Who Knows What Evil Lurks in The Heart of Trump? The Russian Blackmailers Know

putin-smirkWe might be unable to learn from The Trump’s tax returns about his investments and dealings with the Russian oligarchs and Putin himself but there is one party that has all that information and that is Putin.  The Russians are well aware of Trump’s history with them and they know with the littlest of effort they can prove him to be an outright liar and cheat.

Trump knows that too. He knows that a simple word from Putin shows that his whole act has been one big lie and that he has partnered with and gained help from Russian sources throughout his campaign. It is now time to pay the piper to hold the secrets from the public. It is a classic case of being blackmailed. Trump now has to do what the Russians want him to do or they will destroy him and his financial empire.

Truly there is no other way to explain what is happening with Trump. Is there any way a man not being blackmailed would take on the American intelligence agencies and prefer the word of Julian Assange a man who is probably secretly indicted in America (that’s why he is holed up in the embassy in London not wanting to be returned to Sweden who he expects will turn him over to the Americans) on many life in prison felonies.

What had Trump to lose by not getting in this battle? Nothing. It is entirely unnecessary but if other forces are telling him to discredit American intelligence (and who would be telling him that) so that the American people will distrust the American intelligence reports (like it was Russian soldiers dressed in plain uniforms that invaded Crimea or it was the Russians running the uprising in Eastern Ukraine who shot down the civilian airliner) then the sluice gates are open for false propaganda and lies leaving Americans to spin in confusion.

Trump has become a Russian propaganda arm. He is giving the Russian state television RT a run for its money. Yet no one wants to know why he is compelled to do these things that make no sense.

We are in dangerous times folks when our president is being blackmailed by a country that has been a traditional enemy. When our intelligence sources tell us that the Russian forces are prepared to invade Estonia or Latvia and Julian Assange (along with Fox new’s Hannity and O’Reilly) tell us our intelligence agencies are not to be believed and Trump seconds that then Russia is being given a free hand to rape and pillage.

Don’t you see how unnecessary Trump’s fight with our American intelligence agencies is? How else explain it. But it is worse because already much damage has been done.

Look at it this way: would you want to serve in any American intelligence agency in an undercover capacity or be an agent in the employ of an American intelligence agency knowing that your identity could be disclosed to our enemies by the new administration? When Trump is in charge and his appointed head of the CIA want to know the identity of our spies who will prevent them from learning them? Would you want Trump to know you are working in Russia for America? Would you trust him with not disclosing your identity to the government in the country where you are working?

Another way to look at it: are you comfortable knowing that Trump is going to learn how we gather up our intelligence? Will our intelligence agencies disclose to him our top secret methods used knowing that he is being blackmailed by the Russians? How do you run a country when you distrust the people who for years have been protecting it?

Our nation is at risk.



36 thoughts on “Who Knows What Evil Lurks in The Heart of Trump? The Russian Blackmailers Know

  1. Matt: Open another thread. There’s much to be discussed. Have you withdrawn from the fray? The closer one gets to the truth, the more dangerous the trek becomes.

  2. Trump should re deploy one third of the spooks at Langley to patrol the border. Put them in Las Cruses and El Paso. Another third should be sent to Alaska to see what the Eskimos are up to and the rest should be retired. Drain the swamp.

  3. http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Europe/2017/0112/Why-Russia-s-Kremlin-watchers-take-Trump-dossier-with-a-grain-of-salt?cmpid=ema:nws:Daily%2520Newsletter%2520%2801-12-2017%29&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20170112_Newsletter:%20Daily&utm_term=Daily

    “I think Trump is being targeted by US special services because he plans to implement sweeping reforms of those agencies,” says Mr. Kondaurov. It’s not Russians who are wielding kompromat against Trump, he suggests, but his own intelligence establishment. “These allegations [that he is a Kremlin puppet] will be hanging over his head, and it will definitely make it harder for him to deal with Russia.”

