What’s The Big Deal? Only 100,000 dead! It Could Have Been Millions.

How many died in Vietnam? I guess if you consider those named on the Vietnam War in Washington DC the official figure it is a little over 58,000.  The dates are from 1954 to 1975 although not much was happening before 1964 or 1965. I know that because I was in Japan from 1961 to 1962. I was a Marine disbursing officer assigned to MAG -7 at Naval Air Station Atsugi, Japan. One of the our squadrons was doing carrier training in the Philippines so it was my job to fly down and pay them.

I flew to Iwakuni and then on to Okinawa in a DC 3. There I changed into another plane that carried large cargo. This one had on it a crash truck something like you see in the photo above. Along with the truck there were about a dozen Marines dressed for combat with all the gear and the weapons. I was dressed in my casual dressed khaki shirt and trousers. My weapon was the briefcase I was carrying.

In conversation I learned that they were going to Vietnam because Marine aircraft were going to be landing there. I said goodbye to them when I got off at Naval Air Station Cubi Point located next to Subic Bay.  That was close enough to Vietnam for me. Thirteen years after that we would have lost most of the 58,000 troops in Vietnam. The tragedy was so great they memorialized it with the wall which I mentioned. To view it you descend in a slow manner down to the bottom by which time you’ve passed half of the names of the dead. You still have a large number to pass coming out of the bottom. Some I know, not many, but I remember them and their faces. Their lives cut short before they hit their mid-twenties.

I thought of this when I was watching for a brief moment Fox News talking about the Trump and Kushner telling us of the great success leading us to V-V Day. The people making the point were all suggesting that lots of people die from many different illnesses or accidents each year. Their point was that no one should be bothered because 100,000 died of Covid-19.

It may me think those Fox folk should stand with a big sign at the Vietnam War Memorial and have on it, “Lots more than 58,000 people die every year in the USA from other causes. Is 58,000 deaths a big deal?”

Then I got thinking that about 2.9 million people die in the US each year. There about 650 thousand who die from heart disease and another 600 thousand from cancer, and so on. If that’s the case how would these Fox folk feel if people walked around with signs saying, “On average 2.9 million people die every year in the US. Is 600 00 abortion such a bid deal?”

All of this pooh-poohing of the 100,000 death figure reminds me of the quote attributed to Joe Stalin: “If only one man dies of hunger, that is a tragedy. If millions die, that’s only statistics.” The idea that the number of dead is not a big deal seems to run against the core of American values. I thought our philosophy was more akin to that of John Donne  than Uncle Joe Stalin’s which he expressed in No Man Is An Island” pointing out “any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. “


Then we have those who justify V-V Day — they don’t tell why the crowds didn’t come out to celebrate but say things like: “Some say Trump’s restrictions on travel from China announced on January 31 may have prevented over a million deaths in the U.S.” I wonder who that “some” is? Are their names are Kushner and Junior Trump?  The same person predicted without Trump’s quick action “today there would be (594 x 320 =) 194,000 deaths in America.”

I can’t figure out how they go from 194,000 to a million. Maybe because they know Trump is in charge. You do recall that on April 6 when we had less than ten thousand deaths he could see the light at the end of the tunnel. What he must have seen is the front headlight on a freight train coming toward him

The “what-could-have-been” figures are pure nonsense. Trump claims anywhere from one to two and a half million lives would have been lost if he wasn’t president. Who does he think would have been in office for that to happen?

His folk seem to agree. Which caused another person to comment: “What is the number of deaths that would you forever Trumpers feel that he may have been in error (or, more likely, one of his lackeys) in handling the epidemic? 200k? 400k? 1M? You are beginning to sound like Westmoreland.” Yes, Westmoreland kept seeing that light at the end of the tunnel.

That, of course, is the nub of the matter. Even if we lost 1 million people to Covid-19 Trump would be saying if he wasn’t president we would have lost 5  million thus he saved 4 million lives. The Trumpers would all parrot him and tell us what a great success it is. Then I suppose someone on Fox would say: “Up to 85 million people died in World War II. Why  Is 1 million deaths such a big deal ???”

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  1. wa-llahi! You don’t cotton to abortion, and, birth-control, you must be into building prisons. Bill, you’re missing the revolution. Turn on your television, man. People are rising up angry against Glorious Leader and his pack of parasites. You’re on the wrong side of history, bro. Everybody has a stake in deposing Trump. Why do you love the would-be dictator? Check out Adler on “the will to power.” It fits your sycophancy like a glove.

  2. The first week of the ’68 Tet offensive saw the heaviest casualty rate of the war. As I remember, there were about 289 US KIA that week.

  3. wa-llahi! Bill, get it into your head. Antifa is a socialist movement. Antifa has been around since the thirties. It’s purpose is to fight fascism. Folks who support Antifa are against fascism. Glorious Leader is a fascist. The ordinary Americans who support Trump are, also, fascists. See you on the barricades.

