While You Remember Pearl Harbor Remember Catherine Greig and John Connolly

You hardly hear a mention in Boston about the man Jim who allegedly terrorized Boston and its environs for 25 years. You don’t even here much about Jim from those in the media responsible for hyping up his reputation in order to line their pockets with money. It’s almost as if he never existed.

The strange thing though back then when Jim was allegedly terrorizing Boston and the surrounding area for 25 years almost no one heard of him. If you were not from South Boston a small peninsula off the eastern part of Boston which has around 35,000 inhabitants, or a member of law enforcement involved in investigating organized crime, or a fellow gangster you were unlikely to know he existed. I remember talking to a Boston Police captain who had spent many years on the force mostly as a detective. He told me in all the time on the job he had only seen Jim once or twice.  The captain did most of his work downtown Boston. Jim hardly ever left South Boston other than to go to his home over the Neponset River Bridge to his condo in Quincy.

It’s not to say he was a good guy by any means. He was pure evil as is anyone who murders another for profit. It seems all of his murders were done in South Boston or close by. All of them involved people involved with him in his criminal enterprise except for some bystanders who happened to be with those he sought to murder. He was accused of probably twice as many murders as he did but that matters little.

There is little doubt Jim did murder upwards of ten people, maybe less but no more. Shocking as that might seem those who turned against him murdered many more than he did. One I call Murderman, for what else could you call a person who bragged about murdering 20 people. Another I call Benji Ditchman not just because he murdered over a dozen. It was because he murdered two young women and then tried to say Jim made him do it. How many guys have been told by other guys to murder their girlfriend because she is breaking up with him? How many guys tell a father to murder his step-daughter, yes the young girl who called him dad, because she had fallen into a life of shame occasioned by having been continually sexually molested by her father, Benji. since she was around 12-years-old.  There were others who turned against him for deals. The local head of the Mafia and a guy called Two Weeks who only admitted to murdering five.

It seems Benji and Murderman have been back on the street for years. Jim is in prison for life in Florida. But two other people who murdered no one are still in prison. Catherine Greig, 66 years old, who never committed a violent act in her life has been in prison since June 22, 2011. She is due to be released on September 29, 2020 after she does more than nine years. Two Weeks did 6 years for 5 murders; Murderman 12 years for 20 murders; Benji after doing eight years has been living large courtesy of the US attorney since 2003.

Oh, I forgot to mention Catherine Greig’s crime. She was the girlfriend of Jim. She knew nothing about his murders. She was in love and went with him while he was on the lam for 16 years. She got the highest sentence ever for a woman in her position and then when she refused to work for the government against her boyfriend more years were added onto her sentence.

Then there’s poor John Connolly. He’s 77-years-old. He’s been in prison since 2002. He’s a former FBI agent who handled Jim and Benji as top-level informants. He’s scheduled to get out on the Twelfh of Never.  In other words he’s scheduled to die in prison as if he had  received a death sentence. He never fired his gun at anyone. He’s in prison because Murderman and Benji lied about him putting him into their nefarious plans so that they could get sweetheart deals.

I’ve written about him before. Nothing like it has ever happened before in our judicial system. He’s being treated worse than people at Guantanamo. Unfortunately I sometimes forget about him and Catherine because it is too difficult to keep them in mind. But on this day of remembrance we should not forget them.

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  1. P.S. i forgot to mention Lehr’s and O’Neil’s subsequent book published in 2013: Whitey; The Life of the Crime Boss:
    Oh, and remember the Pulitzer Prizes for Black Mass
    And before the Movie’s release all the talk of Academy Awards:

    TOXIC ZEITGEIST of course affected the Judges in Miami (and in Mass.) consciously and subconsciously. “They knew what they were doing . . . they may not have been aware how deeply they were prejudiced by the atmosphere, as 16 jurists in Mass had been deeply affected by the socio-politically Zeitgeist when crushing the Veterans’ Free Speech rights in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade cases.

  2. P.S. what it boils down to is this: By a 5-4 vote on a very bizarre interpretation of a statute “murderby gun” John is sentenced to 40 years; the 5-4 decision (even if it were 6-4) overturned the 2-1 decision in favor of John. If ONE JUDGE CHANGED HIS MIND, JOHN WOULD BE FREE (5-4 would become 4-5; 6-4 would become 5-5; either way the 2-1 decision freeing John would be upheld. Now one judge, a split hair decision, sends a man to 40 years, despite (1) serious questions that the Trial Judge should have thrown out the Murder by Gun charge (Statute of Limitations issues; ineffective assistance of counsel issues for failing to timely file by 10 days a motion to dismiss. etc) and (2) serious issues about the witnesses against John being admitted perjurers and serial killers given lenient sentences for telling Fred Wyshak what he wanted to hear and (3) the fact that the Boston jury found John not guilty of any charges remotely related to murder and only one charge during his 20 years as an FBI agent, to wit: handing the case of wine with one grand in it to his Superior, Morris. and (4) despite the fact that Fed Prosecutors both in Boston and Miami put known perjurers on the stand, and one in Boston, Salemme, was convicted subsequently of gross perjury at John’s first trial, poisoning the Jury’s mind, but Appeals Courts in Boston perplexingly refused to throw out his conviction.

    Now we come to the Heart of the Matter: (evocative of Graham Greene’s great novel.)

    The Heart of the Matter is this: THE ZEITGEIST

    Before, during and after John’s Trial in Miami (let’s stay focused here; the same could be said of Boston, but let’s stay focused) and throughout John’s exceedingly “unduly” long appeals process (Remember Due Process implies timely process) which took from 2008 to 2015; the ATMOSPHERE surrounding John’s trial was POISONOUS. Emile Zola spoke of this very thing in J’ACCUSE, the Dreyfus Affair.)

    How so? In addition to Carr’s and Dershowitz’s scurrilous, false and defamatory articles, talks, and books; in addition to the corrupt Boston Globe’s and Boston Herald’s incessant distorted drum beats; in addition to the Federal Clerk in Boston intemperately releasing the decision in the Civil Trial heralded by news outlets nationwide, “Boston FBI Liable for Murders” while John Connolly’s Miami jury was deciding his fate, these following books were produced:
    Black Mass, by Lehr and O’Neill, 2000, 2001, revised 2012 (the revised edition contained egregious, dare I say deliberate errors, slandering John Connolly)
    The Bulgers’ Brothers (2006) by Howie Carr, a more scurrilous book rarely written . . . not one misdemeanor did he mention that Senate President Bill Bulger did in his lifetime; not one ethics violation, except in Howie’s fiendishly fervid mind. (Of course, Romney, Dershowitz, Carr and other took an epileptic fit that Jack Bulger and Bill Bulger talked to their brother Whitey once on the telephone of of Eddie’s Quincy home. No crime to talk to a fugitive relative, or a son gone awol, or a draft dodger in Canada.
    Kevin Weeks’ book, fact based, but lacking logic on many issues; too bad, the high school grad and lifelong hood who admits participating in the killing a young women and four others, strong arming many, lying about his boxing career (check Boxrec.com), distributing drugs, etc, etc, sees so darkly, mistakenly through his perpetually dark glasses. Even he is forgiven, by God, and the Feds, except perhaps not by the friends and families of the innocents he helped bully and butcher.
    Other books and articles filled the bookstores and airways via Amazon and Kindle.
    And two month after the 5-4 decision affirming John’s sentence to 40 years imprisonment, what movies was release. Black Mass: but for months and months prior thereto the hysterically fictionalized version of events received widespread publicity in Trailer, Revues, and typical Hollywood Pre-Debut Publicity Campaigns.


