Brett Kavanaugh seemed to have sailed over the low hurdles that faced him on the track as he raced to his appointment as an associate justice on the United States Supreme Court as he entered the final turn. Then, instead of seeing another low hurdle like the ones he had easily passed, he faced a high hurdle that had suddenly been put out just before the finish line. As we watched we wondered whether he had ever jumped over such a high hurdle before for as all know there are different techniques in handling the different heights.

This high hurdle goes by the name of Christine Blasey Ford,  a clinical psychology professor at Palo Alto University in California. She told about when she was a 15-year-old high school student a drunken Kavanaugh who was 17-years-old attacked her: ““I thought he might inadvertently kill me. He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing.”  She talked about the situation which the Washington Post noted: “While his friend watched, she said, Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed on her back and groped her over her clothes, grinding his body against hers and clumsily attempting to pull off her one-piece bathing suit and the clothing she wore over it. When she tried to scream, she said, he put his hand over her mouth.” She tells how the two boys were laughing  and that she was able to get free when the other boy jumped on top of the bed and they rolled off.

She’d tell others it took her four to five years to recover from the incident. She would disclose it to her therapist back in 2012 and had mentioned it to her husband even earlier than that.

It seems the first question that arises is whether you believe this happened.

If you say no, then you must explain what caused her to come forward with the allegation back in July. Here is her letter to Senator Diane Feinstein. She sought it to remain confidential and her identity not to be disclosed. You have to explain why she would have such a thorough explanation of the event and include the name of the other boy who was a witness to it. You have to explain that if it was fabricated why would she not make it more sensational and leave out the witness.

If you believe her, you must first face the statement by Kavanaugh which he said: : “I categorically and unequivocally deny this allegation. I did not do this back in high school or at any time.” If you believe Professor Ford then you must believe Kavanaugh lied when he said he did not do what she alleged; or, that he was so drunk that he does not remember what he did. If he lied, then are you still okay with him being on the Supreme Court?

If you believe he did not remember the incident then you have to ask whether it having happened thirty years ago is something that should disqualify him from being a Supreme Court justice.

The Republicans have brought forth testimonials from hundreds of women who say Kavanaugh is a good guy and in their opinion could not have done that. They are really worthless considering the discreteness of the event. An equal number of people could have come forward telling how Speaker Dennis Hastert was an upright citizen.

Do you excuse the behavior because of his youth? Is it just some juvenile frolic that should not be considered? Is it something all teenage boys did or is a teenager attacking a girl like alleged something that is so abnormal even drunkenness doesn’t excuse it? Does intoxication become a factor? In determining some issues in the law with respect to intent or determining whether a confession was voluntary it may be relevant? Should that weigh into any decision? Is one to be held back by an act committed once in a state of drunkenness 30 years ago?

There are many questions to ponder. The senators on the committee should answer them. It may be very difficult calling Professor Smith a liar. If they don’t, what excuse will they offer for voting for his nomination.

Yet it seems to me that the biggest question of all for the senators to answer is if they believe Professor Ford and they forgive Kavanaugh for his trespass, for whatever reason they decide, is it appropriate or wise rewarding him with a seat on the Supreme Court of the land. What will it do to the Court’s reputation?

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  1. I know a lot of women around here that went to Holton-Arms and they are all honest.

    That ends this conversation. Or does it?

  2. You may have INADVERTENTLY stumbled upon something here, Elmer. It just sounds so … Qualified !!!

  3. ah, now the puzzle comes together

    how is it that the prefesser suddenly became afraid, as part of her “civic duty”, to tell her therapist about some room somewhere where she was almost INADVERTENTLY killed by Kavanaugh?

    Court of Appeals, Shmort of Appeals – in 2012, Kavanaugh was on Mitt Romney’s list of candidates for the Supremes!

    And, of course, that would trigger nightmares of being almost INADVERTENTLY killed in any good, “civic duty” leftie.

    And, of course, force the “civic duty” leftie to immediately go to a therapist to throw pebbles at Kavanaugh.


    His accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, remembered this in a therapy session 30-plus years after the alleged incident — coincidentally, at the exact moment Kavanaugh was all over the news as Mitt Romney’s likely Supreme Court nominee.

