Will Bernard Cardinal Law Go to Heaven?

Image result for cardinal law and billy bulgerIs Bernard Cardinal Law who just shed his earthly bonds in Heaven? I’m not sure you recall that when Cardinal Law arrived in Boston in March 1984 he was 53 years old. After arriving he : “After Boston there is only Heaven.”

Cardinal Law would be chased out of Boston after 18 years. He fled because of a steady stream of vitriol from the media and the prospect of facing endless days tied up in court or in depositions which have destroyed his ability to act in his  role as Archbishop of Boston. He ended up in Rome where he stayed until his death.

If you listen to Howie Carr and Alan Dershowitz you’d believe he had no chance of Heaven. The latter wrote on the flap of Carr’s book:  “Carr brilliantly shows how the real villains in this tale of mass murder and massive corruption are the “good” people who knowingly facilitated the bad brothers – the . . . Cardinal Laws, …”  Both men are noted character assassins and good buddies of the president working diligently to support him.

Carr also wrote about Cardinal Law,“The church knows plenty about walls – they built an impregnable one around Bernard Cardinal Law when he fled Boston one step ahead of a posse in the wake of the Archidiocesan rape epidemic.” 

When Cardinal Law left he acknowledged that many called for his resignation. He said this is “a clear signal that many feel my leadership efforts in this area [of handling priests accused of sexual abuse of minors] have been inadequate.” One Boston columnist just wrote: “Not merely inadequate, but illegal.”

This is typical of the Boston media. It has always overstated Cardinal Laws’ actions. There was nothing criminal or illegal in what he did. His fault was as an administrator and not as an actor.

When I think of what he did I can only think of the FBI and Mafia. Yes, the FBI. Understand that the Catholic Church was very much like the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover and also the Mafia. It was a male run organization. One man had supreme power over the others. Those under the boss who had command over others had one primary duty. It was, as the title of my book noted, “Don’t Embarrass the Family.”

Cardinal Law knew foremost among his duties was to save his family (the Catholic Church) from being embarrassed. Like Hoover, he handled scandalous things in-house. Like what we see today in the #metoo scandals of abuse of women as in the case of Bill O’Reilly and others the victims were secretly paid off. Part of the payment (settlement) required the victims to keep their mouths shut. “If you want the money you can never tell anyone about the abuse.”

In retrospect it is difficult to blame Cardinal Law  The damage from the scandal that priests were involved in abusing children and otherwise involved in sexual behavior would not be hard to imagine. Tradition was that it be covered-up. Cardinal Medeiros swore one victim to secrecy invoking the sanctity of the confessional. Cardinal Law just followed precedent. It was if he knew what would happened when the sluice gates opened. Look at Ireland how the Church lost most of its followers and its power. Look locally how there was a gleeful media gang up on the Church as if it somehow had a monopoly on pedophiles.

The most gleeful of all is the Boston Globe that takes credit for exposing the bad priests yet hides the identity of its own employees engaged in egregious sexual behavior. One of its columnist called Cardinal Law “one of the greatest enablers of sexual abuse in the history of the world.”  I’d suggest Law’s enablement of sexual abuse in the Boston pales in comparison to lawyer Dershowitz’s representation of Jeffrey Epstein who was convicted of sexual abuse but probably abused more young girls himself than all the priests ever did. Derahowitz allegedly sicced investigators on young girls scaring them away from testifying.

Law never committed sexual abuse. How much abuse he tolerated by inaction will never be known. Clearly the great majority of those who were abused suffered the abuse prior to Law becoming aware of the violation or violator. He relied on professionals to treat the offending priests. If anything he was betrayed by his priests and as much a victim as anyone else attempting to protect the Church from embarrassment. As noted, Law did not commit any crime. He clearly hid the abuse but it is hard to believe he knowingly allowed it to continue but in his naiveté believed what people told him that pedophiles could be cured and what his priests told him that they were repentant and would sin no more. It should also be noted that the abuse by priests was no greater than that of any other male group.

Many seem upset that Cardinal Law went off to Rome and was treated well by the Church. They wanted him to walk the streets of some third world country flagellating himself. Even had he done it they would have wanted more in their lust for revenge.