    We can assume that all jurors and all judges were honorable and acted in good faith. We’d be naive fools to think that at least subconsciously they had not been affected by the WHIRLWIND of publicity adverse to John. The Zeitgeist, the Whirlwind painted John Connolly black as night.

    So, after acquittal in Boston of all murder related charges by a Federal jury (one juror in Boston said on T.V. that he would not have convicted John of anything if he thought Judge Truro would sentence him to a day in prison; another juror disagreed and said, “We knew what we were doing.” Maybe, but they knew they were acquitting him of all the serious charges, of all the murder related charges.

    So this is what happened in Miami to John Connolly: by a one judge margin, after 7 years of appeals, an overly undue process, by the majority’s novel, unprecedented, convoluted, stretched interpretation of a “Murder by Gun” statute (which should have been dismissed at the Trial Court); an interpretation so novel and bizarre, contorting clear meaning of the the text and taking it out of context so that a person on the moon sitting beside a stun gun could be convicted under it; a majority decision written by one judge from which 4 Florida justices not only vigorously dissented, but mockingly dissented;, a majority decision issued in a Toxic Environment more lethal than the environment Zola described Dreyfus faced. Why more lethal; Because in Zola’s time the Press did not include the Media, T.V., Talk Shows, Movies, the Internet, Newsmax, the Harvard Crimson on Line, etc..

    Conclusion: The judges are honorable and fair, but they were affected by the Toxic Zeitgeist, by the Toxic Temper of their Times.

  3. O.K. DB, Rich, I’ll do that. I’ve written so much and have so many thoughts and ideas to share. What about for starters kicking around the idea of me writing a letter asking for a commutation of remaining sentence, with no admissions in fact with absolute denials of guilt. I was in Miami when John told Wyshak: “I never took a dime.” I saw how Wyshak’s knees trembled and he shifted his weight to his back leg. It was like John had hit him with a straight right cross.

    I think I sent my 3 books to the Justice for John Folks in Miami. I hope they and John read them. Have you read The Fix: (2006); Character Assassins I and Character Assassins II? Imperfect self-published books with flaws but good ideas. You see, the serial killers who testified against John had killed 40 men and 5 of them were men i knew personally, from my old neighborhood.

    Here’s another thing: I not only know that Carr and Dershowitz lied, I know precisely how they did.

    Also, I think it’s relevant, that the political/academic/journalistic atmosphere was poisonous, before and during John’s trials and appeas, and although I’d concede all judges and jurors acted honorably and honestly, a poisoned atmosphere can subconsciously affect a judge’s decision making. That’s why the majority’s decision in Florida was so bizaarre, tortured, twisted and defied precedent.

    I think with my background . . . co-counsel on St. Pat’s case, unanimous 9-0 victory at SCOTUS, co-author of the definitive book of the case: From Trial Court to the United States Supreme Court; living in the same neighborhoods as John and the killers; losing friends and neighbors to the killers; etc,, it’d be best if I wrote a personal letter to Governor Scott, asking for a commutation, as Tadzio said, conceding nothing.

    I think the time is ripe; the season is ripe; Governor Scott is a Republican who undestands what the MSM did and tried to do to Trump and how maliciously vicious and vindictive some liberal academics can be . . .

    We should have a meeting of the minds . . . I’ve thought exhaustively about John’s case for . . . well ever since he was falsely indicted . . . and I remember when about 150 of us from BC, Southie, Dorchester flew down to Miami for the Miracle in Miami game in 1984. John and I and others were gabbing around the swimming pool, drinking bears. You know I can’t remember one word that was said that entire fabulous memorable weekend . . . . But that lying scum Flemmi who killed a dozen, killed his girlfriend, killed his daughter in law after raping her for years, remembered exactly what was said in 1984. Flemmi said, John said, “If Callahan talks we’ll all be in trouble.”

    A total lie, because Callahan never met John and knew nothing about him. Secondly, Flemmi previously testified under oath before Judge Wolfe that Connolly was an honest cop who never took a time, but Morris was corrupt, on the take and providing them info, and thirdly, David Boeri wrote an article that quoted Flemmi saying in 2006, two years before John’s trial in Miami, “Connolly never did and never said anything intending anyone be killed.”

    So, If we could put all that in a neat crisp letter . . . and I think I know how to do that . . . we should send if off to Governor Scott before Christmas.

    And we should have two invocations: (No Kidding) Jesus: “Blessed are the merciful . . .” and the Bard, “The Quality of Mercy is twice blessed; it blesseth he that gives and he that receives.”

    I’ve got it all written down on scrap pieces of paper, and organized in my mind, It’s letting me get to putting the finishing touches on it, which, of course, I’m willing to share.

    My email . . . . well I’ll send you mine as I prefer to remain relatively anonymous on Matt’s blog.


