Whitey’s Money: Other Murderers Money: Clean Hands: Unjust Ennrichment

justice weepsThe Boston’s U.S. attorney’s office is about to dole out the money to the family of people who it believes were murdered by Whitey.

Tony Veranis was murdered by John Martorano. He was shot in the back of the head after being pistol whipped. Martorano at first said Tony tried to draw on him but he was not fast enough. When he realized the autopsy would show there was no duel in a bar but he was shot from behind Martorano changed his story. He said Tony ducked down when he pulled out his gun and Tony being smaller than him that accounts for the bullet going into the back of his head. The only problem is Tony was taller than Martorano and there is the problem of being pistol whipped while alive.  The point is that Tony will get nothing and Martorano not only got $20,000 from the federals when he left prison; he gets to keep all his book proceeds and other assets gained through his criminal life. The families of other 20 or more victims of Martorano will also get nothing from Martorano. He joined the federal team.

Then there are the people murdered by Steven Flemmi. Some of them included the victims of Whitey. Some of them like the two women he murdered by himself he convinced the government Whitey was with him. Flemmi, who is the worst criminal ever to live in the Boston area who may be back on the street was convicted of many murders. He got to keep condominiums in Boston and other valuable assets he gained through his illegal activities.  The families of the victims of Flemmi will get nothing from him. He joined the federal team.

Pat Nee, Howie Winter, Frankie Salemme and others who were part of Whitey’s world also get to keep their money and other assets. The family of their victims get nothing.  The federals say: “we have been moving forward in our efforts to provide [Whitey’s] funds to the victims and have been working with them directly over the past several weeks.” They have no interest in the victims of the murderers they have embraced.

The lesson in all this which you won’t hear from other than here and a few other places is that if you are in the murder business and want to keep your assets cooperate with the federals. Not only that, you also will not have to do much time for the crimes. That is what happened to all those I mentioned.

Don’t get me wrong, I think every last penny of Whitey’s money should be hunted down and distributed to the families of his victims; it is just I think the families of other victims should not be shunned just because the murderer decided to help the federals.

When I studied law I learned in equity there was a doctrine called “clean hands.” It meant that you could not get any relief if you were implicated in any way in the wrong you were complaining about. A simple example is if Guy and Gal enter a plan to embezzle money from their employer and to split the proceeds. Gal cannot come into court against Guy if he absconded will all the funds.

When I look at the claimants to Whitey’s money I have to think of that doctrine. Not all of his victims were as clean as the newly fallen snow. (sorry for the reminder of the past winter) A couple were gangsters who had killed other people and were at war with him. Others to a greater or lesser degree put themselves in harm’s way hanging around with Whitey and the others knowing their criminal propensities.  Despite this, their families still hope to gain some money.

There is one family of an alleged victim of Whitey that deserves nothing. I say alleged because Whitey’s role in his killing was almost nonexistent. The guy who put a bullet in the victim John Callahan’s head hooked Whitey in so that he could get a deal for himself because the prosecutor’s lust for anything against Whitey blinded him to reality. But that is not why Callahan’s family deserves nothing.

John Callahan wanted to take over a business in Florida that was owned by a guy originally from this area but who made bundle of money legitimately with skill and brains and lived in Tulsa, OK. He tried to buy the business but they could not agree on the terms. He then asked John Martorano to murder that guy because he thought his widow would sell the business to him.

Martorano did just that. Later, when Martorano learned that Callahan was being looked at by the cops he recognized he was the only one who Callahan could implicate in the Tulsa murder (Callahan never dealt with Whitey). He then murdered Callahan.

I’d suggest that the family of a person who hires another to murder a person and is then murdered by the person he hires does not deserve any money from anyone.  He should have had all his assets given to the family of the person he had murdered. We wait to see how much money the families of all these people with dirt on their hands will receive.

This travesty could only happen in Boston.


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  1. Yes Janet, It is a House Of Cards ; Your point is the fulcrum point upon which so much rests. A mythology has supplanted reality. The riotously imaginative and selfish and self serving distortions of the rascals, as the Senate President might characterize them with that witty gleam in his knowing eyes, created this mythology. Matt operates at a deficit here, ,but it is not self-imposed as a result of a lax intellectually rigorous approach . He has CORRECTLY figured out much more than many have. You need to understand that literally hundreds of millions in potential damage awards are on the table for Justice if the ” Mythology ” is not supported. The question you must ask is does this ” Mythology ” actually serve a greater public good at this point than an informed deconstruction and explosion of of it would serve. It would be the Justice Department ” Big Bang !!! ” And where God is concerned 🙂 there arw mysteries in and about the Universe that are mysteries that the ” Big Bang ” origin theory is just not going to ever satisfactorily explain. Who is The Prime Mover? Is there a Prime Mover? We are ” Waiting For God ” as Simone Weil so spiritually put it. There are after all, stranger things under heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our …. Philosophy. ( The Bard ) And as he also said. …. ” And the rest is … Silence ” . 🙂

