Why You Should Be Truly Scared of Trump

The ride with the shortest lines at disneyworld...
The ride with the shortest lines at disneyworld…

The United States has not had a person anything like Trump in the president’s seat.  Those who think he is another Reagan are deluding themselves. Reagan had a history of political involvement and looked upon America as a force of good in the world suggesting we were an example for the rest of the world – the Puritan “city on a hill” which God allowed to exist for the betterment of mankind and which He would rain down His fury should we not follow his commandments.

Trump has no prior public service. Worse he has never shown a concern for other than himself and he looks inward to the country not thinking that it should be an example to the world but a nation like those of the worst that exist run by dictators interested only in what it can greedily grab.

In your wildest dreams you could never imagine Donald Trump telling Khruschev to tear down the East Berlin Wall. Think of that. Reagan cared for the people imprisoned behind the Soviet wall where Trump has not manifested any interest in any others beyond our borders and even within our nation it will turn out that it is for a limited few.

Reagan was part of a traditional approach to America’s role in the world, Trump is unique not caring about freedom or liberty of others.

These early days after the election Trump has done two things that are so out of the normal that all the bad things said about him are truly reinforced so that perhaps it may be an astonishing to say they underestimated how tragic his election is. These two things aren’t imaginings of his enemies but acts you can not deny are happening.

Be true to yourself and ask whether these are what you would expect from any person who was within sixty days of being sworn in as president. Go on and think what kind of person would do them and how much does it show a man with a serious problem.

The first and to me the most scariest is his impetuous use of tweets. Why would he be using Twitter at this time? The campaign is over. Why is he still attacking people publicly and personally?

Worse, still, the tweets are irrational. He condemns Hillary for questioning the results of the election when he all along said he would do it if he lost. What is wrong with him claiming he won the popular vote and that millions of illegal votes were cast for Hillary when we know none of that happened.

How thin-skinned is he? How quickly does his public magnanimity (Hillary suffered enough) turn into private bile (engaged in a scam)?

Remember he is 70 years old and he will not change. Do we need someone so erratic controlling our nation?

Then there’s the second thing. He has no experience in government and less so in foreign affairs. America spend many billions of dollars annually in developing intelligence information concerning the happenings in the world in order to keep us safe and determine the identity of threats to us. He has no interest in being briefed on these matters. He has somehow decided he knows better or need not know these things.

He has told us he is too busy to read books. Now we are to understand he is too busy to be briefed by our intelligence agencies. But he is not to busy to engage in the puerile pursuit of tawdry tweets. That is something that scares me.

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  1. FBI agents will blackmnail the people who
    downloaded child porn

    To avoid prosecution FBI agents will force these people to
    commit crimes including murder.


    FBI’s NIT Hit 8000 Computers In 120 Countries… As Did The Child …
    In January, Motherboard reported on the FBI’s “unprecedented” hacking operation, … we now know from Agent Alfin’s recent testimony which we cited, there was …

    (Mis)Uses of Technology

    Tue, Nov 29th 2016 9:37am

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    child porn, doj, fbi, malware, nit, playpen