  4. Bill C. Your post is on point. I recall that Alan always took high profile case, ie, Simpson, the imaginary Count Claus Von Bulow, and others. He intimidated the prosecutors with his “alleged” knowledge of law, when in fact that he “whined and sniveled” to the judge if things did not go his way in court. Most likely, the prosecutors were new to the courtroom and did not have the “allege” knowledge that dear Dersc possessed. He took advantaged of these prosecutors; and judges. No more on him!
    John Connolly, in summary, was framed by the USA’ s office and the DOJ, that is Department of Justice in WDC. To start with, everyone who read the newspaper learned from the various articles authored by Carr, Shelley Murphy, Kevin Cullen, and the authors or Black Mass, aka, the “Black Mess.” If the truth was known back in 2002, John’s RICO trial, they would have learned that the Strike Force Attorney Jerry O’Sullivan signed an agreement allowing Bulger and Flemmi to continue with their criminal activities. This memo was transmitted to the DOJ in Washington, D.C. where the DOJ gave its blessing for the government to operate Bulger and Flemmi as Top Echelon Informants. But, GUESS WHAT, when the trial commenced, O’Sullivan had been previously interview by FBI OPR regarding his knowledge that Bulger and Flemm I were FBI Informants. He lied and said that he was not aware of there status as FBI Informants. The only problem was, he did know of their status as he got them removed from a RICO Horse Race Fix case in 1979. The trial concluded without O’Sullivan’s testimony. I bring this up at this junction as the trial judge Joe Tauro described John as a rouge FBI Agent for protecting Bulger and Flemmi. It was proved later that Connolly did not protect Bugler and Flemmi, it was the USA’s office and the DOJ who protected the two. In October 2003, Flemmi was debriefed by AUSA Fred M. Wyshak, Jr. [“Fredzo,” as John Durham called him after trial], and Flemmi answered several interrogatories regarding his association with John Connolly. The answers troubled the case of investigators, to include Mass State Police, DEA Special Agents, and other individuals connected with the debriefing session. An example of what was discovered through discovery: Flemmi was asked if John Connolly ever asked him to kill anyone on his behalf? Answer: No! Did you ever tell John Connolly that you were going to kill anyone? Answer: No! Did you ever tell John Connolly that you had killed anyone? Answer: No! Adding that if I did tell John Connolly that I killed anyone, he would have arrested me! Now, with regard to John’s RICO trial, he was convicted of four [4] predicate acts out of fourteen [14]; of the four convictions, none involved any violence. The most important note to remember is that he was cleared of anything to do with the John Callahan murder in Florida, PERIOD! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! However, in my previous post, I noted that Wyshak traveled to Miami to seek murder indictment against John. We, the steering committee, are continuing with our group efforts to get John relief. As Bill C. mentioned, filing a petition for a Pardon is one great idea, however, John feels that this “Pardon” would be tantamount to admitting he was guilty of the crime charged. He wants to get out, but, at what price. He is anxious to get his name cleared and rightfully so! As you mentioned, he was charged with 2nd Degree Murder while armed. The only problem is that the statute of limitations on 2nd Degree murder carried a four [4] year limitation; as a matter of law. We all know that John Martorano and Joe McDonald met John Callahan upon his arrival at the airport and then shot him in the back of the head and put his body in the trunk of his car. Martorano, having nothing to fear legally, testified that he killed Callahan; he had the gun used to kill Callahan; and, he never spoke to John Connolly, never met John Connolly; and, John Connolly had nothing to do with the murder of John Callahan. What more did the court need to through out John’s conviction. But, the trial Judge failed to do the right thing; he sent the case to the Miami 3rd DCA. At this juncture, I would not mind if Bill C or any other supporter of John Connolly’s would reach out to me off net to get some positive ideas and strategies. And, yes, Fran Joyce is a personal friend and confidant To start with, my email address: richardbaker42@aol.com.

  5. a liberal is someone who walks out of the
    room when an argument turns into
    a fight

    a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged

    blogging is not truth

    behaviour is truth

    Here are a few articles about the group
    we set up in Maine caled L.A.W. in the 70’s
    to fight corrupt lawyers and judges in Maine
    The FBI working with local and state law
    enforcement burnt the homes down of
    Joan Brown and Tom Dunn Presidents
    of the non profit organization.

    Maine Times newspaper ran front page story
    on these events.

    The organization spearheaded the drive that
    created Maine Board of Overseers


    Biddeford-Saco Journal from Biddeford, Maine on February 6, 1976 · Page 8 – Newspapers.com
    Newspapers.com › newspage
    Feb 6, 1976 · … of Maine’s legal profession. LAW (Lay Advocates at Work) was founded last fall by Mrs. Joan Brown of Biddeford Pool. Its 60-plus members come from all over the state. LAW’S offices are located above …
    Biddeford-Saco Journal from Biddeford, Maine on January 26, 1976 · Page 3 – Newspapers.com
    Newspapers.com › newspage

  6. Like I said, Christopher Lydon is an Ivy League liberal (leftist) born in 1940, worked at NPR, is two years older than Dershowitz. They and Carr think alike . . . like mudslingers. All three weren’t in the military or branches of U.S. Armed Forces, and have no medals to prove it . . . . at least as far as I know.

    But they do like to libel and slander and mislead and exaggerate and tell “some of the facts” as they usually maliciously spin them.

    You know the Ivies: Veritas. Howie was a preppie who graduated from North Carolina before becoming a popular radio host and columnist for the Boston Herald. He conducts “death pools” on his radio show, delights when someone dies or is close to dying, delights in others sufferings. He’s a guttersnipe. He likes the gutter, that’s where his mind mostly dwells. He’s married with three daughters. He’s conservative and supports Trump and is on the right side of many issues.

    But, essentially, Howie Carr is nothing more than a joker, a crude quipster, a cur, who barks, howls, growls, nibbles at the heels, pisses on reputations. Mostly, he’s like Dershowitz in one regard: both are murderers of reputations.

    Think again of Dersh: who for 20-plus admits he tried everything in his power to put Billy Bulger in prison, because Billy bested him in oral argument before the Governor’s Council. I remember driving home that night and hearing Dershowitz on the radio (it might have been Nelson’s show) lying about what happened at the State House: He described Bill Bulger as ranting, raving, out of control, in need of psychiatric help. He ran to another radio show, spinning, spinning.

    We couldn’t believe it. No one had seen Bill Bulger out of control, ranting. We, my friends, relatives, et al, discovered NPR was rebroadcasting the entire 1990 controversy. Dershowitz must have forgotten the cameras where there; or else he thought or expected NPR would cover for him, and not release or at least edit the tapes.

    Sorry, Al: At 10:00 P.M. the T.V. showed the whole thing, and there was Bill Bulger as cool, calm, collected as ever, making verbal minced meat of Alan Dershowitz.

    If Revenge and a pound of flesh was what Alan sought since he lost the 75 State Street Case to Bulger’s law partner in @ 1988; now Alan’s vengeance and hatred sunk to depths nearly unparalled in history or literature. The Great Constitutional Law First Amendment Professor Emeritus from Harvard sat silent from 1991-1995 during the St. Pat’s Parade controversy. He must have thought: Let those Veterans’ Free Speach rights be crushed in may backyard for all I care (Cambridge is a stone’s throw from Southie as Good Will Hunting showed). Dershowitz brooded then @2000 he wrote the scurrilous quote from Newsmax. Then he brooded more, and for twenty years sought his pound of flesh from Bill Bulger and any of his associates.

    But the Dersh is an honorable man, so are they all, all honorable men . . . .

  7. And here’s Chris Lydon fawning over Howie Carr’s book and exulting at the arrest of Whitey and resignation of Billy… Boston is finally free of the “thuggish” Bulgers, he says. Billy was never convicted of a misdemeanor in his life. He at first took the Fifth before Congress, on advice of lawyers . . . then subsequently testified fully. Congress found no wrongdoing. 75 State Street exhaustively investigated: No wrongdoing! Judge Daher, the first to use the phrase “corrupt midget” profusely apologized, in public, in writing.