As for me, I always liked Cardinal Law and respected him. He was a good man who did many good deeds, charitable works, and preached tolerance, respect and understanding of others outside the Catholic Church and those within it from foreign lands. I’d guess he was the anti-Trump. And in my book, anyone like that is clearly going to go straight to Heaven.  May he rest in peace.



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  1. Will Lyndon Johnson go to heaven?

    Stay tuned…..

    LBJ killed his own sister


    After 50 years, the sad truth is revealed…
    Unknown to the general American public and never mentioned in history books is the fact that a Texas Grand Jury has officially indicted and found Lyndon Baines Johnson guilty as a co-conspirator (from his association with Malcolm Wallace, Billie Sol Estes and Edward Clark) in the following nine (9) murders:

    quick get your names and addresses on my mailing list and i’ll cc you when it’s ready to go . . . . maybe on Christmas Eve or Christmas morn . . .

    Seasons greetings . . .

  3. JPC God bless one and all
    I’m taking the liberty to post here part of the addendum I’m sending to the Gov of Florida . . . I previously posted Part 4, about Wyshak saying “John C. got too close to the Bulgers and South Boston.” So, here are parts 1 – 3 of the ADDENDUM: ( I call it ENDNOTES.)

    The following endnotes are intended to be appended to the attachments and Letter dated 12/16/17 sent to Florida Governor Rick Scott from William M. Connolly, re: Commutation for John J. Connolly, Jr. John and I are not relatives; but I’ve known him since about high school, although he was five years older than I; I first vividly remember seeing him occasionally at Boston College during my first few years there while he was some years ahead, having spent some time prior thereto in military service to Uncle Sam.

    (1) After the Miami jury returned with its verdict of guilty on just one count, the high disputable “Murder by Gun” count, the Honorable Judge Blake added more fuel to the contentious atmosphere by informing the parties that researched indicated (1) an essential element of that count had not been proven at trial, namely that John possessed a weapon or the weapon at the time of the shooting of Callahan by Martorano and (2) more starkly, that the five year Statute of Limitations had run out on that second degree count: Callahan was murdered in 1982; the count was added after the conclusion of testimony in 2008.
    What happened next, as I understand it, is that John’s lawyers, defense counsel, filed the Motion to Dismiss on the SOL defense about 10 days late, and failed to file a Motion to Dismiss on #1 failure to prove an essential element of the crime. Perhaps, they assumed the SOL Motion was dispositive and the case would end; no need for further filings.
    Judge Blake ruled because the SOL Motion was untimely filed, the conviction stood.
    Technically, the Judge is correct. Rules are rules. But do we sentence a man to 40 years because his defense counsel by a few days filed late one motion? No. Not, as the criminal law has been explained to me. Generally, failure to file a dispositive motion like the SOL defense would be considered INEFFECTIVE ASSISSTANCE OF COUNSEL, and ipso facto, a new trial ordered on that one count: Murder by Gun.I point this out only because I don’t know why that didn’t happen . . . I wasn’t there . . . I blame no one . . . .I just conclude at this point in time, those circumstances may give more weight to the present request to Commute John Connolly’s sentence.

