Whitey Facts: The Unmaking of a Legend; He Didn’t Murder Any Women

Here are some of the things that are not considered when we are told by O’Neill, Lehrer, and company who pump up Whitey for their own sinister purposes.

Whitey never murdered a woman. Stevie Flemmi murdered two of  them, his girlfriend and his step-daughter. Yikes, imagine killing your step-daughter who as Whitey’s attorney Hank Brennan noted sat on his lap as a child and called him daddy. Imagine that Flemmi is now palling around with Asst U.S. attorney Fred Wyshak who has arranged for him to keep at least half of the money he made while a criminal and avoid doing time in the federal prison system. No one knows where he is now located – he admitted murdering forty to fifty people but probably it was only half of that. They are executing people in some parts of the country for one or two murders but the federal prosecutors are protecting guys like Flemmi.

Flemmi murdered his step-daughter because he was embarrassed that she was involved in drug and sex activities in the Combat Zone that once existed in Boston – the place where sleazy people catered to sleazy people and preyed upon down-and-out women who plied their wares. How did she end up in such a predicament? It seems since she was a young girl Flemmi was sexually assaulting her, his step-daughter. For years on end he did it and guess who he blamed for his foul and sordid acts. You got it, his step-daughter. If it doesn’t make you skin crawl then you’d better check to see if you have any.

How then did Whitey get blamed for her death?  Prosecutor Wyshak wanted to pile charges upon Whitey and did not care whether they made sense or not as long as he could get someone to implicate Whitey. Wyshak wasn’t engage in a search for the truth; he was looking to find anything that would fit into his idea of prosecution, allowed in the federal courts under their conspiracy law, which is to bring in as many bad guys saying bad things about someone they may or may not have known so that a jury would think – without evidence – “if he knew these bad guys he must be a bad guy.” 

Here’s an example of federal court admissible evidence during the John Connolly trial: Martorano testified the Whitey said that John Connolly said that Bill Bulger said. How can you possibly cross-examine that to determine the truthfulness of it?

What cements the notion that Whitey was wrongly accused of murdering women is the case of Flemmi’s girlfriend. He started abusing his step-daughter when she was five; so it’s not surprised he found a nice looking girl around 15 or 16 to pour a cornucopia of gifts upon to lure her into his squalid life. He used her for years on end. Her father who objected to the relationship died mysteriously. Her mother was swayed by also being able to reach into the pile of treasures. It is also said after he got rid of this girlfriend he preyed upon her younger sister.

The girlfriend went on a trip to Mexico and met a nice guy more her age and quite refined unlike the Roxbury tramp. Her eyes were opened.  She saw that she did not have to be a sex slave forever. She planned to go to Mexico to be with the guy. She made one mistake. The day before she planned to leave she told Flemmi. He was furious. No one would have his girl. He murdered her.  Later, when his friend Martorano asked where the girl friend was he said he “accidentally strangled her.”

No prosecutor on the level would conclude anything other than that Flemmi murdered her because of his jealousy. It is one of the classic motives especially for one whose arms are stained with the blood of innocents.

Well there was one who thought otherwise. He had Flemmi tell a story that Whitey made him murder her because she found out John Connolly had a relationship with them and that she might tell others. Why Whitey would care about that makes no sense. Everyone in the FBI knew of the relationship; Colonel O’Donovan and Bobby Long of the State Police accused them of having the relationship, in other words what she could possibly say was known by so many it mattered little. Whitey himself often expressed the idea that no one would believe anyone suggesting he had the relationship so he had no reason to fear Flemmi’s girlfriend never mind murder her.

The real puzzle in all this is why prosecutor Wyshak would use such tainted evidence. It suggests that he wasn’t so much interested in prosecuting Whitey for his crimes but making him into some type of monster; perhaps his time dealing with monsters like John Martorano, Steve Flemmi, Frank Salemme, and corrupt FBI agent John Morris (admitting taking money from two top echelon informants to have a spree with his girlfriend) that his world has been turned upside down where black become white.


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  1. I get the sense that many people, some on this blog, are still in fear of Whitey. Are his descendants still enforcing his orders from the grave?

  2. Is Wyshak a criminal? Did he hide exculpatory evidence ( the Fitzpatrick memo) from Connolly’s defense team? The Supreme Court requires prosecutors to disclose information helpful to the defense ( Brady material). Dishonest prosecutors of the Nifong, Wiseman, Mueller and Wyshak ilk ignore their duties and thus frame innocents. Or is Wyshak a bumbling stooge who reads the Globe and follows instructions? No decency. No morality No sense of right and wrong. Two innocents Connolly and Grieg serve long terms and three Mafia hitmen ( Flemmi and the Martorano brothers) involved in 50 murders walk free. 2. How does anyone at the Moakley Courthouse justify the Probation Officials prosecution? There isn’t one person in that building that is the ” best qualified” individual for their job. Everyone there got their position through politics as did the Probation Officers. Yet it is a crime for the State employee but not the Federal ones. All Moakley Courthouse workers, judges included, should spend three years in a Western China re education camp. What is good for the dissidents and Muslims would be beneficial for the layabouts on the waterfront. Too many pernicious people in Government.

