Whose Advising These Guys? Josef Mengele?

Imagine Trump repeating the claim that if his administration did nothing there would be more than two million deaths. What sense does that make?Would there ever be any possibility that the leader of the United States whoever that was would do nothing?  Is there any leader in a first world country who would stand back and do nothing while people were dying around his country?

Why is he saying that absurdity? How does it make any sense that he is putting that out there? And, he keeps repeating it as if doing something by the federal government would only have happen because he was in charge. As if doing something for the American people by the President was something quite novel.

He said some people told him just let the coronavirus take its course. Who are these people he listens to? Doesn’t it send shivers down your back thinking there are advisors to the president who suggested that he do nothing and let millions of Americans die.

i have to think one of them may have been Jared Kushner after reading that he said on Thursday “The notion of the federal stockpile was it’s supposed to be our stockpile. It’s not supposed to be states stockpile that they then use.” Is there anything more absurd than that? Who is the “our” he’s referring to? The Trump family? Isn’t the federal stock pile one paid for by the people in the states and doesn’t it belong to them.

This is a nation “of, for and by the people.” What it owns is the people’s. Thinking there is a difference between the federal government and the people could easily lead to the idea that it need do nothing to help the people during an epidemic.

.The Mengele type approach, also called the herd approach is based on the “do nothing” idea which is  to let the virus infect as many as possible and those that survive will be immune from it. That was the first plan of his friend Boris (Johnson) in the UK. I have to think it was the idea behind the British treatment of the Irish during the Irish famine, the Great Hunger, Boris backed away from it when he realized this time it would be killing millions of his own people.

I saw an interview between the guy on CNN Chris Cuomo and his brother the governor of New York Andrew Cuomo. Chris asked him about all the adulation he was receiving “for doing his job” and whether he was thinking of running for president. He said he wasn’t thinking of running. But what struck me about the question was he indicated that he was just “doing his job.” That’s all Governor Cuomo was doing in his daily briefing was nothing more than he should have been doing yet people think he is doing something extraordinary. It shows you how rare that is in America for a government leader to be doing his job.

Clearly Trump isn’t doing his. He thinks he can withhold needed items from the states. He still hasn’t imposed a nationwide lockdown. Seema Vermar on Pence’s Task Force explained the reason saying this is America, we have freedom, we can not order people to do things, we can only recommend. I though “did she never hear of the draft?”

But we really know why Trump uses that two million figure don’t we. Of course it is the most depraved reason one could think of but really something quite expected from Trump. He will be bragging that we only lost 100,000 American or 500,000 rather than the two million because of him. If we lose the 100,000 he’ll be telling us he save 1 million nine hundred thousand lives. Sadly, many will believe him.

All  we want from a president is that he do his job and stop listening to Mengele types. He should impose a nationwide lockdown and provide the states whatever they need. His daily mini-rallies – one had as a speaker a mattress salesman carrying a Bible that had nothing to do with the Covid-19 crises – should be focused only on the crises and not him. He should step back and let the experts tell us what is happening and not be telling us he’s number one on Fave Book.



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  1. His first “action” was the prevention of an action, not much heavy lifting there. What about swift, assertive action. Kraft and his guys made a fool out of the most powerful entity in the world and didn’t break a sweat. Hey Henry, hey Warren (not Liz), hey billionaire’s row, what are you waiting for?

    1. Bob Kraft is a Patriotic Hero as are many American Corporations, Corporate leaders and Charities. I mentioned Mike Liddell who’s dedicated 75% of his manufacturing to making masks. Also I picked up this tidbit: China may have been reciprocating for earlier American generosity.

      “In late February, for instance, FedEx sent 202 pallets of goods to China, which was struggling to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Shipments included more than 2.7 million masks and 440,000 gloves.
      “In the United States, businesses including Starbucks, Amazon, and Microsoft combined with foundations in the Seattle area to create a $9.2 million Covid-19 response fund.
      “And Wednesday, JPMorgan Chase announced a $50 million commitment to provide food, health care, and other services in the United States, Europe, and China.”

      Long-Term Impact
      “But it isn’t clear if corporate philanthropy will continue to step up, especially if markets continue to tumble and profits wither.”

      I hope the world continues to pull together to defeat this virus.