    1. The Deep State is in motion. Once solid ground is moving under Glorious Leader’s feet. Trump’s Inauguration looks iffy. Deep State operatives realize it will be exponentially more difficult to remove Trump, once he has the reins. Keep watching the media for anomalies like the C-Span interruptions. The possibility of impeachment will start cropping up in the mainstream media over the next few days. New allegations are surfacing to feed the fever. The Republic is disintegrating. What’s coming next? Check out Marx’s “The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte.”

  4. oh, look – gender is a salad or a rainbow, not science

    article by George Will published today all over


    In 1996, Alan Sokal, a New York University physicist and self-described “academic leftist,” composed an essay that was a word salad of solemn academic jargon. He said he strove to be “especially egregious,” by maundering on about “the dialectical emphases” of “catastrophe theory” becoming a “concrete tool of progressive political praxis.” His essay’s gaudy title was: “Transgressing the Boundaries: Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity.” He sent it to the left-leaning “cultural studies” journal Social Text, which swooned, perhaps in part because Sokal larded his nonsense with political tropes that are catnip to lettered leftists — “emancipatory mathematics,” “demystify and democratize the production of scientific knowledge,” “the crisis of late-capitalist production relations.” Soon after Social Text published his faux scholarship, Sokal revealed in another journal, Lingua Franca, that it was a parody. This would have been obvious to anyone whose intelligence had not been anesthetized by the patois of “deconstructionist” and “poststructuralist” professors. They move on to Nietzsche’s assertion that there are no facts, only interpretations, which he wrote shortly before going mad at age 44. They begin with a few banalities: Science is influenced by political and social forces; literature is conditioned by the writers’ contexts. And they arrive at the doctrine that everything from science to sexuality is a “social construct” reflective of society’s power relations, and therefore everything is arbitrary and political. In Lingua Franca, Sokal wrote: “Anyone who believes that the laws of physics are mere social conventions is invited to try transgressing those conventions from the windows of my apartment. (I live on the twenty-first floor.)” The issue of Social Text containing Sokal’s prank included earnestly intended essays such as “Gender and Genitals: Constructs of Sex and Gender,” which said the “Western assumption that there are only two sexes” is being refuted by “a rainbow of gender” purged of “the binary male/female model.” Sokal’s parody blended in.

    Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/443731/alan-sokal-hoax-exposed-academic-left-radical-relativism

    1. Elmer: What? Nothing about your wavering fealty to Glorious Leader? Ain’t you a Putin hater no more?

      Matt: See today’s Glen Greenwald’s article in the “The Intercept.” Greenwald reports on the campaign of the “Deep State” to discredit Trump. Most enlightening.

  5. One more thing, Matt

    Before Obamatollah was elected prez, there was a black comedienne, well-known, who very prophetically said: “you can’t complain about the man if you are the man”.

    Of, if you prefer, in Ebonics, “if you is the man.”

    Well, we have had 8 years of Obamatollah being the man, and what did it get us?

    A big, huge sorry mess, with lies about unemployment statistics, nuclear weapons for Iran (since Obamatollah likes the morning call to prayer so much), and more.

    It got us snowflakes who don’t know the truth or facts, and/or who can’t handle the truth or facts or reality. And that includes current members of Congress.

    Now Trump and company, the grownups, are going to clean it up.

    God Bless America!

  6. You know, Matt, I thought that Tillerson and Sessions were absolutely magnificent in their confirmation hearings.

    I thought that Trump was absolutely magnificent in his presser yesterday. No more worrying about which of 45 or 54 transgenders Obama wants us to accept.

    Trump’s attitude is All-American: what do we have to do, and let’s get ‘er done.

    The Whineocrats, who build castles in the sky and then move into them, should have some cheese with their whine. Absent that, they should get a grip, come out of their castles and bubbles into the real world, and stop sucking tax money out of us.

    The “golden shower” thing is something I’ve already seen, in my endeavors of what my wife calls “fighting with the Rooshans.” Roosha and the sovok mafiosi are great at kompromat – inventing it, playing with it, loving it, caressing it, admiring it. It’s what their whole system, if one can call it that, is built on.

    So at one point, I saw one of the rooshans dismiss a rumor thusly: одна баба сказала

    Very effective, and very dismissive. “One old lady said….”

