Who Threw Tom Brady’s Jersey in Mrs Murphy’s Chowder?

Old time radio record playerWhen I was a young lad living at 18 O’Callaghan Way in South Boston my house was filled with Irish music as St. Patrick’s day loomed. My folks owned one of those big pieces of furniture which hid a record player inside. Along with the grand piano it took up most of our first floor living space. The piano made a good hiding place or a fort when my cousins the Concannons would come over to play.

One year when I was quite young, I’d guess about 5, my mom and dad wanted to test out my intellectual acumen. The Irish music records had been playing for a day or so and Mrs. Murphy’s chowder happened to be one of them. They asked me to listen it to and see if I could figure out who threw the overalls into her chowder. I don’t know how many times they played the lyrics to the song on the record over and over again but as you can see the incident stuck in my mind these many years later. I don’t suppose the two Irish Superbowl quarterbacks Brady and Ryan encountered this but if they did I am sure they got the answer.

I never could figure it out which was probably good in the long run. When I came home with lousy marks on my report card my parents were not too disappointed having given up on me at an early age. I just read the lyrics before writing this and have now figured it out.

I thought of that after I received from JK a note referring me to an article on the missing shirt of Tom Brady.  I also had in mind a photograph of Bob Kraft sitting with the Trump and his misses Melania and the Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe and his wife Akie.  Do you think Trump probably thinks football is a big sport in Japan so he believed Abe would want to dine with Kraft of all the people in America?  Or, does that show the limited circle that Trump travels in?

I wondered whether the  talk confine itself to trying to use Abe to intercede with Putin so that Trump could get his ring back.  Or, more insidious, was it that Kraft had swiped Tom Brady’s shirt and was going to use Abe as an intermediary to swap the shirt for the ring.  Seriously, though, I’m wracking my brain as much as I did in trying to figure out the mystery of Mrs. Murphy’s overalls to get an idea of whatever could have been the discussion among the people at the table.

As you know Tom Brady got really upset about the missing jersey.  It was reported: “Brady looked flustered as he searched his locker area at NRG Stadium but was unable to locate the game-worn jersey . . . . “It was right here. I know exactly where I put it,” Brady said as he called the security staff and team equipment managers to assist in the search. . . .  Brady, . . . frantically looked through several bags and told nearby players that the iconic No. 12 was missing. . . . the more Brady seemed to grow concerned it had been stolen. “This is not good,” he said. “It was right here and now I don’t have it. Not good.””

A day after the win Tom said“Someone stole my jersey. I put it in my bag and I went in [the locker room] to take my eye black off and they had opened up to — I don’t know — the media. I walked back to my bag and it was gone. Same thing happened two years ago. That sucks, but, oh well.”

I guess Tom takes his clue from Kraft. Both of them whining about lost football items. What else I notice is Tom takes his clue from Trump. Note how he blamed the media for his problems. Could one of those sports reporters have clipped it? Probably. It’d be a career souvenir.

But how did he or she get it out of the stadium? You do note that the MA governor, the Democrat in Republican clothing, bet a bunch of clam chowder on the outcome of the game. So there is a nexus between chowder and the missing jersey. It makes as much sense as the suggestion it is on the equipment truck.

But relax. The Texas Rangers have been called in to investigate. Aren’t they like the Canadian Mounties who always get their man?  Soon the mystery will be solved.

And while waiting with bated breath for that to happen, I’ve figured out what Trump and Kraft were talking about. Kraft asked Trump to call in the FBI to search for the jersey. Trump called FBI Director Comey, his other best friend aside from Putin, and asked him to get involved. He was promised that the Bureau would spring to action as soon as it wrapped up the Gardner Museum investigation. Which reminds me. Stay tuned for my update on the Gardner matter.

But for now I suggest the Texas Rangers should check with the people who provided the clam chowder for the event. That seems to be the only way the jersey could have been smuggled out beyond the watchful eye of the NFL security.




3 thoughts on “Who Threw Tom Brady’s Jersey in Mrs Murphy’s Chowder?

  1. What do people want more; the missing painting or to know who took them? That is the question. (Or maybe that’s two questions.)

    They will never be recovered and I think Matt knows why. Who took them has probably been solved.

  2. Happy Valntine’s Day to all . Matt, we actually found out who threw the overalls in Mrs Murphys Chowder because several years later we shouted all the louder, it’s an Irish trick it’s true, so it must have been Shorty Gaughan, or Davie Ryan, or even Mrs Murphys son, Shoo. Slainte

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