  4. This is so sad for all involved—Judge Kavanaugh, his reputation is always suspect, if he is or isn’t elected to the Supreme Court. Prof. Blasey , is always supect for lying /not lying to prevent Trump from getting his candidate on the Supreme Court. The camps are truly divided as our politics are these days.
    Both parties need to show up to be questioned by the committee. If the result is different from what they would like then each ( and the country) will need to live with that.
    I question if time has helped both of them to misremember (not a word, I know).
    The Judge emphatically denies he assaulted anybody, however has a history of drinking alcohol as a teenager. The Professor says she was assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh at a party when she was 15 years old. He had been drinking she remembers, however, was she drinking also? Why doesn’t she remember the location of the house and with whom she went to the party. Is she mixing up this event up with another.
    Is it true that today truth is lost?
    What a shame it’s come to this.

  5. Yep, Bosses are Bosses !!!

    I’ll tell you a funny story : In 1995 Boston funnygal Patty Ross and I were at Mayor Kevin White’s home on Thanksgiving night. Everyone was having a great time until this two-bit shitheel from Texas ,who’d managed to get himself married way up, Ya’ know the type ; a guy who hung with tough guys but never made his bones.
    We had a lot of those on D St. , but I digress . Anyhoo, this pointy toed cowboy boot wearing ( I like cowboy boots but not with your stiletto toes) load of … Real man … asked me if I knew how to spell some word … multisyllabic … no doubt, that I had used. It was the rash and intemperate remark of a loudmouth drunk. It was malicious and unwarranted.

    I looked at him …. and said : Well, I do know how to spell ASSHOLE !!!

    Don’t leave your gamebird in the locker room, Abe .

    D St. ……. YEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH !!!!!!

    My Uncle George McDonald, father’s brother, ran South Boston Youth Hockey and that D and West Sixth scene pushing half a century.

    Tough Guy .

  6. Abe:

    Sarcasm, to be effective, has to be lapidary in its precision. You have mistaken her use of a word that was no ….. ” accident, like Ya’know “… ( snap your bubble gum here for me, Abe, and give a head toss ) …but was an absurd qualification to make in the context of describing an event you claim was life threatening and life altering , for a credible attempt to let everyone know he might not be such a bad guy after all. However — INADVERTENT—his homicidal actions were !!!

    As Kramer would say, Abe : UHHHHH YEAAAAAHHHHHHH !!!

    Let me offer instead five — highly likely– syllables in deeply symbolic array between the subject and the — honest predicate– that will explain the state of mind : She — DELIBERATELY– lied !!!

    1. I never knew how to snap bubble gum. And now that I’m bald a head toss just gives me vertigo.

      When I worked down at the Stop & Shop parking lot on D Street one of the bosses said to a guy in the lot that was not suppose to be there, “I got two words for ya. Get-ah-da here.” Now that was a real man. Never counted his syllables.

      Wish me luck tomorrow. I’m counting hawks.

  7. “”””When was the last time somebody tried to kill you, and when describing the experience you say, as Ms. Ford did, placing five highly unlikely syllables in deep symbolic array between the subject and her lying predicate, in the utterance : ” I thought that he was INADVERTENTLY trying to kill me.”””””

    So she admits that it would have been an accident. Ya know, if she died. Or was she inadvertently using a word she didn’t know the meaning of?

  8. The Democrats are shameless. I feel badly for his wife and daughters and the young women that Coach “K” has worked with spotlessly.

    There is probably a schadenfreude that some feel when they see a legal and moral Titan like Brett Kavanaugh get taken out by a go to Hail Margaret Sanger pass in the closing moments of the game. They get to mouth their pieties and platitudes ; signal to all their soul-shattering shock at the idea that any woman who thus says J’accuse !!! … must be sugar and spice and everything nice.

    When was the last time somebody tried to kill you, and when describing the experience you say, as Ms. Ford did, placing five highly unlikely syllables in deep symbolic array between the subject and her lying predicate, in the utterance : ” I thought that he was INADVERTENTLY trying to kill me.”

    Unlike Matt, and her host of eager handlers, she had at least the modicum of Conscience required to keep from blurting out the colossally incredible : I thought that he was trying to kill me !!!


