When Look-Alikes Aren’t Alike

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The Home Of The Double Standard

I might as well make this a Mark Rossetti weekend and discuss Rossetti and Kevin Cullen the Boston Globe columnist. I had always thought of Cullen as a good newspaperman who is knowledgeable about Whitey’s case. Cullen is from South Boston as is convicted FBI Agent John Connolly. For years Connolly was Cullen’s source in the FBI keeping him on top of things with inside information that helped Cullen advance in his job. They probably were close to being good friends. That all changed. Cullen decided not to stick by Connolly.

It seems something has happened to Cullen lately or maybe it is to me. The more I got into this matter, staying on top of it, examining it with a critical eye, engaging in discourse with others who want to look deeper into it, I find that I’ve changed many of my beliefs about people and happenings. It’s now clear to me that much of the story about all things Whitey which had been implanted in my mind is wrong.

I bring this up because Cullen had an article about Rossetti the other day.  I sensed I was reading a new Cullen although perhaps I was reading it with a new awareness.  Cullen seemed to have become less serious. I sensed a bit of silliness. or perhaps grandiosity, when he refered to a fellow employee and co-author as “the great Shelley Murphy.” 

The thing I would suggest that is great is their great silence over the last year and a half about the FBI’s use of Rossetti as an informant in the exact same manner it used Whitey.  It wasn’t always like that.

Back in 2011 when we first learned about Rossetti,  Cullen wrote it is was a situation of “Whitey Bulger all over again.”  Strangely enough, Cullen whose newspaper had prior to that time been beating his friend John Connolly into a pulp over his use of Whitey, suggested in that column “Rossetti talked to his FBI handler, a young agent named Jesse. Now, this isn’t about Jesse. He is by all accounts an earnest honest agent who merely inherited Rossetti as an informant. This is about people in pay grades above Jesse’s. Supervisors who are supposed to know better.”

Wow! Whitey and Rossetti are alike. Agents Connolly and Jesse who inherited them are different. Connolly is to be trampled upon while Jesse gets praised. Jesse’s supervisors are responsible. Connolly’s supervisor got a pass and testified against Connolly. Isn’t there something wrong with this picture. And, while the name of John Connolly was blasted in headlines throughout the area Rossetti’s handler is only known as “Jesse.” Jesse who? James!

One has to wonder if the Globe decided Connolly was evil because his supervisor John Morris was a stool pigeon for the Globe. Morris had become an informant for the Globe when he disclosed, among other things, that Whitey was an FBI informant. He did this hoping that revelation would lead to Whitey’s murder. An interesting take on this event is put forth by Blue Mass Group which suggests criminal culpability on Cullen’s and the Globe’s part for their involvement in that attempt at murder.  Another is the suggestion is the Globe influenced the prosecution to go after Connolly rather than the logical target, the corrupt supervisor Morris.

Five days after his first  column on August 16, 2011, Cullen had another column “Where’s The Outrage Over FBI Bungling?” There he said it “is in some ways worse than the Whitey Bulger debacle.” In October 2011 Cullen wrote as third column, “Pants on Fire” talking about the “FBI’s chutzpah” in using Rossetti eight years after Whitey. 

For some strange reason there’s no continuing outrage coming from him or Murphy about the Rossetti situation even though it mirrors or is worse than Whitey’s. In the Whitey situation they had outrage enough to fill Gillette Stadium to overflowing and it continued unabated month after month. Since October 2011 the Rossetti situation has caused hardly a ripple.

The other day writing about Rossetti we get a lighthearted suggestion that because Rossetti, suspect in at lest six slayings, was an FBI informant  “he has experience talking to the FBI.”  No mention is made by Cullen of the FBI’s sordid history in this matter or Senator Grassley’s statements, even though he talked about him in his “Pants on Fire” column.

