Whitey Lies: The Boston Disease:

The Boston disease is the idea that whatever happens in Boston is the most important thing in the world or at least has worldly significance.

That is how James J. “Whitey” Bulger was hoisted to the pinnacle of criminals even though a true analysis would show he was little more than a tough guy who went along with others who liked to murder people.

Despite that, here is how authors Gerard O’Neill and Dick Lehr wrote about him: “This is Whitey Bulger’s life story, the story of the most notorious crime boss in twentieth-century America . . . ”

Pretty impressive if one does not know the definition of notorious which the Oxford dictionary tells us is: ” Famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed.” Truth be told, when Whitey fled from the City of Boston in December 1994 upon receiving notice he was about to be indicted for racketeering he was far from famous. Most people never heard of him. Even the writers who now tell us of his notoriety in 1988 in writing about him said nothing of it other than noting he was a hoodlum and an FBI informant. They said nothing about his murders all of which have been attributed to him had ended before they wrote about him.

True he did become notorious when all the Boston media started to make him into something that he wasn’t, but the authors do not make clear that his notoriety came after the media created him into a monster. It was not during his time of committing crimes. It is like writing that Benghazi was a notorious Lybian city. True, it is now.. It wasn’t well known in the United States before the American were murdered there.

Why I mention this point is the use of the term notorious would be corrupted by others who would wrote about Whitey. We would read that he terrorized the City of Boston for 25 years. Hardly could it be true if a person is practically unknown that he could terrorized people.

O’Neill and Lehr do not stop there. Here’s where they jump the shark having been badly infected by the Boston disease. they write: “In the annals of crime in the United States,  Whitey Bulger today stands at the front of the line that includes John Dillinger, Al Capone, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, and, more recently John Gotti. His list of victims matches or exceeds that of any other crime boss, . . . ”

Truth be told if there were a line Whitey would not even be in front of the people he was associated with in Boston: John Martorano, Steve Flemmi, Howie Winter, Joe McDonald, or even Frank Salemme. All of those men in Boston were more vicious and murdered more people than Whitey.  You’ll notice I’m not including Mafia guys Raymond Patirarca (from Rhode Island but controlling Boston),Gerry Angiulo and Larry Baione.

Of course it is silly to suggest he’d be ahead of Gotti and Capone who really were crime bosses. If you ask anyone among the criminals they intimidated who was the crime boss after Whitey rose to the top of the Winter Hill gang, you’d probably find out that most people feared Steve Flemmi. At best it can be said Flemmi and Whitey were at the top of the organization unlike those others who ruled alone.

As far as vicious criminals, you may want to check out Kayo Konigsberg, who was probably involved in murdering  John “Fats” Buccelli in Boston after he murdered John Earle in New York City. He didn’t go up to lie down after a murder, he thrived on murdering people.

Here’s what you should know about Whitey. He is simply a creation of the media affected by the Boston disease and a hatred of his brother Billy. He was protected by the FBI as was Steve Flemmi and other killers who were incorporated into their Top Echelon Informant program. That’s it. His murders are not remarkable. All of which he is credibly accused of doing were in South Boston other than one a couple of miles away on Morrissey Boulevard. He never was a “have gun will travel” type hit man as many others such as Elmer “Machine Gun” Kelly.-

In fact, he is not know to have murdered anyone without others being there to help him. An impartial analysis of his murders which considers the other evidence and motives relating to them could suggest that they numbered four. He and Flemmi used machine guns to murder Eddie Connor, he and Pat Nee did the same when it came to Michael Donohue and Brian Halloran, and, he and Flemmi and his sidekick Kevin Weeks murdered Arthur “Bucky” Barrett.

Consider that. Three of them were far off hits shooting as if one were at an arcade at an amusement park or in a video game; only one was up close and who knows what really happened there. The guy present in that room when Bucky was murdered who loved to murder people was Steve Flemmi who enjoyed mutilating bodies after they were dead. Whitey was squeamish when it came to that. After Bucky’s murder he went upstairs to lie down. Guys that enjoy killing people or are big crime bosses don’t do that.




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  1. Matt’s posts are not unlike the carpet bombings in Kanggye. Tactically sound and based on solid intel, but miss key targets, which is why the attack was launched in the first place. You admit Jimmy was the product of the media, which is true, and yet, you credit him for the trifecta on E 3rd St, which was actually committed by The Three Blind Rats. See what I did there? Trifecta, E 3rd St, Three Blind Rats….did that one get through to you, Patty? You worthless sack.