  9. riddle me this, Matt – if this leftie activist was so concerned about her “civic duty” to come forward about something that happened 35 years ago, why on earth did she not come forward when Kavanaugh was going through hearings for the Court of Appeals?

    or was the clearly articulate, big-word perfesser (if the letter is to be believed) of psychology so traumatized that she couldn’t figure her way out of something that supposedly happened when she was 15, despite having studied psychology???????

    why on earth keep this a secret?

    why not write a letter to the entire committee, like a good “civic duty” person would do?

    we have the Clinton News Network taking it on good faith that whoever read that letter – CNN did not have a copy – read it correctly

    why take a lie detector test in August?

    why delete your social media accounts?

    why wait until the very last second, just before the vote, to suddenly come forth with the “I’ve got a secret” game?

    and now – even better – there is a big push that the leftie activist should not be questioned – or doubted

    as I write this, the reports are that the esteemed perfesser has NOT agreed to testify before the committee

    this is a put-up hit job by Demorats, and it stinks

    this is what they stoop to – they found someone willing to lie, because they have nothing else

    1. Elmer:

      A position on the Appeals Court of which there are many does not compare to a seat on the Supreme Court. The professor has agreed to testify. Why not really examine the affair and bring in more witnesses than the professor. I’m sure with a little work the other boy in the room who the professor identified could testify. Add to him locating others who were at the party. Kavanaugh knows about the party because he said he didn’t attend it.

      As for filing late and only giving it to her senator that doesn’t bother me. She did talk about it years earlier with a therapist – why not have her testify? I think for a woman to come forward with this is very hard and as the professor indicated in the first place she wanted to remain anonymous but she felt she couldn’t remain quiet considering the position involved. To me, perfectly understandable. Remember she did not identify herself until she heard the media was asking her neighbors about her. Somehow her identity did come out.

      I also don’t think she is lying especially since there is a historic record of her telling about this incident. Your a Trump supporter so you will look for reasons not to believe her; others will look for reasons to believe her. The story is yet to be fully explored. It should be. Then you can decide if the incident occurred and if it did is it disqualifying. Senator Hatch says no.

      1. Matt, why would the media be asking about her?

        A Court of Appeals position is not important? As a matter of “civic duty,” appellate opinions become the law of the land, no less so than Supreme opinions.

        Here’s a cute little report – her hubby says that the perfersser was “afraid” that Kavanaugh would one day be nominated to the Supreme Court, and said so in the “therapy session.”

        She is a a registered Democrat who has given small monetary donations to political causes, according to The Washington Post.

        She has donated to ActBlue, a nonprofit group that aims to help Democrats and progressive candidates, The Wall Street Journal reported.

        She is also among the thousands of medical professionals who signed onto a Physicians for Human Rights letter in June decrying the practice of separating children from their parents at the border and urging the Trump administration to stop it.

        Isn’t that cute?

        Once it was clear that Kavanaugh was President Trump’s pick to replace retired Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court, Ford contacted The Washington Post’s tip line, according to the newspaper.

        And – she has a lawyer.

        And, again – the Demonrats are simply pushing for a delay based on this put-up job.

        “Full FBI investigation” – the FBI investigates federal crimes – well, except in the case of the Pandersuit Clinton, and except in the case of Trump, in which they used their resources to try to torpedo Trump with fake roosha collusion garbage.

        Kavanaugh has already been through a full FBI investigation.

        This is all a crock, an orchestrated con job, and it is beneath the sewer line on the part of the prefesser and the Demorats.

  10. Matt wrote, “she told her husband earlier.” I’d read the husband recalls that at the 2012 Therapist Session she mentioned Kavanaugh’s name. The Therapist’s notes mention only an assault and 4 boys were present. The Therapist’s notes mention no names.

    Apparently, she told no one of this “inadvertent” attempted manslaughter and severe groping incident and she inuits he was not just groping but “trying to take” her outer clothes off to get at her one piece bathing suit underneath to take that off, too, for the purpose of . . . .of what? She obviously knew then he was trying to forcibly rape her.

    A 17 year old boy groping a 15 year old girl . . .trying to get to second base, I’d guess . . .the horror!

    There’s a psychiatric, psychological, medical term: Hysteria . . . .sometimes it’s used as a common secular term, to mean very funny, “her story was hysterical” . . .it made me laugh . . .she never told anyone about what happened at 15 for nearly 40 years, then painted what happened as a terrifying “attack”, “thought he was going to rape me, kill me, even . . .he came so close to doing both, while that other boy stood there and watched him lay on top of me . . .or is it lie.”