    2. A second troubling thing about the Miami Trial is whether or not lead counsel Federal Prosecutor Fred Wyshak, deputized to act in State Court, fully disclosed all relevant and material evidence about his serial murdering witnesses to Connolly’s Miami Defense Counsel. Was Defense aware Flemmi for 8 years had said, at least twice under oath, that John was an honest man who never took a dime and would have arrested anyone, anyone of them if he suspected them of committing murder while they were informants? Was Flemmi’s record as a terrorist disclosed (bombing attorney Fitzgerald’s car; severing a leg)? Was his record of multiple perjuries/and or being accused of multiple perjuries by others, ex. Salemme, disclosed. (Salemme swore Flemmi perjured himself before a Grand Jury which indicted Salemme.)? Was Flemmi’s full criminal background disclosed including his molestation, child rape and murder as an adult of his common-law stepdaughter, a minor living with Flemmi and his girlfriend/spouse? Was Martorano’s deal with Wyshak’s Office fully disclosed: 12 years for 20 admitted murders, with time subtracted for time already served; $20,000 severance pay from the Feds for his “co-operation” and “testimony” when they set him free; aa agreement that he did not have to disclose any information about his brother James’s estimated 10 murders or other criminal activities; his allowance to keep money from books, movies, etc, an issue that subsequently became public and whose resolution remains a mystery to me; the fact that he lied and told inconsistent stories about the killing of retired professional boxer Tony Veranis (Boxrec.com 26 wins, 2 losses, 2 draws, as a pro; 50 plus wins as an amateur, even one over Walter Byars future Boxing Commissioner of Massachusetts) Tony was from Savin Hill, a personal family friend, a hero in our neighborhood, clean and sober in when Martorano snuck up on him and shot in the back of the head and then brutally beat his lifeless body according to the Coroner’s report, then dumping it ten miles away in Milton’s Blue Hills. And why did the coward John Martorano do this? Because Tony beat his brother and another guy at the same time in a fair fight, with his lightning fast and powerful fists. Because he beat two men in a fair fight, the coward Martorano killed him. And Martorano lied about that killing both in court (I intuit, having not read the transcript) and subsequently in a book Hitman which he helped Howie Carr to write. And I read his version there and heard him talk about it, too, on radio, as I recall, or heard Carr retelling Martorano’s lies. (See Character Assassins; Carr, Dershowitz, Mudd; Who Will Live in Infamy (Xlibris 2011).
    Was defense counsel told John Morris had leaked information intending informants be killed or that two weeks before John’s first trial in Boston John Morris was still withholding self-incriminating evidence from his attorneys, the prosecutors, as I understand it.
    There may be other issues of whether Prosecutors in Miami, especially Federal Prosecutor Wyshak and his team, deliberately or grossly negligently withheld relevant, material, exculpating, or his own witnesses’ self-impeaching evidence on key issues of credibility and consistency from John’s Miami defense counsel.

    3. The whole issue of Double Jeopardy, not just in theory when a fully fair trial on the same issues was held in Boston, but further on the fact that this is modern times, not horse and buggy times, and with mass media and instant communication any defects in one jurisdiction’s proceedings would be glaringly perceived by another’s. There were no defective procedures in Boston. Was the Miami Court and Miami state prosecutors fully informed that the Boston jury fully rejected every word of Martorano, believed just one story of Morris, just two of Weeks, believed an FBI agent when he said a long-retired John Connolly, a private citizen, “lied” when he denied exercising his fully legal constitutional right to call an attorney’s office, and believed Wyshak’s team themselves when they introduced an unsigned anonymous letter written by John Connolly on Boston Police Stationary and mailed to Judge Wolfe in a prior proceeding, in a clear exercise of his First Amendment, Free Speech rights like Thomas Paine, to write anonymously to any government official, but Wyshak’s team made a federal case out it. The point is did Wyshak make clear to the Miami prosecutors and the Miami court that the Boston jury not only acquitted John of all serious charges, but three of the charges he was “convicted of” were not-criminal (telling someone you heard an indictment is coming down is not a crime; writing a letter to a judge is not a crime; answering no to an immaterial irrelevant question about whether you exercised your constitutional rights and called some lawyer’s office is not a crime, or rather it SHOULD NOT BE A CRIME) and so did Wyshak tell the Court and Prosecutors in Miami that the Boston jury found John “guilty” of just one crime during his 22 courageous and distinquished career as an FBI agent: handing a case of wine with an envelope in it to his boss John Morris; Morris said the envelope containe$1,000; Morris testified John Connolly said nothing at the time, but two weeks later called him and asked him how he liked what was inside the box? That’s it! As I understand it. The second “crime” John was convicted of: Weeks testified John told him to tell Flemmi when Weeks was going to visit Flemmi in jail that Flemmi should continue saying or begin to say that John Connolly was an honest cop, and the reason Flemmi should do this was, Weeks testified, was that John’s “friend” the President of the University of Massachusetts from 1996-2003 and prior thereto the longest serving Senate President in Massachusetts (1978-1996) with 20 honorary degrees and an unblemished and unmatched record of public service, a Korean War era Veteran, married for 35 years by 1996 having raised 9 children, would help Flemmi get a better deal if Flemmi kept saying John Connolly was an honest cop. So, Flemmi got no better deals and then for 7-8 years from 1995-2003 repeatedly affirmed under oath that John Connolly was an honest FBI agent. When did he change his tune: Sometime after 2003, when threatened with the death penalty, Flemmi suddenly remembered and told Prosecutor Wyshak that John Connolly was always a bad cop, and then Flemmi had a moment of awakening and he remembered the exact words John spoke in 1982: “If Callahan talks, we’ll all be in trouble.” Yuh! And if you believe Weeks/Flemmi’s stories. . . . One Boston juror said repeatedly on radio/T.V. that if he thought John Connolly was going to be sentenced to one day in jail, he would have refused to convict on any count. He apparently thought John would get probation, not the 10 years Judge Wolfe sentenced him, too.

