Why Haven’t The Epidemiologists Focused On This Which May Provide The Answer 2 of 2

It seems that something can be made from these figures. Why in this country does the death rate run from three states which less than a 1% death rate (South Dakota 0.42$, Wyoming 0.64%, Utah 0.87%) to four  states with death rates greater than 5.78% (Minnesota 5.79%,New York 5.79%, Connecticut 6.72% and Michigan 7.71%). All the states are above or touched by the 40th parallel so are in the northern half of the United States.

Population rates are 50th, 45th and 35th for the lowest percentage; 4th, 8th, 21st,  30th , for the highest. So does it mean the states with the highest population will have the highest percentage of deaths. The top 3 states in population in the country are California with a 3.90%, Texas with a 2.54%, Florida with a 3.02% which are below the national average.

Shouldn’t there be some common denominator between these differences. If we can find out why some states are low and others are high then we may be on to something.

I then tried this. I went to a map that showed the red and blue states since 2000 through the 2012 election eliminating ones that were deemed neither one or the other consistently: eliminated were Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Florida. I was left with solid red or blue states. I first looked at the highest and lowest percentages set out in the seven states I mentioned. South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah are red states; Minnesota, New York, Connecticut and Michigan are blue states. That seems a drastic split. Is there something in the blue states that make them more susceptible to dying from Covid-19?

I had to then go further. I wanted to figure out if there was a difference in the average of the blue states and the red states. I tallied up the average of the ten states that were eliminated. It came to a death rate of  3.48%.  I then totaled up the 22 red states and came out with an average of 2.94% which is about a ½% point less than the eliminated group. I then did the percentage rate of deaths in the blue states and that came out to: 4.52% which is a point and a half above the red states.

The strange thing about all this is the red states have been most lax in promoting people to stay at home. In fact. In South Dakota with the lowest death rate percentage the governor refuses to ask people to stay home despite requests of the mayor of the city that has about 1,000 cases. The other states with no stay at home orders are red states and the states now relaxing their stay at home orders are red states.

Why haven’t we heard of any investigations of these stark differences? Is sit the “stay at home” orders responsible for an increase in Covid-19 deaths? That would seem to be the case at first blush. Not being an epidemiologist I do not have the ability to explain these differences. I would think that the solution to this pandemic may lie in determining why these great discrepancies.

Of course, I’m assuming the discrepancies arise because all states are on the level in reporting coronavirus deaths and that some are not hiding them. If some are, obviously they would be the states with the lowest rates, the red states. Is that going on? Then that too should be investigated.

I’ve yet to see anyone addressing this problem. If you know someone with the capability to do so I would request you to forward my inquiries to him or her so that we can come to the bottom of this. The solution to the pandemic may lie in determining why this discrepancy exists.

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  1. It’s becoming evident that there will be food shortages in the near future. Not only the poor will suffer; former workers, and, those who once themselves middle-class, will feel the pangs of hunger, too. The whole food distribution process is grinding to a halt a piece at a time. Luckily, this country has a generous supply of fat capitalist pigs to slaughter. Let the good work begin.

    All praise to the social levelers, all power to the dialectic.

      1. wa-llahi! I’m excited. Revolution is on the horizon. Once folks have suffered enough, it won’t matter what the talking heads have to say. The American people will understand that the entire system is a fraud perpetrated on the masses for the benefit of the wealthy. Death to the selfish scum who rule us!

        All praise to the red street-fighters. All power to the dialectic!

  2. Do the Math 48 years….


    After 48 Years, DC Appeals Court Overturns Murder Conviction Based On FBI’s Garbage ‘Hair Match’ Evidence
    Legal Issues
    from the yes,-i-have-a-doctorate-in-magnification dept
    Wed, Apr 22nd 2020 8:00pm — Tim Cushing
    For decades, the FBI pushed junk science on the courts, resulting in the wrongful convictions of an untold number of people. It wasn’t until 2009 that it started trying to undo the damage. And even then, the FBI wasn’t 100% sure it shouldn’t hold onto to at least some of its favorite junk, even if it h

  3. wa-llahi! Let’s nationalize all private capital, and, make everyone a stock holder in the USA. If the rich attempt, during this crisis, to save their position in society, we’ll move on to a different program where the wealthy don’t exist any more, at least not in their former station. I volunteer my farm as a re-education camp (I want to be the warden). A thousand pup tents could be set up in the fields. The food won’t be four star, but, there’ll be plenty of pulva for those who ask for it.

    1. First step is to break those prison walls down, and, hand everyone liberated an M-16, and, a thousand rounds, as they go out the sally port.