    He was indicating the basis of the “story” that had been printed and amounted to “unsourced” information. Your wife will understand very, very will, I think.

    The Dimwitcrats can finally grow up.

    Or they can continue to piss and moan and weep and gnash their teeth and find ways to try to sabotage Trump, and continue to moan about Magic Gay Couple Babies. It’s all been tried, including the parade of paid “pussy-groper victims”.

    At some point, they’ve got to realize that the function of the prez is not to inhabit the office by virtue of having a vajayjay, or that it’s “his turn,” or to worry about which bathroom transgenders can use, or to selectively comment on local police matters throughout the country, or to continue to divide this country by identity politics and bash “evil white males.”

    Or to practice a Severe Underreaction Doctrine, by speaking softly and carrying a pen and drawing pink lines all over the world.

    Or kowtowing to the libtard media, who have been fellating Obummer for 8 years.

    It may have felt great for Obummer and those who were glorifying him, in accordance with libtard cult of personality practice, and who were glorifying him based on fantasy.

    Trump is a breath of fresh air. It feels good to breathe fresh air, unpolluted by the religion of Climate Change, and its High Priest Obamatollah.

  7. The Trump stuff is jaw dropping. The intelligence agencies are having their revenge. Trump has been playing hard ball with them, and now they’re paying him back. Is any of it true? Hard to say. Trump is such a strange man … The release of his tax returns would help, not because they’d shed any light on these latest allegations, but because disclosure would help to knock down the idea that he’s hiding deep dark secrets.

  8. Wa-llahi! The Prez is a perv. How do you like them apples, Henry?

    Matt: Everything in your last post turns out to be right on the money. All the fascist/white supremacist knuckleheads who comment on this blog should check out new rain gear. There’s a golden down-pour coming.

  9. Wa-llahi! Trump is a traitor. There’ll be a coup before he’s inaugurated. If the coup fails, there’ll be civil war. Things are coming to a head, quick.

  10. Matt: Karl Malantes wrote a great article about the residual effects of the VN War. It’s in today’s NYT opinion pages. Check it out.

  11. Did the Russians try to influence the election as the CIA and FBI assert and help Trump? Shouldn’t Trump order those two agencies to issue an intelligence report on whether foreign contributions by the Saudis, Moroccans et al. to the Clinton foundation were designed to help Hillary get elected? The Clinton Foundation was not a charity but a political operation. Is it a great crime for Russia to promote a candidate but it is acceptable for 25 other countries try to assist the opponent. There is much stronger evidence of direct support by foreign governments and foreign interests in Hillary’s campaign than in Trump’s. Bear in mind that the funding source for ISIS and Hillary are the same. The Saudis and the Gulf states.

    1. NC:
      Clinton isn’t President. Trump, who presently holds the office, is corrupt, and, self-serving, at best, and may well prove to be a ruthless dictator, given half a chance.

      Chime in, man. I want to know how you read Glorious Leader’s adherence to Moscow’s line. You did a fine job analyzing the importance of Pussy Riot in the anti-Putin struggle. Are you ready to dump Trump? He’s going to screw Ukraine, and, I think you know it. Let loose.

    2. I second what NC wrote!
      I read the Fed Report (CIA, FBI, NSA) on Russian hacking: 80% of the Report criticized Russia’s media: Russian T. V. (RT), Russian bloggers, etc., for favoring Trump and disparaging Hillary. Perhaps, a new “Intelligence” report is needed critical of British, French, German, Canadian, Mexican, Scandinavian, and Saudi media (etc.) for favoring Hillary and disparaging Trump.
      The Report said hacking of the DNC ended in June 2016; it said nothing released was a forgery.
      The Report indicated Russia has been snooping around, cyber attacking, and hacking for decades. (The Report did not mention how long the US has been hacking other countries. The Report did not indicate how many countries have tried to influence elections in other countries. The Report did not dwell on how often the US has tried to influence (covertly or overtly) elections or regime change in other countries. I read that during the Cold War, the US did so a total of 78 times.
      2. PROPAGANDA: I guess when the Russians try to convey their world-view or try to say what’s in Russia’s best interests that is “propaganda” and that’s bad.
      3. I guess when the Russians leaked info about Hillary, that was bad cyber attacking; but when the NYT leaked info about Trump’s taxes that was good journalism; or when the Finns reported, two weeks before the election, that a Finnish beauty contestant said Trump once pinched her bum, that was good journalism, and not intended to influence the election.
      4. Trump took not one dollar from a foreign country. Hillary’s foundation took multi-millions. You think the Saudis favored Hillary? Let the CIA/FBI/NSA look into that! How about examining the Canadian Broadcasting Company’s or the BBC’s pro-Hillary reporting on the election?
      Who’s kidding whom?

