Whitey The Ordinary – Just Another Hoodlum Who Didn’t Grow Up

IMG_4115Step back and count the number of books and lines in the media that have been written about Whitey and ask yourself why is that so? Is it because he is the most masterful criminal who has ever existed in America? One would have to think so by the coverage.

We all know what the N.Y. Times motto is: “All the News that’s Fit to Print.” And one can see the Boston Globe’s motto which used to be affixed on the wall of its editorial room but is now carried in the hearts of some of its reporters and columnists: “Don’t Let the Truth Stand in the Way of a Good Story.”

The Globe true to its motto did just that when it came to Whitey. It elevated him to number one on the FBI’s most wanted list and has had its staff continually telling us how he is America’s number one gangster. It had at least three reporters covering his trial on a daily basis and tweetting (if that’s the word) the story out to the masses.

Truth be told, Whitey is far from the worst gangster that has ever existed and is way down on the list of most murders committed. How then is it that he has achieved such an elevated status?  I suggest it happened because of multitude of half-truths put out by the media which is greatly influenced by the Globe’s motto.

The internal contradictions in the media’s telling of the Whitey story, caused in part by the need of all the Boston media to conspire to tell the same story, is such that obvious inconsistencies are not seen by people writing the tales. The most glaring of which has continually been the story developed in Black Mass with the imagined meeting and conversation at Wollaston Beach in Quincy between FBI Agent Connolly and Whitey. On one page the authors say Whitey was recruited to help the FBI in its fight against the Mafia and on the next say Whitey had no information to give on the Mafia.

As far as being a gangster is concerned, Whitey stands no where near some of the Mafioso who have run the rackets in America for decades. There have been articles attributing the number of murders to some efficient Mafia killers of far above fifty. The Mafia’s territory and number of people far exceeded anything Whitey could ever have dreamed of controlling. When it comes to the Mafia bosses, Whitey is strictly nickle and dime.

Even within his own group Whitey was not the top man in murders. John “Murderman” Martorano admitted to doing twenty, and, some of the murders attributed to Whitey were done by Martorano and Whitey was just part of the gang. Steve Flemmi murdered more than Whitey and was more depraved murdering two women he had a close relationsip with. He like Martorano were well into murdering people while Whitey was in prison. Over their lives their depravity and murders far exceeded that of Whitey. Even by one measure Kevin Weeks was more evil than Whitey. He was involved in murdering people at a much younger age than Whitey having admitted to participating in five murders at a time Whitey had committed none.

I know you don’t want to hear this but growing up Whitey was a small timer. He was no different early on than kids I rubbed the shoulders with standing on the corner of Sydney Street and Savin Hill Avenue or playing cards with at the Shelter or up the Woods. He started off as a juvenile delinquent whose crimes were more the nuisance types of clipping stuff and being a general wise guy.

Some in the media point to his arrests and figure he has a secret hand helping him avoid incarceration. Truth is the cops arrested kids who wised off for no reason other than that. That’s why Whitey ended up being arrested and not going to Shirley or the Lyman school. He wasn’t any different than the hundreds of kids with fresh mouths.

Up until the time he started robbing banks, he hardly distinguished himself from any other troubled youngster. He was a wise guy thief who hung around the bars and sidewalks of Southie and downtown Boston. He went into the Air Force not because of any sense of patriotism but at a time there was a draft and most healthy young men had to serve.

He got an honorable discharge – then returned to Southie and got back into his low level criminal tail gating and high level drinking. He was like hundreds of other guys by this time in his life; the attempt to put a shine on a sneaker shows how little experience these media people had with inner city living. I’d say at the time half of the state prison inmates were guys with a similar backgrounds.

Whitey, unlike most of the young hoodlums who in their twenties settle down by getting married or just tire of the foolishness and find a half-decent job, seeing all the younger kids like the Mullens were pushing him out of his tail gating business, had to do what a handful of others decide to do: start robbing places. A lot stick to stores or gas stations, Whitey went were the money was which is to the banks.

He did at least three robberies and then got jammed in when a couple of the guys he did the hold-ups with decided to ease themselves out of their difficulties by jamming in Whitey. We hear from the media the foolishness that having been put in that position he became an informant when the truth is he admitted his role to protect his girlfriend. It is a unique concept of what is an informant to suggest that when one confesses he becomes an informant. The medias mendacity makes it find the worst in everything Whitey did and the witting media conspirators follow the lead.

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    1. Patty:

      As you know this was not about any form of justice, it was as always advertised certain people advancing an agenda which more than anything else involved “getting Billy.” Aside from that it was a way some could gain publicity and others could sell books. The whole episode reeks of mendacity and greed and personal grudges spelled out by a media that betrays its purpose. We know simple justice would have been served indicting Whitey for the California weapons, giving him 20 years, and closing the books on everything else. We all suffer when the prosecutor decides to go into show business.

  1. Matt- I hope you are not ill or having a medical problem.. I think he is now in hubgab right all? Anyway keep on keepin on you all are some great people to comment with!!

    1. Doubting:

      Thanks for your concern. I’m as fine as I can be.

      You may have gotten the hints that my involvement in this blog had a big condition hanging over its head. I was given enough rope to hang myself up in all things involving this and when I was finished it was expected that I had to face at home many of the things that I had put aside in order to consume myself in the trial. I tried after the trial ended to keep the blog going while attending to them but I was reminded that the agreement was I would put other things before the blog once the trial was over. Since she who must be obeyed did her part, I had to do mine. Hopefully not that I’ve dedicated myself to that for a while I can slide back here on occasion, especially since so much remains to be examined.

  2. To all: I don’t know why Brother Matt no longer comments on this blog, his blog. Hope he tells us soon. Signed, Brother Bill, a.k.a., just another Savin Hill Billy.

    1. William:

      Did you not know that another Matthew has arrived in the world and I had to attend to that; and, that having spent the greater part of the summer in Boston there were obligations that I had to meet at home – the quid pro quo of married life. Those things along with a special project I undertook made it difficult to think of other things or even to get to the computer. I did not want to just slobber something together for the sake of posting something so I stayed away. Nothing greatly mysterious, just duty calling in a different direction.

  3. Jon, of course we’re still friends. Even Tom Tucker, one of my lifelong friends I’d known since kindergarten, had disagreements. I’m into the truth and facts as I see it. I make allowance for others doubts. I would not want to live in a world where everyone agreed with me or agree with me and Tuck and you. (2 there’s no question the FBI, DOJ and Boston Media flubbed, fumbled, screwed up in handling serial killers and as a result many innocents were killed. My first cousin Billy Rogers was killed by a drugged up shotgun wielding felon from Southie. Who sold him his drugs? I hold the FEDs responsible for not limiting the import of drugs into our neighborhoods. I don’t believe the FBI knowingly killed anyone. I think the FBI negligently handled and handles TEI serial killers. Big difference between Negligence and Intentional Murder.

  4. Dear Rather Not, A few years ago, I let Kurt Vonnegut’s son, Mark Vonnegut, read part of the “Gaga” book. Mark planned to help get the “Gaga” book published. Mark, myself, and Gaga had a meeting. The three of us were being partners. But Mark wanted to change Gaga’s sing-song style.
    Mark really liked the below paragraph. I have yet to see any reason why this paragraph stood out. Can you think of any reason?

    “That ended the poor-tomato truck. I used it for ten years. Just get the truck. Deliver the hot merchandise. Bring it back. On Sunday nights. The truck was handy for a warehouse. A long one-story building. With fifteen sliding doors. Where they threw Willie. And Harold in the water.”

    1. Afraid:

      While I was otherwise occupied I see you took the opportunity to place a large amount of posts here. I was dismayed that despite my asking you not to post court pleadings you took it on yourself to do that. I’m also a little unhappy about the story of Gaga. I’ve tried to maintain the discourse on this blog at a certain level which avoids the vulgar and maintains the respect we should have for others, especially men for women.

      I found your writings about the women as part of Gaga’s story something that I do not want on this blog. They remind me too much of the Whitey type of individuals where women are degraded and treated as some type of inanimate toys to be played with. I found the similar type writing in MacKenzie’s and Shea’s books. My experience and that of my friends from the same neighborhoods as Gaga as they relate to the girls and women who came into our lives was totally different. We held them in respect. We treated them as equals. We never demeaned or abused them. It got me thinking more broadly into the different in the upbringing of boys in Southie and similar neighborhoods. When the perspective of womanhood is written from the viewpoint of the lowest dirtballs it causes those unfamiliar with our neighborhoods to think black thoughts of all of us.

      Gaga, Francis X. Murray, is an example of a small minority of boys who grew up as hoodlums. Most of us didn’t. His life is nothing more than a tale of a typical jail bird who lives by taking from others and bragging about it. He is in and out of jail and bar rooms and always thinking he is outwitting those who try to lend him a hand when in the end he is only fooling himself. Perhaps because the Whitey saga involved so much of that I think I’ve had our surfeit of it. I just have no interest in reading about another low life.

      In order that any of a tender age who may find this blog and come here for information on this subject not to find another smut pit as are on most blogs, I will be going back through your postings and omitting those that I find contain offensive language or belittle women. I’ll also need to take away others that roam far from the topic such as one I happen to read telling of a dream you had.

      Your book on Gaga is of interest to some of the people on this blog. You may find another way to communicating it to them through, I believe you have face book page. I hope, as you have indicated, that you get it published and if you wish you can note on this site that fact and spell out how people can obtain it.

  5. Dear Rather Not, I sent the “Jimmy Kenney” and “Scoring Women” chapters. My above comment to “Readers,” states: “…Have you seen Max…” I dislike when forgetting to put question marks.
    The “Scoring Women” chapter is one of my favorites. If possible, tell anything you might like about that chapter.

  6. Dear Readers, The guy who helps protect whales is “Max.” Just go to the 9th floor library and ask the clerk, “Have you seen Max. The guy who files lawsuits to protect whales.”
    When you find Max, ask him any legal question. If in the right mood, which is most of the time, he’ll give you (or help you find) the answer.

  7. Dear Not Reason, Matt’s previous post(“The Grand Boston Media Conspiracy”) has the “Whitey II” chapter. I’ll send more shortly.

  8. Dear William, I was within 40 seconds of losing the above message. It might need corrections – but that doesn’t matter. I’m not even going to look at it. I’m sure the words communicate the gist of my thoughts.
    Now I plan sending Not Reason a few “Gaga” book chapters, then will work hard on editing the “Gaga” book.
    Gustave Flaubert also said: “Writing is a dog’s life, but the only life worth living.”
    My goal – create a bestseller. At the end of the “Gaga” book will be paragraphs concerning Kevin Weeks perjury and a request for help obtaining online petition signatures. I don’t have to explain why I want readers (and there friends) to sign a petition named http://www.investigatekevinweeks.com.
    This will happen. But it takes hard work. Happily, the first step has already been taken – I registered the domain name: http://www.investigatekevinweeks.com.

  9. Dear William, I wrote on Matt’s previous post (The Grand Boston Media Conspiracy) that I believe writer Gustave Flaubert’s quote: “There is no art without fanaticism.” I wrote that when feeling slightly guilty for telling Not Reason about my “Gaga” book corrections.
    The night I sent you the above beginning of my lawsuit, I walked from the library upset for not noticing a needed correction. The lawsuit Number 45 has a space between “north-shore” and “communities.” This is another case of wanting everything to be correct but I was within a couple minutes of losing that message (library computer shutting down). I departed from the library angry at myself for not noticing that needed correction, but I also I felt satisfaction for sending you the message.
    Now I feel bad for going against your John Connolly belief. I still want your friendship. You can believe almost anything and I don’t really care. But your John Connolly belief hurts the needed closure Whitey victims deserve.
    Whitey victims (those still alive) and the families of Whitey victims need closure. The FBI helped Whitey commit crimes, including the murder of innocent people. We can debate the meaning of “innocent” – but no one should be murdered – that’s my bottom line.
    Your belief that Whitey didn’t have other FBI agents under his influence goes against much available evidence.
    Take my brother’s case for an example. Why didn’t former FBI-agent Gerald Montanari show my brother Whitey’s picture?
    Judge Lindsay asked Montanari, “Was Mr. Bulger a suspect (Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders). Montanari answered, “Yes.” Judge Lindsay next asked, “Was the suspect shown Mr. Bulger’s picture?” Montanari answered, “No.”
    I was sitting right there. When someone is a suspect, they should show the witness the suspect’s picture. You could tell from Judge Lindsay’s body language that something was wrong.
    On top of that, Judge Lindsay was referring to a female witness. There was no mention of Jaime. A few minutes later during a brief recess, I spoke with a McIntyre attorney in the men’s room. I quickly explained that Jaime was the closest witness.
    When the trial resumed, this attorney asked Monatari, “Was this (the female) the closest witness?” Montanari answered, “Yes.”

  10. Dear Jean, You are correct. There is only so much non-law enforcement individuals can do. But law enforcement works as a team. That’s why I previously said, “I fear the government might shut down Matt’s blog.”
    If non-law enforcement individuals join together, there is much we can do. But you can only go so far before the government hinders your efforts.
    What concerned me most was your legal limbo. If you are unable to obtain social security benefits because of a legal limbo – I’m willing to help.