    4. Wyshak said, “Connolly got too close to the Bulgers and South Boston.” . . . i’VE POSTED #4 BEFORE

    My view, taught to me somewhere between the kitchen and front door, of my house, my grandparent’s or my cousins’ is this: NOTHING VENTURED, NOTHING GAINED.

  4. Beneath a mask of selfish tranquility nothing exists except bitterness and boredom. I am one of those whom suffering has made empty and frivolous: each night in my dreams I pull the scab off a wound; each day, vacuous and habit-ridden, I help it re-form.


    All of the words cracked open
    and I hatched out
    to the world I used to watch
    from the distance of my head:
    thunder-scrubbed rainbows,
    ploughed fields like rosy cocoa dust,
    and that voice, echoing behind me.


    Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.

  5. Hello Matthew, Great Blog, very thought provoking during this Christmas Season. Bill C, great response with that letter to the Gov. of Florida however it will probably fall on deaf ears as every other defense of John has in the past. In your piece to Matt it was heart warming to review with you all those South Boston Stalwarts that have been a source of pride to the Southie Community. In speaking with “251O’Call, he mentioned to me that he was hopeing that the “Irish Volunteers “ Band might have been mentioned. Merry Christmas, Matt, Bill C, 251 O’Call.,NC and all others. Slainte

  6. I do endorse Brian’s notion: If we had open Congressional hearings on all these matters, instead of criminalizing everything and everyone, we the American People would be better off in the long run.

    Again and until Jan 2, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah (belatedly) happy “tis the season . . .” seasons greetings and:
    May one and all, even the liberals, have a very happy, healthy, blessed New Year.

    A generous thoughtful man yesterday out of the blue handed me a little card of seasons greetings with a gift card to a nice restaurant enclosed . . . no reason . . . out of the blue . . .I was made very happy by his kindness and thoughtfulness . . . I was a little dumbfounded by the kindness, and said when handed the card alone, not knowing the gift card was inside, “Thank you very very much . . . I give you an A-plus for that ” It had my name on it, too. Bill. This man is just a guy, a few years younger, whom I see in work, pass by, say Hi, every week, nothing more, nothing less.

    Anyway, the reason I share the story is the cover of the card: A quote by the guy who wrote All Quiet on the Western Front:

    “And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.”

    Rainer Maria Rilke

    “Rainer” made me think of a fun, bright, beautiful dark haired young woman I used to date in my twenties in the D. C.-Maryland-Virginia area: Raina . . . . .Raina Sotszky

    1. ” Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act , just once , with beauty and courage . Perhaps everything that frightens us is in its deepest essence something helpless that wants our love . ” Rainer Maria Rilke

      ( Btw , I did not write All Quiet On The Western Front . For some reason its author’s name , Erich Maria Remarque , and mine , are married in this regard RMR )

      Ave Maria !

  7. De mortuis nil nisi bonum .

    Ask not for whom the bell tolls it tolls for thee .

    Merry Christmas !

    G-O-D does not require a Maître d’ Eternity .

    He was a decent man in an indecent world . RIP Bernard Cardinal Law .

  8. Never liked the late Cardinal Law, nonetheless I concur with Bill C’s analysis of the professional anti-Catholic lynch mob that hectored him into exile and for that cohort’s utter indifference to greater human frailty in other institutions, most especially in public education. The judgement of souls is God’s prerogative. Requiescat In Pace.