    Anyway read how the Bulger haters thought in 2004-2006, before John Connolly’s Miami trial.


    2. CORRECTION: I thought Dershowitz wrote the Forward to cARR’S Brothers’ Bulger . . . I may be wrong . . . when Dershowitz wrote in 2011, “I wrote this more than 10 years ago”, he’d be referring to stuff he wrote @ 2000, just prior to John Connolly’s first trial.
    He may have poisoned or tried to poison those judicial proceedings, too. The drippings of his poison pen tends to reach the minds of jurists, especially his liberal Ivy League confreres!

  8. My feelings exactly.

    Let me take time on Matt’s blog to sum up this matter at some length.

    Below is the reference to perhaps the most vicious, lying article I’ve ever read; a cascade of unfounded ad hominem attacks against William Bulger and John Connolly, too. Do you think any jurists in Florida read the following article in 2011? What about those liberal jurists inclined to give extra weight to the writings of a liberal Harvard Law Professor? Did any recognize the venom, the drivel, the gibberish that spat forth from Alan Dershowitz’s vindictive mind and forked tongue?

    Read the following and see what you think, but first I introduce the article with some quotes from it and my responsive comments.

    Read this and weep:

    “Time to Go After Whitey Bulger’s Brother, Billy”
    By Alan Dershowitz
    Wednesday, 06 Jul 2011 09:58 AM


    I’ll point out a few deliberate lies; he says John Connolly was “convicted of conspiracy to commit murder.” He knows full well John was acquitted in Miami of that charge and acquitted in Boston of everything remotely related to that charge. Here’s how the law school emeritus professor falsely phrased it: “John Connolly is now serving life imprisonment in Florida for conspiracy to murder and related corruption charges.”
    Sadly, John was sentenced to 40 years for one count of “murder by gun” when he had no gun in his possession during Callahan’s murder . . . that essential fact was never even proven . . . . what was proven was he was vacationing, probably swimming on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, when john Callahan was killed by Martorano in Miami; the honorable judges in Florida, “so are they all, all honorable men” and women, “reasoned” thusly: that as a cop Connolly must have had his service revolver somewhere nearby, maybe out in his car, maybe within a few miles of his cottage on Martha’s Vineyard, maybe even in his bathing suit.

    Beyond that absurdity, Dershowitz knew there were zero, zero, zero other counts that Connolly was convicted of in Florida and nothing for which he was “serving a life sentence.” There were no “other related charges.”

    Dershowitz blatantly lied because he felt like it; sadistically, I surmise, and he felt like he could get away with the malicious mudslinging. That’s my honest considered opinion after pondering this matter for years. Dershowitz is a stone cold liar.

    Now, read on for more damning proof:

    Dershowitz writes “If Connolly were willing to testify, he could probably put William Bulger in prison in exchange for a reduction in his own sentence.”

    Is he transmitting a bribe to Connolly: Sing against my arch enemy Billy Bulger, and I’ll get you off? Sounds like it. He writes this knowingly; knowing Florida appeals courts are considering Connolly’s fate. Did the judges in Florida read this Newsmax article?

    Dershowitz venomously admits: “I’ve been writing about the unsavory connection between the brothers Bulger, various FBI agents, and federal and state prosecutors for nearly 20 years.”

    What unsavory connection? Bill Bulger has never been found to have committed even a misdemeanor in his lifetime. See how unscrupulous, how scurrilous Dershowitz is?

    Dershowitz called William Bulger “the godfather of the mob” and said none should celebrate until Bill Bulger “is brought to justice.”

    For what? Bill Bulger is the longest serving Senate President in Massachusetts history, received twenty honorary degrees, lead an exemplary life as a conservative Irish Catholic, a faithful husband, raising nine children, and no authority ever found he’d ever done anything improper in his entire life. He was well loved, widely loved and widely respected. Of course he had his political foes; none as vicious as Carr and Dershowitz.

    Dershowitz wrote that without Bill Bulger there would have been no Jimmy “Whitey” Bulger. He forgot Jimmy was born first and was much older than Billy, five years and 7 months older.

    He accused Billy of providing protections for Whitey: “protection he reportedly got”, wrote Dersh, relying on “reports.” Who reported that to Alan, Howie Curr?, whose book Dersh promoted; the book in which Dersh wrote the forward?

    Dershowitz wrote that while Whitey was climbing the ladder of crime, Billy was ascending in politics. He depicts them as working hand in glove; terrorizing Boston and Massachusetts. He forgot all those years Whitey was in Alcatraz and other federal prisons (from ‘56-’65); then out on parole and keeping his nose clean and maintaining a low profile for quite a while. By the time Whitey resumed a life of crime, Bill Bulger was a State Senator (1970) having been elected a State Rep five times (1960-70) and on his way to the Senate President’s Office (1978). Whitey, in all those years was either in prison, working as a janitor, keeping his nose clean on parole or just re-starting his criminal career. Yet Dershowitz writes their life-stories as if they were parallel, intertwined, both criminally working together intimidating Massachusetts.

    Dershowitz calls Romney “courageous” for pressuring Bulger to resign as President of U. Mass “by threatening to appoint me . . . to the Board of the University.” As if Bulger was afraid of Alan. Bill Bulger was the better man morally and intellectually by a mile, by a light-year. Courage? Bill Bulger had courage to spare and he didn’t suck up to people in power or surround himself with sycophants before attacking; he didn’t smear his opponents and call for their prosecution and imprisonment? Dershowitz always was a bully, a two bit bully, a character assassin, in my humble considered opinion.

    He calls John Connolly, Bulger’s “consiglieri” and “point man” and “childhood friend.” John was born in August 1940; Bill Bulger in February 1934. Remember all your childhood friends who were over six years older than you? Like when you were in kindergarten hanging around with the kids in junior high or in fourth grade going to the high school dances?

    Dershowitz indicts himself and hoists himself on his own petard with this next one> It begins: “As I wrote more than a decade ago” (In the forward, of The Brothers Bulger book, I guess, which was published the very year Wyshak moved the case to Miami (2006) and just before John’s trial there (2008). Why did he write it then? To persecute, to persuade, to distort the record, to unduly influence Miami jurists? Did any jurists read that piece of garbage, by the way? “The Brothers Bulger”: I’ll tell you later why it’s a total fabrication.

    Well, let Dershowitz, himself, prove how fallaciously, maliciously and satanically he can write:

    “As I wrote more than a decade ago: ‘It was Connolly’s friendship with William Bulger, and Connolly’s hope of capitalizing on it financially, that led him to give Whitey a blank check on committing crimes, including a heads-up on wiretaps and a head start in evading arrest . . . Godfather Billy made his homeboy Connolly an offer he couldn’t refuse: cash, career opportunities, and other considerations in exchange for protecting his bad brother Whitey from the real cops.’”

