Where’s Dzhokhar (Joker)?

A Daylight Disappearrance by  Dzhokhar "Joker"  Tsarnae
A Daylight disappearance by Dzhokhar “Joker” Tsarnaev – The Chechen Fiend

A gun fight in Watertown; his brother killed; and here it is 16 hours after that  Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev remains on the loose despite the most involved manhunt in Massachusetts history utilizing all of the federal, state and city resources. Dzhokhar is pronounced like the name Joker with a Boston accent which turns the “er” in an “ah.”

This Joker is like the fiendishly evil Joker who was one of Batman’s enemies. He has done the most amazing thing — he has vanished in broad daylight.

According to media reports, after the Monday bombing he was at the gym at UMass Dartmouth working out. Last night he was in the middle of the gun fight.  There is nothing in his background that hints of him being a terrorist.  There is nothing that would show a hatred for America. But now he is being hunted as America’s # 1 enemy.

Where can he be? Where did Jean Val Jean hide? In the underground. What underground do we have, the MBTA. Look for him there! What’s behind the Watertown Mall. The Charles River. Look for him there. He can’t have been in locations where people could have seen him or he would have been captured by now.

Joker was the captain for two years of his wrestling team. When the media talks to people who were his friends they all tell of this wonderful guy mentoring younger guys and helping ladies with their groceries. Was that part of his disguise over the years?

He grew up most of his life in the Boston area. He speaks English without an accent. He is neither religious nor a zealot. He seemed to have no political feelings.

How then did he become a terrorist.

Howie Carr said that FBI Agent Paul Rico became a full-fledged killer planning to murder one of the McLaughlin brothers with a throw away gun (with the help of four other FBI agents) because he and they were upset that one of the McLaughlins suggested Paul Rico was gay.

Will Howie analogize that situation to now and suggest someone at U Mass Dartmouth called Joker gay so his response was to cause mass casualties at the Marathon.  Even that’d make as much sense as his story about Rico but we know it is not beyond Carr. Luckily for him he has the Muslim angle to rant about; imagine how much more happy Carr would be if rather than the Russian surname Tsarnaev his last name was Tsanchez.

Seriously now, this really is a puzzle if not our worse nightmare. If a very normal kid like Joker could become radicalized, there is no one out there who can’t. How then do you ever protect the American people from another attack? Who can you trust?

That’s why we have to take Joker alive. We have to find this out. What made him change so drastically.

As time passes the chances for this seem more and more remote. He may already dead by his own hand. He’s a scared young man who is 19-years-old. He has no background. He’s armed. He knows nothing good lies ahead. His brother has already gone off into the great hereafter. Maybe he’ll think its best to join him?

We also have the complication of the law enforcement people being tired and edgy and armed. It has been a long day. They’re not going to give him much of a chance in a face-to-face encounter knowing he’s already killed one police officer at M.I.T. and may be carrying explosives.

Time is not our friend. Neither is the night. This is the most macabre criminal event I’ve ever seen.




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  1. I am sure I am connecting way too many dots without anything to back them up, but some things I noticed that have raised an eye-brow for me also include the following:
    1.)The young men were chechnyans, the FBI knew about them and said other “extremist sites” were logging into them and then the FBI ignored the two “losers”? What extremists were these? The young men clearly had no exit strategy, they made “stupid” mistakes, yet had access to materials to make bombs??? But the FBI never noticed that???? How does the intelligence of an A/med student and an engineering student reconcile with the stupid mistakes “planned” for this attack when they “knew” the FBI was looking into them??? They suddenly became focused/interested in the practice of the muslim religion “after” the FBI had already said hello and they knew they were being watched???
    2.)The Marathon event – clearly the epi-center of “multiculturalism” and it occurred on Patriots Day…
    3.)Obama and Others in Washington received Ricin from some other wacko….(did the FBI run that wacko’s sites, or because he was from conservative Mississippi they felt no need?)
    4.)The Texas explosion was in a fertilizer plant, something to do with ammonium nitrate…
    5.)JFK library fire was reported that it “looks like an incendiary device – maybe” – but no further follow up. (JFK – wasn’t he pretty liberal and multicultural if I recall)
    6.)Timing of gun vote pushed by conservatives despite Newtown

    Have any folks out there looked up Anders Breivik?