  9. Charlie Sullivan is a former Catholic priest married
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  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. A book called Cattle Kingdom explores the misconduct of the cattle barons in the late 19th century. They opposed the homesteader and small cattle rancher who were fencing in their property and thus depriving the barons of wide open access to the best grazing sites. They tried various schemes to drive them off the range. They even hired gun slingers to shoot up their properties. Several small ranchers and homesteaders were killed. After these assassinations the Cheyenne newspaper which was controlled by the barons would falsely claim that the victims were horse thieves or cattle rustlers. Even at that time the press was relentlessly false. 2. So Trump wears as a badge of honor that 60 newspapers endorsed Hillary and only one favored him. Remember 63 million voted for Trump. Dershowitz voted for his friend Hillary. No candidate is accountable for all his supporters.

  11. Comparing Law to Epstein is wrong. When it comes to slime balls, Epstein is on a level all by himself.

    Of course, people trust men of The Cloth. No one expects trust or compassion from billionaire perverts. Nor should anyone ever expect compassion, honesty or proper treatment while wading into the field of entertainment. It has always been obvious that that world is full of scum. Keep your head up and wear your helmet.

    But being mistreated by a man that you trust with your confession has to be horrible. I know victims of abuse of that nature and I can’t even begin to comfort them. It is beyond me.

    1. Law molested no one . . . .you’re right Abe, for a cleric to abuse, molest a minor is as low as it goes . . . but just above that is abuse by teachers, coaches, boy scout leaders, band leaders, Y members, music teachers, etc, etc, …. all those folks we entrust our children too. . . . it’s the most evil form of betrayal and bullying . . .I use to argue for the death penalty, but a criminal lawyer told me If you gave the death penalty for assaulting a minor, many more minors would be killed . . . it’s a field too gruesome to even contemplate . . .

      But, as I’ve posted before . . . I know three honorable men falsely accused . . . all three eventually vindicated, but imagine the Hell their wives and children went to as the globe or herald salaciously “covered” the allegations.


    Here’s my Christmas Present to all of you. It’s a preview. I’m like the LIttle Drummer Boy, i PLAY FOR FUN, FOR HIM, NOT CASH . . .and I try to play truly.
    Skip this lenghthy add on if you’re not interested in corrupt Federal Prosecutors like Wyshak, et al, and his lackeys, co-signs and green-lighters and consolers and co-conspirators like Dershowitz and Carr.

    THESE endnotes will be sent as a follow up attachment to:
    Letter sent 12/16/17 to Governor Rick Scott re: Commutation for John j. Connolly, Jr. by Bill C.

    From me or me and my shadow: Anna Bell Lee. We both prefer to remain anonymous on Matt’s blog. Of course what follows is not the final copy, but it’s the final draft . . . Concision will rule and the cutting floor will see half of it, perhaps, from 1,500 to 700 words. But I thought I’d share it first with Matt’s audience; still a draft, but a draft can be welcome sometimes, a cooling draft, like a breathe of fresh air; a welcome diversion, even; consider it a Christmas Present from Billy C., a.k.a. the Savin Hill Billy or “Doctor Quackenbush” or “The Kingfish” or “Bucko” as I was known in D.C. during the Vietnam War year’s because I’d say in imitation of my faithfully departed good friend and fellow foot soldier, “Bucko’s the name and love’s the game.

    I hope to have it mailed by Saturday; my Word program crashed yesterday; probably a virus sent from Harvard Yard or Kenmore Square or from the equally troubled and troublesome minds of folks like Professor Moriarity.

    P.S. I lighten up a bit here this Christmas weekend. The Addendum’s air will be dirge-like, deathly serious. .
    Dear Governor:

    This is an addendum to my letter of December 16, 2016.

    In December 2008, the Miami jury came back with John’s conviction on just one solitary count, “second degree ‘murder by gun.’” That count was added at the close of testimony and bitterly disputed in the courtroom; the trial judge honestly wrestled with the propriety of adding a count for which the statute of limitations likely had run. But then, someone slipped up and filed the SOL (and another defense) a tad too late. Anyway, the conviction came after acquittals on two counts: murder and conspiracy to commit murder charges.

    Thereupon, an NBC reporter asked the triumphantly strolling beaming Prosecutor Fred Wyshak where John Connolly had gone wrong.

    Wyshak quickly responded: “Connolly got too close to the Bulgers and South Boston.”

    Let’s examine that answer in two parts: I and II.