  11. Dear Jean, You wrote: “There is no central clearing house to take the full statements of the victims of public corruption.” We can do the job ourselves. This blog is a start. The federal courthouse can hold the documentation – it can hold our lawsuits – it can be our central clearing house.
    More than several times, I spoke with the genius who files federal lawsuits to protect whales. Although mostly in the courthouse 9th floor library, we have spoken outside the courthouse.
    At one point he said, “Come with me.” We went to a courtroom with a bailiff, judge, stenographer, and others. We were the only non-federal employees. It seemed a little scary – all this because he filed a legal motion. The judge and everybody were smiling. In the library, if you ask almost any library clerk, “Have you seen the whale genius? The guy who files lawsuits to protect whales.” – you’ll also get a smile.
    Matt, Jay, William Connolly, and others on this blog have legal backgrounds. I have some legal knowledge, and as I stated in that message to you blocked by “Similar material already sent” – once publishing “Gaga,” I’ll try to help.
    After the above courtroom appearance with the guy who helps protect whales, I asked him, “Do you ever pay for any of this? He answered, “You never pay for justice.”

    1. Jon

      My family essentially dialed 911 when our branded beverage water businesses, High Birches Mountain Spring Water was sabotaged with a cocktail of chemicals to include heavy metals, on 9/11,1997. We have done some of our own investigation since those in authority refused to answer initial call. As civilians we do not have the authority to put those responsible for the destruction of our property in jail. Nor can we get restitution for the destruction. your own postings show this difficulty. And, as I kept on pursuing the facts that I discovered, I was personally threatened with my death and harm to my family. It was my understanding that civilians are to report crimes, and not to personally chase the perpetrators, who in our case are members of organized crime. Forgive me for pointing this out, but in my family’s case persuing Justice on our own has come with a terrible price, which continues to this day. Where are those whom have a duty to serve? We continue to dial 911, and to date no one has answered.

      1. Dear Jean,

        It is nice to hear more about your story in this post. One thought which comes to mind is that because you are in Panama presently, maybe you can appeal to the Organization of American States; Panama currently chairs this entity as noted here: http://www.caribjournal.com/2013/04/01/panama-assumes-chair-of-organization-of-american-states-permanent-council/. I’m not sure if you’ve sought to involve the United Nations as of yet, either. What about Amnesty International? The folks over there do a lot of advocacy work abroad and should hopefully have some mechanism to get you back to American soil. Lastly, perhaps these resources on Transparency International may off some solace to you as well: http://www.transparency.org/getinvolved/report/. Have you already contacted Transparency International about your story?

        As always, I wish you the best of luck in resolving these issues and hope some of my suggestions may be of some assistance, Jean.


  12. Dear William, I’m working so hard my neck hurts.
    Here’s the beginning of my lawsuit. I already gave this blog the ending of the MK-ULTRA section. Number 32 documents Edward Kennedy being a Contelpro target. Number 32 quotes Kevin Weeks: “Killing like a Valium to Bulger.” Number 40 mentions Theresa Stanley’s son, William Stanley, witnessing Whitey’s nightmares. He was potential defense witness if Whitey’s lawyers wanted to use an MK-ULTRA defense. I was surprised to hear William Stanley overdosed on crack heroin. He seemed to be enjoying sobriety.
    More than a year ago, Whitey’s lawyers were sent copies of my books – “Letter to Norman Mailer: From Jail to Yale;” and, “GOD, Senator Kennedy, and Whitey Bulger: How Whitey Helped Save The World.”
    The Plaintiff respectfully asks the Court to consider the Complaint set forth below.

    A. Background
    1. This section hereby incorporates by reference certain facts and circumstances set forth in United States Senate: Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, Final Report – Book II, Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans, 94th Congress, 2nd session, 1976; and United States Senate: Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, Final Report – Book III, Supplementary Detailed Staff Reports on Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans, 94th Congress, 2nd session, 1976.
    2. The Church Committee noted: “In the early 1950’s the CIA began a program of surreptitiously testing, chemical and biological materials, which included drug testing on unwitting Americans. The existence of such a program was kept secret because, as the CIA’s Inspector General wrote in 1957, it was necessary to ‘protect’ operations from exposure to the ‘American public’ as well as ‘enemy forces.’ Public knowledge of the CIA’s unethical and illicit activities was thought likely to have serious ‘political repercussions.'”
    3. For fifteen years from 1956 until 1971, the FBI carried out a series of covert action programs directed against American citizens. These “counterintelligence programs” (shortened to the acronym COINTELPRO) resulted in part from frustration with the Supreme Court limiting the
    Government’s power to proceed overtly against dissident groups.
    4. The domestic surveillance programs of COINTELPRO were only brought to light in the 1970’s after a Senate Committee was created to investigate the FBI and the involvement of other intelligence agencies in political repression. The Committee was named for its Chairman, Idaho Senator Frank Church.
    5. In COINTELPRO, the FBI conducted five “counter-intelligence programs” aimed against domestic groups: the “Communist Party USA” program (1956-71); the “Socialist Party” program (1961-69); the “White Hate” program (1964-67); and the “New Left” program (1968-71).
    6. Protecting national security and preventing violence were the purposes advanced by the FBI for COINTELPRO. The unexpressed major premise of COINTELPRO was the FBI had the duty to do whatever necessary to combat perceived threats to the existing social and political order.
    The “New Left” COINTELPRO presents the most striking example of this attitude.
    7. The term “New Left” had no precise definition within the FBI. Some agents defined “New Left” functionally, by connection with protests. Others defined it philosophically, particularly antiwar philosophy. According to the initiating letter, the counterintelligence program’s purpose was to “expose, disrupt, and otherwise neutralize” the activities of the various New Left organizations, their leadership, and adherents, with particular attention to key activists, “the moving forces behind the New Left.”
    8. On May 23, 1968, a FBI directive went to all participating Field Offices for information on “immorality,” depicting the “scurrilous and depraved nature of many of the characters activities, habits, and living conditions representative of New Left adherents.” The directive continued:
    “Every avenue of possible embarrassment must be vigorously and enthusiastically explored. It cannot be expected that information of this type will be easily obtained, and an imaginative approach by your personnel is imperative to its success.”
    9. The order to furnish information on “immorality” was not carried out with sufficient enthusiasm. On October 9, 1968, headquarters sent a letter to all participating Field Offices, taking them to task for their failure to “remain alert for and seek specific data depicting the depraved nature and moral looseness of the New Left” and to use this material in a “vigorous and enthusiastic approach to neutralize them.”
    10. The Church Committee noted: “In the early 1960’s, the CIA’s MKULTRA testing program, which involved surreptitiously administrating drugs to unwitting persons, was ‘frozen’ after the Inspector General questioned the morality and lack of administrative control of the program.”
    11. The Church Committee Book II, Section G, footnote 85A noted:
    “With the destruction of the MKULTRA files in early 1973, it is believed that there are no definitive records in the CIA that would record the termination of the program for testing behavioral drugs in unwitting persons… There is no record to our knowledge, that [the] freeze was ever lifted…Testimony from the CIA officials involved confirmed that the testing was not resumed.”
    12. The Church Committee inquiry into domestic CONTELPRO cases was based mainly on short summaries of each incident compiled by FBI agents, with Department of Justice attorneys only spot-checking the underlying files to assure accuracy of the summaries. Further, the Department of Justice works with the FBI on a day-to-day basis. Thus, the Church Committee
    inquiry was unable to consider the complete story of COINTELPRO as reflected in the actual memoranda discussing the reasons for adopting particular tactics and the means by which they were implemented.
    13. The FBI insisted on being informed of the CIA’s activity in the United States. In 1966, the FBI and the CIA negotiated an informal agreement to regularize their coordination. Under this agreement, the CIA would “seek concurrence and coordination of the FBI” before engaging in clandestine activity in the United States.
    14. The coordinated efforts of the FBI and the CIA have been massive and widespread. FBI reports on dissident Americans flowed to the CIA at a rate as high as 1,000 a month. CIA officials regarded any names in these reports as a standing requirement from the FBI for information about those persons.
    15. In recent years, the Secret Service, military intelligence, and other agencies have instituted significant programs for the destruction or purging of information. However, the FBI has retained its vast general files, accumulated over the years under its duty to serve as a “clearinghouse” for domestic data. There are over 6,500,000 files at FBI Headquarters; and the data is retrievable through a general index consisting of over 58,000,000 index cards.
    16. The FBI maintains, in these readily accessible files, sensitive and derogatory personal information not relevant to any investigation, as well as information which was improperly or illegally obtained. The FBI has kept such data in its filing system on the theory that they might be
    useful someday in the future to solve crimes, for employee background checks, to evaluate the reliability of the source, or to “answer questions or challenges” about the FBI’s conduct.
    17. The FBI’s ability to gather information without effective restraints gave it enormous power. That power was attractive to politicians, who could use information on opponents and critics for their own advantage, and was also an asset to the FBI, which depended on politicians for
    support. In the political area, as in other facets of American life touched by the intelligence community, the existence of unchecked power led to its abuse.
    B. Church Committee Conclusions
    18. “The Committee’s fundamental conclusion is that intelligence activities have undermined the constitutional rights of citizens and that they have done so primarily because checks and balances designed by the framers of the Constitution to assure accountability have not been applied.”
    19. “When a government agency clandestinely tries to impose its views of what is right upon the American people, then the democratic process is undermined.”
    20. “The crescendo of improper intelligence activity in the latter part of the 1960’s and early 1970’s shows what we must all watch out for: In time of crisis, the Government will exercise its power to conduct domestic intelligence activities to the fullest extent.”
    21. “In an era where the technological capability of Government relentlessly increases, we must be wary about the drift toward ‘big brother government.’ The potential for abuse is awesome and requires special attention to fashioning restraints which not only cure past problems but anticipate and prevent the future misuse of technology.”
    22. “The American people need to be assured that never again will an agency of the government be permitted to conduct a secret war against those citizens it considers threats to the established order.”
    23. “We have attempted to set out the basic facts, now it is time for Congress to turn its attention to legislating restraints upon intelligence activities which may endanger the constitutional rights of Americans.”
    C. Observations
    24. Of the several dozen FBI field office memoranda – cited by the Church Committee – only two originated from the Boston Field Office of the FBI.
    25. During 1977 Congressional MKULTRA hearings, testimony of CIA Director Stansfield Turner included:
    “Senator KENNEDY. In the follow-ups, in the MKSEARCH, and in OFTEN, and the CHICKWIT, could you give us also a report on those programs?
    Admiral TURNER. Yes, sir.
    Senator KENNEDY. Did they involve experimentation, human experimentation?
    Admiral TURNER. No, sir.”1
    1Project MKULTRA, the CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification: Joint Hearing before The Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources, 95th Congress, First Session, August 3, 1977.
    26. “MKULTRA was the principle CIA program involving the research and development of chemical and biological agents.”2
    2Ibed, Appendix A, p 69.
    27. “The research and development of materials to be used for altering human behavior consists of three phases: first, the research for materials suitable for the study; second, laboratory testing in voluntary human subjects in various types of institutions; third, the application of MKULTRA materials in normal life settings.”3
    3Ibed, Appendix A, p. 70.
    28. “MKSEARCH was the name given to the continuation of the MKULTRA program. Funding commenced in FY 1966, and ended in FY 1972. Its purpose was to develop, test, and evaluate capabilities in the covert use of biological, chemical, and radiological material systems and
    techniques for producing predictable human behavioral or physiological changes in support of highly sensitive operational requirements.”4
    4Ibed, Appendix C, p. 169.
    29. During 1977 Congressional MK-ULTRA hearings, some of the disclosed information was withheld from public release.5
    5CIA v. SIMS, 471 U.S. 159, V, Footnote 5 (1985).
    30. Nonviolent organizations and individuals were targeted because the FBI believed they represented a “potential for violence” – and nonviolent citizens who were against the war in Vietnam were targeted because they gave “aid and comfort” to violent demonstrators by lending respectability to their cause.
    31. The tactics used against Americans often risked and sometimes caused serious emotional, economic, or physical damage. The Church Committee noted the former head of the Domestic Intelligence Division described counter-intelligence as a “rough, tough, dirty, and dangerous” business.
    32. The Church Committee noted that Senator Edward Kennedy was a COINTELPRO target: “The FBI apparently did not trust the American people to make the proper choice in the voting booth. Candidates who, in the FBI’s opinion, should not be elected were targeted. Between 1953 and 1973, nearly a quarter of a million first class letters were opened and photographed by the CIA, including letters to and from American political figures, including Edward Kennedy.”
    33. The Church Committee noted: “In the course of COINTELPRO’s fifteen year history, a number of individual actions involved risks of serious injury or death to the targets…”
    34. The Church Committee noted: “Although it is sometimes difficult to prove that a target’s misfortunes were caused by a counter-intelligence program directed against him, the possibility that an arm of the United States Government intended to cause the harm and might have been responsible is itself abhorrent.”
    35. Jon Stuen-Parker and Senator Edward Kennedy (Appendix I).
    36. James “Whitey” Bulger participated in the MK-ULTRA program while incarcerated at the Atlanta Federal Prison.6
    37. Bulger Group associates reported Whitey Bulger changed during incarceration. Upon release, he began committing murder.7
    7Personal communique.
    38. In 1994, Whitey Bugler wrote in his diary:
    “I was serving a twenty year sentence and was motivated by a desire for some kind of reduction of sentence – a few days off my sentence for each month of participation – also I was a believer in the government to the degree they would never take advantage of us and also felt that I would be giving some thing (sic) back to society…Its 3AM and years later, Im (sic) still affected by L.S.D. in that I fear sleep – the horrible nightmares that I fight to escape by waking, the taste of adrenaline, gasping for breath…madness…Agony…The LSD Project altered my life, and it will continue until the end. Did it cause permanent damage – yes – it didn’t help me and has never left me…I went to prison for bank robbery – the bank received the money through their insurance – was the crime committed by the CIA on me and others on the L.S.D. Project a worse crime – I was robbed for life of the pleasure of sleep etc. – condemned to a life of nightmares – LSD flash backs – no insurance company automatically returns to me and others – no trial for the criminal who put this fraud together an act condemned by the Nuremberg War Crimes trials – no apology – no admission – I suspect they consider it their ‘Perfect Crime.’”8
    8Ibed, The LSD Diaries.
    39. From 1965 to 1995, Whitey Bulger lived with Theresa Stanley and her children.
    40. Theresa Stanley’s son, William Stanley, stated, “I can remember him [Whitey] having nightmares. I can remember him waking up, ‘Ahhhhhhhh!’ I remember this happening many times…He would just scream. It would never be like, ‘Stop that,’ or, ‘Stop hitting me.’ It wasn’t words. It was just, ‘Ahhhhhhhh!’”9
    9Personal communique, May 5, 2007.
    41. “Weeks said killing was like a Valium to Bulger. ‘I think in Jim’s case, it was like a stress relief. He would get it out of his system and get calm for a while. Then he’d get edgy again.’”10
    10Chris Bergeron, The DAILY NEWS TRIBUNE, “Kevin Weeks pens Southie version of Crime and Punishment”August 15, 2007.
    42. The Church Committee noted: “CIA officials recognized that the CIA’s examination of domestic groups violated the Agency’s mandate and thus accorded it a high degree of sensitivity. As CIA Director Richard Helms wrote in 1969, when he transmitted to the White House the CIA’s
    study of ‘Restless Youth’:
    ‘In an effort to round out our discussion of this subject, we have included a section on American students. This is an area not within the charter of this Agency, so I need not emphasize how extremely sensitive this makes the paper. Should anyone learn of its existence, it would prove most embarrassing for all concerned.'”11
    11Letter from Richard Helms to Henry Kissinger 2/18/69.
    43. Jon Stuen-Parker’s autobiography includes:
    a.) “In 1969, age fourteen, MK-ULTRA made everything amplified, everything tense.12
    12Jon Stuen-Parker, Letter To Norman Mailer: From Jail To Yale, p. 1, National AIDS Brigade, 1999, (ISBN: 0970180608).
    b.) According to ex-LSD guru, Timothy Leary, ‘99% of MK-ULTRA was in the Boston area.’”13
    13Ibed, p. 234.
    c.) “Thousands of Massachusetts residents were unwitting MK-ULTRA participants.”14
    14Ibed, p. 18.
    d.) “It was the bloodiest year at Walpole. The prison was full of former MK-ULTRA participants and held the nation’s highest prison murder rate.”15
    15Ibed, p. 65.
    e.) “The drugs were purchased at the infamous George’s Attic. The downtown Boston psychedelic shop widely distributed MK-ULTRA drugs. Mr. George Hale, a thirtyish, conservative-looking man, sold huge amounts of marijuana, LSD, STP and mescaline. Mr. Hale sold drugs to just about anybody entering George’s Attic. Even a ten year-old, if able to reach the counter, could purchase MK-ULTRA drugs.”16
    16Ibed, p. 58-59.
    f.) “The Boston police Department was involved in the MK-ULTRA program, since they must have known about George’s Attic, but never halted the distribution of drugs.”17
    17Ibed, p. 59.
    44. The Church Committee noted:
    a.) “In contrast to previous policies for centralizing domestic intelligence investigations, the Federal Government encouraged local police to establish intelligence programs both for their own use and to feed into the Federal intelligence gathering process.”
    b.) “Field offices were instructed to develop ‘in-depth liaison with local law enforcement agencies.’”
    45. During 1969 and 1970, Mark Catena sold MK-ULTRA five-dollar marijuana bags (“nickel bags”) in East Boston, Massachusetts. Six o’clock each night, he stood in the Donald McKay School yard. Buyers flocked to the Donald McKay School yard from the surrounding north-shore
    communities. By seven o’clock, Mark would sell two hundred MK-ULTRA “nickel bags.” Mark’s open drug dealing was not interrupted by the Boston Police, but he was twice arrested by undercover Massachusetts State Police. At age 16, Mark was first arrested for selling MK-ULTRA marijuana by undercover Massachusetts State Police. He spent twenty-six years in prison for drug related crimes; several years in Walpole State Prison’s isolation “ten block.” Edward Skinner, one of the two East Boston men that supplied Mark with MK-ULTRA marijuana, joined the Boston Police Department. Edward Skinner was promoted to detective.18
    18Affidavit by Mark Catena, September 23, 2003.
    46. During parts of 1969 and 1970, Jon Stuen-Parker resided at Austin Cate Academy in Center Strafford, New Hampshire. Stuen-Parker, like many at Austin Cate Academy, was a ward of Massachusetts Department of Welfare. Stuen-Parker’s eighth grade French-language teacher,
    Mr. Bouchard, was a Sergeant in the Massachusetts State Police. Non-students brought LSD and mescaline into Austin Cate Academy. Mr. Bouchard questioned Stuen-Parker about this LSD and mescaline, once stating, “I can tell you the color of the tin [container] it [mescaline] came in!” At least ten Austin Cate Academy students – associates of Stuen-Parker – were later incarcerated within the Massachusetts State Prison system. Paul Voner, Edward Marchione, and possibly others from Austin Cate Academy, spent years in Walpole State Prison’s isolation “ten block.”19
    19Personal communique.
    47. During the summer of 1970, Jon Stuen-Parker resided at Hinckley Prep School in Hinckley, Maine. Stuen-Parker was a ward of Massachusetts Department of Welfare. Non-students brought LSD, mescaline and marijuana into Hinckley Prep School. Stuen-Parker smoked marijuana before
    swimming in the ocean. Seized with sudden panic, Stuen-Parker began yelling, “Help! Help! I’m drowning!” A 50ish male appeared on the empty beach. He said, “Stand up.” Stuen-Parker stood in shallow water.20
    20Personal communique.
    48. Former CIA Director, Richard Helms, explained shredding of MK-ULTRA data to a Senate Investigative Committee by testifying, “What occurred in the MK-ULTRA program was so horrendous, so unbelievable, the American public simply was not ready for the truth?”21
    21Jon Stuen-Parker, Letter To Norman Mailer: From Jail To Yale, p.234, National AIDS Brigade, 1999, (ISBN: 0970180608).
    49. Representative Stephen F. Lynch stated: “The American public has yet to grasp the depth and breadth of what really went on during this course of FBI misconduct. In fact, it is perhaps hard to grasp precisely because what has happened is so unbelievable.”22
    22Opening Statement, House Committee on Government Reform, Hearing on The Use of Informants by The Department of Justice, June 19, 2003.
    50. Daniel Ellsberg stated that many, if not most intelligence community personnel, are mistakenly made to understand that their secrecy oaths entitle them to commit perjury before courts and/or Congress.23
    23Daniel Ellsberg, Are Secrecy Oaths a License to Lie?, Harvard International Review, Vol. 26, No. 2 (Summer 2004).
    51. “This is not to deny the necessity of discretion or even formal secrecy agreements in certain settings in a democratic republic. But if a democratic government is to survive, those secrecy agreements must be understood to be provisional and subordinate to higher loyalties and
    laws and obligations, and limited by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”24
    52. “The executive branch of the United States could not oppose such legislation with precisely the same constitutional and practiced arguments it musters against congressional efforts to promote and protect disclosure. It is considerably more difficult to openly defend lying to the legislative branch than it is to defend the withholding of information.”25
    53. “The best safeguard against abuses in the future, is a complete public accounting of the abuses in the past.”26
    26Project MKULTRA, the CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification: Joint Hearing before The Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources, 95th Congress, First Session, August 3, 1977, Senate Select Intelligence Committee, Senator Edward Kennedy.