    FBI’s NIT Hit 8,000 Computers In 120 Countries… As Did The Child Porn It Was Redistributing
    from the any-means-necessary dept
    On the other hand, who needs to wait for the Rule 41 changes to kick in?
    In January, Motherboard reported on the FBI’s “unprecedented” hacking operation, in which the agency, using a single warrant, deployed malware to over one thousand alleged visitors of a dark web child pornography site. Now, it has emerged that the campaign was actually an order of magnitude larger.
    In all, the FBI obtained over 8,000 IP addresses, and hacked computers in 120 different countries, according to a transcript from a recent evidentiary hearing in a related case.
    No need to sit back and wait for the DOJ’s proposed Rule 41 changes — including the stripping of jurisdictional limitations for search warrants — to default their way into adoption on December 1st. This worldwide search, performed under the authority of a single warrant issued by a single judge in Virginia, is just the FBI acting first and asking for forgiveness codification later. From the day two transcript [PDF]:
    Every time Your Honor grants a discovery request and we get new information, it’s like — to use an appropriate metaphor, like peeling an onion. There’s just another layer of fact there that we did not know about. I mean, we did not know this was a truly global warrant before. There are 120 countries and territories listed outside the United States that the FBI hacked into, and they also hacked into something called a “satellite provider.” So now we are into outer space as well.
    It’s not just the hacking of computers around the world. It’s also the FBI’s brief stint as perhaps the world’s largest distributor of child porn. From the day one transcript [PDF]:
    Your Honor, starting with Michaud, and what we know now is there was no discussion of trying to limit the distribution. There were no protocols for these agents for handling or limiting the distribution of child pornography. And the scale of the distribution now went out to at least 120 countries, at least 1 million images. And it is absolutely mind boggling, we have not seen something like this.
    And for all the area covered by the investigation — the number of computers scattered all over the world the FBI sent its NIT to — there, so far, seems to be very little to show for the agency’s efforts. Defense lawyer Colin Fieman:
    We have never, in our nation’s history as far as I can tell, seen a warrant so utterly sweeping. 100,000 potential targets. Something like 8700 IP addresses captured. At least 1152 open investigations. And now oddly enough only, about 214 arrests.
    What’s even more disturbing, even if they disagree about the efficacy of some of those methods, we now know from Agent Alfin’s recent testimony which we cited, there was absolutely no discussion at the Department of Justice or the FBI about protocols in terms of handling this stuff or whether these methods of limiting, at least limiting the most egregious distribution were viable. Nobody cared.
    Fieman quotes an earlier case dealing with the FBI’s physical distribution of child porn in hopes of netting some arrests. The FBI actually created a child porn “catalog,” mailed it to sting targets, and sent the targets the child porn they requested. The court in that case was not happy with the FBI’s actions.

    FBI Hacking Could Be Legalized December 1

    by Lucian Armasu November 29, 2016 at 4:25 PM – Source: Fight For The Future

    Earlier this year, the Judicial Conference (the national policy-making body for the federal courts) approved changes to “Rule 41” that would allow the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to hack anyone in any jurisdiction in the U.S., and even globally. Fight for the Future, along with the EFF and other civil liberties groups, are calling on everyone to ask their senators to pass a law to stop the rule change from going into effect on December 1.
    The FBI has recently started employing mass hacking tactics against thousands of computers at once as a “modern investigative technique.” The new tactic came to light during the recent Playpen case, which revealed that the FBI hacked over 8,000 computers in 20 countries.

    1. MS:

      Never like the FBI’s catching one person and bribing him with the promise of getting off the charges he legitimately committed if he could give them other people to prosecute. Not familiar with Rule 41 but the idea of the FBI setting up porn sites is a pretty bad law enforcement idea. Once they send out the porn there is no way they can control its distribution. Dumb and dumber.

  2. Ahhhhh. A new bunch of people in the Congress and the White House. What will happen? More of the same? The same but different? Something completely different? God help us from those bumblers who have not been law school trained, as only those who know a torte from a tort should be the new priests on the altars of our republic? Notice that I did not slander our form of government by referring to it as a democracy.



    Replay those Daisy TV ads!

  3. The recent boxing match between Gennady Golovkin
    and Brooks Kill was highly instructive in how to
    deal with Trump and the power behind the throne.

    We can assume Abel Sanchez , Golovkin’s manager,
    studied the videos of Kell Brooks past fights.

    Will American voters put Trump down for count?

    Will Trump need a good cut man?

    Trump has never been beyond 2 rounds does
    he have the stamina for the later rounds?

    Will FBI agents investigate Trump’s illegal
    activities now that they have elected him for

    What role did the pedophile Roy Cohn play in
    developing Trump’s boxing style?

    Will Trump hit below the belt?

    How many Presidents have FBI agents elected for US?

  4. Too much negativity. How valuable experience in electoral politics is to executive success is open to debate.

    Eisenhower had none. He had existed solely in a hierarchic organization all his adult life. Yes, it was government but it was not the give and take of the civilian side.