      1. I third what Bill C. and nc wrote.

        Love #3 …. NYT= Globe , Hillary= Carmen……bye bye crooked carmen.

        and #4 ….Na na na na…hey hey hey…gooood..bye bye crooked hillary.

    3. NC:
      Do you mean the Saudi government, or, Saudis in general? And, do you mean Gulf State governments, or, non-state actors carrying Gulf State passports?

      The Clintons don’t matter. They’re history. The spot-light is on Glorious Leader. He’s basking in it. Cue the footlights. Trump reminds me of certain specific characters in movies. I’m going to dial up “Ducksoup” and “The Dictator. “Marx and Chaplin will pour hope back into a cold grim winter’s day. Supposedly, there’s solace in laughter.

  12. Wa-llahi! Deep state resistance to Glorious Leader is beginning to gel. Career bureaucrats in the security organs have had their say. The alphabet has registered its’ discontent. The sides have been drawn. For posterity’s sake, I hope someone took the minutes of Trump’s briefing.

    During their hurried attempt to gut the Congressional Ethics Committee, the Republicans successfully passed a revival of the 1876 Holman Act which allowed Congress the power to terminate the employment of individual members of government bureaucracies. Nowadays, that means Republican Congressmen will be able to fire people in Civil Service, at will (or, lower their annual salaries to a dollar.) Oddly enough, this very same capability was acquired by Hitler during his first year in office. It is obvious that Trump, supported by a willing Republican Congress, is attempting to consolidate dictatorial control of the government. A purge of anti-Trump elements in the intelligence agencies, IRS, and, FBI, is just around the corner. The security honchos have thrown down the glove. As I recall reading in “Study in Tyranny,” the Abwehr began obstructing Hitler soon after his election. It’s looks as if we’re having another one of those historical parallels to early Nazi Germany that seem to be appearing with frightening frequency these days.

    Glorious Leader is more than just a greedy crook. He will prove to be a tyrant in every sense of the word, should he prevail over the alphabet folks in this murky struggle.

    1. Dismantling the bureaucracy is a good thing. Smaller government is a good thing. A reduction in the bloated government’s workforce, salaries, benefits are good things. Reducing regulations and red tape are good things. The tyranny I fear is an Orwellian Big Government, interfering in every aspect of our lives. As posted previously: today government (f/s/l)takes 46% of the GDP; around 1960 it took 30%. A recent poll showed most Americans see Big Government as our #1 problem.

      1. Bill C:

        According to who? At least half of the American population thinks Glorious Leader is the #1 problem, anecdotally speaking.

  13. “Would you want to serve in any American intelligence agency in an undercover capacity or be an agent in the employ of an American intelligence agency knowing that your identity could be disclosed to our enemies…?” One should think twice about serving in that capacity for two reasons rooted in history.

    One, a Democrat US Senator from Vermont, the infamous “Leaky” Leahy did just that. He has been reelected five times since. Nice to know the voters of Vermont have no use for the lives of our Intel operatives.

    Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard provided his pals in Tel Aviv the names of hundreds of Intel assets. Israel promptly sold them to the USSR and they all died by unnatural causes. America responded by sending more billions to the apartheid state West of the Jordan River. Nice to know the voters of the other 49 states have no use for the lives of our Intel operatives either.