I’d have thought when a US Senator suggests the FBI office in Boston needs a thorough cleansing I’d read about it in the Boston Globe. I Googled to find out if the Globe had anything on Chuck Grassley’s recent concerns about the Boston FBI office which I wrote about yesterday. I came up empty.

I get the feeling that when you rely upon the FBI as a source then you lose your ability to tell the truth about that source. Maybe had Cullen and Connolly not been so close much of this would have not happened. The continuing flow of information is dependent upon the continuation and maintenance of the good relationship. Once in bed with a government agency its hard to crawl out.

That is why “the great” Shelley Murphy and her newspaper never criticize the local prosecutors. If they did she’d never have been the recipient of leaked grand jury testimony like what happened with Billy Bulger’s. It’s the old one hand washes the other. It’s the taking care of your friends, something like what is done in politics. However when politicians out of favor with the Globe do it, as we’ve seen with the three Massachusetts probation officers, it can lead to indictments for RICO violations with which neither Cullen or Murphy found any problems.


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  1. Richard “The Fat Man” Chicofsky was an FBI informant for forty years. During that time (according to Shelley Murphy) his veracity was questioned at least three times. He is a fan of ripping off his mark and then setting him/her up with the FBI. He knew virtually nothing about the Gardner theft, but he had an Asian girlfriend who had Visa/green card issues so he was offered up false information in exchange for the FBI helping him with his girlfriend. You would be hard pressed to find a more amoral, despicable character!

    1. Charlie:

      I like the name Hobart. That’s also the state capital and most populous city of the Australian island state of Tasmania. Appropriate to our discussion it was founded in 1804 as a penal colony. .Hobart Willis is a memorable name. Wasn’t he one of Whitey’s lieutenants?
      I’m sure he’s not alone in hating Whitey. Do you know why he does?

  2. MacKenzie’s name is Mac not Mc. MacKenzie was also brought up on rape charges in Norfolk county by another one of his victims. I’ve never read MacKenzie’s book, nor Shea’s, nor Weeks, nor martarano’s (carr)….I may have leafed through them a bit while browsing the bookstore. The only book I ever read was Black mass and that was years ago. Actually, I think I bought one other book also but never got through the first chapter…..

  3. Good morning, I should point out that I was only recently told that the Milton, Brush Hill Rd., Boyle estate was looked at regarding the Gardner heist. When artwork was salvaged in a fire at the dastardly dilapidated estate there a few years back, the authorities considered a connection……the Boyle estate occupant does happen to know folks in the old TRC area, however, I can guarantee you the occupant would not have stashed any artwork in the dilapidated estate that had the fire, not even 23 years ago…..maybe in the occupied carriage house but even that’s a ruins. Regarding TRC low life….for the authorities to consider the connections of the Boyle estate occupants to the Gardner heist they must fit the low life category too, therefore, whether a TRC grease monkey or a Brush Hill Rd. resident…..doesn’t matter, sometimes low lifes are dressed in the finest cloth and actually I wouldn’t doubt that the TRC guys had more habitable living accommodations than those at the Boyle estate, in any case, the Boyle estate occupants included the individual I referred to in earlier posts whom the Norfolk county D.A.’s office not only let the defendant off the hook after he split the face open of his female victim but the Norfolk county D.A.’s office allowed the Boyle estate resident/defendant’s filing of bogus counter charges as a trump card against the female victim. Low life’s come in all shapes and sizes and are even working in the system letting the ‘grease monkeys’ get away with crimes.

    1. Jan:
      I told you I can’t find anything about that case. Hoiwever, if it happened at the time I was in that office I have to suggest you’ve got your facts wrong.

      1. Yes, it happened in September of 1994 and with 100% certainty, I know my facts are correct here.

        1. Jan:
          Facts are who did what to whom, what happened, where did it happen, the date on which it happened and other things like the names of the parties from the district attorney’s office who were involve, the identity of the court cases, whether they were heard by judge, etc.

