Why Does FBI Rhyme With “The Big Lie”?

May 10, 2013 020Mark Rossetti is back in the news. I’m not a twitter fan but it’s the best way to get news from the courtroom about Bulger. If you’re a twitterite, then put in #Bulger and you can follow it. Some of it is good, some pretty bad. A lot of self-promotion. I had to laugh at one that said something to someone else exactly what was said to me. Must be the standard line.

@project_marino tweeted “‘Out of Control:’ Senator blasts Boston FBI over mob informant.  He noted this site for a follow up. That’s all about Senator Luger trying to find out why the FBI was using Rossetti as a top-level informant when he was also a Mafia capo suspected of murder. This is a repeat by the Boston FBI of what it did with Whitey and Stevie Flemmi. This is where we heard that an FBI agent was intercepted telling Rossetti that “my job is to keep you safe.” Can you  imagine an FBI agent saying that is his job?

I’ve mentioned this before a few times jumping on Congressman Steve Lynch for not following up with the FBI on it. Lately another one of our local congressmen joined in. To Lynch’s credit he filed legislation to require the FBI to notify local authorities if its informants murder someone, but that went nowhere.

Here we have at least two representatives and at least one senator in Congress asking the FBI what happened that they were using Rossetti. This is a simple question. It can all be decided by looking at the FBI Boston office, speaking to the FBI SAC, supervisor and agent, and offering an explanation as to why it was done. Is it really any more complicated than that?

This time, I guess because the inquiry came from a U.S. senator the FBI didn’t say “no comment,” it answered and told a lie. Here’s what the article reported.

“The FBI in a statement said the internal review is still underway pending access to some state court documents. “The review consists of thousands of documents, interviews with those directly involved in the matter, including members of the Massachusetts State Police, FBI, district attorney’s office and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.” “

It doesn’t. The only involvement those outside the FBI have is they uncovered the scheme. All the documents are in the FBI files in Boston.  None of the others matter but are being thrown up as smoke screen to hide what it has done. There are no state documents that need to be accessed.

As for the FBI office in Boston, the one that is also hiding all the information relating to the Marathon Terrorist Attack, (MTA) FBI Headquarters says, as you’d expect: “FBI leadership has full confidence in FBI Boston management and employees.”  They may have it but we don’t having just sat through the Whitey Bulger  trial and seen how many people their informants and their friends have murdered.

Here’s the frightening part of all this. The FBI is clearly lying about what it is doing. It is hiding what has happened in the events around the MTA and the homicide of Ibrahim Todashev. Yet members of Congress do nothing about it except to complain. If the FBI will not respond to these people what do you think of your chance of getting an answer.

You might think this stuff unimportant. Well take a gander at what is coming out of the Voice of Russia about Todashev. What the FBI does at home reflects on the country in foreign lands.

Remember when we were complaining about the Pakistani government not knowing Osama bin Laden was hiding in its country and how the Pakistani ambassador replied something to the effect that the US should try to find Whitey Bulger before it criticizes Pakistan. (Lo and behold he was found shortly after that.) Well I’m sure when we chastise the Russian for giving Snowden asylum they come back at us and ask us how do we let Russian citizens like Todashev get killed by FBI agents on our shores and hide what happened.

It seems the first draft of the Todashev report has been released probably because of Russia’s telling us to tend to our own house first. The Florida state’s attorney Jeff Ashton has it in hand and is reading it. I can’t figure what that’s all about, since when does the FBI have to run anything by a state’s attorney. Ashton can’t say how long it’ll take him to read it. He better be careful not to hold it too long or the FBI will blame him for any delays.

J. Edgar Hoover the master of the Big Lie would never have thought that his methods followed by lesser people would openly disclose that the FBI’s M.O. when dealing with the American people is to tell the big lie.