    He was the psycho who last year:
    1.)committed a major terrorist attack in Norway
    2.)tried to kill Obama
    3.)Used fertilizer (the same ammonium nitrate stuff as in Texas) to make a huge bomb
    4.)Inspired Adam Lanza
    5.)Was into that whole techno world
    6.)Radical extremist/against muslims and marxists
    7.)Said the Tea Party activists inspired him

    I know this sounds dumb, but remember the Boston Tea Party? Didn’t the forefathers dress up as Indians to dump the tea? Under the same theory, if “muslims” commit an attack, would people in a knee-jerk reaction immediately get whipped up into an anti-muslim fervor or maybe even a “counterjihad”? (Just a thought)

    Why is there no further investigation into the other events of this week?

    I, too, miss the real reporters – the ones that were brave, courageous and asked the tough questions – the ones authorities don’t always want asked.

    1. Alex:
      1. We’d like to know what the FBI knew about them and when was the last time it had agents go and t alk to them.

      2, We’d like to know if the FBI was pressuring these guys to become informants with the threat they’d send them both to prison unless the cooperated with the FBI. Did the FBI box these guys into a corner so that they were forced to betray their homeland and the only way out was to lash back at the people represented by the FBI.

      3. We’d want to know why the FBI denied knowing these men, if it did, and why if it had interviewed them it went public with their pictures. Why it didn’t go out and apprehend them without causing the city shut down.

      4. We also want to know the answers to your questions.

      I hope there will be good investigations into what happened that are done outside the FBI. Congress should be right on top of this but then again Congress is afraid of the FBI. We need someone to look closely at it. This may have been something that could have been prevented.

      5. I don’t see Ricin, the fertilizer explosion (yet), the JFK fire, Andrew Breivik, orthe gun vote having a link to these terrorists. It seems to me it had to be a two man show because as you note there was no exit plan nor an appreciation they were walking under video cameras or that they were walking into a crowd where at least half were snapping photographs.

      Speaking of real reporters, I watched this woman on FOX News today named Kelly who took a former top FBI guy over the coals. I was impressed. Maybe women like her will step up and be heard and not be afraid of the FBI so that we can straighten out that outfit and wash out the old culture and put the many good people that it has in its ranks in charge. Mueller’s time is up this September. How about Ed Davis for FBI director. He’s got my vote. If not him, I think Deval would fit the bill. He’s bored with the governor’s job but still can rise to the occasion.

        1. Alex:
          You re right because he’d be a big, and I mean big, breath of fresh air as long as he doesn’t become a big bag of wind.

  2. “CBS News reports although the FBI initially denied contacting Tsarnaev [in 2011], the brothers’ mother said they had in an interview with Russia Today.”

    Immediately after the explosions, didn’t the FBI check their own files of local radicalized Muslims and find their 2011 interview with the radicalized Tamerlan Tsarnaev?
    How about when they had the videos of Suspect #1 and could see he was a Caucasian and fit the physical description and profile of a local radical they interviewed just two years prior?
    Why did the FBI deny they had interviewed Tsarnaev until his parents disclosed the FBI interview to a Russian newspaper?

    FBI SAC Rick DesLauriers, who is a dead ringer for Slugworth from Willy Wonka, and who “has a flair for media” was front and center at all press conferences EXCEPT the one at which the police admitted they couldn’t find Dhokhar and people could return to their homes in Watertown.

    It’s concerning that in the eyes of all other potential terrorists, the Tsarnaev brothers achieved the greatest success possible in their terrorist plan. The brothers captured the complete attention of the media, the President and the world for five full days. They shut down a major metropolitan American area. They disrupted normal life for millions of people. For untold numbers of people they caused fear, panic, distress, sorrow……terror. Despite an unprecedented show of American military and law enforcement force, the brothers battled back with force. They killed and injured law enforcement. One brother martyred himself in battle. The other was victorious in battle against a vastly superior force. His radical glory escalated with every hour the huge forces couldn’t catch him. He then miraculously survived another gun battle with the superior force. The brothers were ill-equipped, lacked money, lacked resources. Still they succeeded. Their lasting radical glory is our law enforcement’s failure.

    The concern is that this episode is an excellent motivator for the many other screwballs in our midst who have not “made any friends in America.” The Tsarnaevs have proven just how easy it is to take a couple of hundred dollars and successfully take on a huge government force and make a very big point to the world. Hopefully the FBI will see this as a turning point in the War on Terror and adjust their investigatory focus and not just their all-important image.

    1. Patty:

      Well said. Just like 9/11 was an FBI screw up so was this if they had conducted the interview in 2011 and did nothing relating to follow up. But we’ll never know because it won’t embarrass the family and the FBI will tell lie after lie to protect its image.