    Now remember this: There is zero evidence that Bill Bulger offered or gave John Connolly anything. Connolly was one of the most highly decorated FBI agents of his time. He never rose above street cop, so to speak. He always planned to retire early, get married, settle down, switch careers.

    Connolly did have a deal approved by the FBI: If Whitey keeps giving us info on the Mafia and he can continue bookmaking, etc,, but no violence, no murders. If John Connolly knew Bulger murdered anyone, he would have arrested him. If any Fed or State or Local cop or prosecutor knew Whitey had murdered anyone, they would have arrested him.

    Proof they didn’t know? When indictments first came down against Whitey in 1995, there were no murder counts included on that indictment. John Connolly had retired from the FBI in 1990. The fist murder counts against Whitey and Flemmi did not come until late 1990s, as I recall, 8 or more years after John Connolly had retired from the FBI.

    Only Kevin Weeks says Connolly tipped him off a 1995 indictment was coming down. Conversely, Whitey’s girlfriend says they first they heard of an indictment was when she and Whitey were driving back to Boston from New York. They turned around. Afterwards, Whitey picked up his other girl at Malibu Beach, Ms. Grieg and fled for 15 years.

    I could go on. I lay this whole travesty of justice at the feet of the overzealous prosecutor Fred Wyshak. But, I’d also throw a few stones of my own at Howie Carr and Alan Dershowitz, malicious mudslingers.

    You can read all of Dershowitz’s lies upon lies, defamations upon defamations in the article cited above.

    But let me add one more devious conclusory remark of Professor Dershowitz: “Everyone in Boston politics knew that William Bulger was a crook and a protector of Whitey.” Do they teach ethics at Harvard Law School?

    Governor Bill Weld, Congressman Joe Moakley, State Senator Paul White, almost every politician and educator in the greater Boston area knew that Bill Bulger was a man of impeccable integrity. That’s why he was made President of the University of Massachusetts. That’s why he was awarded more than 20 honorary degrees. But Dershowitz, the Merchant of Malice, like the Merchant of Venice, because he was bested by Bill Bulger, was obsessed with “Revenge” for 20 years and for 20 years vindictively engaged in unholy jihad against Bill Bulger, Paul Mahoney and their friends.

    And by the way, Dershowitz, that First Amendment Constitutional Law Scholar, was silent while the South Boston Veterans’ free speech rights were being crushed by a Massachusetts judiciary which, according to SCOTUS, had acted for three years running “without lawful authority.”

    I believe the mills of God grind slowly, yet exceedingly fine.

    I believe in the power of prayer. I pray that John Connolly is released from his false imprisonment, soon.

    P.S. I also believe that the men I have thrown stones at have also done some good things in their lives; I wouldn’t stone them to death, even though I believe they have a role in imprisoning an innocent man, falsely charged, falsely prosecuted, falsely imprisoned. As Dershowitz always quoted one of the Founding Fathers: “It’s better that 100 guilty men go free, than one innocent man be imprisoned.” He, Carr and Wyshak, for 20 years have sought to persecute, prosecute and imprison innocent men.

    Mahoney Confirmed for Post
    State Says Dershowitz’s Allegations of Ethnic Bias Unfounded

    NO WRITER ATTRIBUTED December 13, 1990
    BOSTON–Senate President William Bulger’s top aide, Paul Mahoney, whose nomination for a Malden District Court judgeship touched off a bitter battle between his boss and Harvard Professor of Law Alan M. Dershowitz, was unanimously confirmed for the job yesterday by the Governor’s Council.

    Councilor James O’Brien (D-Worcester) said an investigation by members of the attorney general’s staff found no credence to allegations made by Dershowitz that Mahoney had shown ethnic bias.

    O’Brien said there also was no evidence to sustain Dershowitz’s allegation that Mahoney’s previous bid for a judgeship in 1982 was opposed by Mahoney’s then boss, Suffolk County District Attorney Garrett Byrne, who is now deceased.

    Dershowitz raised the allegations at a hearing last week at which Bulger accused him and attorney Harvey Silverglate of being “liars” and “murderers of reputations.”

    Councilor Edward O’Brien (D-Easthampton) suggested that Dershowitz violated lawyers’ ethics by offering hearsay evidence and “slanderous claims.”

    Edward O’Brien suggested the Board of Bar Overseers, the agency that handles lawyer discipline, investigate Dershowitz.

    “I would believe such an investigation would lead to a conclusion that Mr. Dershowitz richly deserves disciplinary action, be it censure, reprimand or worse,” the Easthampton Democrat said.

    Reached at his office, Dershowitz said he would welcome an investigation into the entire incident, including Bulger’s comments.

    “Eddie O’Brien has to recognize this is not South Africa or China,” Dershowitz said, adding he was simply exercising his First Amendment free speech rights in seeking an investigation into allegations about Mahoney.

    “The fact he [O’Brien] would single me out without Bulger shows this is a crass political move without any credibility whatsoever,” Dershowitz said. “I have been looking for an objective neutral forum and the Board of Bar Overseers provides such a forum.”

    Bulger said he was pleased with Mahoney’s confirmation and declined further comment about Dershowitz. Bulger said he was unaware of Edward O’Brien’s plans to seek a bar investigation.

    “I am just pleased the matter is settled,” Bulger said. “I’m very happy for Massachusetts and for Paul and his family that the thing is squared away.”

    Councilor James O’Brien said, “If anything, Mr. Mahoney has stood up so well under the examination that he’s gone through that I’m sure that he will be a credit to the judiciary. The weight of the evidence strongly supports Paul Mahoney.”

    S. Stephen Rosenfeld, Gov. Michael S. Dukakis’ chief of staff, joined in the criticism of Dershowitz, but stopped short of advocating an investigation.

    “I think that Mr. Mahoney’s name has been smeared, yes I do think that I think he is qualified to be a judge and unfounded allegations and unsupported allegations were made in opposition,” Rosenfeld said.

    Bulger contended last week that Dershowitz and Silverglate, who was involved in the 75 State Street investigation two years ago which touched Bulger, were seeking revenge against him by attacking Mahoney.

    Silverglate represented developer Harold Brown in the 75 State Street controversy in 1988. Brown claimed that Bulger accepted money through a former legal associate, Thomas Finnerty, in return for influence on the project. Bulger paid the money back within a year, and a federal investigation found no wrongdoing on his part.

    Mahoney, 51, of East Boston, has served as Bulger’s top aide since 1983. Before that he was general counsel to the Executive Office of Administration and Finance, was in private law practice and was an assistant district attorney.