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  1. Some victories in the criminal justice system that I participated in
    include working to get John Boone appointed as the 1st black Commissioner of Corrections in Massachusetts; working with DYS Commissioner Jerome Miller to create group homes to handle the displaced juvenile offenders from the Reform Schools after Dr Miller closed all the reform schools in Massachusetts; starting from scratch to create a Board of Overseers in Maine to handle complaints against lawyers and judges; creating and organizing a National Conference for 13 years looking at crimes committed by FBI agents. So where do we start Matt, and create a civilian police review board with subpoena powers?

    1. Ms. Freeh- This blog is where we have started, I believe you are correct in all you posted, but the trial of bulger has yet to finish and we need to learn that outcome before we even know how to move forward, because if Flemmi’s rule 35 Golden parachute opens up and he walks among us we will need to really thank WYSHAK for is duty. You don’t let out 3 soon to be 4 serial killers to get 1, at best you let 1 go to get 4 …

      1. In 1996 we brought FBI Lab whistleblower Dr Frederick Whitehurst to speak at Bates College after arranging for him to speak first at Harvard Law School co-sponsored by Harvard Law Professor Charles Ogletree and Harvard Law Students.Dr Whitehurst worked at the FBI Lab for 14 years and was the lead forensic investigator examining the 1993 1st World Trade Center bombing. He told the audience how his FBI supervisors tried to get him to change his analysis of the crime scene evidence.
        A few years later he was the lead investigator in the Oklahoma City bombing and was the FBI Lab Chemist who examined Timothy McVeigh’s clothes for traces of ammonium nitrate used in the truck bomb. He found no traces and was replaced by another FBI lab chemist who did.
        At the time I suggested to the audience that we form our own rapid response evidence team to collect evidence in future terrorist events.
        No one listened, except for the people over at architects and engineers for 911 truth who had gathered samples of 911 dust from the World Trade Center site shortly after 911. see their website http://www.ae911truth.org

        What I am suggesting here to the group is not to wait for any verdict
        but to hit the ground running because time is running out, eh?

        1. MS.- Did you ever hear Donald Rumsfeld slip and say the plane was shot down over shanksville PA I think it was. They say the passengers caused the plane to crash, but there is real evidence that it was shot down and covered up as heroic passengers fighting the pilots.

          1. In the spring of 2002 I contacted Kyle Hence in Rhode Island to offer my
            time and video equipment to shoot a week long event he was planning
            starting at the National Press Club in Washington DC. Families who had lost loved one during 911 were coming to DC to hold a press conference at the NPC to detail the evidence for the FBI and other US Government agencies creating 911. After shooting the week long event I turned over the footage to Kyle Hence who contacted GNN and produced a documentary
            called AFTERMATH :UNANSWERED QUESTIONS .I then introduced Kyle to a friend Danny Schecter who some may remembers as the News Dissector at WBCN fm in Boston. Kyle took the original footage to Danny and they produced 911 Press For Truth which is considered a gold standard for 911 documentaries. It can be viewed here.

        2. MS:

          I’m not ready to buy into the idea the FBI is behind the Oklahoma bombing or Timothy McVeigh was set up or things like that. I saw the 9/11 towers get hit by those planes so I’m highly skeptical of anyone else’s involvement outside of Al Qaeda. I don’t like some things about the way the FBI controls its agents but maintaining tight control and having them actively engage in terrorist activity is two different worlds.

  2. Good Gracious, Everyone,

    Have we all lost our minds?
    I hadn’t paid much attention to Mr. Rossetti, and I’ve had quite the shock.
    And what a shame with the weather turning so nice.
    Here I am thinking we’ve all learned something, but instead it’s quite clear we need to lay down the neural pathways going over and over and over:

    1. One cannot work WITH sociopaths. It’s difficult enough to catch them, for heaven’s sake.

    2. If we catch them, we should never believe their stories.

    3. The Brothers Grimm collected folklore passed down orally, generation to generation.

    Perhaps we could begin our own Boston genre:

    The Five Little Angiulos

    Stephen and Vinny Get a Knife

    Milford’s Twenty Problems

    Sneakers and Henleys Go to Court

    Destroying the Bulgers

    Morris Apologizes

    The Guns and the Condo


    1. We learned in school that sociopaths and psychopaths’ words are wholly untrustworthy. Now, borderline sociopaths may tell the truth sometime or a lot, but career criminals (hateful of society’s rules (thieves, robbers) or stone cold psycho-killer types devoid of feelings) should only be put on the witness stand to testify against other sociopaths/psycopaths/careercriminals. Give me: (1) a bag full of CASH (THE FEDs got gads of it)and (2) a handful of “get-out-of-jail-free-and- clear CARDS (The FEDs hand them out like candy) and I’ll be able to get sworn testimony that every last one of youse are crooks! “lEGALIZED EXTORTION!” THE INNOCENT ARE PROSECUTED PERSECUTED AND IMPRISONED ON THE WORDS OF SERIAL KILLERS, PSYCHOPATHS AND SEVERE SOCIOPATHS!! Thanks to the FEDs!!!

  3. Matt: Restorative Justice is where you recognize the worth of victim and offender in every crime. The goal in restorative justice is to reject the behaviour not the person. I believe with you that 20% or less of people convicted of crimes should be placed in a secure treatment facility because they are out of control. Goldman Sachs comes to mind but I will save that for another day. My goals would be to make smart criminal justice consumers out of the voters and taxpayers. Teach law in grades 1-12 has nothing to do with creating more lawyers. It has to do with empowering people who are the primary consumers of the criminal justice system.In forming a committee to achieve these goals my goal is for a heterogeneous grouping of committee members. I am convinced that
    we need to move beyond blogging and as I said truth is behaviour.
    So tell us what the next step is.

  4. Matt: My hope is you can work with members of
    your community including me to create a civilian review board
    for the Massachusetts Criminal Justice . The board would have subpoena
    powers and the ability to hire and fire personnel.
    My goal is to have voters and taxpayers become participants not recipients of the CJ process. take ownership of the system and set and enforce standards for how it operates.
    I would like to see pilot projects set up where law is taught in grades 1-12 so you could have high school seniors pass the bar exam.

    The underlying philosophy driving this model would be restorative justice.. If, like me, you believe that blogging isn’t behavior, and only behavior is the truth, and you live for the day when the voter and taxpayer, the primary consumer of the CJ system will have as strong a CJ lobby as whales, or guns, or the oil industry, how about giving up dinner-and-a-movie once a year and joining me in the only “Holy War” truly worthy of the name?!? Otherwise we spin our wheels posting gotcha journalism.

    1. MS:

      You might as well hope all of us who discuss things here will be together on the first Virgin Airlines flight to Mars. No legislative body would ever give a civilian group, especially made up people out of step with the ins and the media, subpoena power and without that you might as well be whittling wood.

      I’m not sure what the concept restorative justice means. What I think has to be done is for the system to change significantly by eliminatin 3/4s of what are considered crimes and turn them into civil offenses which can be handled over the computer. Then put some sense into the system where if a person is sent to the House of Corrections twice she must upon the next conviction go to Walpole. We have to recognize there are some people who are too dangerous to be let back on the street and other who with a little help can get back straight and need not be jailed at all.

      Rather than teaching law don’t you think the schools should concentrate and reading, writing and arithmetic with a little geography and history. There’s a surfeit of lawyers now without having 18 year olders running around suing people. Many smart lawyers have gotten disgusted with the practice and have left it. There’s enormous problems which can be demonstrated by knowing that a lawyer could wake up from a 100 years sleep and walk into court and not notice anything different.

      1. Matt, Amen to those views!!! Like me and my friend used to say in our Hippy Days: “Right on, brother!”

  5. MTC:
    other than honor and integrity what can stop a juror from surfing the web vis a vis the case.

    On Patty- man or woman- who cares-I want to k now if she is a juror getting her disinterested balanced skinny from the mtc blog rather than the two local rags that are in this for the gelt

    1. Hopalong:

      Nothing can stop a juror – for all we know some of the jurors are reading us because I don’t thing the judge specifically mentioned not reading people who blog about the trial. This would be a good source for a juror who wanted to view things in an objective manner.