          1. Yes, you were in the D.A.’s office at the time of the 1994 case. You didn’t ask to list the facts again in your previous post today, however, you were previously given the names in the 1994 case but I can provide this again….Sept.1994. Edward F. Fallon III, assault and kidnapping charges and was allowed to file bogus counter charges (assault) against the victim, as you were previously given the names before I’m not sure why you can’t find the case unless the defendant (Fallon) was further assisted by the D.A.’s office by allowing him to expunge the record, not sure if his subsequent charges up on the north shore were allowed to be expunged also. The father Edward ‘Buddy’ Fallon was the bookie for John Boyle and he married into the Boyle family and has resided at the Milton, MA Boyle estate for years. Allegedly, one of the Boyle’s (Fallon’s, father and sons, brother-in-law and uncle, had Bulger in their clutches when they tossed Bulger out of a car onto the side of the road. Fallon, the father, like Flemmi is a Korean war veteran. Allegedly the Boyle estate, occupants, were looked at in the Gardner heist……..in the 1994 case, the ‘whom’, the victims name is not needed nor would I readily a female victims name when justice was not served; such cases are normally referenced by the defendant’s name. The defendant’s name should be more than enough info….but here’s one additional name, Jane Brennan was a victim witness advocate at the time…and not an appropriate one.

            Also, Edward MacKenzie’s relationship with Bulger is often minimized because MacKenzie’s rape victims are still alive and can verify corruption committed by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies surrounding Bulger and his cohorts.

            1. Jan:
              I was in the office and responsible for its operation yet I never heard of the matter you bring up. I’ve reached out to others thee at the same time and they also have no knowledge of it. If you allege something of a favor was done for Edward Fallon because his father was a bookie for John Boyle I have to suggest you have not shown any facts to that effect. If you are implying that somehow our office in any way was motivated to help someone because his father or friend had organized crime connections they you’re just plainly wrong. You’ve now thrown Bulger into the equation and you should know Bulger hated our office.
              I know how our office operated. You are the only one who has suggested some wrongdoing. I assume if counter charges were filed that was approved by the Magistrate. I assume if there were charges against both parties then it went to a hearing before a judge. Did that hwppen? What was the outcome? Who prosecuted the different sides of the case. At one point you said the state police was involved. Now you don’t. I’m not able to follow you but I reject any broad brush accusation that somehow a Boyle/Fallon organized crime connection influenced the case.
              Your explanation for the minimization of McKenzie’s relationship with Bulger makes no sense. The federal prosecutors would be delighted to find people who could give them evidence of corruption by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies relating to Bulger.

              1. Oh my. you point out I didn’t reference the state police again in my most recent description – this doesn’t mean the state police were not involved, however, this does tell me that you do in fact recall the previous info. I posted. Check with atty. Tim Flaherty, as you know, he was in the Norfolk county d.a.’s office at the time. Did you inquire with Jane Brennan? Why would they have no knowledge of this case….if you’re in Boston sometime, I’d be happy to show you some of the paper work, however, it sounds as though you’re not actually interested in following the facts on this case, either way, I am told that the Boyle estate and it’s occupant(s) were looked at regarding the gardner heist…..you suggested that anyone with any knowledge of the Gardner heist was given a get of jail free card. counter charges in the 1994 case were 100% bogus.
                “Fed posecutors would be delighted to find people’…….I think the authorities would have preferred if Bulger remained on the lam forever. Not sure why you don’t understand my explanation regarding the fact that involved parties in these matters now prefer to minimize and dismiss MacKenzie’s association with Bulger. You also stated you don’t know much about MacKenzie which is surprising due to your work history……the media certainly knows who MacKenzie is and relied on him quite a bit for interviews when Bulger was apprehended….had you not seen any of the interviews on the news where MacKenzie included in his sought after opinion that he believed Bulger was a pedophile….how’d you miss this??