      I’ve said over and over the FBI has to get off this image kick. Things and times demand it be changed. We should all write Obama and tell him to kick Mueller out and put in Davis. The problem with the FBI is it will lie about what they knew. You’re right as the search dragged on the FBI seemed to be less and less represented. Now that they have the kid, we’ll never know what he tells them since we will be shut out. Some favorites in the media may find out but we’ll be left in the dark. It’s not like a country should be operated but most people don’t care. Their rights could be stripped entirely as long as the local McDonald’s stayed open and the Budweiser trucks continued to run.

      You’re right about the success of the Tsarnaev brothers. Two losers shutting down a city. Everyone playing into their hands. What ever will we do in America if we had to live like people in Iraq or Afghanistan or Pakistan with the weekly terrorist attacks. I’ll tell you one thing and I’m trying not to be critical but after spending billions on Homeland Security we really fumbled the ball in the way this was handled. We weren’t prepared. There was no game plan. The outcome is that many screwballs saw in this a way to glory.

      Again, well said.

  3. Viriathus, not Vincingerox (Helvitii). NO! I’m WRONG; I FORGET! aSK ISHNIALL!

  4. Matt: Oh, I forgot to mention other people of color, such as the Black Irish who have Spanish blood flowing through their hearts going back 2,600 years to Viriathus’s (?) time: you know the guy: the Spanish Celt who fought Rome. Anyway for 3,000 years it’s been a three-days sail from Hibernia to Iberia, from Galway Bay to the Bay of Biscayne, and we all know how the lasses, colleens, jeune filles and senoritas like sailors, and how the mariners (ancient and modern, Celtic and Marine) like dancing girls; we don’t disciminate against dancing girls, whatsoever their hue, view or country of origin. Let’s rock!

  5. Matt, et all; He’s captured, one block outside the circle; in a boat. The bombing occured on April 15—the day we celebrated Patriot’s Day—-his capture occurred on April 19—the true Patriot’s Day from 4-19-1775. His bro went to Bunker Hill Junior College. (June 17, 1775) We surrounded the enemy (the seige of Boston, 1775-March 17,1776.) The towns involved in the “SHOTS HEARD ROUND THE WORLD” (Xlibris, read the book) were the same: Boston’s Back Bay, Cambridge, Watertown, the “shutter-in” occurred in the towns of Boston (Allston-Brighton); Newton; Cambridge; Belmont; and of course Watertown. We came as close to Lexington/Concord now as then. These were the new “Shots Heard Round the World” and this war shan’t end til we’ve ferretted out all the Joker’s accomplices (aiders, abetters, comforters, co-conspirators, inducers, cheerers-on, teachers and “merchants of hate”) within the US and abroad. Get every last one of them and their facilitators, enemies within and without, domestic and foreign. 2. The first place the second wave (after Plymouth)of Puritan pilgrims landed (aboard the ship JOHN & MARY) was on Rock Hill in 1630. The Rock Hill landing and settlement preceded Shawmut Island. Rock HIll is today called Savin Hill where Martin William Richman’s parents came from; his grandfather (Jake O’Brien) lived at 41 Belfort; his granduncle (W. Glavin) lived over by Sedan/Romsey/Sydney on that side street. 3. One last historical allusion: the New York Post photo of the two MIddle Eastern young men (aged approx: 20-24; one in green; the other tall, thin-medium build; med. complxion;) I saw one of them in Starbucks on Boylston two days before the bombing atrocities; he talked and acted suspiciously; I notified the FBI, of course. BUT remember this, since Cabeza de Vaca, the Conquistadors, the Palace of the Governor’s in Santa Fe (1610), and throughout the Revolution (1775-1781 (’83)) People of Color (from Morocco, West Africa, Moorish Spain, Basques, Asia (Chinese Tea being a trigger of revolution), and, of course, Native Americans, have fought valiantly in all of America’s wars. Lets not kid ourselves! We’re in another war; it’s a hot one; and we better begin to pledge to one another our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor (the 10-30% who traditionally do so in times of war; we don’t berate the pacifists, we do the quizzlings, informers and fifth columnists and “Tories”; the fighters will fight; the medics and nurses (Clara Barton) will treat; the rest will abet or not), and we need some honesty/integrity in our pamphlets and press, as we carry on this current conflict. Back Bay-Watertown! Rock Hill! Let’s Rock!