      Patty has been around a long time. She (I’ll identify her as being a female) has set me straight on a lot of things and we have disagreed on others. She is a very valuable contributor and has a background as a prosecutor. She also has better connections in Southie than I have so she has a better feel for many of the current things that are happening than I have. If she had a blog I’d have had most of the people who come here going over to there.

      1. Matt et al, If the jury is reading this blog I hope they find the FEDs guilty!

  6. What happens if the jury tells the judge they are deadlocked but the judge refuses to declare a mistrial and orders more deliberations? Could the jury collectively decide just to go home? Or would they face some sanction? If the jury told the judge discharge us today or we’ll find the defendant NG on all charges, they would then get their wish. Do you know of any panels to challenge a judge? A juror told me he sat on a case that found the defendant NG. Judge Mclauhlin read them the riot act for their misbehavior. The court officers had to restrain one of the jurors from punching the judge.

    1. N:

      All my jurors acted reasonably either giving me my win or my loss without much ado. Longest jury I had out was 3 days and that was because juror was a friend of the defendant and it was 11 – 1 for a long while until he got worried his recalcitrance was too obvious.

      If jury reports a deadlock, they will be sent back to deliberate. If they report again the judge will declare a mistrial. But the judge would first try to ascertain if they reached an agreement on some of the charges. I really can’t see it happening. The jury to me seems to be just taking its time going through the elements. If the jury thinks things are on the level they’d go through each issue with a discussion prior to a vote, even though it would strike a normal person as irrational.

      If you were on the jury you would have had them all lined up early Wednesday with their verdict.

  7. Matt, just one thought on what I consider to be a sleazey tactic by Kelly and Wyshak. They know Carney’s statement to the press was neutral and harmless. They also know their lackeys in the press will carry front page stories: “Bulger’s Attorney Carney in BIG TROUBLE: JUdge to consider sanctions!!!” Why this sleaze tactic? It is barely veiled attempt to influence the non-sequestered jury by casting Carney in a false light: they make a mountain out of a mole hill; they shoot for the headlines; they attempt to impugn the integrity of another good innocent man, this time Jay Carney. I hope the Judge sanctions them!!!!

    1. William:

      Wyshak wants to set the rules of the game and complains when people don’t follow what he tells them to do. The judge lets it all pass after he gets it out of his system. He’s been calling for sanctions off and on during the trial.

      But you have to admit, J.W. Carney pushes the envelope as far as he can. He loves the attention.

  8. Matt,

    It’s likely the Boston FBI really does want to be sure they first have the complete universe of MSP reports, DAs reports, wiretaps, etc. regarding their use of Rossetti.
    Once the FBI has all of the information, the Marra and Margolis types can craft a defensive story that can not be contradicted by state agencies. I submit that the same thing is being done in Orlando with the Todashyev homicide.

    BTW There is a report indicating the Steve Flemmi admitted he had a relationship with Rossetti. Rossetti was part of Salemme’s crew that fought against the Russo crew for control of the NE LCN staring in about 1990. Flemmi admits equipping Rossetti with a silenced pistol for the battle. Flemmi also told the USA that Rossetti participated in the murder of (Robert ?) Donati. That murder and five others were committed by Salemme’s crew from 1990-1994. It was very much in Flemmi’s interests that his friend Salemme ascend to be the Boss of the NE LCN.
    Is it just me or are we seeing a slew of stories pop up around the country exposing federal law enforcement misconduct?

        1. Matt- I am pretty sure I have referred to patty as a “her” in the past, she never corrected me otherwise. But maybe I have it like Wyshak and I’ve been wrong all along.

    1. Patty:

      I know what you’re saying. You’d say, well there may be some document in existence somewhere by some trooper who says Rossetti is a good guy and they’d blame the state police for having tricked them in to making him an informant. I think it is too far fetched and I should not undersestimate the deviousness of that Bureau. Yet the bottom line is nothing outside the FBI files is important to the inquiry. Some agent made Rossetti a top echelon informant. The question is why? I just don’t see what others did or didn’t do is of any importance.