    PART I: Bulgers, plural, meaning both Whitey, the career criminal whom John Connolly masterfully had recruited as an informant for the FBI and used to help take down the entire New England Mafia, so says Joe Pistone (Donny Brasco). John got close enough into Whitey’s and Flemmi’s heads that he was able to take a big junk out of organized crime.
    The other Bulger Wyshak referred to is the Honorable William M. Bulger, Esq., the longest serving Senate President in Massachusetts history (1978-1996) and the President of the University of Massachusetts’s five campuses including its Medical School and Medical Center (1996-2003.)
    Wyshak’s spontaneous excited utterance revealed his true mind set. It spoke volumes. It was a Freudian slip of gargantuan proportions, as will be shown. Coming fresh on the heels of a victory in Miami in 2008— he and his team failed to get a conviction in Boston in 2002 on any “serious” charge ………, but now they had one, just one in Miami . . . flush with false pride and gloating, he could not contain his boastfulness and prideful glee; he thus spoke truthfully, howsoever inadvertently, subconsciously admitting with those ten words that a game was afoot, and spontaneously confessing his own complicity in that game, which seemed to be a true criminal enterprise to frame someone falsely and the prime mover of that game and enterprise, as quarterback of that game, so to speak, was FedWyshak..
    The game? The real target of Wyshak’s 10-years- long hunt, his decade long hunt, the real target of his persecution and prosecution of John Connolly spanning two states and two fora, federal and state, as zealous a hunt as moved Jarvert to pursue Jean Val Jean In Dicken’s A Tale of Two Cities, a hunt which stretched thin and some say flagrantly disregarded contemporary conceptualizations of double jeopardy jurisprudence , the real target was not John Connolly but Senate President and U.Mass President William M. Bulger. Please continue reading.
    To repeat Wyshak said, near the peak of his triumph, as he saw John convicted in Miami, where he, Wyshak, was the lead prosecuting attorney, where he brought five state cops to sit behind him in a Miami courtroom for weeks on end, throughout John’s trial, where he brought in chains his gang of serial murdering perjurious witnesses (1. Martorano, murdered 20 or more, whose every word the Boston jury had rejected; 2. Morris was believed once by the Boston jury; Morris who leaked informants’ names intending they be murdered. 3. Weeks helped murder 5: two of his stories or “confabulations”” or “misremembered events” were somehow believed by the Boston jury: in one of them John Connolly is committing no crime; in the other John’s allegedly telling Weeks to tell Flemmi to say or to continue saying John is an honest cop, and Flemmi, of course, dutifully does that for another six or seven or eight years and 4. Flemmi, the murderer of many, a butcher, a rapist, a molester, a terrorist, is dragged to Miami, too; he who for 8 years in prison in Boston had sworn John was an honest cop; that’s why Flemmi was not used in Boston, obviously. He would sing a different tune in Miami.
    Did Wyshak fully disclose to John Connolly’s attorneys in Miami all the dirt, mud, scum and sordid details, including the perjuries of these multiple, serial murderers the FEDs were bringing to Miami. Funny, I read little of it in the newspapers.
    These serial murderers, serial perjurers, Wyshak put on the stand in Miami and the jury rejected almost everything they said, except Flemmi’s first told “novel” tale that John said, “If Callahan talks we’ll all be in trouble.” Words to that effect, said in various iterations. The problem , as you know, is that Callahan knew nothing about John Connolly. Another problem: Flemmi told no one this 1982 “story” for for over 20 years until around 2003-2004 when he was facing the death penalty and he finally told that story to the man who elicited it from him and who apparently, or apparently not, believed it, at least that’s how I understand the sequence of events..
    It didn’t matter, Javert Wyshak was going to get his man . . .William Bulger . . . and get him by hook or crook, by using perjurers if need be, by doing everything in his power to persecute and squeeze John Connolly. Why? In part because, that’s what Professor Dershowitz expressly articulated in opinion pieces in the Press: John was “just a cop”; squeeze him to get Bill Bulger; Bill Bulger was the delusionally disturbed Dershowitz’s arch-enemy since 1988 and even more so since the debacle at the Governor’s Council in 1990, over te pd.

    PART II: Let’s briefly consider Part II of Wyshak’s excited spontaneous utterance at the great moment of his cause celebre.