              2. Jan:
                I will check with Tim. I hadn’t until this time. I did not talk to Jane Brennan. I spoke with others who I believed would have known. The others had no knowledge because they were not involved with the case but if you suggest Tim had something to do with it, when I have the opportunity I’ll speak to him. As far as my interest in the case I have to admit it’s lukewarm since I have other more pressing matters. From what you are talking about its a case that was handled in the district court that had an outcome you didn’t like or should have been different.
                I do recall your post about the state police because that lead me to believe the case never got to the court, which I assume is the Quincy court. The get out of jail card was not given to any of whoever was part of the Boyle group because it was contingent upon the art work being recovered which to the best of my knowledge has not been done.
                I really can’t understand why anyone would want to minimize anything against Bulger. They’ve laid 19 murders at his door steps. It doesn’t look like anyone was doing him any favors.
                I never heard of McKenzie until I read his disgusting book. I heard again about him in Red Shea’s book. Then you came along talking about him. How would I have come across him in my dealings. He was a Southie guy and I operated out of Norfolk. I did run the drug task force at times but we had enough business in the county although sometimes we ventured into Dorchester. We had little to do with Southie. I never heard of Kevin Weeks or Red Shea either before the former’s testimony or the latter’s book. I watched very little of the TV interviews after Whitey’s apprehension and to the best of my knowledge did not see McKenzie. I knew nothing about his allegations.
                It’ll be a while before I get to Timmy on this issue but I will.

  4. Matt – also, regarding “low lifes” as you referred to the TRC guys and this low life status that consequently causes you to exclude the guys at at TRC….ANYBODY that would commit such a heist is a low life and I do believe average bookies, drug dealers, fencers etc. would be capable of pulling off such a heist; criminals are often intelligent people who didn’t focus their time and energy on the right endeavors.

    1. Jan:
      I never said low lifes weren’t smart. It’s just their way of making a living through criminal means is part of what is called the underworld and it’s in that area the low lifes exist. I don’t believe any ” bookies, drug dealers, fencers etc. would be capable of pulling off such a heist.” They’d be smart enought o know they couldn’t fence that stuff. I don’t equate criminals with being dumb, some are quite intelligent.

  5. Myles Connors was the real deal regarding art robberies but he was a gas bag regarding the Gardner heist. Regarding the horse jockey pics, yes, the thieves did know exactly where they were and they were not displayed prominently like the rest of the stolen artwork, it took a little extra effort and a person with an affinity for horses to grab those pics. Many thieves are gamblers and get a rush at the mere thought of horses, the horse track and especially fixing the race results similar to the rush they get pulling off a heist…it’s all a gamble to them with money at stake. The “Chinese food” analogy, while comical, is not applicable. If they stole a pic of a chinese food buffet, I might consider that analogy! lol Where ever the art work went is one thing, however, it would be nice to know where it is now. Gangsters and FBI informants have been going to prison not only locally but all over the country over the years…either way, nobody at all “dimed” anyone out to the extent that the artwork has been recovered. Perhaps somebody somewhere thought the media blitz that surrounded this and the resultant lucrative fundraising that put the museum back in survivable financial straits was better despite a few empty frames and missing pieces than a struggling museum that couldn’t even afford insurance or adequate security.

    1. Jan:
      Anyone who calls himself the “king of rock and roll” has to be a gas bag. I don’t know much about thieves and horses but your suggestion makes sense. The horse pictures would have a special appeal to gamblers who would have cased the museum before the job. If you see my post today, I don’t believe any local muffs were involved in the heist. There were at least two pros who knew what they were doing who had customers lined up. The usual suspects knew nothing about it or else we’ve had heard something. I’m sure every time some east coast hoodlum got arrested the FBI asked him or her about the Gardner museaum robbery. It’s 23 years later – now’s not the time anything new will come up although the five million is enticing. As for the Chinese vase – you have to wonder why that?

