Where Have All the Radical Islamic Terrorists Gone? Another Clinton Fund?

IMG_20170501_114049Well, it is good to know that Obama was not the only one to avoid using the term “radical Islamic terrorist.” Wasn’t that one of the big things you had against him? You were so happy to find a guy who was going to call a radical Islamic terrorist a radical Islamic terrorist.  That’s what he was about — you’re type of man. A man who would speak truth to power. No pussy footing around for him.

He stood talk behind the dias shouting out those valliant words you longed to hear.  Ah, you thought that his middle initial “I” stood for intrepidness. Boldness to confront those who would lessen America’s standing in the world or who threatened us you knew was coming. He was the type, you really believed this in your heart, who would stand up to people — mano a mano — face to face. If he did not think someone was doing right he would tell them and not send another to do his dirty work.

Obama was weakness; he was strength. Wait until our new guy confronted the leaders of the country from which most of the 9/11 terrorists came and which is the major sponsor of radical Islamic ideas through the Wahabbi branch of Islam. No bending over for a gold medal and a courtesy by him.  He’d lay down the law.

It wasn’t just that. He was going to tear up the Iranian deal the first day in office. He was going to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

I’ve noted before how he was a big fraud.  He is a coward when it comes face-to-face with people. Imagine if Obama had engaged in the Saudi Arabian sword dance? He did along with other Americans on his staff unable to do other than bend over to please people who are not our friends.

Now don’t imagine it was because his daughter has set up a foundation that just got a promise from the Saudis of a hundred million contribution. Wasn’t he and you the ones who pointed to the Clintons taking Arab money into their foundation as signs of their being wrongly influenced by foreign powers. Oh, I get it, Ivanka who wrote a book on working wives even though she had no clue what it is to be one and actually did not write the book herself, is different from the Clintons so that contribution to her is all right.

Talk about giving away the farm your new man thinks he can say yes to everyone. He gives the Saudis the right to manufacture American Black hawk helicopters. No president before ever consider giving up that technology. How does that put America first? Why did he do it. The Saudis asked him and like with Putin he could not say no.

He’s making American great again by selling more arms into a world that needs less arms and giving Americans less health care so he can give the rich more money.  The Saudis are going to invest in American infrastructure as if we are a third world nation who needs their assistance.  What will the real cost be of that? What did he give in exchange?

Every foreign leader has taken his measure. Suck up to him and confront him and he’ll give you what you want. Put his photo on billboards and light up his face on the hotel where he is stayimg and you got him.

Putin had him eating out of his hand early on. Imagine that he agreed with the Russians that they have a common enemy. I’m sure you’re thinking ISIS. Not really. Their big enemy they agreed was the American intelligence agencies.

Did you ever think an American president would consider that the case? Is he going to depend on Russian intelligence? Or, maybe RT news.

Think what he has stolen from you.  No more Islamic radical terrorists to shout about only the old fashioned good vs evil. Although he says the evil men worship death so perhaps you can settle for radical death worshippers.  No more spouting off examples of Clinton Foundation corruption.  You don’t want us thinking of the Trump foundation corruption.

Ah, good Lord, what’s left to you? Let’s hope with his lack of historical knowledge he doesn’t try to emulate President Reagan and on his visit to the Western Wall  say: “Tear down this wall, Mr. Betanyahu, tear down this wall.”

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  1. Isn’t it comforting to know that this flood of weapons will never be used against US troops? Thanks Donald. But, who cares? Boeing, GE, etc.–the got their dough. all is right with the world.

    1. Agree, Hutch. It would be nice to see Trump drop a couple of million on Pope Francis for genuine charitable projects, but it will never happen.

  2. Too much was made at the time about Obama’s deferential bow . It was the New Age ecumenical and hip thing to do as it suited Barry’s personality. He did it . Big deal . DJT was on a different footing entirely as he graciously leaned in to accept a gold chain and medallion that was clearly not coming from a cracker jack box . Donald John Trump wears the hell out of that bling by the way!

  3. It sure was a lot of fun watching Trump bow to Good King Salman. And I loved the way Trump danced around the magic words, “radical Islamic terrorism” without actually uttering them. Even I’m saying them. Why can’t Trump? The Saudi sword dance was also pretty cool. Rex Tillerson looked OK with a sword. Trump looked like he’d never picked up a sword in his life.

    The president has now put us firmly on the Sunni side in the endless Sunni-Shiite conflict. You can bet Putin will pump more money and arms into Iran, just to make sure it stays endless. The law of unintended consequences will also kick in with some new mystical movement, terror group or dictator rising up to make a shambles of U.S. policy. I’m betting on the collapse of the Saudi monarchy.