    And, Mz. Ford, you told not one of your girlfriends at the time about this escapade, your escape from this death defying sexual assault where you kept all your clothes on and the Boy kept all his clothes on and the other boy just stood there watching for a while, then the other boy piled on top of the two of you and all three of you tumbled off the bed and landed on the floor, unhurt . . .was anyone laughing, giggling?

    are you sure you weren’t screaming with glee, with delight?

    Did you take too many feminist psych courses on the way to getting your PhD and somewhere along the way finally “remembered” a “terrifying” tale you too could tell and share with your feminist colleagues about the night when you just barely escaped rape and murder by two prep school boys?

    The mind, the memory, plays tricks on us, after 40 years . . .especially on crusaders’minds and jihadis’ minds and even ordinary folks’ minds, who just want to fit in . . .with the movement . . .with the meToo Movement . . . .

    Sounds to me like a U2 story ala Duke Lacrosse . . . .but sure she passed a lie detector . . .she’ been deceiving herself for 40 years that something she never told anyone, never wrote down, never recorded, happened exactly the way she first articulated it 40 years later . . .and the Boy who did it just happens to be a prominent man of the opposite socio-political persuasion . . . .a man who is not a pro-Dem feminist . . .

    The mind plays tricks on some people, especially those prone to re-cast innocent, natural, harmless, youthful experiences of forty years ago into the lingo of today’s contemporary hip school of what’s happening now . . . and what’s happening now is this: Metoo-ism is the last refuge of scoundrels seeking to deny Kavanaugh his rightful place on the Supreme Court as they sought to deny Clarence Thomas . . .

    VICTOMOLOGY is a course taught at many colleges and universities, today.

    1. Bill:

      The victim of an attempted rape by a drunk boy is an “innocent, natural, harmless, youthful experience.” You sure!

    2. Wa-llahi! Too sick, Bill. Do you hate women in general, or, just women with PHDs? What’s your beef with academic credentials? Are you against expertise? Explain how you’d run the country without PHDs.

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  12. There’s no way the hearing can resolve what happened at a high school party 36 years ago. A big question is who has the burden of proof. Whoever has the burden will, of necessity, fail. Kavanaugh cannot prove a negative. People will claim to be persuaded depending on where they stand on the nomination itself. Schumer already has stated he knows the woman is telling the truth. He and his cohorts are just desperate to stop the nomination.

    1. Brian:

      There is another person who was present at the alleged attempted rape. It was a friend of Kavanaugh’s. He should be called in to testify since he is the deal breaker as I see it. Kavanaugh has denied he was at the party or house where it happened which seems odd since the woman has not identified any specific house. Some (Sen Hatch) have said the woman is mixing Kavanaugh up with someone else. We should know whether they knew each other before or after the incident and how well. A decent investigation into the incident could disclose more. Would it be possible to find out where this party took place. It had to be during the summer since the woman remembers being in a bathing suit. There’s much that could be discovered but rushing to a hearing on Monday with two witnesses tells me that is not the intent of the chairman of the committee.

      Obviously, the people will go for the person who they support believing one over the other. I don’t thing under those circumstance the burden of proof comes into play. My conjecture is that the hearings won’t change anyone’s pre-existing belief.

      1. Matt, I believe that young man (at the time) now state’s that he “doesn’t recall,” what happened. Very similar to Jeff Sessions not being able to recall his contacts with Russian government officials.

      2. According to media reporting Ms. Blasey-Ford is unable to give any specifics as to her accusations. The accuser doesn’t know where the event took place; she doesn’t remember anyone else involved; she cannot give a time, date, season or specific year for the event; and she never told anyone else at the time the alleged assault.

  13. https://theintercept.com/2018/09/17/cyrus-sanai-federal-court-employees-attempted-to-come-forward-to-chuck-grassley-and-dianne-feinstein-neither-responded/

    Ryan Grim
    September 17 2018, 3:31 p.m.
    Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images
    THE TOP REPUBLICAN and Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee were both approached in July by an attorney claiming to have information relevant to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the

    also see


    Stefano Vaccara Quotes (Author of Carlos Marcello) – Goodreads
    Goodreads › 7014913.Stefano_Vaccara
    1 quote from Stefano Vaccara: ‘Van Laningham estimated that he spoke with Carlos for dozens and dozens of hours while the FBI was recording and transcribing only those portions it was interested in.10 They were …

    also see

    It Wasn’t Only Whitey Bulger: The FBI and the Mob’s Gregory Scarpa, Sr.
    THURSDAY, JULY 11, 2013