    1. Bill:

      1. I suggest the shot occurred a long time ago. In the latter part of the 20th Century there was a rise in Muslim Radical Fundamentalists (MFs) which probably can be traced back to the Afghanistan war. Not the one we are engaged in but the one where the Muslim fighters chased the Russians out of their country with the help of the USA. The Russians represented to the muhajideen fighters just another arm of the Christian west. Shots fired during that war seemed to have no affect on America but they were the beginning. The first direct attack on us came in 1983 with the mass murder of the Marines in Lebanon. We fled. Sensing weakness we empowered the MFs. Then as time passed other shots were heard such as our embassy bombings, the attack on the Cole, the early World Trade buidling bombings, all small steps like those the Nazi’s took prior to WWII. Our response was still feeble.
      9/11 came and we became angry and finally struck back. The other shots had not bothered our sleep but 9/11 woke us up. We decided to relly fight back. Thus began the War On Terror (WOT) which will last longer than the War Against Disease or until the last Christian or Muslim is standing.
      The Marathon Terrorist Attack (MTA) is just the latest shot – hardly significant in the overall carnage the MFs and we have engaged in especially since the WOT has begun. Three dead in the bombing, in various Muslim countries ten times that number are killed every couple of weeks by the MFs.
      2. Yes, you are right, it is a small world, Jake O’Brien the grandfather of the eight year old boy murdered in the MTA was our neighbor and one of my friends back then, a long time ago, as were the Glavins.
      3. I’m surprised you notified the FBI about seeing that guy two days before the bombing. Can you tell us more about that like what the FBI did? There are reports that they had been notified by a foreign government about one of the brothers. What did he do to say he acted suspiciously?
      4. I have to disagree with the figure of 10 to 30% pledging their lives and fortune. there is less than 1% whose lives are in jeopardy and none that I know have put their fortunes at risk. During the election a poll was taken of what was bothering the American people. Terrorism bothered 0%. That’s zero.

  6. Matt, do you have any thoughts regarding today’s manhunt’s failure to find this guy hiding out in a winterized boat in a backyard a half-mile away from where he was seen fleeing by foot?
    How much was police skill and how much was pure luck in spite of police incompetence today?
    Am I wrong? I don’t want to be shouting this if I’m missing something.


    1. Ernie:
      I told myself it is best not to criticize any of the police judgments or the manner in which the search was conducted after the culprits were identified.. From the president through the governor, major and law enforcement officials the envelope was pushed to the extreme because of the fear that if just about everything was not done and a step was missed they’d be great criticism. In the heat of battle mistakes are apt to be made or things overlooked. The search for Dzhokhar started in the early morning hours and he had time to get many miles away. He was armed and dangerous and had shown a willingness to murder.

      I just think overall from the moment of the bombing until his capture the investigation was carried on as well as it could be. Identifying the suspects so soon was a great achievement especially since they had other bombs. Not to criticize is just my personal decision and what others decide is up to them.

      1. Understood Matt,
        I understand mistakes. And I understand criticism is tough when we weren’t in their shoes under all the pressure.
        But really matt. Boats in backyard visible from the air less than a mile from where he fled?

        I’ve been supportive of these guys all through. But after learning the facts of where they found him and what lead them to him makes me feel very unsafe if there is a ever a manhunt for a terrorist who fled within a mile from my home.

        Are we really suppose to ignore the fact that the emperor has no clothes when doing so may ignore a problem that could result in future harms?

        A half mile from where he fled. Sorry Matt, we all make mistakes and I hate when people pile on for “there but the grace of God go I” mistakes.
        This IMO was not one. It was more equivalent to a security with a million dollar budgt not locking the door resulting in the bad guys walking right in and stealing everything.

        1. Ernie:
          I hope you and others speak out about these things. I agree with much of what you say. I often think the desire for “a show” takes precedence over the nitty gritty work that should be done. I urge you to point to the things you saw that went wrong. It is only by doing that as you point out things can be corrected. You are right that the obvious missteps, like not searching the boat, should be noted. It’s just that I don’t want to get into it. But you definitely should.

  7. I apologize, it appears that I spoke too soon. There is a chance that he’s still alive. Perhaps we will get some answers after all.

    1. Rather:
      I don’t know if we’ll get the answers but at least the Government boys like the FBI will. We just have to wait and see what the FBI will tell us which is usually nothing.

  8. Did he really think he was gonna live in that boat happily ever after? I guess “suicide by cop” is still the coward’s way out. We’ll never get our answers, but at least it’s over.

  9. Just hope he’d be caught alive and tell us about his motivations. Looks like he may have been influenced by his older brother, who said he had no american friends, though he lived there long.

    1. Jader:
      Well we got our hopes answered he is captured alive. Clearly the older brother had influence on him. It had to be an extraordinary type of influence, sort of like a mind control of him. His action seems far out of character for him to commit that terrorist from what his friends tell us. I don’t think that will lessen Dzhokhar’s punishment however.

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