      1. The Chinese vase….maybe Stevie Flemmi put in an order, I recall he likes Asian things including Asian girls, that Korean War influence perhaps. In any case a vase could be innocuously displayed in any thieves or collectors home – reminds me of the recent news story of the person who paid 3.00 for a small bowl (believe it was Chinese) at a yard sale recently, only to discover it was worth 2 or 3 million, whatever the appraised value was.

  6. Matt, I have a hard time getting over the Kevin Cullen/Boston Globe outing Whitey as an informant. I’m wondering if you can put on your prosecutors hat and separate this from what John Connolly was accused of doing.

    If I am right, the fact that John Connolly was an F.B.I. agent was not an element for the murder charges brought against him. I suppose there was a beyond a reasonable doubt standard that he knew his actions were intended or would cause murders.

    When John Morris tipped of Kevin Cullen that Whitey Bulger was a “top echelon informant” he did so with tintention of having The Boston Globe print it so it would result in the murder of Whitey Bulger. Morris admitted this in court.

    Is there something about John Connolly being an F.B.I agent that makes him more knowledgable of the probable results of informing gangsters that so-and-so is a rat?

    Suppose X hands Y, a bicycle delivery person, a small package and asks him to bring it to Z a known killer. X tells Y that the envelope contains $10,000. in cash and instructs Z to kill W. It also contains W’s daily schedule for the next two days.

    Y knows that if he was “to do his job” a person will probably get murdered.

    A.D.A. Connolly, suppose Y delivers the package and W get killed? The whole story unravels when X’s girlfriend (W’s wife) confesses to the whole thing. She was there when X gave Y the package. The evidence against Y is overwhelming.

    Do you indict Y along with X and Z.

    1. Ernie:

      I was intrigued by the suggestion that one may look at the actions of the Globe reporters in suggesting Whitey was an informant that they were engaged in a conspiracy to have him murdered. There can be no doubt they knew that people who are outed as informants are likely to be targets for murder. Morris wanted Whitey murdered and entered into a conspiracy with the Globe writers to bring that about.
      John Connolly is alleged to have wanted Callahan murdered so he told Whitey who told Martorano that Callahan was a threat. Morris wanted Whitey murdered so he told the Globe writers who wrote a story telling the Mafia and others that Whitey was an informant. Would it have made a difference to the prosecutions case that rather than communicating directly to Whitey his belief that Callahan was a threat, Connolly told the Globe writers who then printed an article saying Callahan was likely to be a threat which Whitey read. IThe only difference I can see is Whitey was not murdered but had he been, you can be sure they’d be no prosecution of the Globe writers.
      Now to your hypothetical.

      Xray hands to Yellow, a delivery person, a package with $10,000 to give to Zebra, a known killer. Xray tells Yellow about the money and says it is for the purpose of killing Whiskey. Xray also tells Yellow the package contains Whiskey’s daily schedule for the next two days. Yellow knows that if he was “to do his job” Whiskey will probably get murdered. Yellow goes ahead and delivers the package and Whiskey gets killed. Xray’s girlfriend (Whidkey’s’s wife) confesses to the whole thing. She was there when Xray gave Yellow the package. The evidence against Yellow is overwhelming. Do you indict Yellow along with Xray and Z.

      Zebra, the murderer, is indicted for premeditated murder. Xray and Yellow are indicted as accessories before the fact which carries the same penalty as the murder. You may also indict the wife for being part of the conspiracy but you’ve probably cut her a deal for her testimony. It is like the driver of the get away car, or the lookout on the robbery, are all part of the criminal action and are equally liable as the principal with the same punishment. I hope I answered your question.

  7. yet another post that is spot on with march 24 2013 pertinent information. the boston globe has always the newspaper of record for the state of massachusetts. it is shocking that the boston globe seems to have no interest in putting in its paper comments from a 40 year veteran of the united states congress regarding yet another instance of a murdering fbi informant out of the boston fbi office in rossetti.the globe seems more interested in wes welker. regards,

    1. Norwood:
      Anything that conflicts with the Globe’s version of the truth is not covered. The good thing is that is its right in our country to cover whatever they want. The bad thing is most people think they are getting the full story.