  4. wa-llahi! The BOP will release Connolly right after they let Len Pelletier go. Be sure and hold your breath, until, it happens.

    1. True!
      Best source of Vitamin D = the Sun, not just on face, on legs, body, the salty sea shore.
      Vitamin D, they tell me (the biochemists) is actually a hormone that affects a myriad systems and processes in the body.

  5. Before you go flying the “Greatest Generation” homage that is all the rage, remember that the overwhelming majority of the 10 million men (and women) under arms were not volunteers-they were draftees. (Marshal had big problems raising troops)

    How much skimming have the banks done from the enormous sums raised to bail out the saintly private sector. Eight per cent looks like a good number to start with.

    1. Fair enough; but the heroism of American volunteers throughout our history is unquestioned; unquestionable valor; and the draftees exhibited similar valor throughout our history. It was the greatest generation, because it endured the greatest hardships, the Great Depression, and helped win WWII against one of the greatest evils, Nazism, in human history.
      All the parachutists (special forces) on D-Day were “double volunteers”. Not all the Rangers were. In other words, draftees volunteered for Special Forces, too. Draftees volunteered to walk into the Valley of Death. I think of that guy who was a veritable C.O. who saved 70 men. I hail all who sacrificed and put their lives on the line in service to our country, in service to our fellow man, in service to the causes of freedom and liberty.

      As for banks, as with all entities, even Harvard, I’m sure that there are some employees/owners/ceos/trustees who are motivated by greed (a small percentage) and most are motivated by service. I focus on the philanthropy and good works of corporations (private universities are corporations, too).

      1. wa-llahi! Bill, stop watching those old war films. You have some truly odd ideas about the military.

  6. wa-llahi! Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a painfully crippling ailment. People who key-board for a living often get it. I’ve known academics who have to wear those hitched-up padded gloves that leave the fingers free. Although cumbersome and uncomfortable looking, the gloves seem to work in reducing discomfort.

  7. wa-llahi! I always wished I’d have put more effort into typing class (Iggy), The “pecking” method I’ve used over the last fifty years has proved to be laborious. To test one’s skills, the scholastic who taught the class, would tape an opaque sheet of paper over the old time mechanical keys so you couldn’t see them. You inserted your hands under the paper, and, searched for the proper keys by a schema visualized in memory It was a matter of performing by muscle memory. I was terrible at it. I envy you, Bill.

  8. wa-llahi! Slow down, man. Tunnel Carpal Syndrome can be listed as an underlying morbidity to Covid 19. Don’t let love of typing lead you to ruin.

  9. I impose on Matt’s good graces to post the following thoughts for this morning:
    Streams of Consciousness:
    Here’s an interesting statistic for all to consider. In 1990 dollars, the U.S. spent about $2 trillion dollars during WWII, which worked out to $15,500 dollars per individual.
    Now, $100 1990 dollars are equal to $204 2020 dollars, (call it double) and $2 trillion is equal to $4 trillion and $15,500 is equal to about $31,000 dollars. So, if we spend 4 trillion fighting CoVid-19, each American will owe $31,000, and since only private sector folks pay taxes (in reality; the private sector generates all wealth in America; bureaucrats merely give back a percent of their pay check, but they call it paying taxes) so each private sector worker now owes about $60,000 or more in taxes to get us back to square one. Now, government can’t pay off this $60,000 per person debt, because government gets its cash from the taxpayer. The taxpayer will pay. Liberals don’t realize that for every dollar given to the government, only pennies get to an intended end; the bureaucrats siphon off a large percent, bureaucratic red tape, bureaucratic bungling, FED, STATE and LOCAl inefficiencies and waste are well documented. One Yale study showed that the average government worker works four hours a day, the average private sector worker works six. “He governs best who governs least.” In times of crisis, the private sector and government generally form partnerships. All generally sacrifice. In this pandemic that the U.S. has been hit with, all government workers (Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Parker) continue to receive their salaries and benefits, as far as I know. Many private sector workers are jobless, without pay and benefits.

    Could you run society without government? Absolutely not! Could you nationalize everything and eliminate the private sector? Didn’t Stalin and Mao try that?

