Whitey Bulger Photographs – And Others

For those interested I will collect sites that have these photographs and let you go to them.  This will insure the photographer gets proper credit.

I’ll also try in the future when I refer to an individual to link to a site that has his photograph.

Pictures of Whitey with Teresa Stanley, Billy and Jackie Bulger when younger, and Chris Nilan are shown here.

21 thoughts on “Whitey Bulger Photographs – And Others

  1. Do you think anyone will ever get revenge and/or do anything to keep those dirtbags Weeks and Nee quiet?

    1. curious- I don’t see anyone around anymore to have that kind of animosity. As far as victim’s children, I don’t think we have any real way of knowing. That has always been a question of mine, when will the evil actions of these men be brought to justice? Street or Judicial, I prefer the latter. There has got to be a reason they yanked Nee’s reality show.

      1. Doubting:

        Good comment. It seems to me that there must be some younger gangsters roaming around Southie who might want to make a name for themselves. I wonder who the bookies are paying rent to now. What happened in Whitey’s days has to be continuing. The illegal gambling business thrives; the drug dealers are still around. Where are the people who are supposed to be investigating this stuff. We seem to be in the same situation as during Whitey’s days when he was doing all his mischief but no one knew about it.

        No one in the judicial system seems to be interested in Weeks or Nee. If they are to receive any justice, it seems to me it will have to come from the street.

    2. Curious:

      Nee seems to be an old guy who is willing to avoid getting into problems and watches his back. He’s probably been involved in several murders in one way or another according to the testimony so he is smart enough to keep a low profile.

      Weeks is a smart guy but he has an explosive temper. He’s likely to get into some type of run in with some younger up and coming wise guy if he doesn’t control himself. It’s hard getting the gangster out of the gangster.

      As for revenge, you know what the Mafia says, “it is best served cold.” In the world of Nee and Weeks they know one bad deed begets another; that possibility is always there although I sometime wonder where have all the wise guys gone. Thanks for asking.

  2. It would be fascinating to re-immunize a witness like Weeks. Just grab him off the street and put him in front of a brand new grand jury. Just give Weeks a chance to correct everything he lied about, and this time convince him if he is caught in a lie he will actually be returned to jail for a real prison term consistent with his criminal history. Then..

    Ask Weeks who told him he could lie without consequence in John Connolly’s trial?

    Ask Weeks who told him he could/should safely erase Nee out of the murders of McIntyre, Halloran, Donohue, Barret, etc.?

    Ask Weeks how did Martorano also know he could/should erase Pat Nee from all the gang’s crimes, especially the Halloran/Donohue murders?

    Ask Weeks how did Pat Nee himself know that Martorano and Weeks, in fact no government witness, would implicate him in any crime?

    The immunity deals for Weeks and Martorano, like all immunity deals, were predicated on them telling the truth. For simply telling the truth on the witness stand, Weeks and Martorano were able to avoid life sentences for the 26 murders they committed, collectively. These two guys are the luckiest men in the world. Instead of spending the entire rest of their days in prison, they were set free and given large amounts of taxpayer cash…. all just for doing what is required of every witness, tell the truth.

    But Weeks and Martorano didn’t tell the truth in court. Their perjury in John Connolly’s trials is plain, especially with respect to the mystery ‘back seat shooter’.


    The inescapable conclusion is that there was actually no risk to Weeks and Martorano committing perjury because it was done with the approval of federal law enforcement. If you think that’s an outrageous conclusion, ask Joseph Salvati, Peter J. Limone, Henry Tameleo, Louis Greco, Patsy Barone and Vincent Ferrara if federal law enforcement in Boston is capable of subporning perjury or otherwise breaking the law just to pin a murder on the person they want to get.

    Weeks, Martorano and Nee had been incarcerated in different parts of the country for several years before Connolly’s trials and they could not have been in communication to coordinate their stories. So how did they all come up with the same lie (Pat Nee wasn’t there)? Again, the only possible answer is law enforcement put them together to coordinate their perjurious testimony.

    Federal law enforcement in Boston is selling us all a story that Whitey was responsible for all organized crime in Boston for decades. No further investigation needed, the Feds have the witnesses who will testify to their theory, Weeks and Martorano.

