What’s Up With Pope Francis? Caught in a Bind, He Lashes Out1

Time was running out. It seemed he had made his way past all his opponents and he was on the verge of going into the end zone when he fumbled the ball. It was picked up by the opposing side who ran it back for their own touchdown. Final Score: Francis 0; Ill-wishers 7.

Pope Francis was on the last day of his visit in Chile where he had arrived three days earlier when he was asked by a reporter concerned about his no tolerance policy for sexual abuse and Bishop Juan de la Cruz  Barros Madrid. The Pope had named bishop of a small diocese in the Chilean city of Osorno in 2015.  At the time of his installation as bishop there were “teeming protesters, shouting matches, and popping balloons. . . . The service was cut short, and Barros was escorted by police through a side door. Chile’s cardinals, along with most of its bishops, were not in attendance. Familiar with recent history, they knew it was going to be an ugly scene.”

This near riot was because Barros was a protégé of Fr. Fernando Karadim who had been found guilty of molesting many minors by the Holy See. It ordered Karadim then 80-years-old to a life of “prayer and penance.”  Karadim was one of Chile’s most influential clerics who has been priest to the wealthy, powerful elite.  His case was called the worst scandal ever to befall the Chilean Catholic Church. Victims who were once his devotees said that Barros knew about the accusations, did nothing about them, and witnessed some himself.

When the appointment of Barros was announced protests spread throughout Chile. Many called for the Pope to reconsider.  Two Chilean bishops went to Rome advising against the appointment. The Pope told them he had analyzed the situation in detail and found no reason to change his mind.  The pressure on the Pope grew especially after he spoke out against “the scourge of the sexual abuse of minors.”

But the Vatican pushed back saying prior to Barrros’s appointment “the Congregation for Bishops carefully examined the prelate’s candidature and did not find objective reasons to preclude the appointment.” An article from which I obtained the quotes above written back in April 2015 noted if the Pope lets the appointment stand he will imperil “his reputation as a reformer.

Marie Collins from Dublin, a then member of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, said: “I just don’t understand this appointment. It seems completely contrary to what the pope has been saying. I really feel for the survivors in Chile, Juan Carlos and the others. They’ve been so courageous and it must be very tough for them.”

Up to that time of the reporter’s question the trip had gone swimmingly. The Pope had met with victims of sexual abuse and apologized for the Church’s role in it. The  reporter’s question was one the Pope could have hit out of the park with a simple answer, “I have full confidence in Bishop Barros. I expect he will do the right thing when it comes to victims of priest abuse.”

Rather than answering with sugar, the Pope apparently showing his irritation replied with some tabasco sauce: “The day they bring me proof against Bishop Barros, I’ll speak. There is not one shred of proof against him. It’s all calumny. Is that clear?”

That doesn’t sound like the Pope Francis we have all come to know. He undid all the good he had done to that point on his trip falling into the trap of those who wish him ill. You don’t say victims are making of false and defamatory statements in order to damage a bishop’s reputation even if you believe it. You don’t challenge victims to bring you proof after the Church has already been given all their statements.

I initially thought the Pope was on his fourth day in Chile.  He’s an 81-year-old man who had never followed the TB12 way of life. You have to expect he was tired. He is after all human and when worn down old folk get grouchy. But that didn’t really satisfy me.

Barros faced allegations similar to those against Cardinal Law. Those should have stopped his appointment. Pope Francis never would have appointed him with a free hand. But he did not have one because of Vatican intrigue .The top cardinal in the Holy See is Cardinal Angelo Sodano. He is Dean of the College of Cardinals and was the Vatican’s Secretary of State for 15 years. Sodano who speaks five languages was appointed apostolic nuncio to Chile in 1977 where he stayed for 11 years digging deep roots there. Pinochet was in power during his time.

Sodano considered the complaints of victims of abuse as the “petty gossip of the moment.”  He stopped two investigations into notorious abusers  Hans Hermann Groer  and Marcial Maciel.  Sodano was also buddies with Karadima while in Argentina. Under Sodana’s influence the current papal nucio to Chile is Ivo Scapola called a “Sodano protegé.” Gerald Posner who wrote a book on the Vatican bank said: “Pope Francis’ reform broom has not swept up Cardinal Sodano, who at 87 relishes the Vatican power game.”

It appears the both Sodano and Scapola lobbied and forced the appointment of Barros. Pope Francis against his better judgment did it. He was always bothered by it perhaps spending sleepless nights. When it came up all the guilt he had against appointing a person who was accused of abuse as a bishop welled up in him. He lashed out showing his frustration.

This is the realpolitik of the Vatican. What the Pope got in exchange for this we may never know. The act of appointing Barros is old; the Pope’s outburst new, unexpected and wrong. Pope’s act against his better judgment has come back to take a bite out of his reputation, that of the Church, and gave the ill-wishers a clear victory.

Ona side note I must wish my sister Kathleen “Happy Birthday” on her 39th birthday.


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    1. Of course, I’m talking about yesteryear’s Imperialistic Japanese Army, today’s Japanese Army is an honorable strong fighting force and America’s Ally.

      1. You are KILLING me! I finally figured out why I like you, Bill. Aside from the fact that you know and like boxing. You’re insane! Nothing better to fertilize an intelligent mind than insanity.