  13. Dear Jean, I mentioned New Hampshire law enforcement as being tough. I said in Manchester County Jail they can “chain down” inmates in isolation. Once thinking about it, I realize they must use straps.
    On Matt’s “The Grand Boston Media Conspiracy” post, I put a “Gaga III” chapter that mentions New Hampshire.
    Here’s that section of Gaga III.

    In ‘87. I did a New Hampshire bit. Pinched grabbing money from a safe. Gave me eight to twelve years. Up in Concord State Prison. Guess who saved me? Hank Garrity. He put up fifty grand. And bailed me out.
    I fought it. Jerked around with it. Found a loop hole. Busted the sentence down. It’s three to five years. I had the sentence overturned. I come out on bail. Hank put up the money. But I had to go back.
    Twelve hundred inmates in Concord. Only thirty-two good guys. The rest was boy f…ers. Cow f…ers. Dog f…ers. And rapies. Raping their mothers. Raping their daughters. The guards up there. Boy f…ers. And everything else. They’re all the same.
    New Hampshire is controlled by Republicans. The grandfathers are screwing the boys. Screwing the cows. The old-timers. They control the state. They run the state prison.
    Every prison sentence is years. Not months. Fifteen to twenty. Twenty to thirty-five. Thirty-five to fifty. Eighty to two hundred. Two hundred to four hundred. For kids that are locals. That don’t know the grandfathers. If you DO know the grandfathers. You don’t go to prison. You go home!
    They brought up graduating the fourth grade. I had to take up school. If I wanted a parole. I said, “Yeah.” They gave me tests. You mark A. B. Or C. I took the pencil. “C.” “C.” “C.” “A.” “A.” “A.” “Ba. Ba. Ba. Baa.” Gave them to the teacher. I didn’t pass the tests (chuckles). But I got my parole.
    I did nine months. Five year parole. Brought it back to court. In front of the same judge. Broke it down to one year. The parole officer said, “Oh, f… it. You only have a couple months left.” That ended my parole.

    1. Dear Jon – The one thing that become clear to me is that it is almost impossible for anyone to recount their personal experiences in a blog, or email format. The situations are too complex, and have lasted for too many years. At the very best readers can only begin to get the gist that things have not gone as the US Constitution intended. And, there is no central clearing house to take the full statements of the victims of public corruption. At least this is what my family has experienced. We are jurisdictional orphans. The crimes against us – both personal and property – don’t appear to fit into a neat category. So we continue to be bounced around until hopefully we give up. In my family’s situation giving up is not an option. So we need to press on.

      With respect to NH prison system. I too experienced abuse. And, at one time I was being considered an illegal alien. But, when I asked for my rights under the 1963 Vienna Treaty to consult with a lawyer from my birth country, I was denied that right. I was then assigned a public defender that filed with the court that I was not competent. In reality, I was denied my legal rights in two countries. Government corruption complaints appear to be the most difficult. I am not a whistle blower. My family are victims. There should be someone in authority to whom we can complain. But, until then we find ourselves in the position of having to describe our case online. Certainly, not a optimal way to serve Justice. But, where there is a will there is a way. Good luck to you too…

  14. Dear Rather Not, I apologize for previously putting your name wrong. On Matt’s “The Grand Boston Media Conspiracy” post, I put the Gaga II, Korean War, and Gaga III chapters.

  15. Dear William, I can’t stop thinking about your post. First, don’t thank me anymore. Thank the people who have died to expose some of your concerns.
    John Connolly did get screwed in Florida. Imagine how terrible he must have felt when hearing the judge say, “Your reason for appealing my decision is correct, but you’re one week too late.”
    John Connolly couldn’t appeal the judge’s verdict, because he was behind bars.
    A similar situation happened with me. Two weeks out of Deer Island, I’m arrested for some serious drug-related charges. The Staties promised: “Parker. You’re going out to pasture.”
    Which is exactly what would have happened. If 23 months of incarceration (with a couple months on escape) didn’t rehabilitate me, then the judge could only agree with the assistant DA’s request for a harsh state prison sentence.
    But there was a new law available allowing drug addicts to seek rehabiltation. I heard about this law after being arrested (Huntinton) and was being held in jail. You had one week to apply for the new law. My next court appearance was in 9 days (two days past the deadline). When I appeared in Northampton District Court, the clerk said, “You are two days too late.” I pleaded with the judge, and after convincing a room full of psychiatrists, I was the first person (in that part of Massachusetts), to receive rehabilitation instead of prison under this new law.
    That’s just the beginning of the story. I didn’t want rehabilitaion, I wanted more narcotics. But, one year later, I returned before the same judge a completely different man.
    I hate tooting my own horn (I have tears in my eyes), but I could imagine John Connolly’s exasperation of being behind bars and, thus, being unable to get justice.
    But you should stop defending him. He was the tip of the iceberg. He deserves incarceration for helping Whitey. I believe Weeks told some truth. I believe Weeks’ statement to David Boeri that Whitey had 6 FBI agents ready to hop in his car with a machine gun.
    The National AIDS Brigade was founded by former MK-ULTRA participants. This heightened our awareness. This also made many of us to die from self-medication. Robo Rakes, and many other MK-ULTRA participants have died from self-medicaion (mostly “crack heroin”).
    Whitey’s self-medication was killing. Weeks told a reporter that killing was like a Valium for Whitey.
    William, I don’t want to talk much about MK-ULTRA. It turns off too many people. But for those that care, Whitey received HUGE doses of MK-ULTRA drugs. Whitey changed while in prison. He entered prison as an ordinary criminal – but departed with much paranoia and much need to self-medicate.
    The paranoia helped him escape arrest. He wouldn’t stay in a spot more five minutes. Just in case the feds, or the Staties were using a lip-reading device, he was often observed looking at his watch. Once reaching the five minute mark – he would change locations. This blog is about Whitey Bulger – so it deserves the truth. Later, I’ll send parts of my lawsuit related to the above.
    John Connolly’s imprisonment helped bring joy to many Whitey victims. Steve Rakes agreed John Connolly got screwed in Florida. Here’s what he told me: “The judge will say, ‘Okay you shouldn’t have gotten 70 years, so here’s a 50 year sentence.'”
    He said this during my last Boston visit. We were enjoying a wonderful meal at one of Southie’s new restaurants.
    Today Steve Rakes is dead. But I can still picture his happy smile after making that statement. So William, please agree with me, and agree with Stippo – John Connolly got screwed in Florida but still deserves incarceration.
    You wrote a book (I won’t have time to read it until my “Gaga” book is finished), but you need to write a new book. If you don’t, you’ll lose incredibilty with almost everybody following his blog.
    MK-ULTRA changed Whitey. It allowed him to somehow put fear into the FBI.
    Robert Mueller was working in Boston during the height of Whitey’s power. But he did nothing to stop him. Why? Because Whitey would kill him.
    For many years I lived with – as did many Southie residents – “Whitey fear.” Mueller had the same fear. Going against Whitey meant death. Pure and simple. John Connolly helped create “Whitey fear.”