    If those evil Russkies have the goods on Trump they surely have better stuff on Crooked Hillary of open source security information fame. It is known that at minimum a half dozen foreign agencies accessed her secrets about Pay To Play diplomacy.

    If your worst fantastical fears prove 100% true, it will be business as usual in Washington, D.C. [District of Corruption]. If my high hopes are 25% true, those who serve our nation can rest a lot safer at night on January 20th forward than they have in many years.

  14. John Le Carre and Graham Green, two former MI6 types, always said to take intelligence reports with a grain of salt. James Bamford said the same. Isn’t that is what Trump is doing? Should the boss buy hook, line and sinker all the info developed by the spooks? Or should he have a skeptical eye to what looks like cooked up info to explain the Democrats comprehensive defeat at the polls. Some people can’t accept the results of an election and have to imagine sinister forces at work when their side loses. 2. All countries hack. The biggest cyber attacker on the planet is the USA. Remember these intelligence agencies are mirror images of the FBI, DEA and ICE. They were all accurately described by Dickens as the Office of Circumlocution. Their main task is to keep their funding going by trying to frighten the gullible who saw too many scary movies in their youth. Don’t worry . Be happy.

    1. New questions arise about FBI probe into ‘Russian’ election-year hacking as it’s revealed they never asked to examine Democratic Party’s server
      FBI never asked Democratic National Committee for a look at the computer server the government now claims was hacked by Russian state actors

      Instead a private security company was allowed to probe the device
      ‘There’s just no way to be sure the FBI was making decisions based on solid evidence,’ a Republican Senate aide said
      ‘You can get the same tools from the Ukraine. They probably can’t put anyone’s actual fingerprints on any of this/’


  15. Perhaps too long ago for most readers to remember, but the players then hated President Kennedy for being too weak as much as the current players hate and fear Trump’s plans. Blaming the Russians for electing Trump is very reminiscent of ‘Operation Northwoods’ a proposed false flag operation against the Cuban government, that originated within the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the United States government in 1962.

    The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or other U.S. government operatives to commit acts of terrorism against American civilians and military targets, blaming it on the Cuban government, and using it to justify a war against Cuba. The plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities. The proposals were rejected by the Kennedy administration’s Robert MacNamara

    Even after General Lemnitzer who proposed the operation lost his job as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Joint Chiefs of Staff still planned false-flag pretext operations at least into 1963.

  16. I saw a couple of minutes of Sean Hannity with his New Best Friend, Julian Assange. Funny! Or, as Trump might put it, so sad.

    1. Assange was quite good if you watched more than a few minutes and listed. He parsed all the US govt claims with a very Jesuitical eye.

      And still, no one disputes the accuracy and truth of the ‘hacked’ emails.

  17. Matt, just one observation about US intelligence agencies. As I recall, back in 2002 all of the intelligence agencies were adamant that Saddam Hussain possessed weapons of mass destruction and may have been behind 9/11. All of the intelligence agencies except one: the State Department in-house intelligence. They said there was no evidence but conjecture.

    War with Iraq was planned and the pro-war crowd needed justification, and did not want to implicate the Saudis – who do have WMD.

    You know the rest.

    As Allen Dulles said, intelligence is all smoke, mirrors and misdirection.

  18. Trump is compelled to do these things by that brain of his. How long is the list of off-the-wall statements he made during the campaign? The insanity that is Trump has gotten him the presidency. Is there a plan when he opens his mouth? His criticism of the intelligence community is based on their recent mistakes. Should he ignore these issues? Trump is one of those people, like many of us, that can’t keep his mouth shut.

    I have been here in McLean for 23 years. Jimmy Foxx could probably hit the front gate at Langley from my front yard. I have worked for several dozen former and present agency folks. THEY don’t have complete faith in the agency’s intel. The same can be said for our confidence in the FBI.

    Maybe Trump is going to be the president like Columbo was a detective. Maybe there’s a method to the madness.

  19. Wow, Matt as a former prosecutor I would expect more proof for allegations against POTUS, basically you just called Donald Trump a traitor, then again as a MA prosecutor you are probably used to making false accusations for political purposes.

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