  3. Perhaps on June 19, 2019 you might compose some work of what you thought of the death of Len Bias 33 years ago today. People say the drug war went into overdrive that day with Tip Oneil talking about mandatory minimums for drug dealers. How good was Len Bias? Google Len Bias John Sally and hear John say that Len Bias would have been the greatest player ever.I have read many times that those close to the Celtics say that Red was never the same after that.I am interested in what youwould write about it from a law enforcement viewpoint.

    1. I was doing a roof up on Hillside Street in Milton. We were listening to WBCN and the DJ said Bias had died. I went inside and called my best friend, a huge Celtics fan, and when I told him he slammed the phone down. I called him back and he was furious with me for making such an awful joke like that. I just told him to turn on the TV. I waited a short time and he came back to the phone. He apologized for getting made at me and quietly hung up the phone. What a horrible day.

  4. The FEDs, Wyshak, the Sterns Gang, including Durham, and other federal prosecutors cut obscenely lenient deals with serial killers, murderers of women, rapists, drug pushers, one, Flemmi, an admitted child molester. In my view, these obscenely lenient deals were payoffs for patently perjurious testimony . . .Remember, Salemme was a proven perjurer; Flemmi for 8 years said under oath John Connolly was an honest cop, before he composed a new tune to Wyshak’s liking; Morris who leaked names intending informants be killed (they call that attempted murder) was given leniency and witness protection . . .Morris was withholding information three weeks before the FEDs put him on the witness stand the first time . . .THE BOSTON JURY believed nothing, zero, of what Martorano said, little of what Morris said, and of course Flemmi didn’t testify in Boston, yet WYSHAK used them as witnesses again and again.

    You mention that triple hearsay . . .Whitey said Connolly said Bulger said . . . . .there was similar double/triple hearsay used by Wyshak in Miami . . .Martorano did not testify what he heard (hearsay) he testified that all of a sudden about 20 years after the fact he remembered with crystal clear clarity that Whitey said that Connolly said “If Callahan talks we’ll all be in trouble.” GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE POWER ABUSING WYSHAK to bring murder charges in Miami. And lo and behold Wyshak brought in Flemmi who suddenly remembered for the first time after being in prison for eight years that he too remembered Whitey said Connolly said.

    But think deeply of the OBSCENELY LENIENT DEALS that Wyshak and other federal prosecutors gave (and their bosses in Washington DC must have greenlighted) to SERIAL KILLERS OF DOZENS OF PEOPLE, gave to an FBI agent who attempted murder, gave to career gangsters

    Reconsider the fact that Martorano who admitted killing twenty persons was given by these corrupt power abusing federal prosecutors 12 years in jail, minus time served (about 7 months per killing; and he, the coward, killed almost always by sneaking up behind people and putting a bullet in their heads; he even did that to a teenaged girl), Wyshak and the FEDs gave him $twenty-thousand in cash to get started again, The FEDS allowed Martorano to keep all his assets earned from a lifetime of violent crime, and he was allowed not to say anything about the crimes or murders of his brother or other associates. He was allowed to settle in a cozy suburb, like he was good boy.

    And you trust your Federal Justice Department in Boston?

    Think how they’ve coddled serial killers, Mafia Men, a corrupt attempted-murdering FBI agent, then think how many innocent men they’ve persecuted, like the Probation Officers, like Boston Police Officer Kenny Conley, like the owners of the Caswell Motel . . .

    Martorano, for his lies, gets 12 years for 20 killing. The Schwarz lad, about 21, is threatened with 50 years in prison for downloading some MIT files available to the public with a “library card.” Senator Joyce is hit with a 138 page indictment which in the main as I read it accused him of practicing law while a state legislator. I spat on that indictment, as I’ve spat on much of what these Power Abusing Feds have done over the last 20 years. Justice, my foot!

    At least Senator Joyce died an innocent man . . . .

    The evil that the Federal Prosecutors and Federal Courthouse in Boston has perpetrated over the last 20 years will live long after all of us are gone. Never forget what the power abusing Feds have done!

    Never forget!

  5. I agree, Matt. It makes much more sense that Flemmi murdered these unfortunate women. But Flemmi would have become an even less attractive witness for the government had he been blamed for these crimes.

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