    1. Jon I don’t agree with you. I’ll stick by my opinion, shared by two other of my brothers and shared by many of our lifelong friends: John Connolly was framed and railroaded and is imprisoned in Florida for crimes he had absolutely nothing to do with. Those who believe otherwise lack all credibility in my view. I see with blinding blazing sight how our government-media frame and prosecute so many good people: John Connolly, Billy Bulger, Raymond Donovan (former labor secretary under Reagan) Kenny Conley, one of the Murphy Brothers, City Councilors, small time hoods, and countless others. It is the press-government (which includes the judiciary and spy agencies) which is corrupt and anyone who disagrees has their eyes closed. (2) Jon, I don’t care who agrees with me or who doesn’t. Peace, love and keep punching. Fight the good fight! Do good and fear no man!!! (3) I don’t pretend to have all the answers; I’ve got strong well founded opinions grounded in facts and based on years of experience, education and training. (4) At most and at worst, John Connolly “deserved’ probation or a year in jail for minor failings, like writing an erroneous letter to a Judge. (5) A federal jury in Boston acquitted John Connolly of all “the serious crimes” he was charged with: this according to Shelly Murphy of the Boston Globe. (6) John Connolly no more intended to murder anyone than me.

  16. Dear William, My writing also needs corrections. For example, the second to last paragragh begins with: “You would need to be a rocket scientist to…” Obviously, that “would” should be “wouldn’t.”
    I’m living on a shoe string in Australia. I use a library computer for much of my “Gaga” editing. I also use this for Matt’s blog. Yesterday, I feared losing that whole message if not sending it immediately.
    One hour on a library computer means “one hour.” If you’re one second late, you lose everything.
    So please understand, I would rather be more professional in my writing, but this professionalism is curtailed by outside influences.
    Now let me do some “Gaga” work, then I’ll send you another message.
    What do you think happened to Matt? I was going to write: “…I’ll send Matt another message,” but he seems to have disappeared.

  17. CORRECTION: I deleted a phrase: It should read: 3. John Connolly is a victim of a Fed-inspired Dreyfus Affair. 4. I did not write that the “FEDs assassinated Steve Rakes” (I would not write that conclusively), rather I raised the question whether or not they were directly or indirectly involved in his assassination or killing; I wrote the FEDs benefited from his suspicious death;

  18. Jon, I agree and I hope all the issues you raise are thoroughly investigate and aired; (1) Weeks and his gangster buddies are liars and most are perjurers; the FEDs knowingly put known perjurers on the witness stand as I recounted here and in “Character Assassins.” I don’t believe for a second his story that Bulger had six FBI agents with machine guns on his payroll. (2) In 2002, John Connolly was acquitted by a Boston Federal Jury of any involvement in any murders; he was specifically found not to have leaked any information that led to Brian Halloran’s death(3) In 2006, the FEDs persuaded Steve Flemmi to sing a different tune (he’d been testifying John Connolly was an honest cop up until 2003) and Wyshak indicted John for First Degree MUrder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder; In 2008 the Miami jury acquitted john Connolly of both of those charges: Not Guilty; Fred Wyshak added after trial a second degree Murder by Gun Charge for which the Statute of Limitations had run and an essential element of that charge was not proven (that John held the murder weapon); the judge flagrantly erroneously allowed that charge to go to the jury and the jury convicted John Connolly on that fabricated phony count. He’s doing 40 forty years in a Florida prison based on the chronic perjurer Flemmi’s testimony that in 1982 John Connolly said, “If Callahan talks we’ll all be in trouble.” 40 years for uttering a dubious few words!!!! 3. John Connolly is a victim of a Fed-inspired Dreyfus rather raised the question whether or not they were directly or indirectly involved in his assassination or killing; I wrote the FEDs benefited from his suspicious death; Steve Rakes’ bombshell testimony would have exposed Weeks as the liar he is, not good for Fred Wyshak and the FEDs who’ve been relying on perjurers like Martorano and Flemmi and Salemme for decades; Did some Fed tell his TEI gangster killer friends that things would be better if Steve Rakes didn’t talk, vanished, etc, and did gangsters contact gangsters who persuaded someone to put Poison in Steve Weeks coffee? I suspect this is likely so!! It should be fully investigated. 5. All these matters should be more thoroughly investigated by David Boeri and others and collectively we should figuratively blast through this wall of silence, suspicion and cover-up created by the corrupt Feds and corrupt Boston judiciary-media. My suspicions, my opinion that deep seated corruption exists throughout the Federal DOJ and Media is based on solid facts. Just as the bombing of Syria would benefit only the CIA sponsored Rebels, the death of Steve Rakes benefitted mostly the FEDs and gangsters who wanted him silenced and his “bombshells” never to be heard by We the American People. 6. Thank God that you and the Rakes brothers worked dedicated years in the AIDs Brigade which helped and educated tens of thousands about the holocaust of narcotics in America. Thanks again Jon for your lifelong work, service, sacrifice and fierce dedication to integrity, honesty and helping others. You’ve always had great courage and integrity.

  19. Dear Matt, In 1998, I chained myself to the federal courthouse revolving door (the old courthouse) to protest the injustice being done to Stippo. This happened during Stippo’s case concerning his perjury about Whitey Bulger.
    Stippo committed perjury about Whitey to save his own life. If he told the truth, Whitey would kill him.
    Court officers gave me the nickname “The Revolving Doorman.” That arrest allowed me to form a friendship with someone from the Department of Justice.
    This person just happened to be entering the Moakley courthouse during one of my previously mentioned protests about the government not questioning Weeks or Kevin O’Neil about the Brian Watson and Joseph Ingemi murders. My Department of Justice friend leaked that a federal seal was put on my bother’s Boston Police Incident Report concerning the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders.
    Stippo knew about that federal seal almost immediately (I probably told him later that day in the “L” Street sauna). In 2007, Stippo knew I filed a lawsuit that mentioned this federal seal allowing Weeks to commit perjury concerning the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders.
    In 2009, Stippo knew I appealed Judge Young’s dismissal of my lawsuit for being filed too (the same reason Judge Young used for dismissing Stippo’s lawsuit). Stippo knew my appeal (“relpy brief”) cited a 1st Circuit Court decision that stated the victim wasn’t expected to know the criminal before the police.
    In 2005, John Connolly was indicted for conspiracy to murder. No other Boston FBI agent was charged for conspiracy for murder before 2005. You must file your administrative claim, unless convincing the court there were reasons preventing this from happening, within two years of knowledge that a crime might have occurred.
    Since no Boston FBI agents were indicted for conspiracy of murder before 2005, and I filed my administrative claim in 2006, only “going against the rule of law [as stated by the Congressional hearings concerning dismissal of Whitey lawsuits (which included Stippo’s)] could prevent my lawsuit dismissal from being reversed. As you know, the Appeals Court did go against the rule of law and they upheld Judge Young’s verdict.
    But I wasn’t killed. Instead, I fled from America. But Stippo, someone who also has this knowledge gets murdered right after telling someone (Steve Davis) that he has a “bombshell to reveal.
    Without doubt, there would be at least one media outlet, out of horde attending Whitey’s trial, that would have released Stippo’s bombshell to the public.
    I believe nobody, but the Department of Justice, knew when Stippo would be officially cut from the witness list. During Whitey’s trial, Stippo’s hatred of Weeks increased.
    The same day he was cut from the witness list, he was murdered by someone who wanted Stippo to prevail.
    Stippo told me about the man arrested for his murder. He said he knew someone very intelligent who was going to help him invest money.
    Stippo was retired from the MBTA. The government allowed Whitey to steal his liquor store. Stippo did not have a lot of money.
    The press stated his killer owed him money. This man wanted Stippo to succeed, not be murdered with cyanide.
    I believe this guy killed Stippo, but the motive wasn’t to avoid paying a debt.
    You would need to be a rocket scientist to think who might influence this man, someone already knowing harsh reality of incarceration, maybe hours before Stippo reveals a “bombshell” to the media.
    Getting this story in print would be a huge victory.

    1. Sorry, your assertion that Camuti was influenced…. by someone…. who was influenced…. by the govt……to kill Steven Rakes doesn’t seem plausible. All the govt. had to do to silence Rakes was take him off the witness list/keep him from testifying and they did that, silenced, done. Are you also asserting that Rakes’ “bombshell” of information that he intended on including in his testimony was your brother’s version of the Donahue/Halloran case – I would not consider that a “bombshell” of revealing information when you were already repeatedly publicizing this to include your information that you’ve filed a law suit or administrative complaint detailing such information…..if I’ve missed your point on what Rakes’ “bombshell” of info. was, can you state it here succinctly in one sentence.

  20. Dear Matt, my last message used the sentence: “Federal law enforcement corruption happened DURING the Whitey Bulger trial.” It describes Kevin Weeks and former-FBI agent Montanari committing perjury.
    Here’s something only William Connolly has stated on this website: “Steve Rakes was assassinated by the government.”
    You could write an article that asks that question. You could write an article that helps change world history.
    The reason Steve Rakes and I spent so much time together: for many years Stippo was an AIDS Brigade volunteer. But most important, our mutual hatred of FBI and Department of Justice corruption.
    The killer of Steve Rakes didn’t owe him any money. You could ask me, Stippos children, or anybody else – Stippo would not lend anybody money. He simply would not lend anything of value to people outside his own family.
    Stippo loved his family very much. Bad things happened all around him, but he had nothing to do with them. He worked extremely hard.
    I met Stippo through his brother Robert Rakes (Robo). Robo brought to met his mother and father. I had dinner at their home. Robo is mentioned many times in my “Jail to Yale” book.
    In the 1970s, I worked in Stippo’s deli on East 8th Street. Although I worked very hard, and was very honest (didn’t even eat a piece of cheese), Stippo wouldn’t lend me money.
    During my last visit to Boston, every day Stippo bought me food. He said, “I will feed you. But I won’t lend you money (I asked him to lend $50).”
    Stippo knew my lawsuit held the key to his relief. I previously sent this blog the two parts of my lawsuit that mentioned Steve Rakes (you deleted them the first time sent).
    The United States government simply could not deny that Stippo was did not receive justice since Kevin Weeks testimony concerning the Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue murders, something the Justice Department deemed was “related” to the Dammers/Rakes lawsuit, was sealed before the Appeals Court verdict on that lawsuit. Thus, Stippo and his former wife (Julie Dammers) were denied justice.
    It’s clear as day. The Appeals Court stated the duress theory would have bearing, but since the Winter Hill gang was no longer being helped by the government, there was no more duress. Thus the Appeals Court upheld the lower court decision (Judge Young’s decision) to dismiss the case.
    Stippo knew my lawsuit inside and out. He knew the government was still helping the Winter Hill gang. That gang inclued Kevin Weeks. The government was helping Kevin Weeks by keping my brother’s information sealed and allowing Kevin Weeks to commit perjury. I read that Weeks testified 32 times. So, possibly, 32 times the government has allowed him to comit perjury.
    Stippo told Steve Davis he had a “bombshell” to release. That bombshell was the information you previously deleted from this blog. I’ll again include the two parts of my lawsuit that mention Stippo.
    I believe there’s a strong possibility that Stippo was killed so this information would not be released. The government’s decision to cut him from the witness list created an audience of potential reporters who might reveal the Montanari perjury, the Weeks perjury, Mueller working in Boston during the height of Whitey’s power, etc. If you have doubts, think about what happened to Angela Clemente concerning FBI corruption.
    Stippo was killed the same day the government informed the public he would not be used as a witness.
    Sorry going off on a slight tangent. Here’s the information from my lawsuit that mentions Stippo.
    55. On or about May, 2006, Jon Stuen-Parker went to the Boston office of the Justice Department to obtain Jaime Parker’s May, 1982, Boston Police Incident Report. A Justice Department official informed Stuen-Parker that a Federal Seal was placed on the Police Incident Report by Jaime Parker concerning the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders. The Justice Department official gave Stuen-Parker three case citation numbers that were “related to the sealed information.” The case citation numbers revealed the Halloran, Donahue, and Rakes/Dammers civil lawsuits