    What works best? American capitalism and limited government, free enterprise, the profit motif, with government as a watchdog to secure the blessings of liberty: public health, safety, national defense. Medicare for All? Debatable. National Socialism Uber Alles? Nein. Nyet! “Ich bin ein Berliner”. Ya vol (yawohl). John F. Kennedy: “Two thousand years ago, the proudest boast was civis romanus sum [“I am a Roman citizen”]. Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is “Ich bin ein Berliner!”… All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words “Ich bin ein Berliner!” Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm? Nyet. The New World Order? Nyet? American First and Global Cooperation. Yes. The WWI soldier, author, anti-elitist George Bernanos, Diary of a Country Priest. Oui. Camus’ the Plague, the Myth of Sisyphus and the Rebel. Oui! Graham Greene’s The Power and the Glory Yes; the movie The Keys to the Kingdom? Yes. My friend, fellow Noontime Nut, Larry Tye’s book on Advertising/Propaganda. Yes; the NAZIS (Josef Goebbels)adopted and the Left today adopts Bernays’ commercial tactics; persuasion devolved to hateful messaging; first “inferior” then “deplorables” were in Vogue; the movie Jo Jo Rabbit said it all, as does the sociologic book, The Power of Bad, as did Shakespeare, “the evil men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones . . . .” So, do not let it be with Caesar, and count the Good that Caesar did, that Governments do, that Corporations do, that political leaders do, along with bad. “Teach your children well”, as CSNY sang, and forego teaching them hate. Cheer for your side; refrain from hating the opponent, those with opposing views. Poke fun, no need to pillory or slander (like Howie Carr perpetually has done and does) or put to the sword. No need for prosecutors to be Jihadi Javerts like Fred Wyshak. Call a spade a spade, but no need to pile on; piling on is illegal in football. Its O.K to mix metaphors.

    Try not for perfection, it is the enemy of the good. Try to do good, and fear no man. Peace to those of good will, to those not of good will Special Forces. After Concord and Lexington, 20,000 volunteers surrounded Boston. On D-Day, all the Army Ranger, all the Parachutists, all were special forces, all were volunteers. All volunteered to enter the Valley of Death, the Maw, and they feared no evil, and 2,500 Americans died and over 4,000 Americans were wounded. We’ve beaten greater foes than this Virus presently besetting us.

    As a man, a convenience storeowner, I met in La Junta Colorado taught me, when he said, out of the blue, to me, a total Stranger: “You know, I consider every man my superior; to this extent: I can learn something from anyone.” Each of us is a student and a teacher. “Teach your children well . . . .teach your parents well.”

    1. Bill, check out the Jimmy, or, the James, to understand stream of consciousness. William James believed that stream of consciousness operates like a rubber ball rolled beneath a blanket. Thoughts are not discrete, but, rather flow into each other. One thought is part of another.

  10. Matt, the top ten states in DEATHS PER MILLION POPULATION are all DEMOCRATIC: (New York 1,004, NJ 535, Conn 397, Louisiana 301, Massachusetts 287, Michigan 271, DC 164, Rhode Island 162, Pennsylvania 126, Illinois, 114.) https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/

    You could suggest this was because they POLITICIZED this from the beginning and flouted the Trump Administration’s CDC’s Feb 25 warning : “You MAY have to shut down schools and shops”, (echoed that same night as a question at the Dem Prez Debate) and instead, like De Blasio, encouraged people to flock to NYC to watch movies on March 5, 6 and that weekend (the 7th and 8).

    Remember Mayors De Blasio and Walsh (Boston) saw no need to close schools until about March 15, reversing their earlier hesitancies and reluctance to do so.

    BUT, I don’t blame anyone. Everyone acted on the DATA they had (All the GOVs, Mayors, Presidents of Colleges, Presidents of Medical Schools and Schools of Public Health, Presidents/PrimeMinisters of Foreign Countries, even the CEO of Disney, and the WHO (Only on March 11 did it issue a declaration of PANDEMIC.)

    Post-Script: the MSM continues to ask the Prez why he held a rally on March 2 (his last) never asks Joe Biden why he continued to hold rallies until March 10. Why did the NBA, NHL, NCAA continue to hold games, and Promoters continue to hold rock concerts, and Broadway continue to run shows and Schools hold dances and do lectures and plays until the middle of March?

  11. Matt: the first thing to consider is whether any of your DATA is statistically significant. I’ll leave that statisticians.

    Of course, most folks have studied statistics in college or grad school: economists, political scientists, historians, all take a gander at them; sociologists and public health folks, too. Most scientists, especially researchers. Clinicians check the journals to see what studies are valid.