    1. Khalid, whatever Antifa “was”, it has metastasized into an anarchist/terrorist group of leftist radicals (true fascists) whose goal is destruction of American’s property/institutions/traditions; whose tactic is bullying, beating, chaos; there’s not a coherent position ever uttered from their ranks; President Trump-Vice President Pence are all American good guys, small government, lower taxes, fewer regulations, pro-life (embryology, the science, informs us that an individual human being grows inside a pregnant woman’s womb; it is not her body, it is the body of another human being she carries: a child of God), less interventionistic, less globalistic, freedom loving, loved by Bikers and all free thinking, free spirited Americans.
      Khalid nearly four years ago you were saying we’d have concentration camps throughout America.
      You are singing the same far fetched song and ignoring the plain fact that the true Fascists are Antifa and its allies. They are socialist-fascists as the Nazis were National Socialistic Fascists and as those who overthrew the Russian Tsar and butchered his family were socialists-fascists= the Bolsheviks = Anarchists = ANTIFA

  4. I’ve posted sometimes ion BC Interruption mostly about sports. They had an item today that said they were supporting Black Lives Matter. I posted all lives matter and that the biggest killers of Blacks is planned parenthood. Also said that the police weren’t racists and the criminal justice system wasn’t either. My post ended with the question are the clocks striking 13? For that post I was banned from posting. The big babies can’t even stand a dissenting opinion. BCI are suppressors of speech.

    1. NC, you’re against birth control? Is that birth control in general, or, just, birth control for black people? I’m for making people take an IQ test before they can vote. The electronic voting machine would administer the test. It would be like playing Super-Mario, but, if you couldn’t beat the machine by registering a three digit IQ, it would refuse to take your ballot. Had we such voting machines in 2016, Trump wouldn’t be president. Hindsight is 2020.

    2. Typical leftist-liberals, they can tolerate everything except opposing views. Yes B.C. Interruption proves its hostility to free speech. “We welcome comments, except those which disagree with our views.” The Clocks struck 13 in the Orwellian World of 1984, and in Orwell’s Animal Farm, all animals were equal, but some animals were more equal than others. In Today’s leftists’ world, all ideas are equally welcome, except those ideas which disagree with the radical lefts’.
      Abortion is the number one killer of black human beings in America. I highly recommend the excellent movie Unplanned (fully factual.)

      1. Abortion is not birth control; abortion is the killing of a developing human being inside the womb.
        There are forms of pregnancy control that do not kill. Condoms. Pills that regulate menstrual cycles but do not prevent the implantation of the developing human being. et alia

        1. As my devout Catholic friends remind me often, life begins at conception. A baby boy fetus is just as much alive as a ten year old boy and he should be treated like a human from conception……..until he turns Gay.

          By the way, William, from Savin Hillium. I am anti abortion and have been for a long time, but I am pro choice. I would never kill an unborn human. I have given it deep thought and I am sure that at the least I would go full term and put a child up for adoption. That is after no friend or relative could or would raise the child. But I have absolutely no right to tell anyone else what to do about it. Its legal and I respect our laws, as distasteful as they may be. In this world of saints and sinners I don’t know enough about all these people to judge anyone without knowing them and their situation in its entirety.

          As my father said many times, in the end we all live by our own rules. Its just nice, or maybe I should say convenient, when those rules coincide with the ones our society has created.

  5. wa-llahi! Jim Baker did his bit at Rochester FMC. He was a weird little creep. Baker liked to bribe inmates to jerk-off in the shower, while, he watched.

    1. always with the un-enlightening, un-edifying commentary scraped from the bottom of the barrel

      Calumny . . . .look it up . . . .this sort of mudslinging is akin to your calls to kill via revolution. I’d say devolution, a return to the gutter, to barbarity, to lawlessness, to crudity.

  6. Wa-llahi! Covid’s old news. How do you like the revolution? It’s “turning on” all around us. The Boston area is going to light up, tonight. People are so sick of Trump. The killing of George Floyd has given license to a carnival of masks. It’s hard to assign blame to a mask. There are no faces in a crowd to be sorted by repressive technologies. Covid has provided anonymity to the masses. All praise to the street-fighters. All power to the dialectic!

    1. The only assholes wearing total coverage masks are the dirtbags that have nothing to lose. The violent ones for the most part are scum that don’t care a whit about the death of George Floyd. The people that really care about change will be on the streets long, long after the Antifa scum have lost interest.

      All praise to the street-sweepers. All power to the diabetic!

      1. wa-llahi! People with no property don’t give a damn about other peoples’ property. The revolution is here, and, there’s nothing the fascists can do about it. Blacks, Browns, and, Commies, have guns, too. The second civil war has begun. Down with Glorious Leader. All praise to the insurgents. All power to the dialectic!