    70. Among the numerous crimes perpetrated by the Bulger Group was to compel Stephen Rakes and Julie Rakes Dammers to sell them their liquor store.
    71. “Rakes and Dammers brought suit against the United States under the Federal Torts Claims Act (FTCA). Because the extortion took place in 1984, and Rakes and Dammers did not file an administrative claim until May 11, 2001, the FTCA’s two year statute of limitations would bar this action if the claim had accrued on the date of injury.”12
    12Rakes v. U.S., 442 F. 3d 7, p. 2 (1st Cir. Mar. 23, 2006).
    72. “The question on appeal was whether, under the discovery rule or under any tolling principle, the FTCA claim at issue accrued before or after May 11, 1999. Finding that the claim accrued more than two years before Rakes and Dammers filed their claims, and that the statute of limitations was not tolled on grounds of duress or fraudulent concealment, the court affirmed ‘the decision of the district court dismissing the case for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.’”13
    13Ibed, p. 3.
    73. “We note that Dammers in fact argues two distinct tolling doctrines in support of her position. Specifically, she argues that she was delayed in filing her claim because 1) she was under duress as a result of being threatened by members of the Winter Hill Gang, and 2) the government fraudulently concealed or misrepresented information vital to her claim.”14
    14Ibed, p. 35.
    74. “The district court thought that, in order to find Dammers’ claim tolled on the ground of duress, it was necessary for Rakes and Dammers to allege sufficient facts to permit an inference that the United States ‘used coercive acts of [sic] threats against them.’ Rakes, 352 F. Supp. 2d at 81. This may overstate the rule, for we think that a claim of duress levied against the United States during the period in which Connolly was actively engaged in protecting Bulger and Flemmi from oversight by law enforcement might conceivably have been made out.”15
    15Ibed, p. 36
    75. “In order to prevail under this rule, Dammers must be able to demonstrate duress caused by the government continually until May 11, 1999. By that date, however, Connolly had long been out of the business of partnering with Bulger. ‘Equitable tolling is based on concealment or other misconduct by the defendant.’ Crawford v. United States, 796 F. 2d 924, 926 (7th Cir. 1986). Once the misconduct ceased, and the United States began actively seeking to frustrate rather than further the Winter Hill Gang’s criminal activities, the government was, under the facts in this case, no longer responsible
    for ongoing threats made by members of the Winter Hill Gang. We therefore agree with the district court that Dammers’ duress argument fails.”16
    76. Information concerning the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders, information the Justice Department deemed was “related” to the Rakes/Dammers civil lawsuit, was sealed by a federal judge. This Federal Seal has allowed Winter Hill gang member, Kevin Weeks, to avoid perjury prosecution for his under-oath testimony concerning the murders of Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran. Thus, the Federal Seal on information concerning the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders helped further the Winter Hill Gang’s criminal activities.
    77. The Boston Police Department Incident Report by Jaime Parker concerning the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders, public information a federal judge cited a compelling government interest and good cause for secrecy, public information the Justice Department deemed was “related” to the Rakes/Dammers lawsuit, was sealed before Rakes v. U.S., 442 F. 3d 7 (1st Cir. March 23, 2006). Thus, the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals was prevented from allowing justice to prevail concerning the Rakes/Dammers civil case.

  21. Dear Matt, I want to mention two possible stories.
    Last year, I spent two weeks in Boston. Although having five brothers and sisters – my main companion was Steve Rakes. I saw my brother Jaime four times; when finding his new address, when visiting him with Steve Rakes; when visiting him with Steve Rakes again; and when visiting him with David Boeri.
    The second visit with Steve Rakes was during your mentioned CBS news story of my brother. Your Patriot Ledger online article about that CBS new story brought Steve Rakes and myself great joy.
    It was written by an expert craftsman. The only thing wrong – you relied on Kevin Weeks’ previous testimony about the Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue murders. Let me tell you again what correctly happened, then I’ll return to the two possible media stories.
    _________________________________________________________________________On May 11, 1982, my brother, Jaime Parker, witnessed the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders. He testified about those murders before Judge Reginald Lindsay. Kevin Weeks also testified under-oath about the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders.
    Kevin Weeks couldn’t see the Michael Donahue and Brian Watson murders because he was inside Anthony’s Pier 4 Restaurant parking lot watching the Pier Restaurant with binoculars. When Brian Halloran left the Pier Restaurant, Kevin Weeks said in a walkie talkie, ‘The balloon’s in the air.’ Brian Halloran entered Michael Donahue’s car. A car close to the Pier Restaurant blasted Michael Donahue’s car with a machine gun.
    Earlier that day, my brother and I enjoyed a boat ride. He was returning to my boat moored in the Fort Point Channel when Michael Donahue’s car drifted across the street. It stopped in front of three buildings and almost hit my brother’s car. My brother couldn’t drive around Michael Donahue’s car. Another car boxed him in. Who was in that car? Who machine-gunned Michael Donahue’s car? Reporter David Boeri published an article in which Kevin Weeks said Whitey Bulger had 6 FBI agents ready to hop in his car with machine guns. Did one of those agents blast Michael Donahue’s car with the machine gun?
    Whitey Bulger and his accomplice parked in the alley beside the Stop and Shop fish company. They walked past my brother’s car. Whitey was carrying an AK-47. My brother knew it was an AK-47 because he legally owned an AK-47. Whitey’s accomplice jumped on Michael Donahue’s car and shot through the windshield. Brian Halloran leaped from the passenger door. Whitey dropped him with bullets.
    Brian Halloran wore white pants. For two minutes, Whitey Bulger tortured Brian Halloran. As both men yelled obscenities, Whitey Bulger started shooting Brian Halloran’s ankles. My brother watched red dots rise up the white pants. He said Brian Halloran flapped like a flounder.
    40 minutes later, two FBI agents found my brother at his girlfriend’s Dorchester apartment. The FBI agents asked what he witnessed. If recognizing Whitey Bulger, he probably would be dead.
    My brother’s car was registered to our mother’s house. No one contacted my mother and she didn’t know the girlfriend’s address. Either the FBI followed my brother from the murder scene, or one of Whitey Bulger’s gang followed my brother and contacted the FBI. There is no statute of limitations for accessory to murder. The two FBI agents that found my brother at his girlfriend’s apartment should be indicted for accessory to murder.
    Kevin Weeks testified Whitey Bulger wore a wig and his accomplice wore a mask. My brother saw no mask and Whitey Bulger wore no wig. The two FBI interviewing my brother filed a report saying he told them one of the killer’s had curly brown hair (same as James Flynn). That was a lie!
    They put a federal seal on my brother’s Boston Police Incident Report. Robert Mueller worked for the Boston U.S. Attorney when Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue were murdered. Robert Mueller was the Boston U.S. Attorney during Halloran/Donahue murder investigation. Only very powerful person could influence a federal judge to seal a public record. Did Robert Mueller request sealing my brother’s Boston Police police witness statement?
    The 1st Circuit Court accepts two vastly different testimonies about the same murders. One from a person that has no reason to lie and one from a person with every reason to lie.
    The policeman speaking to Brian Halloran before he died also gave testimony before Judge Lindsay about the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders. This policeman stated he lived in South Boston and his testimony was being video-taped because he was going away on a vacation. He testified that Brian Halloran told him James Flynn was the gunman who shot him. Every policeman living in South Boston knew implicating Whitey Bulger in murder was a death sentence. This policeman couldn’t even look at the video camera. His eyes were downcast and shifting from side to side as if full of guilt.
    The two FBI agents didn’t show my brother Whitey Bulger’s photo. They showed him James Flynn’s photo and kept insisting he was Brian Halloran’s killer. They instilled fear in my brother. They told him gangsters lived near his house. They offered my brother the protective witness program and a credit card if he would testify that James Flynn killed Brian Halloran. My brother went from being a normal citizen (plumber), to being a state hospital mental patient because of the fear instilled by the FBI.
    When James Flynn was arrested, the FBI took my brother from the mental hospital and brought him to a grand jury. Again, they wanted him to identify Jame Flynn was the killer of Brian Halloran. Unlike the FBI, my brother couldn’t send an innocent man to prison.
    In 1985, the FBI asked me for criminal information. Since I lived in South Boston, giving the FBI criminal information at that time meant my death. Both my brother and filed federal lawsuits. These lawsuits have never been mentioned by any press. As you can see from the above, the federal corruption revealed by the Whitey Bulger trial was only the tip of the iceberg. Federal law enforcement corruption happened DURING the Whitey Bulger trial.
    The FBI knew that Kevin Weeks would be committing perjury when testifying about the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders. Tax payers were forced to pay a $100 million dollar settlement because the FBI used Joseph Barboza as a government witness when knowing he would commit perjury.
    FBI agent Gerald Montanari was in charge of the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murder investigation. Gerald Montanari testified during the McIntyre civil lawsuit trial. Judge Lindsay asked him, ‘Was Whitey Bulger a suspect in the murders?’ Gerald Montari answered, ‘Yes.’ Judge Lindsay asked, ‘Was the witness shown Whitey Bulger’s picture?’ Gerald Montanari answered, ‘No.’ Gerald Montanari was referring to a female witness. There was no mention of my brother. During the recess, I told a McIntyre family lawyer about my brother and his pending lawsuit. When the trial resumed, this lawyer asked Gerald Montanari, ‘Was this (the female) the closest witness?’ Gerald Montanari answered, ‘Yes.’

  22. Dear Matt, I didn’t use the correct email address and received: “ERROR: please enter a valid email address.”
    That’s the message I received when sending my above mentioned “90 minutes message” to Jean.
    Obviously, I used an invalid email address when sending that “90 minutes” message. My next message to Jean (above mentioned “30 minutes”) was blocked with: “Similar information already sent.”
    Jean has enough paranoia in her life. Did you block the “30 minutes” message (using “Similar information already sent.)?
    I hope you’re okay. This blog misses your input.

  23. Dear No response, I changed these sentences. I also moved the paragraph starting with: “Wooden box…”
    The manuscript will be edited several more times. In the future, I might just tell you the number of changes.
    The Japanese occupied Manila.
    Set camp up.
    We didn’t worry about the MPs.
    The MPs was more crooked than us. They couldn’t arrest everybody. We’d take ten boxes.

    Wooden box held twelve rifles. Fifteen to eighteen boxes of rifles. My jeep could carry that much. The Japanese bought them. And they took them. I don’t know how they used them.

    For a week. Because I’m stiff drunk! For a week.
    Now let the rich go. Because they never went.

  24. Dear Doubting Thomas, I know you care about my brother. I realised that after sending William Connolly the last message.
    I will become your Facebook friend. So when that question pops up, please confirm my friendship request.

  25. Dear William, If you don’t mind, now start calling me Jon. I dislike being reminded of my FBI fear.
    Last night shortly before sleeping, I promised myself to retract my statement: “Because all the phonies and assholes are creating their own destruction. If they want to suck off the world like parasites, at the peril of their children’s future, maybe they deserve what might happen.”
    It’s unusual for me to be so negative. You always gain more being positive. I was simply releasing anger that nobody (except you) seemed to care about my brother. Thanks again for trying.

  26. Dear No Reason, The “World War II” chapter is now on Matt’s previous post (“The Grand Boston Media Conspiracy”).

  27. Dear William, Yes, please call me Jon. Right away noticed a mistake. When cutting one journal entry, two words from the ending were lost. The sentence: “Instead of for me, craved notebook for my children.” What I sent you lacked the last two words: “my children.”
    Your writing, which probably reflects your emotion, seems more relaxed. The biggest worry – nuclear holocaust. Can we prevent it? Flip a coin.
    Don’t think of a thousand battles. Choose one important battle. The one you care about the most and would do almost anything to win.
    Preventing nuclear holocaust is my most important battle. That’s why I self-published: “GOD, Senator Kennedy, and Whitey Bulger: How Whitey Helped Save The World.” The first half is journal format, the second half my federal lawsuit.
    I’m sure most people reading that title will laugh: “Ha. Ha. Whitey helping to change the world!” But exposing FBI corruption through Congressional hearings – initiated from what happened with Whitey – could help save the world. My lawsuit recommends eliminating FBI and CIA oath taking. That would be a start. Here’s the end of my book’s journal section:
    ~6pm Tuesday February 15, 2011
    On Palace Hotel bed after relaxing shower. Spent most of day editing “higher power” book. During breakfast, sat beside 25ish English backpacker, Chris, and heard, “How’s the writing?” Answered, “I’m almost done.” Chris asked, “What’s it about?”

    Gave brief description about love combining with love, part of brain lighting up when praying and Earth’s magnetic force pulling love together for combination. Described physicist’s chin hitting chest when explaining “higher power” theory. Chris, very interested, said, “I think other planets have a God. People are narrow-minded thinking only this planet has God.”

    Explained why killing civilians (collateral damage) in war against terrorism was so very dangerous. Told Chris, “‘Higher power’ only knows love, people are praying with love for destruction of forces killing children, that means those prayers might be answered.” Chris nodded, saying, “You’re right.”

    MX News shows submarine beneath jungle canopy. Below picture reads:

    “Columbian soldiers guard a partially hidden homemade submarine near Timbiqui in the country’s southwest. The submarine can carry up to eight tones of cocaine and is capable of reaching Mexico. Officials are surprised at the advanced technology used to make the 30m vessel, which they say would be virtually undetectable at sea.”

    Adjacent article, “WMD ‘found in America’” states:

    “Weapons of mass destruction have been found in the US, a Customs officer claims.
    San Diego assistant port director Al Hallor said, ‘partner agencies’ had discovered ‘weapons of mass effect’ at US locations, but did not specify where or what.
    Concern over WMD came after US cables made public by WikiLeaks revealed terror groups were plotting a ‘nuclear 9/11.’
    When asked by San Diego 10News whether ‘a chemical agent or a weaponised device’ had been found, Hallor said: ‘Our partner agencies have.’
    He would give no details.”

    Weapons of mass destruction will again reach America. Of course, al-Qaeda read about homemade submarine. As article states, homemade submarine would be “virtually undetectable at sea.”

    More news about Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue murders. FBI told Halloran family that James Flynn killed Brian Halloran. FBI tried convincing Jaime that James Flynn killed Brian Halloran. Prosecutor tried convincing grand jury that James Flynn killed Brain Halloran. Now U.S. Appeals Court throws out lower court decision and rules Halloran’s family should have known Whitey killed Brian Halloran.