  8. Also, the fact that Shelkey Murphy essentially covered for Edward MacKenzie is indicative of the fact that she picks and chooses what truths to reveal and what truths not to reveal which by not having the whole truth could mean we haven’t seen the truth at all. Regarding the great silence you mention in reference to Murphy and Cullen over the past year…..the main NEW piece of info. that came forward recently was the story on the tip that lead to Buler’s apprehension…..I don’t believe the FBI’s Icelandic story and I don’t think Murphy and Shelley do either, however, have they gone along with the FBI in their new book with the FBI tipster story? I think they do align themselves with the FBI version of Bulger’s capture, however, I don’t know precisely what they say as they did not raise this issue in their talk nor did I buy their book.

    1. Jan:
      No one ever needed “news” to remind the people that Whitey Bulger was an evil guy and an FBI informant. These were regular stories that popped up. The remarkable thing about Rossetti is the FBI is stonewalling for two or more years and not one questions it. The FBI said it would never use an informant like Whitey again. It did. In fact, it lied about it when asked. It is the same thing as with Bulger but the level of disgust should be many decibels higher because it promised us never again.

      1. Not too many people question the fact that Edward MacKenzie was a vicious serial sex offender either. MacKenzie was in fact associated with Bulger, hung around the Squantum home, stalked one of his rape victims accompanied by Kevin O’Neil, hung around the racquetball/handball courts with Bulger….this doesn’t mean Bulger shared all his secrets and info. with MacKenzie, it merely means MacKenzie was a drug dealer and intimidating martial artist that was in the company of Bulger, Weeks, K. O’Neil, etc…..Even O’Neil was incarcerated and wasn’t let off the hook the way the authorities coddled MacKenzie, the sex offender. So, yes, MacKenzie is an excellent example of how as you say, they don’t ask questions….for years. Remember, MacKenzie’s opinion was valued by the local media, including broadcast media when they set up interviews with him allowing him to voice his opinion on the news regarding Bulger’s capture. So, yes, you’re right, there is silence, including with Lynch….actually Lynch went one step further with MacKenzie when he presented him with a certificate citing him as a valuable contributor to the Boston community. Check the prison mail, maybe Lynch has sent such certificate to Rossetti too.

        1. Jan:
          I’ve told you before, or at least I think I have, I don’t know much about McKenzie other than he was a low life who ratted out his suppliers and got a good deal from the FBI and prosecutors. I’m not sure about the Whitey McKenzie relationship. I don’t recall Weeks talking about it. I don’t know what deal McKenzie got. I know Red Shea had no good words to say about him. McKenzie said he ran a drug group for Whitey but Weeks doesn’t list him as having done that.
          I ended up putting my book out because of all the nonsense that was being spouted about Whitey at the time of his arrest. Every gangster inSouthie seemd to have a starring role in the media.

  9. I think Myles Connors was just a gas bag using his past history in smaller, similar crimes as a tool and hook if not only for attention but while calling on his fellow criminals to see what he might be able to find out, keepingin mind, I believe Connors was in prison at the time of the heist. I’m not sure that gangsters on the east coast or in Boston were all suspects but that they were merely questioned as possible sources amongst thieves, the authorities hoping for a leak. If I were an investigator, I would have questioned those that hung around the Leedsville Pub and some of the other automotive places in the area of TRC. I would say, the thieves had an interest in horses and horse racing (as many OC oeople do) as they had to go out of heir way to find the artwork of the horses and jockeys which were not prominently displayed like the other larger pieces. I would say the thieves probably had a general interest in art themselves to have targeted the Gardner, perhaps realizing from others in the local art/museum circles that the museum was struggling financially, lax on security and did not have insurance…by not having insurance that would mean no insurance investigators on the case. As a matter of fact, the heist itself has aided in the museums financial recovery via the resultant attention thus thrust upon the museum. like the Bulger case, the FBI seems to have been very Mello on this investigation for years.
    BTW, Harvey Silverglate was at the Cullen/Murphy talk and referenced the Jeffrey McDonald (Army) case in his questions/comments to Cullen and Murphy. Apparently, Silverglate is now J. McDonald’s atty.