    2. SEE ALSO
    Bulger-Dershowitz War Heats Up
    Senate President Accuses Law Prof of Libel
    NO WRITER ATTRIBUTED December 11, 1990
    BOSTON–Senate President William M. Bulger said yesterday he was libeled by celebrity lawyer and Harvard Professor of Law Alan M. Dershowitz at a judicial hearing last week, but that a lawsuit would be a waste of time.

    The hearing on the nomination of Bulger’s top aide, Paul Mahoney, to a judgeship in the Malden District Court, turned into a war of words between Bulger and Dershowitz.

    Dershowitz raised questions about Mahoney’s defense of Bulger during the 75 State Street investigation and about Bulger’s status in the probe. Harvey Silverglate, a friend of Dershowitz’ represented developer Harold Brown in the case.

    Brown claimed during the 1988 controversy that Bulger accepted money through a former legal associate, Thomas Finnerty, in return for influence on the project. Bulger paid the money back within a year, and a federal investigation found no wrong-doing on his part.

    Asked if he felt Dershowitz had libeled him, Bulger said, “Yes.”

    Asked to specify the statements he considered libelous, Bulger said, “Why should I repeat it? Some of the vile things. I don’t want to repeat it. It’s too vile and too rotten. It was not even part of the hearing. That hearing can never be understood unless it is understood in its full context.”

    Dershowitz did not return a call placed to his telephone number, which was answered by an electronic message device.

    However, Dershowitz requested a transcript of the Senate president’s remarks at the council hearing and said he would deal with them in “another and more appropriate forum.”

    Bulger said he had no plans to file a libel suit against Dershowitz. Under libel law, both men likely would be ruled public figures, which creates a heavy burden of proof for plaintiffs in law suits.

    “The law is all weighted against the plaintiffs. It’s expensive. It’s time consuming. It’s almost impossible to win a victory. It’s very difficult for a public person. So it isn’t worth it,” Bulger said.

    Over the course of last week’s hearing, Bulger labeled Dershowitz “crafty,” “vindictive,” “a true, true conniver,” “beneath contempt,” and “a compulsive liar.”

    Asked about concerns the remarks could be construed as anti-Semitic, Bulger said Monday, “The man is a liar. And it makes no difference what his nationality or his religion is. He is a liar. And he is a murderer of reputation. And he is a conniver and he is whatever else I called him that day.”

    Bulger said he stood by the statements he made at the hearing.

    “The words speak for themselves. They describe him perfectly. As a matter of fact, the only regret I have about that hearing is that I was too mild,” Bulger said.

    Bulger said he did not anticipate any problems with Mahoney getting confirmed.

    But he said he had not spoken to any of the eight councilors since Wednesday’s hearing and did not intend to unless he encountered them in the Statehouse.

    1. These are the blog entries and replies that make this blog so great.

      The only person I know that had to deal with Dershowitz, a man I never heard say a negative word about anyone else, thought he was one of the biggest scumbags alive.

      1. Abe, I’ve talked to several men who share those feelings, exactly. Sometimes it’s the more brilliant man – – -Dershowitz is that; Harv. Law Prof. at 26, and all —that can misuse his talents and inflict maximum harm with his words, by pen or microphone.

        I try to remember too, that people like Dershowitz and Carr have done a lot of good in their lives, too; although I conclude both have been chronic character assassins.

    2. Bill C. Is a treasure trove of information on the JohnConnolly travesty. As for Senator Bulger,I see him on a regular basis along with Tom Finnerty,Fran Joyce
      and Paul Hefferernan.

    3. Bill c is a treasure trove of information on the Connolly travesty. As for my
      Confirmation hearing,I remain forever indebted to Senator Bulger for his
      support up to and during the process.We remain close friends today.

  10. I don’t want to muck up any works, but I see no harm in writing a petition, exercising my First Amendment Constitutional rights, asking for John Connolly to be pardoned and/or his remaining sentence commuted, as Tadzio wisely suggested.

    I think you do know me, D.B.. my longstanding friendship with John Connolly goes back to college and before to the neighborhoods…. although he was older than I, by about 5 years . . . his younger brother Jimmy, who was a lifeguard at our beach when we were teens was about my same age and Jimmy went to school with guys I grew up with ….. put it this way: I was born in the same place the Connolly family was born and grew up in the neighborhood up the street; John and I attended the same two universities, although majoring in different subjects; I’ve had a few beers with John and went to a few football games with him . . . . I considered him, and always will, an “older friend.”

    As a lawyer, with other graduate degrees, who written a number of briefs and pleadings, and has appeared as co-counsel before SCOTUS and written a few books, I think I could fashion a pretty good letter requesting a pardon and/or commutation.I have until now preferred to keep relatively anonymous on this post . . . not in life.

    2. One thing that disturbed me about John’s Miami trial. When the jury was out, the Clerk of the Federal Appeals Court (I recall) issued a decision which found the FBI civilly liable for several murders. That decision was blasted over every newspaper, radio and television in America: Boston FBI responsible for murders.

    I believe it’s likely members of the jury heard directly or indirectly those reports: if so, they were biased.

    I always wondered: Who was that clerk? Was he a friend of Dershowitz, Carr, or Freddie Wyshak? Did someone ask him to release it then? Was he unaware it could contaminate the jurors in Miami or was that his intent.

    3. The viciousness with which Dershowitz and then Carr attacked Bill Bulger since the 75 State Street Affair (@199 the viciousness with which both slandered Bulger after Dershowitz unjustly and without cause maligned Bulger’s aide who was nominated to a judgeship . . . Paul Mahoney served honorably for 20 years then retired . . . the vicious lies promoted by Carr in The Brothers Bulger (forward written by Dershowitz); the vicious lies Dershowitz knowlingly put in writing defaming Bulger and John Connolly, while the Miami Appeals process was continuing, makes me conclude that Dershowitz, Carr and Wyshak may have colluded in prosecuting John Connolly to get Billy Bulger.

    In fact, in one article Dershowitz wrote words to this effect: John Connolly is only “a cop”; squeeze Connolly to get Bulger.

    As NC pointed out Dershowitz for nearly 20 years did everything in his power to criminalize his political differences with Billy Bulger and to get his political foe and better, incarcerated. Dershowitz was the godfather of vitriole, calling on prosecutors to prosecute the man whose law office bested him legally (75 State Street) and who made minced meat of the shriveling murderer of reputations, Alan Dershowitz, when he appeared at the State House to defame Paul Mahoney.

    Dershowitz hate Bulger with a passion. Bulger ignored him. Would Dershowitz abuse his power to go after a friend and associate of Bulger, out of spite, vindictiveness? Of course he would. Look what he did to the Honorable Paul Mahoney.

    P.S. I’ll post two references to Harvard Crimson which discusses the feud over Mahoney’s nomination by Governor Dukakis. And I’ll post a Newsmax Article, which shows how Dershowitz lied repeatedly to defame Bulger and Connolly . . . and he did it cold bloodily without batting an eye.