  2. Reality is this, gentlemen — the ‘facts’ of Bulger’s involvement in any of the murders and/or burials rests solely on information given by known lairs: The Three Stooges –Martorano, Flemmi, and Weeks. (And, keep in mind that O’Neill and Lehr got much of their information from John Morris. Perhaps the most despicable of them all.)
    What is truth, gentlemen? Certainly, you don’t think you’re getting it from any of them (though they have profited well by their versions, both in the judicial system and monetarily). Yes, they have all done well for themselves (including O’Neill, Lehr, Carr, etc.). The Stooges satisfied Wyshak’s need to get Connolly and Bulger. And, in the end, that’s all that mattered. Again, what is truth? Has anyone gotten Bulger’s version? Though one might question if that would be the truth, you have to keep in mind that he has nothing to lose at this point — and they had everything to gain —. Simply put — ‘it ain’t over’ until the two aging men in Florida jail cells sing!

    1. An excellent commentary Janet. Although I have read a few books about Whitey Bulger and Steve Flemmi it would seem that the public will never know the truth or depth of activities by these 2 professional criminals. What is fascinating is how many murders, crimes, and how much money was earned over decades by Bulger and Flemmi. This incredible and thorough blog by Matt does help to seperate facts from fiction. Janet, in your opinion, why do you think Wyshak targeted Connolly and Bulger at the expense of longer and stiffer sentences for Flemmi, Weeks, and Martarano? Certainly there is a political aspect to targeting Connolly and Bulger,no? The biggest tragedy in all this (besides ALL murder victims no matter whether a criminal or not) is that John Connolly is in jail. How can a FBI agent have a Top Echelon Informant and do EVERYTHINGby teh book. That is absurd and ludicrous. Of course “rules” will be broken. The mere fact that a government agency is getting inside information from a criminal is already along the slippery slope when it comes to ethics and morals.

      Janet, which books (if any) have you read in relation to Bulger?

    2. Janet:

      Good comment. It sums up much. Paid witnesses telling stories the government wanted to believe. According to Salemme he was given the book “Black Mass” to read by the investigators to “refresh his recollection.” That meant to him that was the script he was to follow; after all he became the head of the New England Mafia so he was a good witness for the federals. As part of his deal to testify against Connolly he was told he would not have to give any evidence against the Mafia.

      O’Neill and Lehr did get their information from Morris who was giving it to them because he wanted Whitey murdered. They would never have gone with it without corroboration and your friend in his book told how he also gave them the information they wanted.

      The problem with the matter at hand is as you point out that if Whitey had a story why would that be the truth? He has a particular version of events he wants to sell. In his mind he has a lot to lose, pretty much everything he has left, which is his reputation. His one smart decision was not to testify. Even if he testified to not being involved in some murders it would not amount to much. You had those guns sitting on the table in front of you in the courtroom and the pictures of his with the Mafia guys on Lancaster Street and the witnesses like Jimmy Katz and O’Brien who paid tribute that there was enough to get him on something and no matter how you hooked him he was not going to get out again. If he told his story he would have just given the authors a chance to write another book tearing him apart. In a sense he did get his revenge by keeping quiet.
      I hope to connect with him one of these days and if I do I hope to hear his version.

  3. Matt
    Excellent post. I am currently reading Whitey by Lehr and O’Niell. Am I correct to keep in mind that when the book discusses the murders “supposedly” done by Whitey that there are major inconsistencies and possibly just made up aspects to each murder? I will be going through the Whitey category here on your website to gain a much more accurate description. It interests me to see the different versions.

    In the court room, Whitey was convicted on 11 of the 19 murder charges. Is it quite possible that Whitey was involved directly or even directly with other murders besides the 19 he was accused of by the government?

    Can you share with me the exact location of where the bodies were found along the Neponset (sp?) River that Weeks showed law enforcement?

    1. Matt
      I typed in Whitey in the search engine on this website. The 2 threads that look compelling so far:

      Re-examing Whitey Bulger: The Learning Years (40 parts)
      John Naimovich (10 parts)

      Is there a subcategory of Whitey such as his Murders that go into detail for each one? This is where I really wish your book was finished because the blog is all over the place because there are so many different aspects to the whole Whitey saga. Not a complaint but trying to figure out how to organize the aspects to read through on the blog. Thanks.