    1. Jan:
      You’re wrong on Myles, he was the real deal when it came to art robberies. I really don’t see the low lifes hanging around TRC in Dorchester having anything to do with the Garner Museum. They’d have dimed each other out a thousand times by now. Before anyone went in there the pictures were identified. As I understand it only one artwork related to Jockeys. I don’t by your ganster/horse racing theory or believe the theives knew a Rembrant from a tree branch. That’s like saying the thieves stole the ancient Chinese Ku from the Shang Dynasty because most of the gangsters liked Chinese food.

      My theory is a little different. The thieves knew exactly what they were after when they went in thee. They were highly skilled professional not connected to any of the local gangs. The fence or fences had hired the thieves who carried out a low risk robbery an St Patrick’s Day night knowing the cops wold be tied up with them that drink too much. The art work went to the fence who moved it to his clients. The two thieves were well paid or were taken out by others.

      Too many local gangsters have been FBI informants or have gone to prison over the years for the thieves to have local connections.

  10. A few comments/questions – I don’t think Stephen Rossetti, whom I don’t know much about, was part of the core group at TRC, nor Mark Rossetti, therefore, I don’t think they’d have much info. to give up on the Gardner heist other than what they’ve heard in general in criminal circles or from FBI handlers. If Turner knew anything regarding the Gardner heist when he was arrested at TRC just prior to and for the planned armored car facility robbery, I don’t think he would have given up much info. because it was too soon after the heist and now….any info. Turner may have could literally be a dead end as people have died. Some stories I have read on the heist refer to an individual Richie Chicofsky as both Fat Richie and the fat man, however, I do believe the Fat Man is actually Hobart Willis, now deceased and who knew the TRC guys. The now defunct Leedsville pub was in close proximity to the old TRC automotive business which was in the adjacent lot. Tony Romano of TRC, one of those questioned by authorities regarding the heist, was suddenly erroneously said to be deceased, however, he had actually gone into hiding – this was years after the heist and occurred after encountering somebody who seemingly might have known some information. Another individual by the name of Al was cited but I think Al is still alive.
    As far as Shelley Murphy goes, any thoughts on why she was not interested in doing a story on Edward MacKenzie and the fact that he was a serial sex offender, despite the fact that she spoke face to face with one of MacKenzie’s victims. MacKenzie is now said to be insignifigant regarding Bulger, however, I can tell you that while MacKenzie stalked and harassed one of his rape victims, he (MacKenzie) had Bulger at his side, Kevin O’Neil at his side numerous times and on another occassion, Weeks showed up hovering over said rape victim – all of this, in addition to the fact that a former Federal Marshall’s younger brother who was frequently at Bulger’s Squantum home cited MacKenzie as having also frequently been in Bulger’s Squantum home…..so, it sounds as though MacKenzie, as he was he witnessed, was in the company of Bulger and his core group often enough. MacKenzie is Incorrigible and it’s unacceptable for all involved to have in the past, and to continue to shield such a vicious sex offender.
    Oh, also, this one of the myths that Cullen and Murphy presented…that supposedly the Bulger investigation picked up became ‘sincere’ because the federal Marshalls got involved – I have a hard time believing this when the Marshall’s brother was a Bulger errand boy, all of whom lived in Squantum.
    Ponder….does it take a murderer to catch a murderer in OC?? I know it shouldn’t take a rapist (MacKenzie) to catch any of these guys.