    Boston Herald article, “Family of Boston mob victim to challenge ruling” states:

    “Relatives of a man gunned down in 1982 after a former Boston FBI agent passed information to a fugitive gangster are challenging an appeals panel’s decision to dismiss their wrongful death lawsuit, an attorney said Friday.
    The family of Brian Halloran – who was killed along with Michael Donahue after former agent John Connolly Jr. told James ‘Whitey’ Bulger that Halloran was going to implicate him in a murder – wants the full 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to review Thursday’s decision by the majority of a three judge panel.
    The panel ruled that lawsuits brought by the families of both victims – as well as the $8.5 million in damages the FBI had been ordered to pay – were invalid because they were filed several weeks after the September 2000 statue of limitations expired.
    Halloran’s family plans to appeal the decision by the February 24 deadline, hoping the majority of judges in the full bench would side with the sole dissenting judge in Thursday’s ruling, said attorney William E. Christie, who represents Halloran’s estate. Attorney for Donahue’s family estate did not immediately return calls seeking comment.
    ‘The dissenting judge believed that because another individual James ‘Jimmy’ Flynn had been indicted and tried for the murder in the early 1980s, the family had reasonable basis to believe that Jimmy Flynn was actually the murderer,’ Christie said.
    Bulger and another member of his notorious Winter Hill Gang carried out a hit on Halloran, spraying him with 22 bullets as he screamed. Donahue was a bystander who had offered Halloran a ride home and was shot in the head as he tried to dodge the bullets.
    A U.S. district judge had ordered the FBI to pay damages in 2009 after another judge ruled in 2007 that the FBI was responsible for the deaths.
    ‘The murders robbed both the Donahue and Halloran families of loved ones, and their losses were exacerbated by years of government evasion,’ two of the three judges said Thursday. ‘But the statues of limitation are designed to operate mechanically. They aspire to bring a sense of finality to events that occurred in the distant past and afford defendants the comfort of knowing that stale claims cannot be pursued.’
    The criticism of government evasion that couched the decision failed to ease the frustration of Halloran’s family.
    ‘Despite speculation in the press and elsewhere that perhaps Bulger was the murderer, the fact that the government had indicted and tried Jimmy Flynn – the government had told the family that Jimmy Flynn was the murder – it was reasonable for the family to believe’ and let the deadline pass to file a wrongful death claim, he said.
    A spokesman for the Department of Justice declined to comment on the planned appeal Friday.”

    Same Appeals Court ruled I should have known Boston FBI agents guilty of conspiracy to murder, before any Boston FBI agents indicted for murder, or conspiracy to murder!


    “Beginning in the mid-1960s, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (‘FBI’ or ‘Bureau’) began a course of conduct in New England that must be considered one of the greatest failures in the history of federal law enforcement…This committee report focuses on only a small segment of what happened. It discusses primarily the 1965 murder of Edward ‘Teddy’ Deegan…In excess of two billion dollars in civil lawsuits were filed as the direct result of federal law enforcement decisions to use Jimmy Flemmi, Stephen Flemmi, and James Bulger as criminal informants. From the onset, the Department of Justice has used litigation tactics to defeat these lawsuits that, at best, can be characterized as contrary to respect for the rule of law.”

    Department of Justice still using “litigation tactics to defeat these lawsuits that, at best, can be characterized as contrary to respect for the rule of law.” We need Congressional investigation focusing on Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue murders.

    Kevin Weeks stated, “I’m telling you. (Bulger) used to say he had six agents up there (lawsuit page 25).” “Weeks said that Connolly is not the only former FBI agent who should be prosecuted. The FBI said they’ll have no comment unless Weeks produces names (TheBostonChannel.com, Former Mobster Alleges Further Corruption In FBI, Weeks Calls Connolly ‘Sacrificial Lamb,’ p. 1, March 14, 2006).”

    FBI agents interviewing Jaime, same FBI agents that filed false information (page 167), should be prosecuted for accessory to murder.

    Massachusetts has no statute of limitations for murder or accessory to murder. Three Boston FBI agents were involved in Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue murders – John Connolly and two FBI agents interviewing Jaime. As previously stated, Jaime’s car was registered to our mother’s house. Only way FBI could have located Jaime, either FBI followed him from murder scene to girlfriend’s house, or Bulger gang followed him and contacted FBI.

    Three times, I asked Senator John Kerry to help AIDS Brigade. Each request involved veterans with AIDS and each time we received his help.

    Representative Stephen Lynch was born and raised in South Boston. In 2003, Stephen Lynch stated: “The American public has yet to grasp the depth and breadth of what really went on during this course of FBI misconduct. In fact, it is perhaps hard to grasp precisely because what has happened is so unbelievable.”

    Senator John Kerry and Representative Stephen Lynch care much about helping others. They know America must have justice at home, before we can establish justice abroad. 2003 Congressional report quoted Edmund Burke: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Hopefully, Senator Kerry and Representative Lynch will initiate Congressional investigation that focuses on Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue murders.

  28. Afraid (I’ll call you Jon when I see you in person) that’s good creative writing. I see America’s under a Narcotics Holocaust right now. I agree Nukes must be eliminated, everywhere, and nuclear power made safer. I recommend a great book: “HARVARD TO HELL and back” by Sylvester “Skip” Sviokla, M.D. Skip recounts his years-long struggles with alcohol and drugs (especially Oxycontins). Skip was always a courageous man and great athlete, Harvard Football, drafter by Chicago Bears but decided on Medicine, Harvard Med.) He was on my high school football and boxing teams. He mentions both teams in his book. Skip was all city in Football and all state in some newspapers. He doesn’t mention me in the book — no need to— but not bragging but telling the truth I was awarded the William Sullivan Most Valuable Football Player trophy for our class of 1963 football team (the 1962 Season.) That trophy’s name was changed by one of our late great coaches, Jim Cotter. It is now the Paul Murphy MVP award. Paul was on the same team as Skip and I; he was a very tough football player. He was killed in combat in Vietnam.
    Pray the Higher Power transfuses all of us with thoughts of peace, words of peace, and actions toward spreading peace, love, health and happiness and defanging the war-mongering wolves and hate-mongering false prophets among all the world’s peoples. Keep up the good work. Keep writing. Keep punching!!

  29. Dear William Connolly, The real worry is a nuclear holocaust.
    You might know that June 2011 I self-published “GOD, senator Kennedy and Whitey Bulger: How Whitey Helped Save The World.”
    Half the book is from my journal and half my federal lawsuit. As I previously explained, my journal writing is unique. There are no articles except within quotations.
    Below are 20 journal entries that mention “nuclear holocaust.” Instead of going crazy over a million battles, simply change things one step at a time. I fear for our future. Not from our government – but Iran and North Korea. It’s a flip of the coin whether civilized society will survive.
    Understanding this truth makes life easier. Because all the phonies and assholes are creating their own destruction. If they want to suck of the world like parasites, at the peril of their children’s future, maybe they deserve what might happen. But no innocent child deserves what might happen!
    Your response brought great joy. Last night was very difficult. Yesterday, I spent two hours communicating with Jean. The first email took 90 minutes. It began with “You obviously have power behind you – brain power.” This referred to her obvious intelligence. The email ended with: “We can be happy having Matt’s blog. This could, and should, become something great. Let me know if your citizenship status allows filing a federal lawsuit. If you can, I will help.”
    When I tried to send it “incorrect email address error” appeared on the screen.
    So I thought, “Maybe that’s for the best(because I tooted my horn to explain how bad things can become good) and spent 30 minutes writing another email. When I tried to send that email “Similar information already sent” appeared on the screen.
    Wow! I saw Big Brother in action. How could something taking 30 minutes be similar to something taking 90 minutes? How could something be similar to something that was blocked from going through?
    I sent a quick email that did go through and walked home fearing for Matt’s website.
    I fear the government will shutdown his website. Jean must have some serious problems. If she complained about a man and the legal authorities did nothing – then this guy kills his wife and commits suicide – that’s very serious.
    She’s dealing with New Hampshire authorities. I was arrested three times in New Hampshire and spent one week in the Manchester County Jail for undertaking needle exchange.
    My bail condition was “no more needle exchange.” But learning “crack heroin” was in New Hampshire, I told the court this deadly designer heroin demanded more effective drug education and more effective AIDS prevention (needle exchange). The judge ordered me locker until trial. But I could be released if agreeing “no more needle exchange.” This created great press. Every day the National AIDS Brigade was onthe front page. They even quoted a response from the Governor of New Hampshire. This pro-needle exchange press helped to change harmful needle laws in a very conservative state (again worry about tooting my own horn).
    In Manchester County Jail, they also hold prisoners facing deportation. The bullpen has a sign that states: “Sit own and be quiet.” Imagine not being able to pace back and forth while being locked up.
    My first few days were in the “new inmate” section. The cell had two metal bunks, one on top of the other. I chose the top bunk. That first day I was ordered to the bottom bunk. You cannot ask, “Why?” Doing so guaranteed punishment.
    So I moved to the bottom bunk. Soon a Hispanic prisoner arrived and he took the empty top bunk. This guy couldn’t speak any English. That night, a guard entered the cell and shined a flashlight in my eyes. Two more guards entered, one wrapped a chain around this guy’s chest or neck, the other guard wrapped a chain around his legs. I’m lying a few feet below almost not believing what was going to happen. While the first guard kept my eyes blinded with the bright flashlight, I heard the other guards both pull at the same time. The Hispanic inmate smashed very hard onto the concrete floor. They dragged him moaning from the cell.
    Manchester County Jail has a “hole” where they can chain you to a chair. Imagine being in solitary and not being able to move.
    Poor Jean. If possible, say “Hi” to her.
    Read the below journal entries. Now you have something to really worry about- nuclear holocaust.
    Thanks again for your response. I know how to handle the situation. I’m surprised at Jay, No Response, Firefly, and the others. Why did only you call the Moakley courthouse? Did anybody else try?
    Thanks again. Now it’s time to send No Response (on Matt’s earlier post) another chapter of the Gaga book. This chapter “World War II” describes American soldiers killing Japanese civilians. I think this is another first for any book, movie, etc.

    Fuck! Nuclear holocaust fear.

    Why did Senator Kerry lose to George Bush? Often things must get worse before getting better. Senator Kerry couldn’t stop powers behind White House. He couldn’t ignore powerful lobbies. Not before Bush administration blunders. Now Kerry-like Democratic President might help prevent nuclear holocaust. Many in Congress realize Iraq war wrong – killing civilians increases hatred and fuels terrorism. Hillary Clinton, like Bill Clinton, guaranteed to generously fund Israel’s war machine. Without doubt, electing Hillary Clinton as president would quicken nuclear terrorist attack.

    Know he’s talking about nuclear holocaust. What choice does world have? Take chance of containing Iran, or bombing their nuclear facilities?

    “Higher power” knows only love. It communicates through love. That’s why Western powers killing innocent civilians abroad, although viewed as “collateral damage” in war against terrorism, so very, very dangerous. More people praying with love, praying for destruction of forces killing civilians, means that prayer, that love seeking solution from “higher power,” closer to becoming reality. Being able to see into future, as with Biblical prophecies, well documented in history. Today, simply pressing nuclear buttons could end civilized society. “Higher power,” because only knowing love, could help make nuclear holocaust happen.

    Understand America thinking almost anything, even nuclear terrorist attack, better than Iran with nuclear bomb. Felt lucky meeting these Iranians. Again stood beside tall glass-paneled building. When will nuclear terrorist attack happen? Will nuclear holocaust follow? Fear terrible scenario: first nuclear terrorist attack – increased fear (massive camera installation); second nuclear terrorist attack – cameras turn inward (government seizes control); third nuclear terrorist attack – nuclear holocaust (end of civilized society).

    Showed fundraiser, Tom, “golden light” boxing pictures. Raised in England, Tom’s Save The Children “team leader.” Explained golden light was love, also saying, “We’re heading for nuclear holocaust. When someone kills your kids you pray for revenge. You pray for that evil to be destroyed. You pray with love. ‘Higher power’ knows only love. It helps those prayers succeed. More and more people praying with love for America’s destruction. That’s why Islamic religious extremists could succeed with nuclear terrorist attack.” Tom listened with interest, spouting, “You’re right!”

    Why can’t Bush Administration and Israel understand this? Certainly many do, but why can’t everybody see it? Instead of defeating extremists, killing civilians (collateral damage) quickens nuclear terrorist attack. Killing civilians quickens nuclear holocaust. If majority of Americans have average intelligence, majority of Americans should understand world’s biggest problem – Israel discriminates against Arabs.

    Last Sunday, enjoyed dinner with Rebecca’s friends (Virginia, Michael, Ann-Marie and Steve). I mentioned golden light pictures, “higher power” and potential nuclear holocaust. Described evolution of surrounding “reservoir of love.” Told them, “We’re killing innocent children. This engine knows only love. Muslims see US-backed Israelis killing their kids. More and more Muslims are praying for our destruction. They’re praying with love. We’re surrounded by a reservoir of love. That Muslim love will create a current. A growing current in the reservoir of love. Eventually they’ll get what they want.” Michael flashed serious look, saying, “You’re right.”

    Heard, “Dresden. I’ve been there.” 50ish man pointed to book photo. Turning towards corridor, I explained, “No, that’s Boston after a fire. I’m writing about potential nuclear holocaust.” Heavyset man said, “I’ve been to Hiroshima. There’s the human X-ray. Man’s bones burned into the wall by gamma rays. They have a ball of copper that was coins from a boy’s pocket 12 miles away. Blast gave 50,000 degrees of heat.” Asked, “What happened to the boy?” Heard, “He’s dead. But they show ball of copper from his coins and a piece of his shorts.”