      1. Jerome:

        The 40 part series should have a lot in it. Whitey’s murders were the six bodies he buried (except that Flemmi was responsible for the women but Whitey helped bury them); Buddy Leonard and Tommy King who were Southie rivals; Brian Halloran and Tommy Donohue killed at the waterfront; the Wheeler and Callahan murders which were done by Martorano who brought Whitey into them; the murders done for Angiulo also done by Martorano: Milano, Notarangeli, Plumber, and O’Brien; Spike O’Toole and Eddie Conners from Savin Hill. Sousa he may not have been involved in; Castucci again murdered by Martorano but he would have been part of it.

    2. Jerome:

      Dylann Roof should be right at the top of your list when you want to discuss the psychology of a murderer.

      There were six bodies that were dug up as a result of Weeks’s cooperation. Three across from the Fireman’s Post called Florian Hall in Neponset near the point where Hill Top and Hallet Street meet. Those were the three who were murdered at what Weeks called the murder house which was owned by Nee’s brother (I think). They were Bucky Barrett, John McIntyre and Deborah Hussey. Near by there is a body of water called Tenean Beach – that is where Paul McGonagle’s body was found. Tommy King’s and Debbie Davis’s were found along the shore of the Neponset River under the bridge that connects Quincy with Dorchester.

      In the Lehr book keep in mind a good bit of their information is from FBI guys Morris and Fitzpatrick who had an animus toward Whitey. Also that Martorano added Whitey into the murders that he committed for Gerry Angiulo which the jury did not believe. There is a belief Whitey was involved in the murder of Louis Litif – Weeks said he was and Halloran also said that. Weeks said Whitey was involved in 40 murders but that doesn’t seem to be the case because there weren’t that many in Southie.

      1. Thanks for the locations Matt. Have you been to the “graveyard” sites?

        In your opinion, why did Wyshak go after Connolly and Bulger by reducing the prison sentences of Flemmi, Weeks, Martarano? What I mean is yes, Wyshak got Connolly and Bulger placed in prison but at the reduction of prison sentences of the other three men.

        1. Jerome:

          I have not been to the graveyard sites since they have been revealed; prior to that time I passed them on many occasions.

          Wyshak’s goal in these matters was very likely formed through his relationship with the Globe reporters. They had a great abhorrence of Billy Bulger for many reasons not least was because of the way in which he wrote about them in his book While the Music Lasts They, like the federals, feel they are important and if they are not given the respect they think they deserve then they dislike the person.

          During the Wolf hearings Flemmi disclosed he was an informant for the FBI that embarrassed the FBI. (Wyshak knew both he and Whitey were informant prior to this time since the FBI disclosed to the then Boston US attorney that prior to their indictments.) After that happened Wyshak faced the problem that Flemmi stated the FBI had told him he could commit any crime he wanted except killing someone. If that claim succeeded the group of defendants who were with Salemme would also be set free because they could not be found guilty of conspiring with a person who was a government agent and given permission to commit the crime. There were only two people who could contradict Flemmi, those were Morris and Connolly. Morris was a friend of the Globe’s O’Neill, Connolly was friends with Billy Bulger.
          Wyshak believing Billy was bad naturally turned to Morris (he was Connolly’s supervisor and admitted taking money something Connolly never did nor did he ever say Connolly did). By going after Connolly he could shift the blame from the FBI onto him and he thought Connolly would give him something on Billy. The same reasoning applied to Whitey was that by highlighting him as the master criminal he could hurt Billy. Wyshak when asked where Connolly went wrong said: “He got too close to the Bulgers and South Boston.” Wyshak was like Melville’s Captain Ahab focusing on one goal and no matter what deals he had to make he would do it. He never got Billy criminally but did cause him a lot of harm.

  4. 🙂 Janet, Well spoken. Save your ” Prayers ” for the “Gods” though when it comes to Matt’s protection. For indeed it is they who do protect him. Well then, God Save Us All you might say when presented with this magniloquent paradox 🙂 … Hope ypu are not signing out early, as so recently arrived and clearly very welcome. You have more to say to Mr. Matt. Don’t be a wallflower. From your post verdict dance with the Media and their outraged darling, Stevie Davis, not the worst kid in the World btw, outside of The Moakley, I know you are anything but. So again, Relax, Reflect, and Ruminate. Those bright eyes and keenly upturned faces are ours; Fellow Travellers in the Ultimate …. ” Let’s make some SENSE” of it ALL . Saluté

  5. P.S. ‘Twere a rogues gallery for certain, and Tommy Donohue were no choir boy, though most certainly an angel in many personal regards. That said, the uh ‘ ….. convolutrd ….. circumstances of his perishing by whomevers hands, mandate Justice in the form of compensation to the one person who stands out, haloed blond hair and broad character driven shoulders, above any other …. Victims, The legal chicanery by Jusice on this is an …. embarrassment. This particular shortchanging demands remedy. Do it quietly. But get ‘ er done .