  11. Thank you DB, Matt and all for very informative comments; keep fighting the good fight; and do good and fear no man.

  12. Sorry for the typo

    it should have been 1941

    in other anomalies


    Bulletproof vests, $8K in cash swiped from FBI agent’s car
    By Tina Moore and Daniel Prendergast December 7, 2017 | 1:26pm
    Modal Trigger Bulletproof vests, $8K in cash swiped from FBI agent’s car

    A thief broke into an FBI agent’s car and stole a safe containing over $7,800 and several bullet proof vests as it sat parked in the shadow of Manhattan’s Federal Plaza, police said.

  13. Matt, thanks for the update and “reminder.” Bill C, who ever you are, have hit the nail on the head with regard to the wrongful conviction of John Connolly. I am clearly a close friend of John Connolly’s and have been since our days together in the NYC FBI Office. Now, before I start, I must say that anything that I may say will be looked at with a jaundice eye because I am a close friend of John’s. But, what I have to say is based on fact, not innuendo or supposition, but fact. I have been in John’s corner for the past 15 years, yes, 15 years. His conviction in Boston, as Bill C. points out involved 4, that is, FOUR predicate acts, none of which involved any violent act[s]. The predicate acts that he was convicted of stemmed from the testimony of Frances “Cadillac Frank” Salemme. Salemme’s testimony was full perjury and his testimony was suborned by corrupt federal prosecutors. I must point out that John’s jury in Boston found him “Not Guilty” of anything to do with the John Callahan murder. However, after John began serving his ten-year sentence, he was approached by Fred M. Wyshak, Jr., the AUSA who participated with Special Prosecutor John Durham in John’s Boston trial, told John Connolly that if he did not proved names of FBI agents who took money from Bulger – Flemmi, he would get John indicted for murder in Florida. John told him what he could do with that request in colorful language. Wyshak proceed to travel to Florida and convince the Florida authorities that there was not issue of “Double Jeopardy” regarding pursuing charges against John Connolly for the murder of Callahan. He convinced the “incompetents” in Florida to seek two indictments against John Connolly; first degree murder and conspiracy to commit first degree murder. The Florida criminal justice system did exactly that; John was indicted on the two charges. As the court proceeded, and nearing the end of the trial, the prosecution felt that they were losing the case against John. After both sides rested, the prosecution asked the judge, Stanford Blake, to have the jury consider a third charge, and unindicted charge of “2nd degree murder while armed.” Connolly’s defense challenged the charge, however, the defense vehemently objected; the judge allowed the jury to consider the charge. When the jury came back with not guilty verdicts on the two indicted charges, and guilty on the unindicted charge, the judge, upon reflection, realized that he errored and instructed the defense to file a “motion for arrest of judgement,” which meant that judge Blake would through out the charge and John would walk out of his courtroom a free man. But, we know what happened; the defense failed to file the motion within the 10-day jurisdictional window and the case was transferred to the Miami 3rd District Court of Appeal. Bill C. at this point a three-judge panel [presiding judge Leslie Ann Rothenberg, Judges Frank Shepard and Richard Suarez] of the 3rd DCA heard the appeal from John’s appellant attorney; within less that one month, the chief judge, Leslie Ann Rothenberg, issued a PCA decision in favor of the state. You were correct in noting that no written opinion was produced. A PCA [per curiam afformance] requires no written opinion supporting the PCA. The appellate process was begun; after almost two years, the original three-judge panel was convened to reconsider the case, with the presiding [lead] judge Shepard in charge. Basically, an “En Banc” re-hearing was ordered by the State Supreme Court to hear the case. The result was a 2-1 opinion in favor of John Connolly. However, Judge Shepard allowed the state to file any challenge that my impact on their 2-1 decision. It is ironic that Rothenberg did not explain her PCA decision, but, wrote a 40 page dissent challenging her fellow justices. Finally, after several years, the ENTIRE COURT heard the case and came back 5 – 4 against John. It is felt that dear “Leslie” browbeat her fellow judges into supporting her interpretation of the law supporting the charge of 2nd Degree Murder with a Firearm. At this point it should be noted that the any 2nd degree murder charge has a statute of limitations of four [4] years. The crime took place in 1982. However, the probation department utilized the 1983 sentencing guidelines in setting John’s term of incarceration. There is not case law or statute on the Florida books that supports this wrongful sentence and wrongful conviction. To add insult to injury, several people very close to Rothenberg, confirmed that she and the state prosecutor, Michael Lee von Zamft, had a professional, social and sexual relationship prior to the trial of Connolly. Nothing like a CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Lastly, the Innocence Clinic, which is attached to the University of Miami Law School, took up John’s case and found serious flaws in every aspect of the trial and subsequent appeals. I will let you know how things are progressing as time passes.

    1. That’s a strong post, DB. I also think the involvement of the Innocence Project is significant, but I’ve pretty much stopped viewing these cases through a legal lens. Connolly has paid for his sins, and then some. He deserves a few years of freedom with his family. Greig deserves her freedom as well.

      You’re obviously well informed, so let me ask: Is our little friend Steve Flemmi — the worst of the lot — back on the street? Now THAT would be an injustice.

      1. A couple of afterthoughts about Greig. Her refusal to talk is often reduced to her love for Bulger, but it seems to me that protecting members of her family and friends who may have helped out along the way is a better and more compelling reason for her silence. There also seems to be a belief that she’s keeping quiet about some secret Bulger fortune, but I don’t believe that one any more than I believe there’s a Nazi gold train buried under a mountain in Poland.

  14. I see Matt’s stirring up the MC Irregulars again.
    No good will come of this…………………


    you institute a petition drive
    spell out the irrefutables
    contact my friend in Quincy Ed Tatro
    who has been known to talk with
    Roger Stone
    who has been known to talk with Donald Trump
    who has recently been known to pardon

    in other news


    1. Two points. 1.) Ask for a commutation of the remaining sentence, not a pardon. It is an easier sell. 2.) Forget President Trump. He has no authority to pardon a person convicted in a state court.

  15. P.S. read the majority’ (5-3) decision’s Finding of Facts: Everyone in Boston knows these “facts” are falsehood. The Appeals Court accepted everything Flemmi, Martorano, Weeks, Morris and Wyshak said, as true.

    The greatest miscarriage of justice I’m aware of in the United States in my experience and reading. And i principally blame Wyshak who I believe may have withheld exculpatory evidence from the defense in Boston. I’d love to have an experienced cross-examiner put Wyshak on the stand and ask him about the testimony of men he knew were proven and admitted perjurers.

  16. Matt,a great article. Great minds run in similar track, and even not so great minds, like mine, but I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about John Connolly lately.