    Federal law enforcement in Boston is also selling us all a story that John Connolly was a “rogue agent” and any misconduct was by him only. No need to investigate any further here either! Especially do not go up the chain in the FBI! Give a sleazebag like Agent John Morris a sweet immunity deal, let him keep his retirement package and make he’ll say whatever Wyshak wants him to…especially that all misconduct was Connolly’s. Unfortunately for Wyshak, Morris got caught publicly committing perjury. Ooops! Not a big deal in Federal District Court in Boston, however, where the truth is so malleable. Instead of prosecuting Morris for his perjury, Wyshak re-immunized him and gave him a new script and warned him not to get caught again. Apparently, its OK to lie in Boston Federal Court if you’re law enforcement. Anyone else would get jail time.
    As for Morris’s character, he makes a perfect witness for the USA because he has proven he completely lacks any morals. Just give him a script…. In fact, Judge Wolf found that Morris tried to have people killed while he was an FBI agent, he took bribes, he committed perjury, adultery, etc, etc. In other words, Morris is the kind of witness Wyshak loves!

    The mainstream media in Boston is so indebted to Wyshak and Co. for years of leaks in this case. They print his spin without question. Soon, however, they will have to reexamine some of the dirt he fed them. Maybe the re-examination will start when Whitey testifies, or maybe it will start earlier. All things secret….

    1. Patty:
      Dream on. The only people who could immunize Weeks are those who are in bed with him. Your questions will never be answered because those answers are supposed to be forgotten and put away out of everyone’s minds. I know the answer as well as you. The most important witness for the fed is Kevin Weeks. He’s the one who will bury Whitey because he has the corroborative evidence which is the bodies. When Weeks began to deal with the feds he recognized that he held four aces. He made demands of the government that it not implicate Nee in anything. So Nee gets a pass for all the murders. The problem with the government’s case is that Murderman and Brutalman wrote books that show Whitey was not the big OC guy. If anyone was Mr. Big it was Murderman who according to his book met with Gerry Angiulo along with Howie Winter and got a list of people they should kill. By the way, Murderman clearly shows that Winter was behind several hits but he’s never been charged with those. So not only is Nee getting away with murder so is Winter and the guy in the back seat of Murderman’s car who is also doing the shooting. To get Whitey, who was clearly at a lower level than Winter and Murderman the feds have given at least three guys passes on many murders and are letting Flemmi live the life of Reilly and probably have a deal with him, and he is worse than Whitey by a huge amount, to let him out early.
      Here’s what I don’t understand as I see more and more into this, how is it the feds know so many guys were murderers and only are intent on getting one.
      The same thing applies to the FBI. It wasn’t Connolly or Morris, who is much worse than Connolly, it was many others in the FBI who knew what was going on and went along with it because the FBI looked so good taking down the Mafia.
      There’s really one explanation. I’m told that Wyshak was asked in Florida after Connolly got convicted there where did Connolly go wrong? He said he got to close to the Bulgers. That’s not just Whitey but also Billy. The only explanation for putting Whitey on the top shelf is the ongoing attempt to smear Billy because in the eyes of the prosecutors (read the book by agent Fitzpatrick who was all but drummed out of the FBI and violated the most basic decency by revealing the identity of FBI informants to the Globe as to how they think of Billy) and without a scintilla of evidence Billy was the power behind Whitey, Connolly and everything truly evil.
      What can anyone do when the Globe and U.S, Attorney wash each others hands (see probation case) and the judges have already condemned both Whitey and Connolly.

  3. Just because Flemmi is not in the BOP public database does not mean he is not in custody. Persons formally in the Witsec program are not there and people who are govt witnesses like Flemmi can be deleted by FBI request. Also, the Feds contract with local agencies around the US to hold federal prisoners. Inmates in these facilities are not in the database as they are not in BOP custody. Some of these facilities are exclusively for federal protected witnesses. For example in the 1980’s into the 1990’s ( and possibly up to today) the Feds paid Dade County to run a detention facility on SR 9 in North Dade county that was only for high value federal witnesses. I was able to get one of my witnesses in there and he promptly stabbed an important federal witness with a pool cue. But that’s a story for another day.