        If you want to know who’s running the insurrection, check out the cadres setting up parallel institutions. Rock throwers are a dime a dozen. Those who can organize food, medicine , education, are the most potent revolutionaries. See “Two Vietnams” by Bernard Fall. The old world is dying. Insults won’t bring it back. Kiss everything you think you know about America, goodbye. The times they are a changing. There’s a storm blowing in from the left.

        1. Blacks, Browns, Yellows, Reds and Whites have guns and they are freedom loving All Americans many of whom today are in the U.S. Military, in State and Local Police Forces, and all of whom will fight for what is right: to protect themselves, their families, their communities and the country they love, America, from the leftists radicals; True, blue, freedom-loving Americans will make minced meat out of the tiny fraction of anarchist, radical leftists which Antifa represents.

          Dream on, Khalid, if you think these Antifa bully-boys are going to change anything . . .like all radical leftists, they only harden the resolve of true American patriots to defend freedom and the American Way of Life.

  7. Hmmmmm

    Saturday, May 30, 2020
    Turkey’s premier hospital mortality for Covid under 1%; NYC’s hospital mortality 20%/ BBC
    Turkey started testing early, with rapid results. They did case-finding and quarantines, and they used hydroxychloroquine as soon as someone got sick. Mortality in a premier hospital in Turkey for Covid-19 is under 1%. Mortality in New York hospitals for Covid-19 cases has been reported here and here as 20%.

    The BBC goes into depth on how Turkey handled the pandemic. Definitely worth a read.
    Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 8:21 PM

  8. No one’s “point” is, as you allege, that 100,000 lives is no big deal.
    Who says there would be more than one million deaths without Trump’s Travel Restrictions: HHS, NIH, CDC Doctors Fauci, Birx, and many epidemiologists, I’ve read. I thought liberals liked science? Epidemiology is a science, as is embryology.

    No one “predicted” 190,000 deaths. What I did was make a simple statistical comparison. If the US had as many per capita deaths as Spain, Italy or France, we would already have lost @ 190,000 persons.

    I have posted previously this fact: National Geographic says that closing borders was the most effective tool in preventing deaths for all countries it studied.

    It’s important to cite in context.

    1. No one’s “point” is, as you allege, that 100,000 lives is no big deal.
      Who says there would be more than one million deaths without Trump’s Travel Restrictions: HHS, NIH, CDC Doctors Fauci, Birx, and many epidemiologists, I’ve read. I thought liberals liked science? Epidemiology is a science, as is embryology.

      No one “predicted” 190,000 deaths. What I did was make a simple statistical comparison. If the US had as many per capita deaths as Spain, Italy or France, we would already have lost @ 190,000 persons.

      I have posted previously this fact: National Geographic says that closing borders was the most effective tool in preventing deaths for all countries it studied.

      It’s important to cite in context.

    2. President Trump accurately repeated estimates of experts. Unlike Hillarians and other leftists, Trump supporters do not blindly echo whatever the liberals in media and academia say. Trump supporters think for themselves.

      1. Its all theory and you treat it like science. I call it what it is. Bullshit until PROVEN otherwise. You are using theory as a tool and its a dull one. How the hell can you or anyone compare per capita deaths in a country like Spain or Italy or France to this country’s death toll? And here I thought you were a details guy, Billy, from Savin Hilly.

        Tell us what you think of Bonespur’s charade of last night. Clearing out a totally peaceful protest with tear gas and rubber bullets so the Holy One can stand in front of a church he has been in twice and hold a Holy Bible in his hand. An atheist like Bonespurs holding a book as holy as a Bible and just standing there while the cameras click. How right was that? Now all the cowards will back away and call him brave, just like when daddy got a doctor to write him a letter.

        1. Things have gone beyond bizarre when I find myself listening to Pat Robertson and saying “right on, Rev.”.

          1. Wow! That is beyond bizarre. Funny how he never moved in on Tammy Fay after her hubby went into stir. She was there. Man, he could have had anything.

        2. Epidemiology is a science. They did not use gas to move back the protestors, many of whom were hurling objects at police. They were not all peaceful, as the MSM once again wrongfully reported.

          It is like Orwell’s 1984 when a San Antonio Sports Announcer says ALL LIVES MATTER and he gets fired. It’s the LEFTISTS’ new think.

          We’ll see who prevails. Antifa and fascists like them, or ordinary Americans.

      2. wa-llahi! It depends on what you consider “thinking.” Trump voters aren’t critical thinkers, they’re reactionaries. I’ve never heard a opinion from a Trumpie, yet, that wasn’t dick-in-the-dirt stupid. Keep trying.

        1. Khalid, keep your ears blocked and listen only to the atavastic communistic revolutionary rumblings inside your own head, and you will continue to never “hear” any persuasive opposing views.

          1. He’s just a troll. Don’t let him get your goat. Its all he really wants.

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