  14. “Its just nice to know that in a great country like ours these types of things can’t happen.”- Spiro Agnew

    “Nothing like trippin’ on a flat stone and banging your head to make you with you’d just stepped in a big old pile of West Texas cowflop.”-Lyndon Johnson

  15. Ms. Freeh :

    I am not accusing you of getting an illicit and vicarious thrill out of posting very lurid accounts … in detail … ad nauseum molest ’em .. as the Latinists say … of sexual abuse of minors — And Yet —

    You are relentless in uhmmmm …. Indulging…. ( if you will forgive a canonical term) … Yourself …. in these gratuitous— penis and young boys mouths—- accounts of criminal sexual activity by Catholic priests and rogue FBI Agents.

    Raises Sigmund’s eyebrow !!!

    We like you Freeh.

    Wise up .

  16. Here is the Brett Kavanaugh cover of
    the Vince Foster murder that a Federal
    Judge ordered into evidence of the
    Starr Report.


    in other me to newes


    FBI man gets 7 years for child sex
    BY BILL FREEHLING Feb 23, 2007

    also see


    John Kenoyer, the late former FBI Bureau Chief in Augusta, Maine was

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    also see

    Keith Dietterle, a 28 year old FBI Analyst, was arrested, 23 November 2012,

    Keith Dietterle
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    Brian Haller, a 40 year old cyber-security expert contractor with the FBI,

    Brian Haller
    was arrested, 13 April 2015, on child pornography charges. He was sentenced, 8 April 2016, to two days and one night in jail followed by ten years of supervised release.
    Haller was caught in the FBI’s bust of a child rape website called PlayPen. At the time of his arrest he had over 600 files of child sex abuse. His on-line name was “jb” short for “jailbait.” Haller told investigators he liked to watch the abuse of children 12 to 14 years old and also younger children, including a 40-minute video in his possession showing the sexual abuse of an 11 year old girl. Haller was lead for the Seattle, Washington FBI/private-sector cyber-security group. He had access to a secure FBI on-line platform and email system.

  17. Great theater. Kellyanne Conway has called the Dem bluff and now this pink vagina hat wearing Dem activist, who spent yesterday scrubbing her social media of anti-Trump vitriol, can have her day before the Senate Committee and the American people.

    #METOO juggernaut rolls into that hearing and let’s see who runs to get out of the way and who stands for Reason and fair play. When Sean Penn is saying things as cogent as : I don’t trust any movement that starts in stridency and rage like this. It is not nuanced . — it is akin to Joe Kennedy’s shoeshine boy giving stock tips. Joe pulled out before the ’29 crash and saved his fortune, because he knew the Market was saturated at that point.

    When does #METOO reach its saturation point ?

    When young daughters look at a Dad they revere as a paragon of good, loving, and honorable conduct and realize his PUBLIC SHAMING is their own . And it is the PUBLIC SHAMING of all women and men who have undergone actual severe sexual abuse — say suffocation and sodomy as a young child — and who therefore find these grab assy tales of sexual misconduct in a high school gym where the default phrase is as legalistic and calculated as can ring false to the Public Ear — ” I thought he might inadvertently kill me .” — to be incredible sounding and really needing triage in the criminal sexual abuse MASH !

    #METOO … Girlfriend !!!

  18. Fake News. The Duke lacrosse case and the Clarence Thomas hearings come to mind. Stale accusations that can’t be proven in any Court of Law. Laches. Waiver. Estoppel. Every Republican is smeared by their opponents.

  19. I see the poster boy for no country for an old
    prosecutor with squishy,squishy peanuts
    has again managed to avoid the Brett
    Kavanaugh coverup of the Vince Foster


    1. Oedipus :

      Do you know who Vince Foster’s executive assistant was ?

      Linda Tripp !

      Ken Starr ran that investigation; claims the body was pooled in blood and had not been moved.

      Hillary Clinton could not be reached for comment.

  20. I think you set out the balancing considerations quite well.

    I have another wonder. It’s about this $80K worth of tickets. Bizzarly, as far as I’m concerned, no one asked him about it. I am wondering if it really has something to do with a tiny little gambling problem. He’s so otherwise tightly wrapped.

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