    I’m going to write the governor Scott of Florida and exercise my constitutional rights to petition for a redress of grievances and ask for a PARDON for John Connolly.

    Here’s why: John was tried twice for the same crime, in Boston and Miami. Shelley Murphy wrote a front page story in the Globe: “Connolly acquitted of all the serious charges.” He was; he was convicted in Boston of 5 less serious charges, only one of which occurred during his 25 years as an FBI agent. That crime: giving a case of wine with an envelope in it to his boss, the admittedly corrupt agent Morris. Morrris told two different stories where the envelope: in the bottom of the box; in the side between bottles. Be that as it may. The Boston jury believed nothing else Morris said.

    The Boston jury believed not one word of Martorano’s testimony and only part of Weeks.

    In Boston, Salemme was found to have committed perjury and all his testimony was thrown out; he’d poisoned the mind of the jurors, but a Federal Appeals court in Boston inexplicably refussed to throw out the case.

    In Miami, the overly zealous Federal Prosecutor Fred Wyshak brought the same serial killers and corrupt Morris and had them lie again. Wyshak added Flemmi, who under oath before Judge Wolfe in Boston said John Connolly was an honest cop who never took a dime and never did or said anything intending anyone be harmed,

    Flemmi changed his story in Miami; lied and said John was a crook, was taking money from the Mob and was “part of the gang.”

    Connolly was acquitted of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder, but at the end of trial, corrupt Wyshak added an additional count: second degree Murder by Gun.

    The jury found John guilty on that, even though the case law required the accused to be at the murder scene holding a gun in his hand. John was 1,500 miles away on Martha’s Vineyard.

    Worse, the only testimony that linked John Connolly to John Callahan was Flemmi’s fabricated story that he remembered in 2006 that in 1984 Connolly said, “If Callahan talks we’ll all be in trouble.” Ridiculous! Callahan never met, never talked to, knew nothing about Connolly. For making up that lie, Flemmi got a great deal from Wyshak, who knew he had previously perjured himself before Wolfe in Federal Court.

    Now, it gets bizarre. When Connolly’s jury is out deliberating, the trial judge, Sandford Blake, flies up to Boston. I hope he didn’t visit Carr or Dershowitz.

    Worse the the Statute of Limitations had run on the murder by count charge. The judge refused to hear it, because Connolly’s lawyers raised it two weeks late.

    Worse the first appeals court issued no written decision, as they were required to by law.

    Finally, the second appeals court rules 2-1 Connolly could not be convicted because he didn’t have a gun in his hand at the scene of the murder. The dissent said, No: if he held a gun anywhere in the world when the murder occurred he could be convicted. Absurd!

    Finally it got to a full panel of the appeals court and they ruled 5-3 overturning all precedents in Florida that you could be sitting beside a gun in farmhouse in Sweden, and you could still be found guilty. Remember, John Connolly is acquitted of conspiracy.

    If you want to know how absurd the majority’s decision is read the dissents.

    Finally, remember right before John Connolly’s 2008 trial Howie Carr the corrupt fatso whom I call Howie Cur, published his false scurrilous book, the Brothers Bulgers. Other false and misleading books and films hit the Florida courtrooms and jurors ears, and did so from 2008 to 2015 when John finally got his final decision from Florida.

    And chew on this: Alan Dershowitz said, repeatedly said for 15 years and published some of the most disgusting, scurrilous, false and defamatory statements about Bill Bulger and John Connolly, before and during all the judicial proceedings in Florida. The atmosphere was poisoned by the Media, Carr and Dershowitz and many others and an innocent man sits in prison in Florida.


  17. Great post. 100% true. The DOJ in Boston and their Federal agents were totally compromised by the Mafia. The perverts and criminals in Hollywood and the media were trafficking in the total nonsense that Whitey ruled the underworld. The Feds fell for the Mob’s disinformation campaign hook, line and sinker. Those geniuses let the top ten organized crime hitmen out of jail to frame an innocent Connolly. Remember it was Connolly and Rico, the two best FBI agents in recruiting informers against the Mafia who are later framed based on claims of decades old wrongdoing. 2. You have always been right in your assessment that the Feds target was Bill Bulger. Connolly was framed to squeeze him into providing evidence against the former Senator. Connolly was honest so he and his family suffered. 3. Dershowitz was on tv recently saying that political differences should not be criminalized and that the investigations of Trump and Hillary should be dropped. He claimed it was improper to settle political disputes in this fashion. What a hypocrite. He was the Godfather of this misuse of the criminal courts. For 25 years he was demanding prosecution of his political foes 4. The leadership of the FBI is being exposed for what they are. They wouldn’t provide a witness to Congress on the Boston Marathon case and other matters. Are they an unaccountable Secret Police answerable to no one? Mueller, McCabe, Comey et al, the same crowd that framed Connolly and the Probation Officers, covered up the Uranium One deal and put the fix in the Clinton e-mail case. End the Death tax and End the corrupt Deep State including the useless FBI.

  18. Thanks for your article Matt and it seems unfair that both John Connolly and Catherine Grieg are in prison when they have never murdered anyone.

    In your opinion was the deceased mobster Anthony St laurent a top level informant much like Bulger and Flemmi?

    Was Howie Winter the overall boss of the Winter Hill Gang before being convicted of extortion and race fixing or did he share power with Bulger, Murderman and Flemmi?

    Is the case of Sonny Mercurio very similar to Bulger as they were both protected by the FBI but later they fled Boston?

    1. Sure, he kept a very low profile . You really can only conjecture as to whether and where he murdered . You just do not know . Just as you took the Boston Detective’s observation about only seeing him a couple of times and expanded that into the apodictic voice that knew his itinerary for twenty-five years , so others have taken liberties with the truth of his exploits . So, at this late date we get somewhat sour observations about his celebrity, or lack thereof when he least desired it . If indeed he ever desired it. Senior is coming up on the Mr. Steven DiSarra trial very soon . Tell us your story !

    2. David:

      St. Laurent was an informant not of the the FBI but for a Rhode Island law enforcement officer. He was one of five discussed at the John Connolly trial where it was testified that Flemmi asked Weeks to get him the information from Connolly on the identification of the five informants used in the FBI affidavit for the wiretapping of the Mafia induction ceremony of which St. Laurent was one. Although his name did not come out at the trial later events showed it was he.

      Howie Winter was clearly the boss. The others were definitely under him. Heard a story from a highly reliable person who told how he was at a wedding in Southie. Howie came in with the others. He pulled out a chair. Whitey started to pull out one next to him. He pointed to another chair and told him to sit there and told Brian Halloran to sit next to him. Just a little anecdote but tells much.

      Sonny was Connnolly’s top level informant. He did flee. Can’t remember right now the exact circumstances but somehow involved a party boat at Boston harbor, I think, but don’t hold me to it.

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