    Lincoln had exactly two years in Congress long before the White House. Those two years were considered a failure. Wilson had two years as a near puppet governor of a reputedly corrupt machine state. Neither had military experience. Both managed to conduct a war as President.

    In an age when lifelong brown nosers begin their political careers as interns, proceed to be aides and then inherit the boss’s vacated office in a sort of a cursus dishonorum with no experience outside of politics Trump represents a gusty sea breeze. He represents a lifetime as a builder of dealing with government. He understands the aggravation government can be. He knows the effects of government rather than its purported goals and insufferable cant.

    In brief, he is a stand in for the public. He is not part of the System. This is much needed.

    True, The Donald likes to tweet. Not important. To put it unkindly, Matt, you are an old fart. No insult intended, I am too. Have never tweeted. Do not read tweets. Am out of the “loop”. But am not in awe of the mechanism.

    All Trump does is employ modern technology. Top level politics is not the same today as it was in yesteryear. It is more personal. World leaders and tech savvy younger political types telegraph messages to each other directly and publicly. They do not solely communicate via planted news stories, discreet envoys and broad hints. It is more transparency than we are accustomed to. It is not going back to the old means of signaling.

    Just as the the paid for news articles floated ideas in the past, tweets, which have no intrinsic importance as a government action, are means of communication and negotiation. They are feelers. They are alarms. Only troglodytes puff them up to be more than they are – a message service. It is open for all to see. We are watching a sausage being made also called tranparency.

    Trump, despite his age, is modern. You and I are not. Fear not. He is not a Clinton. We will not be raped. We will not be robbed. Trump’s “disordered” transition team is moving more smoothly than any in history. He is getting things done. He is a natural at delegating. He knows how to discard. He has a proven modular approach.

    Trump is like a skyscraper builder. He hires an architect and limits him to planning. Then he hires an excavator and sends him home. Then the foundation specialist, the steel girder man, the electrician, the plumber, the dry wall man, the realty manager, et cetera.

    At the end of the day you have another Trump Tower. A noble edifice shining atop a City on a Hill.

    Stop worrying, the guy knows how to get things done. He has confounded the experts every step from day one. God willing he shall continue to do so.

  5. Frankly, I hope Trump gets in and “breaks shit” not just lower taxes for the rich. The slimy Republican and Democrat establishment needs to be brought down. Hopefully, he remembers the workingman that got him elected and make these politicos and bureaucrats pee their little pants.

    1. Daniel:

      If Glorious Leader fails to “break shit,” what, then? Would you support a working people’s rebellion?
      Nechaev, the great Russian nihilist, when posed with the question of what political structure he would place on the ashes of the old system, arched an eye, and, replied, “First things, first.”

      Board the train to Finland Station. Raise high the hammer-fist. Workers of the world, you have only your chains to lose.

      1. There are no chains on workers in America. Immigrants, legally and illegally, are flocking to America to find jobs. America, still, is a great place to live, work and raise a family, and the whole world knows it.

        1. Bill:

          The hell there ain’t. You ever work at a McDonalds? A family of workers, husband, wife, and, oldest child, can’t make a living working there. Now, is that better than starving? Yes, keeping in mind that the guy who owns the Macs you work in has already taken your vulnerability into account. It’s part of his business model.

          Fast food workers are on the forefront of the campaign for labor justice.
          Get the high raised hammer fist with your next cheese-burger. Go into a fast-food joint, talk with the people who labor there. Make believe it’s you asking someone whether they want cheese on that burgher.

  6. Matt: I agree Trump has said stupid things on Twitter, such as calling for imprisonment of flag burners, ignoring Supreme Court precedent, and such as attacking media critics. It’s O.K. to fight back, but he’s got to learn to absorb a few jabs. On the bright side, I and many conservatives like his V.P. and Cabinet picks. There’s hope he steers America away from excessive foreign entanglements and rebuilds the home economy.
    2. Don’t be fearful. Remember the fear engendered by Reagan’s election. The leftists put the Doomsday Clock near Midnight and predicted Nuclear Winter. The NYT recalled other dire forecasts:
    “I am scared that if Ronald Reagan gets into office, we are going to see more of the Ku Klux Klan and a resurgence of the Nazi Party,” Coretta Scott King said in November, 1980. Others said: “I’m afraid things are going to blow sky high during this next term,” Reagan’s a “nitwit,” “He’s shallow, superficial and frightening,” Reagan “seems not to relish complexity and subtlety,” “The problem is not a loose lip but the simple answer.” The NYT’s deplored his “voodoo economics” and feared his “voodoo diplomacy.”
    “The American people,“ Hamilton Jordan, a key Carter aide, said, “are not going to elect a 70-year-old, right-wing, ex-movie actor to be president.”

