FLASH — Whitey Bulger To Testify — Another Con — Maybe Not

As I predicted earlier today, Carney backed off filing a motion that Bulger had immunity.  He knew he had no chance of winning.  Worse, he knew if Stearns denied it, he’d be unable to bring up all the FBI shenanigans at trial.   Now by saying Whitey will testify to his immunity claim he can bring in all the cruddy stuff the FBI did while it had him as its number one boy.  The FBI wires must be buzzing.

The motion we were waiting to see, you know to figure out how Whitey was going to claim immunity, turns out to be a ruse intended to throw a little delay at the court.  It was tossed up there for that purpose but also to give Carney a chance to strut before a microphone outside the court house.

The suggestion that Whitey is going to testify is a little bit more sensationalism.  There’s no chance Whitey will testify.  None.  Zero,  Nada.   

However, you know that Whitey doesn’t have to make that decision until the penultimate moment of the trial, just before the end of the defendant’s case.  He can swear up and down the Bible and Koran and Rolling Stone that he’ll testify but if he decides not to at the last minute,  he can’t be forced to do it.

Carney’s trying to keep the pressure on the FBI to get his client a better deal.  The FBI is not happy with today’s outcome.  Whitey, well who knows, he’s still living close by the ocean where he always liked to live.  There’s nothing better for him in the future.

As I’m writing I’m trying to figure this out.  Then a light goes off in my head.  I’m thinking that what I just wrote about him not testifying may be wrong.  When I said he’d never testify I figured he’d just end up helping the government’s case and hurt himself.

Now I’m reconsidering.  How can Whitey hurt himself?  If he cant’t get a deal from the FBI and the trial kicks into gear then he knows he’s going to get convicted by a jury and lickety-split he’s off to ADX Florence.   So I ask myself what has Whitey got to lose by testifying if he can’t get the deal for some Club Med type prison?  This could be his great swan song.   Wow, I wouldn’t want to miss that show.  I’d better start reserving my seat.

Chalk up another one for Carney.  He knows how to tease the public.   Or has Carney met his match in Whitey?   It’d be worth a lot to see the interaction between those two.  Got to figure though, as Billy said, Whitey always had to be the boss.