      1. Today’s news from FOX: “Joe Tsai, the billionaire co-founder of Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba, and his wife Clara Wu Tsai, have donated 2.6 million masks, 170,000 goggles and 2000 ventilators to New York — the US epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.”
        Also remember that 209 billionaires have joined the GIVING PLEDGE started by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in 2010, where they pledge to give to charity half their wealth or more.

    2. Hutch:

      The billionaires are all sulking over their stock market losses. They are especially upset that people are going to get paid for not working. Fortunately Bob Kraft came to the fore. The state paid for the supplies, he provided the plane and the transportation. Good for him. Maybe he can show his buddy Trump how easy it is to do it if you put your mind to it.

  2. Matt, how I miss your tales of Old Harbor and Savin Hill! Anyway,…

    Voting for Trump in 2016 could not have been easier: He ran against Evil Hillary! Supporting Trump couldn’t be easier: He gets results, thereby putting run-of-the-mill politicians to shame!

    If politics as usual was such a great notion, then how on Earth did Trump the non-politician ever gain the highest office in the land?

    1. GOK:

      People in their disdain for Hillary mistakenly thought they should show it by voting for Trump. They jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

      1. IMHO the Obama Machine and related criminal entities were working the frying pan. From where I stand, the only fire I detect comes from battles between Democrats and non-Democrats.

  3. When Jared Kushner said “Our Stockpile”, I suggest he meant the Federal Government’s stockpile used primarily to support states in case of emergency (as the Administration is now doing), but also to support Veterans Hospitals, U.S. Public Health Service Hospitals, the U.S. Military (e.g. Hospital Ships, field hospitals) the Department of Indian Affairs needs, etc.
    In other words, national needs and states in dire straits are priorities.

    1. That “mattress salesmen carrying a bible that had nothing to do with the crisis” as you allege, was the My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell, with the bible (faith has everything to do with responding to a national crisis; it’s the faith of our fathers upon which this country was built and which supported us through every crisis and war); Mike Lindell has dedicated three-quarters of his manufacturing to producing masks. Moreover, The Trump administration has gained the support of business leaders. in public-private partnerships, in responding to every phase of this crisis. That’s good. That’s what a good leader does. President Trump, a lifelong businessman himself, is uniquely suited to forge these partnerships.

      1. And the Kool-Aid doesn’t burn going down? Hmmm.

        Nice to see Bob Kraft doing something positive. For him another happy ending.

  4. President Trump issued the China Travel Ban on January 31 when there were 7 (seven) Covid-19 cases in the U.S. The first death in the U.S. was February 29.

    Also on January 31, Azur, the head of HHS (Health and Human Services) issued a National Health Emergency.

    Who thought it would run its course? On Feb 29, the Boston Globe’s science expert speculated it may be mild, affecting only a few parts of the country (or it could be deadly); no one knew with certainty early on.) Some of the foremost authorities in the world had doubts. Doctor Deborah Birx, a world renowned authority on infectious diseases and immunology, said at a Presidential Press Conference, that she and many scientists initially thought Covid-19 was like SARS (@ 8,100 cases, 774 deaths worldwide.)

    Trump acted before most Western Countries. He’s shown great leadership throughout.

    THE WEST (Western Europe and U.S. have been hit hard.)

    Here’s some data on DEATHS PER MILLION:
    (April 4,2020) Spain 234, Italy 243, Belgium 99, Netherlands 87, U.K. 54, Portugal 24, Sweden 33, Ireland 24, U.S. 22, Austria 19, Germany 12, Canada 5, S. Korea 3.5, China 2, Australia 1, Japan 0.5, Mexico 0.47, Ukraine 0.5, Belarus 0.4, Russia 0.2, India 0.05. (Most of Africa, less than 1; Did those in Africa on malaria type drugs have greater resistance?; China was the first to discover that folks taking anti-malarias (for lupus erythematosus) were not getting infected with Co-Vid -19.

    Many factors are considered in examining every new viral outbreak: Socio-political, cultural, genetic, epidemiological, immunological (herd immunity), medical (relative severity and infectiousness; treatments, etc)

    2. Are all European leaders like Mengele?

    3. Since President Trump was elected, you’ve repeatedly compared him to Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mussolini etc. and now Mengele.

    4. I think President Trump is a great man (with character defects like all of us; a bit too brusque, but I like his frankness and combativeness, and I note his name-calling, e.g. “Sleepy Joe” is mostly light-hearted). I think President Trump is doing a great job.

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