    The NYT concluded: “Despite the Democratic panic, Ronald Reagan left America richer and safer after two terms as president.” NYT praised Reagan for building bridges during the transition. Trump started out that way.

    3. Grandma Moses learned to paint at age 78. Trump can learn to twitter, but I recommend he hire a twitter-checker.

    1. You are living in a bubble Bill C, a very out-of-touch bubble to what exactly is going on around the country. Trump is 70 years old and is quite INSANE. This is not the Reagan era. This is 2016. The GOP has opened our front door and let Russia walk in. We should be at war but we re not. We should all be very much afraid.

      1. Sky: “We should be at war?” “With Russia?” Who are you calling insane? I’ve heard this typical war-mongering cant before, from leftists and rightists! Remember the Maine! Gulf of Tonkin! WMD! Khadafi! Assad! How many more wars do you want the U.S. to start? How many more thousands or millions of human beings lives do you want to sacrifice? For what? To restore the Republic of Abkhazia to Georgia?
        I don’t see Russia anywhere in America. I see America-NATO encroaching on Russia’s doorstep. Make peace with Russia. It’s not a threat to the U.S. It’s an ally against ISIS and radical Islam.
        All first world nations are involved in cyber-snooping. It’s not a causa belli. Only paranoid schizophrenics think Russia has intermeddled in our elections. Even the Obama administration rejects that type of thinking. Wikileaks itself denies any Russian involvement in leaks.
        I’m happy in my bubble smoking my peace pipe minding my own business arguing against militarism, imperialism and interventionism. Free speech, brother!

        1. Bill:

          Did America invade Russia? Did Russia invade Europe? Did Russia hold captive many Eastern European states after WWII. Did Russia threaten Europe during the Cold War. Do you not think there is a reason for NATO? Was it not Reagan who put the missiles in Europe to defend against Russian despite their threats? Russian may not be a threat to the United States but it is a threat to other free people. You apparently think America has no role to play in keeping the people who want to be free as they are. You must think that we have no obligation outside our borders. If North Korea invades South Korea, China invades Japan, Russia invades the Baltics, or the like that is none of our business.
          We never should have been involved in WWII in Europe. Germany never threatened the United States. It would have made no difference had Europe been conquered by the Nazis. They did not threaten us.
          We should not have our Navy keeping the seas open for every nation to travel freely on. Everyone should fend for themselves. We will have our carriers and cruisers patrol our coasts; if the Russians want to blockade the Suez canal so what it isn’t bothering America.
          How can you run and hide from the world? How can you tell free people we don’t care if bigger nations take away their freedom?

  7. Khalid, I re-read Bullock. It has no relativity to today’s USA. Coretta Scott King, when Reagan was elected, also wrongly feared the rise of Nazism.

  8. Wa-llahi! The question is, who controls Glorious Leader? Why, the dark-side, of course!

    The media is picking up on the Hitler parallels. Get yourself a copy of Bullock’s “Study in Tyranny.” You, too, can be a prophet of things to come.

    Are we getting Snowden back? Today’s Al Jazeera has a great article about that possibility. As Matt pointed out, he won’t be headed for the brig, too bad. The BOP, also, knows how to store him, but, unfortunately, I think he worked for the Russians all along, and, they probably won’t ship back one of their own.

  9. He continues to go on rants against the media outlets and their employees. As we use to hear in the gym, “Take out the mouthpiece, Paddy. You won the fight.”

    Its time to be presidential.

  10. The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.

    – Vincent van Gogh

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