    Two bad, but one good. Peter Betchel signed-up with hug. Love when surprised by goodness. Hadn’t seen Peter in 5 years. Last week, he gave me Kite Flyer for Christmas present (brought book to Marion’s house). Peter said, “I heard you’re writing one.” Briefly described “higher power” book, saying, “We’re facing a nuclear holocaust. We’re at a crossroad for civilized society.” Peter nodded solemnly.

    World’s facing nuclear holocaust! Does anything else matter?

    Darkening day. Wind blowing before storm. Weather almost matches my nuclear holocaust fear. I’m on bus heading for Boston. Last night slept at 9 Bleecker Street. This morning, brought letters and lawsuit to New York Times.

    Obviously, Bible says these things. Just as obvious, Jehovah’s Witnesses use parts of Bible for their own purpose, like Islamic religious extremists use parts of Koran for their own purpose. Sadly, Islamic religious extremists could ignite nuclear holocaust. This would mean end of world. Not physical world, or all mankind, but end of civilized society.

    His only response could be born-again Christian response, “If you believe (meaning join their fundamentalist religious group) you will go!” Imagine letting this man be president of most powerful nation on Earth. That’s why more people hate America. That’s why more Americans murdered when traveling abroad. That’s why nuclear holocaust closer to becoming reality.

    Happy goodness exposes evil. Goodness might prevent nuclear holocaust. Instead of heavy-hand (bombing house to kill one terrorist but also killing children), America should use goodness to expose evil. Blood thirsty terrorists (those killing for pleasure or personal gain) can’t stand goodness. Once being exposed, they should be arrested. Incarceration more painful than death.

    Hurray! Found notebook under desk. This morning, slight worry glimpsing Campbell’s photo. Pushed worry away and brought Lila outside. She stood against backyard fence calling for neighbor’s dog. Heard cute, “Da.” “Da.” “Da.” Remembered baby photo of Mom standing against fence. Both one year-old and they looked identical. Understood intense notebook worry. Explaining “God” might help prevent nuclear holocaust. Instead of for me, craved notebook for

    Israel bombing Iran will create huge anti-American hatred. Islamic religious extremists could use bomb casualties to topple Pakistan government. Once Islamic religious extremists control nuclear buttons – nuclear holocaust.

    Now at train station. My problems nothing compared to nuclear holocaust. Photo beside The Courier-Mail article shows serious looking Fidel Castro. Think President Obama knows truth of Castro’s words. Sadly, others control government more than him. Same with AIDS prevention. Those on front line don’t have needed power. Crack heroin virtually replaced East Coast traditional heroin. It increases HIV and hepatitis infections. It increases overdoses and newborn-HIV infections. But nobody seems to care.

    Again thinking about future. Benny’s achievement reduced to sadness if nuclear holocaust. Almost toss-up, flip of coin, whether world will suffer such fate. Must push myself to finish book describing physical explanation of “higher power.” It might help bring religious calm. It might show how becoming martyr complete waste of life. Nothing certain about book, but know I must

    Now picturing Benny in Saint Kevin’s school band. Why allow any individual to increase hatred that brings nuclear holocaust closer?

  30. Afraid: I’m retired from the law and public health. No one at Moakley Courthouse would listen to me. I’ve admired your lifelong courage and work. Both of us have a lifelong interest in addictions and we both know the indifference, neglect of our government. I’ve picked my battles, as you suggest. In my book Character Assassins I did praise David Boeri for trying to see matters from the other side of the street. I gave him a Civilian’s Bronze Star for courage and integrity. My beef is with the widespread corruption in the press, judiciary, academia, business etc. I recognize there are good and bad people in all fields. I see America sinking into a Swamp of money grubbing, power-grubbing, constitution-defying; the denizens of that swamp are like the “good” people we wrote about in From Trial Court to the United States Supreme Court; Anatomy of a Free Speech Case (Branden, 1995). They think they’re “good” while they trample on the Constitution and fundamental rights. From 1991-1995, sixteen judges trampled upon the constitutional rights of the Veteran Organizers of the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Case. P.S. Just last Spring (2013) I wrote a letter to Justice Souter and mailed it to Suffolk Law School and the Appeals Court Clerk’s Office at the Moakley Courthouse. Moakley’s Clerk wrote back and said “don’t send us letters- you’re not a party to any case.” My former law school wrote back and said, “We don’t know Justice Souter’s address.” THEY IGNORE WE THE PEOPLE, THE ELITISTS DO. THE FEDS DON’T SERVE US, THEY DISSERVE AND DISRESPECT US. THE BATTLES MUST BE FOUGHT ALONG MANY FRONTS. TRAINS OF TRUTH AND INTEGRITY AND CONSTITUTIONALITY MUST BE SENT DOWN MANY TRACKS SIMULTANEOUSLY. WE MUST BATTLE ALONG MANY FRONTS IF WE WANT TO REMAIN FREE AS A PEOPLE AND AVOID OUR CURRENT DESCENT INTO 1930S GERMANY WITH ITS SPY-STATE, POLICE-STATE, PROPAGANDA-STATE AND MILITARISTIC-IMPERIALIST STATE. IT’S A BIG PROBLEM. THERE IS A CORRUPTING ZEITGEIST AFOOT!

  31. Dear Matt, Doubting Thomas, Jean, GOK, No Reason, or anybody else that might care about helping a neglected Whitey victim. Please read my above comment to William Connolly. If someone has a few minutes to spare, could they please phone the Moakley courthouse and request that Jaime Parker be placed on the Whitey victim list.
    Thank you very much for considering this important request.

  32. Dear William Connolly, I like your passion but the media isn’t all bad. The fact Matt chose to mention David Boeri as being different – which I totally agree – created some hope this blog will become something great. For although Jay criticized David Boeri for his Billy Bulger coverage (David can’t change the world), he is a reporter who will listen.
    Matt replied to Jay with my own exact thoughts: “By no means do I agree with everything Boeri has put out…But when I did run into him I found him willing to listen…”
    David Boeri is a reporter who will listen and enjoys making a difference. That’s exactly what he did when deciding put the AIDS Brigade on TV. He helped educate the public about the importance of needle exchange.
    David helped change the needle laws. That means today less adults, and less infants, have HIV infection because of harmful needle laws. He knew allowing addicts to get clean needles was an important issue.
    Like myself, David was once a commercial fisherman. Before the AIDS Brigade, I founded the Boston Bass Brigade to help the striped bass. Boston Herald reporter, Michael Globetti, wrote more than a dozen articles that mentioned this organization. He did that because he cared. A New York Times reporter put an important AIDS Brigade article on the front page, because like David, he knew clean needles was an important issue. He helped get that article on the front page because he cared.
    Boston Herald reporter J.M. Lawrence interviewed my brother Jaime about the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders. Her article stated a federal seal was placed on his Boston Police Incident Report concerning those murders. She did that because she cared. Going against the FBI is never easy and I think that took a lot of courage.
    So my friend William Connolly, like with anything else, there are always some good people and some bad people. You need to choose your battles.
    My battle is with the FBI. They have simply erased by brother’s presence at the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders.
    Former-FBI agent Gerald Montanari testified at the McIntyre lawsuit trial about the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders. He testified that he was in charge of the investigation concerning those murders.
    Judge Lindsay asked him, “Was Mr. Bulger a suspect?” He answered, “Yes.” Judge Lindsay asked him, “Was the witness shown a photograph of Mr. Bulger?” Montanari answered, “No.”
    Judge Lindsay was referring to a female witness. There was no mention of my brother. During the recess, I told one of the McIntyre family attorneys about my brother. When the trial resumed, this attorney asked Montanari, “Was this (the female) the closest witness?” Montanari answered, “Yes.”
    That was an absolute lie. Michael Donahue’s car almost hit my brother’s car. My brother later testified before Judge Lindsay that his car was within 10 feet of the Michael Donahue car. Brian Halloran jumped out the passenger door and my brother testified he was 25 feet of the Halloran murder. He testified for two minutes, Whitey tortured Brian Halloran with an AK-47.
    But my brother isn’t on the Whitey victim list. He never received any notifications of court dates or any type of guidance that would help bring him closure to this terrible ordeal.
    My brother has been reduced to a shell of his former-self. I helped him file a lawsuit but he was too terrified to enter the courthouse. Getting him to testify before Judge Lindsay (who was assigned his case) was something which was very difficult. It took myself, and two McIntyre and another Law firm employee to help make that happen.
    My brother’s first words to Judge Lindsay, “I don’t want to be here.” My brother was and still is terrified of the FBI.
    The Moakley Courthouse phone number: (617) 619-4000. His lawsuit case number is: 07CV10863-RCL.
    I have departed America when filing my lawsuit. I live in Australia. It is nighttime here when it is daytime there. Many, many days I promise myself to stay up past midnight and call the Moakley courthouse and request that my brother be placed on the Whitey victim list.
    I simply lack the strength. When nighttime arrives, I want nothing to do with the FBI. Thinking about the FBI is the exact opposite from what my mind wants each night – which is a good night’s sleep.
    If possible William Connolly, could you, or anybody else reading this, please call the Moakley courthouse and request that Jaime Parker be placed on the Whitey victim list.
    I simply don’t see how they can refuse this important request.

    1. Dear Afraid,

      I too have been forced to leave the US due to safety precautions considering that my ID was stolen. There was credible evidence that my ssn and ID had been used in bank fraud, and perhaps money laundering. In 2003 I was forced to legally change my name back to my maiden name, and since that time I have been attempting to get a legal ssn, but with no luck. I am 69 and have not been able to collect upon my ss benefits. I am in the process of posting my attempts to get assistance with the social security matter, as well as the other complaints.

      I have been put into a Catch 22. Social Security Administration has informed me that I need a current valid US passport to begin the name change process, and US Dept of State requires a valid social security number for me to get a legal US passport. I had been informed that only US DOJ Criminal Division has jurisdiction over the dilemma, but to date after a decade of trying, I have received no positive assistance. Therefore, all my other Civil Rights complaints have not be responded to, since I have no valid proof that I am a US Citizen…and then the State of NH Ordered me not competent, and a danger to myself and others… and then NH implemented its Stand and Defend Law… I had already informed that a contract had been placed on my life (that person has recently stabbed his wife to death and hanged himself). My family and I believed after I was evicted and arrested for criminal trespass in the family’s home,in 2009, it was time to go. As you are aware, my legal documents are being archived on nhjustice.net. The recent SSA and US Department of State communications can be found under Announcements.

      Afraid, I understand your frustrations, and my condolences to your brother. None of this should happen in America. And, with the courage of our convictions, perhaps we can all do something to make certain that CHANGE is effected. Thanks to Matt, you, and I, and others still have a voice…albeit in the wilderness now, perhaps not forever.

      1. Dear Jean,

        I’ve read some of the materials on the website and am familiar with some of the trials and tribulations you have conveyed here. What steps have you taken to find a long term solution for your predicament? Judging by your tone, it sounds like you hope to return to America one day. Alternately, have you considered seeking formal asylum in a country where you will be safe once and for all? Have you also attempted to contact officials at international organizations for diplomatic intervention, such as the United Nations or the European Union? If you consider your efforts for intervention to have failed domestically, perhaps there are other multilateral forums where you will have a stronger voice.

        As always, I wish you all the best Jean, and hope you continue to be safe.


        1. Jay,

          Thank you for your concern. Funny that you should ask about my international status: I will try to summarize that situation to the best of my knowledge as of this writing. Warning: its complicated.

          Sometime in the mid 1930’s my parents both US Citizens in good standing moved to the Panama Canal Zone. My father Andrew Robert Allan was hired by the Panama Canal Company. He became a Pan Canal Ship Pilot and ended his 30 plus years as Ast Port Captain on Atlantic Side. During WWII he was also active duty as Lt. Commander in the Navy. My mother served the war effort in several unofficial capacities. My parents served their country with dignity and honor. When they retired, in 1968, they moved back their family home located on the north shore of Long Island, NY.

          I was born in Margarita Canal Zone Panama in 1944. I am what we affectionately call ourselves, a Zonian. At the time I was born the Canal Zone was a US Territory. It had its own US Court system, police, school system etc. The US had titular sovereignty over its Canal Territory. All of the dependents records were held in the files of their parents who were employed by the Panama Canal Company, which was a US Government entity.

          Then beginning in 1979 there was a treaty signed by both the US and Panama that agreed to give complete sovereignty over the Panama Canal back to Panama. The transition was to end sometime in 1999. (By then my father had died and my mother had been receiving US pensioner survivor benefits.) Incorporated into the Treaty was the understanding that all US citizens that had been born in the Panama Canal Zone were also to be granted dual citizenship as Panamanians. Therefore, pursuant to the Treaty I am also a legal Panamanian citizen by birth, as well as a US citizen by birth. I hold two legal birth certificates. My US birth certificate shows that my name is Jean Elizabeth Allan, and the name that is registered in the legal records of Panama is Jean Elziabeth Allan Sovik (Sovik was my mother’s maiden name).

          Here’s where we think it all began to go wrong. Sometime in 1999, all the files of Panama Canal employees pursuant to the treaty were placed under the jurisdiction of US Department of Defense. The files were to be archived with the US Department of State. It appears from all the facts we have found that my father’s file went missing, and if his file went missing then so did all my records. We believe this to be the case since the US Department of State, in 2002, placed a CAVEAT on to a copy of my US birth certificate saying it alone was not proof of US citizenship. If the US Department of State had found my original birth certificate in my father’s Panama Canal employment file it would NOT have placed the CAVEAT onto a copy of my birth certificate.

          Compounding the missing file issue is the fact that also in the mid -late 90’s, I found that my social security number that was assigned to my then married name of Jean E. Vorisek Quinn had been stolen and used in bank frauds, among other crimes that may expose me personally to taxes, penalties, and perhaps forfeiture of my assets. (One of those suspects in now dead, reportedly hanged by his own hand after brutally stabbing his wife to death.)