      No doubt there was a Flemmi/Rossetti/Salemme connection. Flemmi could very well have been a made man. Remember McDermott’s pictures showing Flemmi and Salemme together all the time; Weeks testified Whitey complained about Flemmi spending all his time over in the North End with Salemme after Salemme go out in 1988. Salemme testified he and Flemmi were partners in some of the gaming business.

      There does seem to be more and more stories about the federals being corrupt. Remember, the only FBI office that has ever had its files pried open is Boston. We have no idea what the others are hiding.

      1. Matt,

        I was thinking of a scenario in which the FBI exonerates itself for using Rosetti as a TEI on the basis they had no specific evidence of his crimes/murders. After the FBI clears itself, the MSP releases wiretap transcripts of Rosetti talking to his FBI handler about his crimes/murders. That would embarrass The Family. That can’t be allowed to happen.

        1. Patty:

          I agree. The FBI wants to know what everyone else knew so that it can fit its story into the best possible shape for the FBI. It would like to say it knew nothing about his past crimes and blame the MSP for not telling it. It wants to make sure there is no document from the MSP which would indicate that it did. They also want to listen to all the conversations between Rossetti and his handler to fit their story into that. Plus, they have to work a deal with Rossetti to keep his mouth shut.

          The case went down in front of Locke. He is a former US attorney who loves the FBI. Watch for some type of deal that springs Rossetti by a revise and revoke in front of Locke. Your points are well taken and I sometimes slip into the illusion the FBI wants to tell the truth; all it wants is to tell a story that minimizes its embarrassment regardless of what the truth is. That a fine thing to be saying about our national police force but unfortunately it is true.

          1. Matt.

            That’s exactly right. Well said.
            Another way to state the concept is to say the FBI’s investigations of itself are designed primarily to ascertain that no evidence will arise to contradict the ‘plausible deniability’ of their version of events.

            Two additional points: First the FBI’s job in concocting stories to defend their actions is made easier by a complacent media. Second, the FBI very effectively uses time to diffuse their scandals. Like politicians, they know the public attention span is limited. The longer they delay airing their dirty laundry, the less impact it has and the fewer observers can connect patterns of misconduct.

            1. Patty:

              That, of course, is the best reason for the delay with the hope that everyone will forget or it becomes old news. If anyone asked me what was I most surprised at during the trial it was having my worst fears about the FBI confirmed.

              1. Matt,

                True that. Delay is the best tactic. My family’s situation is a perfect example. And, its only because of your blog and nhjustice.net that we have been able to archive some of our documents that tell our story. The corporations have 100 year plans and the capital to sustain. Family’s such as mine can’t stand up to the power unless we have the government to balance the power. When that government has been corrupted, the BIGS win every time.

              2. Jean:

                I agree with that. The people with the power do have the ability to ignore whatever they wish especially when most of the people don’t care because it doesn’t affect them.

              3. Matt,

                My reply to your comment that people don’t care is from a famous quote by Ben Franklin. “People do not realize the value of water until the well runs dry.”

                By then its too late. When markets have control of water as they do oil, water can become weaponized just like oil has been. Water is life. Oil is merely lifestyle.

  9. It’s worse than just the lies: It’s being in bed with known gangster criminals, and sharing info with them, and “preparing the way before them”. It’s worse: It’s being in bed with terrorists and narco-terrorists and mishandling them to the horrifying consequences of Americans killed by narcotics and terrorists’ bombs and guns; its worse: It’s botched CIA operations overseas where Public Health Vaccination programs are fooled with and fouled up resulting in killings of 100 vaccination workers and excess childhood deaths estimated at 100,000 because Muslims will now steer clear of vaccination programs. And it’s worse than that because the CIA-FBI-DIA Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence Programs are aimed in secret at US, We the AMerican People. And everyone who works in those federal programs should be reminded of the principles of Nuremburg, that “Just following orders” is no defense for trampling on our civil rights, privacy rights and rights to know. (2) That sheriff in Florida better be careful, because if he discloses that preliminary report too early, he may be labeled a “rogue cop”, framed, prosecuted bankrupted by litigation and sentenced to a long term, in prison after someone like Rossetti lies about him. En garde, American people, the FEDs are not your friends.