    1. That’s good to know. Thank you for the information. I guess the assumption is if all those other bozos could get deals, Flemmi could too, and wherever he is, he’s probably not too uncomfortable. No one was closer to Whitey and the bozos’ value has to be decreasing as the holes in their stories widen… It looks to me like the govt needs Flemmi. Thanks again for the info. Would love to hear the pool cue story sometime 😉

      1. Kid Thursday:
        There’s a lot of holes in Flemmi’s story also. One thing he testified in front of Judge Wolf that Trooper Naimovich was his informant which is a lie and even has himself relying on Naimovich for information three years after Naimovich died. He had a ton of other lies in front of Wolf like saying John Morris gave him a tape recording when it clearly came from Connolly according to Weeks and Ken Fishman, who is now a judge, I could go on and on. I don’t understand how the government can use any of these guys.

    2. JHG:
      The problem is that if he is not in BOP custody he could be anywhere. BOP’s data base show some people were in its custody and have been discharged and others who were suppose to be in its custody as not having been there. If the BOP inmate locator is so unreliable why is it even used? I now all about them having separate facilities like Plymouth Jail in MA where Whitey is kept and there’s one in Rhode Island where Weeks, Greig and Sal DiMasi were held. But it seems strange to go to the BOP site and see that Stevie Flemmi is listed as not being in its custody and Weeks and Murderman Martorano as never have been. Thanks for the update.

  4. Remarkable is an understatement, but it’s certainly all very consistent. It’s quite clear that there are MANY ‘above the law’. It’s particularly hard to stomach the buddy/buddy relationships btwn cops and these morons as you’ve pointed out before… maybe I’m grasping at a slim hope that this ‘friendliness’ is part of an overall ‘play’ that will eventually be used against them to round them up and the end to ‘make it right… But I understand that’s naive. It will never be right.

    It is pretty sickening to think flemmi is out now. Life sentence! That’s a pretty interesting theory about that poor murdered (sawed in half) girl. How does something like that not get solved ..and just go away? I think I know the answer. I grew up in Randolph and remember when Debra Davis disappeared. I used to hear stories about how FBI agents would dissuade Debby’s mom Olga from accusing Flemmi to ‘just let it go’ because she had ‘other children to protect’. It would surprise me if Whitey had the role in her killing as others allege.

    1. Kid Thurday:
      Olga Davis brings back memories. I believe her son was murdered at Walpole. That was back in May 1981. Then in September 1981 her daughter Debbie disappeared. That was a tough year for her. The guy who was indicted for killing her son was acquitted. Olga was disappointed but believed that he would get his down the road. A week or so after he was released he was murdered. I heard she was well thought of by the prosecutors.
      Debra Davis’s story is tragic. Flemmi’s story about Whitey coming to kill her is absurd. Flemmi didn’t need Whitey’s help to do it. Weeks in his book doesn’t put Whitey at her murder. That’s why I don’t get the Davis family being so upset at Whitey when they should know it was all Flemmi.
      Why would Whitey have a role in her killing? He had no motive to kill her. But he had no motive to kill Deborah Hussey and Weeks had him doing her in and Weeks admits he is standing there. What type of people are these, you have to wonder?

      1. Good question. I hear Steve Davis is releasing a book this year to tell Debbies story. Hopefully we’ll get some insight, maybe a revelation or two.

        1. Kid Thursday:
          I don’t see how Steve Davis could write a book that would be cover all that went on. Sometimes it is best to let sleeping dogs lie.

    2. Kid Thursday,
      JHG noted that just because Bureau of Prisons does not list a person as being in custody they could still be there. I noted that Whitey is not listed under the BOP lockup and he is in the Plymouth jail but we know he hasn’t yet been sentenced. The problem is that we’ve seen how the prosecutor and his team have befriended these animals and does all it can to protect them. We can only hope the BOP inmate locator would be on the level but apparenty according to JHG it is a goverment scam because the FBI can have people deleted from its list.
      Here’s what I’ve found lately: Catherine Greig is listed as being held at WASECA that’s a prison in Waseca, Minnesota; Kevin Weeks, not found; John Martorano, not found (another one is listed); Francis Salemme, not found; Richard J. Schneiderhan, released 10-04-2006; Michael Flemmi, released 09-02-2011. Notice a pattern. Those that cooperated with the government aren’t listed as even having been in BOP custody which makes one wonder whether these guys have received enormous benefits. How much did Martorano get when he got out in Florida, $25,000. That makes me think for all we know Stevie Flemmi being listed as not in BOP custody may mean he’s back on the street. You have to feel comfortable knowing how messed up the BOP records are.