    1. Jan:
      Your mentioning of TRC brought back memories. I believe at one time we were planning to do a drug wiretap at that garage over in Dorchester. We’d picked up information that it was a hub for distributing drugs into the South Shore area and took a close look at it. We never did anything. I don’t remember why but it was probably because it was out of our county and the only time we went outside on wires was when the investigation has started inside. I think we passed the information on to others.
      As far as the Gardner robbery is concerned, I think there are few gangsters in the Boston area, and proably the East Coast, who have not been linked to its robbery. It really is a sign that no one knows who did it. Anyone who was arrested and had knowledge about it had a get out of prison card. Anyone in possession of the art work likewise had one. Myles Connor knew that’s how things operated and it he had a hand in it he never would have done any time nor would any person who had that information. We’ve had a few guys claim to have information and offered to give it up for a deal. There have been so many of these hoodlums incarcerated and no one has given any provable evidence tells me all the suspects have nothing to do with it.
      Finally, as to Shelley Murphy’s relations to MacKenzie and her attitude toward him I’d only be guessing if I tried to answer that. I’m sure in her world where every bad fact about Whitey has to be gathered up and put out there it would be strange for her not to mention his association with MacKenzie if she believed there was a relationship. Maybe there are constraints on her by her employer.
      I agree with you about the Marshals. It’s difficult to let the truth get in the way of a good story.

  11. Good morning,
    is Mark Rossetti related to Stephen Rossetti, Stephen Rossetti having been involved with Merlino, Turner and Romano (of the now defunct TRC automotive in Dorchester) in a planned robbery of an armored car facility years ago….the TRC guys having been suspected for years as the lead on the trail to the Gardner Museum heist.
    I actually took the time to go to Cullen’s and Murphy’s talk on their book at the JFK library this past week……the talk was a rehashing of the same old stuff…. While the authors point out the FBI perpetuated myths surrounding Bulger, they seem to be doing same, to include myths regarding vicious criminal victims, some of whom were murderers also…it seems that like Bulger, it’s primarily about a financial profit for the authors (and ego). During their talk, they did not touch upon the current questions of distrust regarding the skepticism regarding the Icelandic tipster. The deceit continues. Cullen pointed out that he grew up in Malden although his parent’s family was from South Boston. It seems many could easily compose a book on the many myths out there and continue rehashing this stuff, however, the authors present as authorities on the subject….I suppose they are allowed to with the Globe backing them. Lol

    1. Jan:
      Cullen and Murphy follow the Globe’s line set by O’Neill and Lehr on the Bulger matters and they can’t stray from that. Back in the late ’80s it was decided at the Globe after it heard from the likes of corrupt FBI Agents John Morris and another FBI agent with a grudge against his fellow agents, Robert Fitzpatrick, that Whitey was an informant and that Billy Bulger was also involved, although they had no proof that Billy did anything wrong. They decided it would make a good story heightening Whitey’s criminality and linking the two brothers. The rest is history. The only problem is the history is false but rather than getting mud on its face the Globe is doubling down on the story by putting others out to tell the same old story.
      Kevin Cullen in the article I referred to in my post linked the Mark and Steve Rossetti together as brothers. I hope to write on the Garner heist tomorrow. The FBI probably went after the TRC guys but it’s dead end. If they knew anything about Gardner, Mark who was an FBI informant for 30 years wuld ahve given them information on that to save himself, and so would his brother who, according to Cullen, got caught for an armed robbery.
      You have to understand cops. When they have no clue what happened they come up with a theory. Once they have the theory they then set out to twist every piece of evidence to fit that theory and reject all of those that don’t neatly fit in. The idea then becomes not catching the criminals but proving the theory. That’s why we see such things as a guy in New York who was convicted of murdering a prominent rabbi being released after 22 years because it became clear he was innocent. What did the cop who was in charge of the original investigation say, he has no doubt he is guilty.
      My gut suggests none of that group was involved in Gardner. I could be wrong. It’s good you went to hear Cullen and Murphy. At least you could see through a lot of the smoke they were blowing.

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