  10. Matt,

    As we all have agreed, it is much better to nip a problem in the bud, instead of sweeping it under the rug. If my family’s personal experiences are the norm, then there is no rug, or rugs big enough. And, sooner or later all the dust bunnies come flying out.

    Just recently we have experienced that at least one of my open letters to USDOJ CD has been switched out, unbeknownst to the web master at nhjustice.net. We are in the process of fixing that situation. Clearly, between 1994-7 we gave credible facts to Boston FBI that Reginald P Danboise, and his known associates intended to, and did cause my family grave harm. But, the communications were ordered to be destroyed sometime in 1997, and my family was harmed, to most likely include the ‘awful, awful’ death of my mother, and subsequently the brutal stabbing death of his wife, Mary, a few weeks ago. Clearly, Reginald Danboise, and his known associates were not worthy of the taxpayers protection: a really bad public policy that needs to be expunged immediately…with apologies and full restitution for those harmed…and, therein lies the rub, I suspect.

    Time for The Big Lies To End…

    1. jean- is there anyway I could find out about what has happened in the case of your family? I understand you may not want to get in depth here. could you maybe give a brief synopsis of what FBI evil has struck your family?

      1. Dear Doubting Thomas,

        We have been posting our documents on nhjustice.net. The main body of complaints has been incorporated into an installment titled NO Witness = No Case.

        But, the gist of our situation is that back in the early 1990’s my family recognized that we became the inadvertent stewards of a very large spring property. The reserves have been estimated at around 10 million gallons daily. We became an equal opportunity target for those in big business, and who hired muscle, and were able to buy influence to take our water rights. They somehow failed and I still own the rights to an easement deed filed in April 1997. That document has also been posted on nhjustice.net.

        In 1996, after a series of events happened, we recognized that one of the hands on persons that intended to take the water rights and to destroy us was Reginald Danboise. We dialed 991 Boston FBI. We had been providing the office with documentation since 1994, but after 1996 we now had more credible evidence. The FBI agent that we had been communicating with called me sometime in 1997 – just around the time the press released the news that Steven Flemmi was an FBI informant. He told me that he had been ordered to destroy my communications. We could not believe it. But, after the recent testimony of the FBI secretary, in the WB case, we now have reason to believe that what the agent told us was true. We had evidence that linked Danboise to the Winter Hill Gang. We knew he was linked also to NY Mafia.

        We had another similar experience also in 1997, when I was told by other FBI agents in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania that they could not pursue an extended investigation into USA v Rennert to include my issues. This part of the matter has been outlined in Installment #2 on nhjustice.net – Alan Teal.

        As I have already written, the tragedy of the obstruction of justice by the authorities (we have evidence that documents were also destroyed in New Hampshire and at US DOJ HQ)but for the act of destroying my complaints and refusing to follow the very credible and serious leads I had provided in 1997, my Mother Agnes Sovik Allan may not have died such a (in her own words ‘awful, awful’), and suspicious death. Her matter has been told in Installment #11, A Daghter’s Promise. She made me promise before she died to bring those who harmed our family to justice. There is still no legal paper trail that can lead us to her remains. She died in 2001.

        And, now just three weeks ago Reginald Danboise brutally stabbed his wife to death, and it has been reported then hanged himself. Had the FBI done its job and investigated the sabotage of the High Birches Springs, in 1997; the theft of my family’s properties, and all the attempts upon my life, perhaps, just perhaps, my Mother and his wife would still be alive today.

        The biggest problem that we have found and that Matt has been reporting is that there is no viable Office of Professional Management or a really independent OIG to take jurisdiction over our complaints. And, Congress appears to be stymied as well. I keep quoting Euripedes from 400 years ago. “Where do we seek justice when the injustice of power is our destruction?” 400 years later I am not certain we are any closer to an answer.

        Thanks for asking.