  6. Thank you, Matt! Few dare express it, but many of those Bulger was accused of killing were no better than he. THIS IN NO WAY means he should not be incarcerated for the murders he did commit; but making martyrs of the victims is wrong. And some, as you stated, were killed by Flemmi or Martorano — with no involvement from Bulger except for the fact that he was associated with them. (If my friend goes out and commits a crime without my knowledge, am I guilty of the crime as well?) Flemmi and Martorano gave the Assistant US Attorney’s what they wanted to hear — what they needed to put John Connolly and Bulger behind bars and shut them up. And, both Flemmi and Martorano were paid for their information — forgiveness of their sins and riches gained through — or because of their criminality returned. (I wasn’t aware that the Assistant US Attorneys were given the power of Absolution from God).
    Personally, I’m fascinated by Steve Davis’ claim to Bulger’s money. Testimony in Bulger’s Trial was that the mother of Debbie Davis (Olga Davis) believed her daughter — and husband — were murdered by Flemmi,and Flemmi alone. Olga’s statement played a part in the jury’s decision of ‘no finding’ in regard to Debbie Davis’ murder. Yet, Steve Davis remains the poster child when it comes to talking about anything pertaining to Bulger. (I can’t help but wonder if Flemmi, now free with money to burn, might be rewarding Steve to take the focus off himself as the one who murdered Debbie and continue to pin it on Bulger. Just a thought —.)
    And when we list those who ‘got away with murder’, let’s not forget the protection and rewards given to the FBI’s pet John Morris — who confessed to be an accessory in two murders. (The fact that John Morris has been absolved by the gods of the DOJ, and Bob Fitzpatrick is to be ‘burnt at the stake’ by them is beyond despicable!)
    Yes, the victims of Flemmi and Martorano should be remembered. But, it seems that as far as the gods of the DOJ are concerned — their souls have no value.
    Again, Matt, thank you for daring to speak truth, and bring some sanity into the insanity the DOJ has created! I’ll pray for your protection —.

    1. Janet:

      A few comments. When I suggest many of the victims of Bulger were criminals themselves that does not mean he was justified in murdering them as you correctly note. I think Bulger was a vile criminal and deserves to be in prison for his actions.

      You ask about your friend going out and committing a crime that you know nothing about. You may be guilty if the Federals find out she is your friend; she is jammed in by them; and she at their suggestion offers that you helped her plan the crime. A lot of people who were targets of the Federals have been convicted because the criminal who has been caught adds them into the planning or even execution of a crime. It is easy to do if the crime occurred a while ago and the person implicated has no recollection of where she was at the time; it is even easier if it is only a conversation that brought about the involvement. That’s why we try to stay away from criminals and hope our friends don’t commit crimes.

      Billy Bulger in his book pointed out that it was a crime to offer things of value to a witness to testify a certain way. He noted that all lawyers are prohibited from doing that except the prosecutors. He pointed out the witnesses against Whitey received more than money , their freedom. You are right about the prosecutors powers: to deal with Martorano they had to give his brother and Howie Winter a pass in their crimes; to deal with Weeks they gave Nee a pass.

      The Davis’s became media heroes but you have to keep in mind they had no problem with their sister hanging out with Stevie for more than a half dozen years; they also had one of the siblings murdered in prison; and another sister who suffered because of Flemmi and perhaps the old man. Stevie is a little too much in the publicity but I can’t blame him too much because Whitey may not have murdered his sister but he certainly can believe may have been in the position to stop it. As for his relationship with Flemmi, I’d suggest he would do his best to revenge his family’s hurt. I try not to condemn the family of the victims too much; but I would think more ire would go against the people who got the deals than against Whitey.

      Morris’s big crime was he sought to have Whitey murdered by disclosing his identity as an informant to the Globe hoping the Mafia would hit him because he thought Whitey had recorded him taking five thousand dollars. His apology to the Halloran and Donohue families was contrived. He no more felt sorry for that than he did for taking a pension. He was directly responsible for those killings in real life and he knew it. They were killed because Halloran was known to be cooperating which was general knowledge around town; what was known to Morris and not generally known was he had fingered Whitey (wrongly) as having met with him to set up the Wheeler murder. Morris said Connolly told Whitey about that; but it is more likely that Morris told him and later put the blame on Connolly. We know Halloran was killed on May 11, 1982 and in early June 1982 Morris asked Connolly to have Whitey give him $1000 for his girlfriend to fly down to Georgia. Why would he think they should come up with the dough if he had not done something for them?

      Morris was the supervisor. Because he was friends, as he said during the Connolly trial, with Gerry O’Neill of the Globe and O’Neill and Wyshak were close he got a pass even thought he was by far the worst being that he was in that supervisory position. You looked beyond the smoke and mirrors of the Boston media. When you do it is not a pretty picture.

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