    1. There is a difference between a very tall man bending downward so that a short man can put a medal on him and bowing a la Obama. Only an aficionado of fake news would fail to notice. The former is tactfulness; the latter, obeisance.

      In truth the puff about Obama had little importance. The bit about Trump is outright, malicious fraud. It is an unimaginative attempt to replicate someone else’s cheap shot. It is sophomoric without the book learning.

      <> When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

      1. News flash to mystery man: Trump isn’t in Rome. Bowing to a tyrant like Good King Salman can’t be “tactfuness.” It’s the most amusing thing I’ve seen since your boy Bush was filmed walking hand-in-hand with Prince Bandar. Saudi royalty obviously turns on right-wing politicians. Trump trying to wield a sword was also side-splitting. Not much warrior material here …

  4. Is Trump still an Islamaphobe? Was his campaign a brilliant tactic to frighten the oil sheiks into a spending spree on the American defense industry? Has he done the same to NATO? He called them obsolete and forced them to spend billions more than they had previously. He seems to be a strong leader. All this spending will translate into American jobs, 2. One has to hope that all the criticisms of Iran are just rhetorical flourishes to appease your hosts. Bill is right. All the terrorism in Europe and America was done by Sunnis. The Shia had nothing to do with 9-11, the Boston Marathon or any other act against Western targets. If one remembers the relentless effort to vilify Saddam Hussein prior to the Iraq war with the false claim of wmd, the media’s false claim of Iran being the leading state sponsor of terror should give everyone pause. 3. Should Trump depend on American intel when they spent a year illegally spying on the Republican party and on his campaign? Jim Baker said he was shocked to find that the U S was spending 35 billion yearly on intel when he left government in 1993. Today it is north of 70 billion. What do you get for your money? WMD in Iraq and the Gulf of Tonkin report. Trump would be better off if he could find Nancy Reagan’s old astrologer who would likely provide more accurate information.

  5. Here’s a courageous statement from Trump denouncing “Islamic terror”:

    “That means honestly confronting the crisis of Islamic extremism, and the Islamists and Islamic terror of all kinds. And it means standing together against the murder of innocent Muslims, the oppression of women, the persecution of Jews, and the slaughter of Christians,”

    Moreover, it was reported: “Mr. Trump and (Saudi) King Salman agreed to establish the Terrorist Financing Targeting Center as a hub for efforts to counter terrorist fundraising.” The Center will be supported by six Arab States and monitored by the US. Progress!

    Light a candle. There’s hope.

  6. Matt:
    In the heart of Saudi Arabia, face to face with 64 Sunni Arab leaders, Trump denounced the promotion and funding of terrorists; he told them to rid themselves of the terrorists and extremists; he urged them to kick them out.
    Trump used the word “terrorist” 46 times. However, in Cairo, Obama used the word “terrorist” not once.
    Yes, the Saudis promote Wahabism, the most radical form of Islam. Yes, the Sunnis are the major sponsors of ISIS and terrorism in Europe/Russia/US. Yes, the Gulf States conspired with Turkey and US to instigate the rebellion in Syria. Yes, Gulf State citizens have been the major supporters of terrorism.
    Yes, our foreign policy is warped: endless arms for everyone while we urge peace!
    Yes, pity the poor Houthis in Yemen (whom Saudis used cluster bombs on), and poor Shia Muslims throughout the Middle East.
    Yes, we’re complicit in trying to overthrow Assad, and others, and our problems with Iran began long ago with our overthrow of Mossadegh (sp) under Ike.
    Yes, U.S. Presidents have bungled international relations bigly since Ike —Obama more than most.
    But let’s see what happens: What if terrorism abates; what if progress towards peace is achieved in the Middle East and elsewhere.
    You could be wrong. I could be wrong. Time will tell!

    P.S. Of course, you always slip in a few jabs like these: “To enrich the rich, the Repubs deny health care to the poor.” While others could say the Dems’ social policies ensure the poor stay poor. The Dems want the poor to be poor unhealthy drug-addled and idle; more work for democratic social workers; more need for the socialistic state; supermarkets on every corner, swimming pools in every block; paid by Big Gov!

  7. Well, with this post, I guess a lot of us are feeling properly chastened now.

    Yet some of us are still SO happy that Hillary is not President–I know, I know, that elation will wear off eventually.

    Lots of typos today, Matt. Is it the coffee or auto-correct?

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