        1. Jean- Thank you for briefing me so efficiently, I am so sorry for what your family has been through, I am educating myself right now about everything that is posted on nhjustice.net, I will write back to you if you could clarify anything I have a question about. I was wondering real quickly was your mother far from you proximity wise when she passed/killed? I read you could not track down her remains? GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY>>YOU ARE IN MY PRAYERS!!

          1. Doubting Thomas,

            You really should read the last part of #11 A Daughter’s Promise to understand (in my Mother’s own words) what happened to her. She had been admitted into the hospital with a bladder infection. She was 90. She was on no other meds. She was sharp as a tack, as she would tell you. I was able to smuggle I camera into the hospital to take a picture of what they did to her. I have posted that picture, dated St Patrick’s Day 2001, along with her picture the year I graduated from High School. At one time we had a credible witness that said money changed hands with one of the doctors. It was in the Lakes Region area of NH. Some of the protected Winter Hill Gang had, or still, have property in that region.

            I will be available to answer any questions that I can. Most of my original documents have been confiscated when I was arrested in the kitchen of my family’s home in Center Harbor, NH. The charge was criminal trespass. We now have reason to believe that Reginald Danboise, among other of his associates, had a hand in my arrest and jailing. The whole NO Witness = No Case concentrates on my experiences of malicious and illegal arrests.

            And, instead of allowing me my due process rights to defend myself against the criminal trespass charges, the State of New Hampshire diagnosed me ‘not competent’ to stand trial. I have been stripped of my US Identity and am no longer living in US. Another matter that is covered in my many letters to OIG of US DOJ.

            When people say the ‘water wars’ are just beginning, they are wrong. They have been going on for sometime now. My family took a stand that water should not become a commodity that could be weaponized like oil. We now have credible evidence that Enron was trying to make water a commodity when it collapsed. We have posted those emails on nhjustice.net. They are attached to recent letters written to Governor Maggie Hassan, OIG of US DOJ, and US DOJ Criminal Division. To date we have had no substantive response.

            We are early casualties of the water wars. Our position is that Water is Life. There is no substitute. Markets can be corrupted as we read every day on Bloomberg. We have no regrets for our position, and neither did my Mother, she had encouraged us to succeed in the environmental path we had chosen.

            You can read about our water product – High Birches Mountain Spring Water – in the sale brochures that we had posted. We trademarked The Sustainable Source. We were packaging in paper boxes. We were working with The Nature Conservancy to develop a physical matrix that could be a model for other springs so that they always remained sustainable. In 1994, there was no such policy.

            So big water, and big plastic, and big supermarkets, and big gangsters all decided we needed to be destroyed. At least that is what I was personally told by a known mobster from NY. So far, they all hold a winning hand because they are all Too Big To Prosecute.

        2. Jean- I have seen gas land 1&2 jesuse what it has done to drinking water and the whole bit. Back to your matter some files say restricted need a password but I am reading up on what can click on

          1. Doubting Thomas,

            The link incorporated here is the matrix of communications re:complaints that we were told had been destroyed in the Boston FBI Office. As you can see the key words there are Reginald Danboise, Winter Hill Gang, et al.


            Another issue that has been discussed on this blog is forfeiture. When my ID was stolen in the 90’s, and there was credible evidence that my ssn had been used to commit crimes that would be eligible for forfeiture, after getting no satisfaction from my complaints, I was forced to legally change my name. I was born in the Panama Canal Zone. My dad was an employee for the US Panama Canal Company. He was a pilot for over 30 years. I had to change my name back to my maiden name.

            When I got back to US, I was told by a person in Social Security that US DOJ was the only agency that could either give me immunity, or a new social security number. That request was made in 2003. Ten years later I am still waiting for an answer. I am 69. I have not be able to collect upon my social security benefits, although I am entitled. After the Patriot Act, if a person does not have a ssn for ID, they essentially don’t legally exist. Just thought all this may put my family’s situation in more context.

            The moral appears to be if an average family has something of value that the BIGS covet, they take it with the help of muscle and influence. Its all about money and power, and no longer about civil rights and meritocracy.

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