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    Notice, Dan, I haven’t attacked anyone personally except I have attacked the pussymarchers in general and liberals in general and I do excoriate a few higher up muckety-mucks, but I refrain from constantly demeaning my fellow bloggers, even those I vehemently disagree with, although I don’t refrain from giving them a kindly corrective now and then and a piece of my peaceful mind. It’s good for liberals to hear opposing views once in a while, because they really think everyone or at least most people agree with them.

  9. Dan, a bit of advice: Try to write a paragraph without an ad hominem attack in it.

    Of course, it’s the Leftists’ stock in trade, not to inform or merely disagree, but to demean and throw stones and misinform deliberately . . . that is to intentionally deceive after due deliberation . . .that is their stock in trade. You don’t want to be identified with that ilk, do you Dan?

  10. The Conmacman Clan’s Nebraskan WMC may or may not be related to the previously identified Nebraskan Supreme Court Justice, now retired, working as a conservative consultant, as I’m led to understand it.

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  12. Well, we’ve certainly wandered a long way from Pope Francis. I thought you’d like to know that Dr. Larry Nassar (of gymnastics fame) taught catechism classes at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in East Lansing, Michigan. He also married his wife in a Catholic ceremony.

    Nasssar often mentioned his Catholic faith and Olympic travels in chatting up the parents of his intended victims. Do you think there’s a connection between Nassar’s Catholicism and his long trail of helpless female gymnastics victims? Evidently, some are saying Dr. Larry is a muslim. Let us pray for these deluded souls.

    And here’s three hearty cheers for the liberal-FBI-MSM-Deep State-Dunkin’ Donuts conspiracy to get Trump!

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  15. Here’s how the guilt by association works in reverse. DEMOCRATS WILL NOT CONDEMN THOSE WHO HUNG AROUND WITH AND WERE PALS OF NOTORIOUS PEDOPHILES LIKE JEFFREY EPSTEIN. Clinton flew on his plane 26 times, Dershowitz visited pedophile Island . . . shoulda, coulda they have stopped Epstein.

    And what about that notorious gymnastic doctor the Muslim Larrry Nasser who molested scores of teenage girls . . .is Michigan State and the Olympic Officials all guilty by association? Or is it only Christian pastors who the guilty by association canard applies.

    And how about that close friend of the Clinton’s Anthony Weiner or their other close friend Harvey Weinstein, why not condemn all the Democratic Pols and all the Hollywood Moguls, and the Media collaborators with Charlie Rose, Mark Halperin

    No, the LEFTISTS, only impute “guilt by association” to the Church, to Christians, to Conservatives.

    Get off your hypocritical high horses . . .enough of the MAFIA MALARKEY

    MAFIA = leftist Media, Academia, Feds, Internationalists, and Amoralists

    Internetionalists include imperialists and interventionists

    Amoralists include the Atheistic Antagonists, many of whom work in the Media and some in Hollywood!

    Thanks William for these insights.

    Remember there is a Supreme Court Justice in Nebraska named William Connolly and from what has been written herein and on other blogs I suspect he is him!

  16. Wa-llahi! Paco Dos has just gotten a taste of Chilean class struggle. The Chile’s proletariat is awakened, and, angry. Karadim, and, Barros, both had close relations with the Pinochet regime. There’s get-back coming for the bourgeois churchmen’s support of the fascist state. The Church has a problem in Chile. The wealthy conservative elites of the country see the Church’s social role, as, helping them control Chilean society. The masses hate, and, despise, their economic bettors, and, see the Church as a revolutionary force for social justice. The sex charges are just the surface of a much bigger political issue. The Pope is trying to walk a fine line.

  17. /ditto But this Neither Cardinal Law nor Bishop Barrios did anything wrong . . . the mudslingers, the mudslingers, usually leftist like the Globe, impugn character by saying “They should have done more. . . . they should have known . . . . they shoulda, coulda . . . . . . .” It’s the worst form of REVISIONISTIC DEFAMATION..

    The Pope is correct! I’m on his side.

    I am also 100% supportive of President Donald Trump who gavethe Best pro-life message ever to the Pro-Life Marchers in Washington a few days before their annual march. God bless the Pope and President Trump!

    1. No, Bill. The high clergy in Chile actively supported the Allende coup, and, gave absolution to the functionaries of Pinochet’s murder machine. At times, they lent church properties to the torturers. In Chile, among the whites, ethnicity is unimportant. Social class is everything. The child sex abuse issue was being used politically. The Pope was in a tight spot.

    2. Did Trump mention the many abortions he funded in his younger days? That would have been a more credible legitimization (that’s my word for the day) of his ongoing reformation. I wish he had touched upon it.

      If people think our current Papa is bad, grab a copy of The Bad Popes by E.R. Chamberlin and strap yourself in. Donald Trump’s life runs along frighteningly similar roads as one Medici in particular. I just hope his reign doesn’t end with The Sack Of Rome.

  18. Hello Matt Happy Birthday Kathleen from the Concannon Clan. We all thought you were at least 41. Due to the Government Shutdown your gift will probably be late in arriving. Slainte

    1. Jimmy. Kathleen said,,,,”Thanks Jimmy. I was surprised when your gift didn’t come and was wondering where it was? Thanks for reminding me about the shut down which must have delayed it.”. Slainte

  19. Matt, as you said ” nunc infirma + Diaboli adegit “. Mr. Codys class Boston English 1957 .

      1. Matt,I’m sorry did you say, ” semper in Mundas interulus” . Let’s get together for coffee soon? I wish they had Google back in 57 I would have passed Latin

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