  5. No problem Matt. Happy to contribute my $.02 to this fine blog. It’s really the only serious source of information on this subject, Incredibly. It’s hard to look at any media report on Whitey and take it seriously. Even the comment sections are complete ignorance. You’ve done such a good job at demonstrating that Weaks and Martorano have lied. It’s hard to imagine them testifying at whiteys trial now. Can we expect them back in prison where they belong before or after their farce of testimony? Weaks said the idea was to get away with a crime. And he writes a book. Stupid is as stupid does. Funny stuff.

    Do you know where Flemmi is these days? From Wikipedia (for whatever worth that is) According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, he is not in federal custody as of 2011 and his release date is unknown.

    Do you think Flemmi was given another deal and is now in witness protection?

    1. KidThursday:
      Thanks for the nice words. The prosecution’s problem is all of its witnesses against Whitey are liars. For one thing no one knows the truth. The prosecutors can take the words of a gangster and buddy up to him so that he follows the approved script. I would like to think that the prosecution finds all these people as repulsive as the person it is prosecuting. You’ll never see any of them going back to prison because they have become junior g-men. They are now working for the good guy. To put them back where they belong would mean that the case against Whitey was fraught with lies, which it will be, but the prosecution cannot admit to that because that would indicate Whitey was not fairy convicted.
      Not only was Weeks stupid in writing a book so was Pat Nee. When you read both books they clearly show Nee set up McIntyre to be murdered and was there at the time he was murdered and helped bury him. I can’t figure out why the Suffolk DA doesn’t charge him on that. Murderman Martorano also was stupid to write a book telling how he killed so many people. So were Red Shea and some other drug dealer. Writing a book made them all into rats against Whitey. All these big stand up guys figured whitey would never be captured so they could spin their tales of fantasy without consequences.
      I’m having the same problem as you are with regard to Flemmi. He makes my skin crawl since he’s twice if not three times worse than Whitey. Can there be anything worse than preying on a young girl, abusing her throughout her life, and then killing her? Or, enticing another young girl to be his girl friend and when she tires of him and finds a decent person he kills her. You know when I think of Flemmi I thing of that girl that was found in a dumpster in Boston sawed in half – he is the type that would do that. He is not in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons, as you note. He is the ultimate evil criminal and it seems the prosecutors are taking care of him by providing him with a good life. He belongs in ADX Florence but he’s probably going to be living up the street from you one of these days. Isn’t it remarkable that Flemmi was sentenced to life in prison and is not in prison. Tommy Sperrazza also was sentenced to life in prison but made a deal with the federal prosecutors and he’s been out for years. Anyway the next time you hear a federal prosecutor say no one is above the law don’t laugh too hard.

    1. KidThursday:
      What I like about people interested in reading my blog is they don’t let me slip anything by them. Not that I do it intentionally but sometimes I mess up. You caught me. When I read your comment my initial reaction was to wonder what you were talking about. I knew of Jackie and did quickly think about him when I responded to Kelli. But you picked up that I didn’t follow through on my analysis. If I’m going to say Mike Femmi was a convicted criminal, he was a Boston cop who was nailed trying to hide Stevie’s weapon factory; then I have to include Jackie who was nailed for perjury for lying to a Boston grand jury about about his actions in relations to Whitey. He got six months in the can and lost his pension. I stand corrected. Thanks

    1. Kelli:
      Billy’s never been charged with any crime so he’s not doing any time. The only offense that I have discovered is that he is related to Whitey. Having a sibling as a criminal, even one who is purported to be as evil as Whitey, does not make another sibling guilty of a crime. In this case it is interesting because the two Martorano brothers were convicted criminal and three Flemmi brothers were convicted criminals only one of the Bulger brothers was.

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