          The summary above is spelled out in many correspondent documents that have been posted on nhjustice.net under High Birches Springs sub-section. The recent Announcement highlights the Catch 22 of the Stolen ID issues and my attempts to get a social security number in the my legal maiden name of Jean Elizabeth Allan, and then to connect all my past work record that would entitle me to my already earned social security benefits, and any other legal US citizenship status that requires a legal social security number.

          Jay, this was a long answer to say that I am now living in Panama where I do have legal status. I still have loving Zonian and Panamanian friends that are encouraging me to continue my fight. And, mostly they all remember my MUM Aggie, and are stalwart in their support of my keeping my promise to her. (see A Daughter’s Promise in No Witness = No Case nhjustice.net.)

          With Regards,


    2. Was your brother out having a drink with Halloran and Donahue which might explain why his car was leaving the vicinity at the same time as Donahue’s?

  33. a license to deal drugs and commit crimes. “Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.”

  34. Afraid of FBI: Keep up the good work! Keep us posted, please. Looking forward to your book. MK-Ultra is a good example of DOJ/FBI overreach as is the “oath of secrecy” which is used against The Right to Know of Congress’s, the Judiciary’s and We The People. Some inner circle in the FEDs is deciding, based on “national security”, what constitutional safeguards of private citizens will be violated. 2. Thank God for the leakers who showed the extent to which our constitutionally-guaranteed privacy was being invaded. 3. How many more people like John Connolly have been framed and scapegoated; how many more like Afraid have been hounded and harassed; how many more government spies are “watching the people, and the people just don’t understand” as Steppenwolf sang in circa 1970. 3. Like Afraid, I’m a well educated, loyal American, a veteran of the USPHS (Department of Navy) and I don’t trust our government. 4. The FBI tells us its continuing to investigate the Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack; I’ve posted here that two days before the attack I sat in Starbucks on Boylston—next door to the Forum where the second bomb was placed—and I sat across from a woman who lookyed like the killed Terrorist’s wife, the Russell girl, (subsequently I recognized her from photos in the press) and she conversed with a man wearing a hood which covered his face. Who were these people? The hooded man looked like a man pictured in the NY Post watching the Marathon. These facts I sent by email, hand-delivered to the FBI and posted on this site. I’ll be satisfied the Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack has been thoroughly investigated when the FBI tells us who these people were, what Imams, jihadists and professors were in contact with the Terrorist Killers within a year before the attack, who helped them design and make the bombs, who one Killer contacted on his return to Russia-Chechnya, who helped him get in and out of Russia, what was the FBI’s involvement with him, how did the killer terrorist brothers get access to welfare payments, tuitions, and access to boxing gyms in South Boston and Allston-Brighton, who told them to select those places to work out, who told them to plant bombs at precisely those two locations on Boylston Street. Who cheered them on? Who aided and abetted them. Who were their friends, associates, contacts? 4. The Wider Issue is the FEDs creation of the Police-State, the Spy-State, the Narcotic-State (FED neglect abets saturation of States with hard drugs), the Militaristic-Imperialistic State, all to the great detriment of WE the People. The imperious FEDs think they are our Rulers. We are in trouble. A not-insignificant percentage of FEDs aid and abet a secretive anti-American entity using the Media as its propagandistic lackies. The FEDs routinely leak info to their lackies in the Media to destroy Persons Out of Favor. The FEDs have killers on their payroll (TEI) and I am convinced they have Terrorist Killers on their payroll. The pay often comes in the form of a license to

  35. Dear Doubting Thomas, Thanks for the concern. The FBI and the CIA take oaths that they believe allow them to commit perjury under-oath. Matt alluded to this when saying Congress won’t go near the FBI. But Congress did have hearings on FBI corruption. My goal is to help push for additional Congressional hearings on FBI corruption, which under a Democratic administration, will have more success than under Bush.
    I truly believe this can happen. I’m going to include a small part of my lawsuit that recommended eliminating such oath taking. My lawsuit has three sections. The first section dealt with MK-ULTRA. The second section dealt with the Edward Deegan murder (resulting Congressional investigation). The third section was my own complaint (conspiracy to murder, obstruction of justice, etc.) – so the numbering can seem to overlap.
    Matt, Whitey Bulger was an MK-ULTRA victim, so this belongs here:

    48. Former CIA Director, Richard Helms, explained shredding of MK-ULTRA data to a Senate Investigative Committee by testifying, “What occurred in the MK-ULTRA program was so horrendous, so unbelievable, the American public simply was not ready for the truth?”21
    21Jon Stuen-Parker, Letter To Norman Mailer: From Jail To Yale, p.234, National AIDS Brigade, 1999, (ISBN: 0970180608).

    49. Representative Stephen F. Lynch stated: “The American public has yet to grasp the depth and breadth of what really went on during this course of FBI misconduct. In fact, it is perhaps hard to grasp precisely because what has happened is so unbelievable.”22
    22Opening Statement, House Committee on Government Reform, Hearing on The Use of Informants by The Department of Justice, June 19, 2003.

    50. Daniel Ellsberg stated that many, if not most intelligence community personnel, are mistakenly made to understand that their secrecy oaths entitle them to commit perjury before courts and/or Congress.23
    23Daniel Ellsberg, Are Secrecy Oaths a License to Lie?, Harvard International Review, Vol. 26, No. 2 (Summer 2004).

    51. “This is not to deny the necessity of discretion or even formal secrecy agreements in certain settings in a democratic republic. But if a democratic government is to survive, those secrecy agreements must be understood to be provisional and subordinate to higher loyalties and laws and obligations, and limited by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”24

    52. “The executive branch of the United States could not oppose such legislation with precisely the same constitutional and practiced arguments it musters against congressional efforts to promote and protect disclosure. It is considerably more difficult to openly defend lying to the legislative branch than it is to defend the withholding of information.”25

    53. “The best safeguard against abuses in the future, is a complete public accounting of the abuses in the past.”26
    26Project MKULTRA, the CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification: Joint Hearing before The Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources, 95th Congress, First Session, August 3, 1977, Senate Select Intelligence Committee, Senator Edward Kennedy.

    D. Recommendations

    54. Congress should enact legislation that requires government agency secrecy agreements to state explicitly: “I understand that nothing in this agreement obliges me or permits me to give false testimony to Congress, or to a Court, or in particular, to commit perjury under oath.”
    55. FBI files should be searched for MK-ULTRA and MKSEARCH information to determine:
    a.) What role, if any, the FBI played in the administration of LSD and other drugs to unwitting American citizens.
    b.) What role, if any, the FBI played in Senator Edward Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick Island accident (July 19, 1969, Dike Road bridge).
    c.) What role, if any, MK-ULTRA and MKSEARCH activities helped lower the threshold for corruption in the Boston FBI.
    d.) What role, if any, MK-ULTRA and MKSEARCH helped disrupt cooperation between the Massachusetts State Police and the Boston FBI.”

    Dear Doubting Thomas, my lawsuit also documents that Edward Kennedy was a Contelpro target. But I’ll only include that if some says, “Okay.” I dislike having material deleted. Thanks again for your concern.

    1. Afraid- If you want look me up on facebook we could communicate on a more regular basis, I would like to really ask you a few things, Thomas Fitzgerald Fall River, MA.

  36. Dear Matt,

    This article concerns Justice Department officials actively commenting on public forums about a pending prosecution, which was exposed and resulted in an overturning of the old verdict: http://www.cnn.com/2013/09/17/justice/louisiana-danziger-bridge-case/index.html

    I find there to be many implications for events in Boston. Specifically there is an irony in that U.S. Justice Department prosecutors are banned from publicly commenting on cases. Specifically, the article further notes, “Justice Department rules forbid prosecutors from making public comments that might influence the outcome of a case. But lawyers for the convicted officers accused prosecutors of mounting ‘a secret public relations campaign’ aimed at discrediting the defendants before trial.”

    That modus operandi has been used before, hasn’t it? Matt, what policies were in force during your public service days in the District Attorney’s office — is there a formal policy in place there, and were there ever times when efforts were made to circumvent it? Per contra, did the absence of a formal policy create any dilemmas for your office?

    I enjoy hearing your war stories, if there are some to share here.


  37. http://on.aol.com/video/bill-black–i-dont-think-holder-takes-holder-seriously-anymore-517935506

    The above link is to a video from a Huffington Post interview with Bill Black, one of the regulators back in the late 80’s S&L crisis…it clearly spells out a major dilemma for the US DOJ and FBI with respect to elite financial fraud.Its about 7 min long. Recall that US lost approximately $14 Trillion on the recent financial crisis.

    One of the major issues is there is not enough FBI agents qualified or assigned to elite financial fraud that does exist, and now the 5 years statutes of limitations is coming up…AG Holder has announced his coming departure, and the question is whether the new AG will use other statutes that are available to the FBI in order to charge the elites with financial fraud. If Mr. Bulger is John Iuele he would have some interesting background things to say on the issue of elite financial fraud, if anyone were curious enough to ask.

  38. Matt et al.,

    If there ever is a timeline made of Boston’s Organized Crime and its intersection
    with the actions of the Feds and those who plotted and planned and blew up
    bombs and lived among us for decades,

    I would like to see the elevation of Whitey Bulger to near super-human status
    in conjunction with what was going on in NYC.

  39. Permit me to play Devil’s advocate here. It has been widely reported that James J. Bulger used several alias prior to his California Dreaming road trip. My family believes that we have credible evidence of one of them, John Iuele. What if our evidence were to be true? Our evidence takes the story out of the two bit small time hoodlum level into the really big time of global financial plunder. Until I hear from the man himself that he has not used the alias of John Iuele, there will be two doubting Thomases blogging here.

    1. JEAN- I have a major interest in your story and also AFRAID of FBI’s tale of torture that the family has been through. god bless you jean, I pray for you and your family to achieve peace of mind, and I know with the corruption and evil you have faced it won’t be easy. stay strong!!

      1. Dear Doubting,

        Thanks to Matt’s blog we victims have a voice, and can compare notes. By knowing that we are not alone and/or isolated, we can better understand how our experiences appear to follow a similar dirty tricks play book…before we thought we were unique, now we know we are victims of an organized pattern…thanks for the concern…it will take all of us sharing our facts to begin to inform the powers that be that change is needed. I believe that was the campaign slogan…now it is time to implement it.

  40. Tuck was a good quarterback at English and a good four sport athlete: football, hockey, baseball and basketball in high school. That’s the Tom Tucker I knew before Vietnam, the Pill, sex, drugs and rock & roll swept America off its feet. (2) Matt is right: Whitey was a two-bit gangster; the Media is both mendacious and money-grubbing, uninterested in facts, interested mainly in gossamer-spun stories which “sell” as Hopalong says. Yes, gun molls, models, murders and mayhem sell newspapers; facts, accuracy, the search for the truth are irrelevancies to the Boston Media’s jihadists who thrill in destroying reputations with false and slanted bombshells they pass off as non-fiction books or “investigative journalism” or “spotlight reports”. (2) In America, today, journalists are loathed, and ranked as low as politicians in social-survey polls, and just above lawyers, judges, fat cat bankers, fat cat financiers and fat-cat feds, the very well-fed overly-bloated feds. (3) Most Americans see through these mean-spirited types: the mendacious, power-abusing, power mad, money grubbing, fame-grubbing, mud slinging, award-winning (they give themselves awards; feds and media people do), character-assassins like Howie Carr! Most Americans see through them, but they have their acolytes and followers among all segments of our sorry society. The Ship of State is a capsizing ship of fools. Can it be righted? Can it be salvaged? Hope springs eternal. First rid the Country of this lot of fakes in media, the government and on Wall Street.

  41. Off topic as usual, but what did anyone read the Globe article in which Brian Kelly questioned the bill for services put in by Carney? I thought it was extremely unprofessional for him to comment on it and even suggest that he should have given the taxpayers a discount. Especially when you consider the whole thing could have been avoided if Wyshak wasn’t trying to put on final dog and pony show. Thoughts?

  42. Mr. White is a living relic of the Old Bostonan inhabitant of the Underworld, a world known largely to cops,robbers and tabloids. The local broadsheet couldn’t get past their obsession with Bill Bulger and South Boston’s fading mores.
    The wordmeisters discovered that segments of the public have an appetite for living vicariously in the streets with murder mayhem and molls and that these Taylor made minions also could make a buck spinning yarns with each others gossamer. Lucky there are no paperboys any more or they would be pitching stories for a Hollywood payoff.
    All you needed was a self serving law enforcement/judical bureaucracy playing footsy with the press and you have a mutual admiration society with beneficial synergy
    For those that grew up with urban spice in their lives and Runyonesque neighbors identifying these lowlifes as psychopaths and sociopaths rather than rogues was an easy call.
    In a more just world they would have parked a couple of double decker paddywagons(apologies for ethnic slurs)in front of the Moakley Courthouse and packed it up with bad guys and bad cops and carted them all off with Mr. Dark White to the netherworld where they spend eternity reading the Boston Globe.

    BC could have used Tucker calling the signals on Saturday.

  43. Matt –

    Have you heard any rumblings regarding his book or the 60 minutes interview? Heard CNN got denied getting an interview for that ‘documentary’ they made for the victims families.

    Just wanted to know if you or anyone who reads this has heard any rumblings, because that book/interview will be the final chapter of this saga. Wyshak signed off on the dateline interview for Connolly wonder if he’ll do the same for Morley Safer. You know whitey and carney’ll sign off on it, the big hurdle is the prosecutors and the bop.

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