    1. John:

      Kanggye? Don’t remember carpet bombing that? Was that before or after Syngman Rhee?

      Your code’s are obscure. E 3rd Street trifecta? Three Blind Rats? Patty?

  2. Matt’s posts about Jimmy are not unlike the carpet bombings of Kanggye, tactically on target and based on solid intel, but fail to impact the key areas, which, was the original reason for green lighting the attack in the first place. You admit Jimmy was the product of the media but you credit him for the trifecta on E 3rd St, which was the product of the media and three lying rats. See what I did there? Trifecta, E 3rd St, and three lying rats. You hear that, Patty? You worthless sack.

  3. NC :

    I knew Jimmy . I would have been the guy who unlocked the door so you could run out back in the day if you mouthed that . Metaphorically
    speaking of course . I am funny like that .

  4. If one wants to read about a real gangster from Boston look at Lee Server’s HANDSOME JOHNNY ( Roselli). Matt is 100% correct. Whitey was a media invention. No one in Savin Hill even knew he existed before 1980. The Boston press invented him as they did with Dukakis. The Globe trumpeted Dukakis as a great manager and politician when in reality he was a total dud. Fake News has prevailed in New England for decades.

  5. The vital connection was New York to Providence . When Providence fucked up Boston early nineties NY showed up in Boston . They established a Point Of Contact with their Top of The Line guy there by inoculating him with a single carefully placed shot and then he was able to get the Wing together. People finally figured things out . Word is that he left the hospital against much protest the next morning . I think he was in Southie at the time .

    That’s the story . Of course , maybe someone is just writing a book .


    1. The Boston Police referred to him in the Herald following the murder and hog-tie of a good family man but low-level coke dealer named Bob Lancione July 4, 92 , as — THE SILENT LIEUTENANT — ( All public record ) . $$$ was not his flash apparently . They say people cross to the other side of the street down the North End when he goes there to have some fun . He was ,.. by one account … Serenaded in front of the Café Paradise summer ’17 when he was sitting out front . Albie of the Roses said to the Squeezebox player and his sidekick : Hey , Get over here and play THE GODFATHER … FOR THE GODFATHER .

      Keeps a low profile . Does not act like a Tough Guy . I asked my Landlady Marie Pistone once whether she had finished checking with the Sewing Sicilian Sorrow Coven of Sisters In Black down the North End as to what she had heard about the guy . — So , you’re telling me you asked, I said grinning , you asked them HOW TOUGH . What did they say . …. .

      She squinted at me through a silvered threadery of an eighty year old face that had seen it All … Tossed smoke from the cigarette in the corner of her mouth and bored in on me with serious intent . As if I was thinking of murdering a tenant and she knew he had better get moving , and answered : Verrrrrrrrry Tough .

      1. Apparently the guy kept his distance from the gun trolls , tolls and venal souls in Southie during ALL of the Whitey post early eighties FUCKERY .

        Pro .

        New York

        Love to meet him . Standup Guy

        Don’t know if he was making ” King’s Man ” a new expression in the New England Mob or not . Still

  6. Chicks dig the serious G .

    Sorry, Matt

    Gotta do the Work to get the Perks .

  7. Perhaps at some point the author will go into how the Patriarca organization based out of Providence controlled the Boston group with Boston having to kick up every month. It has been written that the man who headed up Boston bought his button, never becoming a made man the old fashioned way. Also,Raymond getting older was part of Winter Hill and Jimmy Bulger getting stronger. Perhaps that to can be written about as the mists of time go on.

  8. Matt, I concur with your article here. By the way a SSA DISABILITY JUDGE has found, after years of MY trying to get my case heard, that I am legally competent. I can confirm that in June 2017 when I was interviewed by FBI AGENT, the FBI AGENT believed my testimony about FBI SENDING WHITEY TO HARM ME BUT INSTEAD HE WARNED ME AND REFUSED. My testimony scared the FBI AGENT. He terminated the interview and scrubbed the record. Investigations need to begin in order to scrub the Top Echelon Informant program from FBI.

  9. He’s dead!
    Move on..
    Not worth the mention anymore.
    Friends and “appreciatives” of excellent brother billy are bored by any and all commentary.
    Try Climate Change and assist with theeventual killer for hire ofall!

      1. Johnny never took $$$

        He was very moral that way

        Johnny M. is a deep study for me .

        In the mists of mine .

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