    For certain scientists, statistics are their life blood. Biostatisticians, Epidemiologists, for example. Public Health, folk, too: An example is the Dean of Boston Universities School of Public Health, Sandro Galea, from Malta/Canada, who was a DoctorswithoutBorders volunteer in Somalia, whose 2019 book, “WELL”, is laden with biostatistical, epidemiologic, biohistorical and sociologic statistics.. For example, the top 1% of wealthy people live 10 to 15 years longer than the bottom 1% of poor people. Poverty breeds disease. Lack of education breeds disease. Lack of jobs breeds disease. He proves this with statistics. (My slight critique of Galea’s excellent work is that he undervalues personal initiative/responsibility, and overvalues socio-political-cultural factors in the U.S.; e.g. poor diets and lack of exercise compound heart, diabetes, obesity, although larger factors outside the individual do play a role: genes, sociologic-predispositions can be overcome; environmental toxins role in asthma have been largely abated since Nixon’s EPA and in Mass. the DEP fought hard for clean air. Good things government has done. Bad things, the Welfare State entrenched poverty and broke up families, made too many dependent on government.)

    Now, you ask why the difference some red states and some blue states. It’s a good question. But recognize what you’ve done. You’ve singled out 8 states out of 50, and then split them into red and blue. Your “analysis” may be invalid from the get-go . . .too small a sample.

    But lets’s suppose the states with Republican Governors have fewer deaths per capita (an admit Charlie “Parker”, as Joe called him, is more a “big government” socialistic liberal Dem than a “small government” capitalistic conservative Rep, then let’s ask what’s the answer (based on this hypothetical?). Why are Red States faring better?

    (1) Republicans heeded the early warnings of the Trump Administration’s CDC (February 25: you many have to close down school and shops) and took preventive medicine, preventive public health steps earlier. Alerting their citizenry to heed not flaunt the Trump Administration’s advice.
    (2) In majority Republic states, the folks followed the President’s daily briefings and heeded the N.I.H/CDC advise . . .spatial separation, stay at home when sick, etc.
    (3) In Republican States, folks were treated earlier.
    (4) In Republican States, folks are smarter, healthier, stronger, and react to adversity better.
    (5) In Republican States, “Herd Immunity” set in quicker
    (6) In Republican States, folks understood that stay at home orders (forcing teens to live with elderly parents and grandparents) isolating the elderly, etc, would lead to more deaths.
    (7) In Republican States, folks knew being outdoors was good for you. A surgeon friend of mine reported that his physician brother in Los Angeles said few deaths among the homeless, probably because they had healthier immune systems and were outdoors in the fresh air all day.
    (8) In the Fearful Faceless Fiefdom of the Dems, suffering from MICROPHOBIA, more who contacted the infected contracted the disease, and more died, their PHOBIAS have severely compromised their immune systems, by adding undo STRESS.
    (9) Is that the Mayor in South Dakota where the Meat Packing Plant became infected by an illegal immigrant working and living in too confined quarters? If so, perhaps the RED STATES had lower numbers of illegal immigrants, and lower number of Sanctuary Cities, which may have been breeding crowds (densely packed, ignoring public health precautions, not washing hands, not keeping social distances) for spreading the infection
    (10) Perhaps in Big Gov Dem States, the inefficiencies in government, the dependencies of too many on the inefficient bloated government, contributed to more deaths . . .
    (11) Perhaps the orders to wear masks caused increased transmissions of disease, because folks don’t know how to properly wear masks, then stand too close, and the ill come outside wearing an improperly fit mask thus increasing the transmissions.
    (12) Perhaps the Angel of Death doesn’t like Democrats, or the Red Republican States have just been lucky.

    Anyway: These are HYPOTHETICALS>

    I guarantee the epidemiologic experts are considering all this stuff (except #12.)

      1. John Connolly is an honorable man who was wrongfully prosecuted by the scum in the Justice Department . . .President Trump rightfully labelled those higher ups “scum” . . .and lowest of the low lowlifes was the scum-bum, the Jihadi Javert Fred Wyshak. Read my books:1. The Fix: the Corruption of Massachusetts Courts and Agencies; 2. Character Assassins: Carr, Dershowitz, Mudd; Who will live in infamy?; 3. Character Assassins II; and 4. Three Billboards Outside Boston: Prosecute the Persecutors who Abuse Federal Prosecutorial Power” , the latter of which is written less legalistically and more literarily, artistically. To appreciate the depths of political correctness corrupting an entire judicial system, I humbly recommend: “From Trial Court to the United States Supreme Court: Anatomy of a Free Speech”, by Walkowski and Connolly.

        Yes, Dershowitz, Carr, the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, all conspired with the Federal Prosecutors in Boston and D.C. to frame John Connolly. They did the same with the Probation Officers in Boston. (The O’Brien Case.) The Bastards did the same in persecuting others . . .named on this blog, and named in those books.

      2. wa-llahi! The BOP will release Connolly right after they let Len Pelletier go. Be sure and hold your breath, until, it happens.

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