    Where did John go wrong? “Connolly got too close to the Bulgers and South Boston” Fred the Fed said. Now how does a human being get too close to the town where he was born, raised, lived most of his life, the town of his family and many, many lifelong friends, the town he loved so well. How do you get “too close” Wyshak to a Town that gave 220 sons in WWII, including my uncle James P. Rogers, and 20 sons in the Korean War and 24 more sons in the Vietnam War and a Town that produced the likes of Army Captain David Connolly, a Boston College graduate, killed in the crash of his helicopter in Afghanistan, and the likes of Marine Captain James Ambrose, my first cousin, who served as a forward observer in Vietnam, and a town that produced his father Bill Ambrose who served overseas in the Great War to end all wars, World War I in the U.S. Army, or my many uncles, brothers, cousins and lifelong friends who served in every branch of Uncle Sam’s armed and health forces, honorably.
    And what about that Town’s police, fire, doctors, nurses, teachers, union workers, preachers, and politicians like John McCormick, Speaker of the House, and Congressman Joe Moakley, whose courthouse you worked in, and Mayor Ray Flynn an all-American athlete who’d become ambassador to the Vatican, and all the war heroes whose posts bear their name: Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Mickey Perkins and silver star recipient Paul Saunders, et al; and how about that first gold medal winner in modern times, the poor kid, whose Town helped fund his trip to Athens to compete, and wine top honors, James P. Connolly, and Richard Cardinal Cushing, and Father La Porte who Father Walsh who became the President of Boston College in 1958: all from South Boston.

    Wyshak said,Connolly got “too close” to all these wonderful folks and families from South Boston. Wyshak’s bigoted hateful narrow minded imperious holier-than-thou attitude is the same endemic in that Boston Federal Prosecutor’s Office; it’s the midset that drove Aaron Schwarz to suicide, and persecuted innocent probation officers and innocent motel owners and innocent police officers and innocent nurses . . . I could go on; I should. Lashes would not suffice for the enormity of abuses of lawful process, intimidation, pervasive use of multiple perjurers, cavalier use of them, I’d dare say. I’d dare to repeatedly aske: Was defense counsel in Miami fully informed of the many perjuries and inconsistent statements your witnesses made before you dragged them to Miami in chains? Were your state co-counsel fully informed of the viciously malicious murderous acts, perjuries and other malignant acts your witnesses had performed or were reasonably suspected of performing, like blowing up a lawyer’s vehicle in an early act of Terrorism in Boston?

    The game is up. You’ve been exposed, Wyshak; you and your complicit colleagues inside and outside the John J.Moakley Federal Courthouse on Fan Pier on South Boston’s waterfront. You and your ilk, Dershowitz and Carr!

    1. Bill C, your letter to Gov. Is certainly a step in the right direction . Let’s hope the
      Gov. Can even read more in between the lines to expose the injustices and illegal maneuvers of Whyshak. There is no question that Gov. Scott will definitely answer
      your letter. Hopefully that letter and others will open a door to somebody that can
      turn around this travesty of justice. Along with your endeavors let it be known that there are several other things going on by John and others to procure some kind of relief. Merry CHRISTmas to ALL

      1. 251 o’call . . . that is all we can hope for . . . one letter won’t do it . . . but independent letters from a number of different sources, different backgrounds, may eventually catch someone’s eye . . . someone with a simple sense of justice and humanity . . . someone with a little power who can change what should have been changed a long time ago
        I was talking with someone today, who said John C was tried in 2008, when did he get his final Appeals Court decision . . . I said 2015 . . . he couldn’t believe it . . . . almost 7 years to get a final decision there . . . . and still he’d have to get through Florida’s Supreme Court before he “exhausted his state court remedies” . . . he said to me, “What an abuse of process; 10 years before the State renders a final decision on what seems like a bogus conviction in the first place.” I hope someone down there picks up the ball soon . . . you know what the Good Lord taught us: Keep knocking on that door . . .

  13. Cardinal Law’s lawyer, William Rogers of Milton who taught at Suffolk Law, advised him to keep the matter quiet. Moreover, as all you finger pointers forget, it was the Psychiatrists who advised both Rogers and the Cardinal, and others inside and outside the church, that sexual molesters could be “treated” and returned to useful public service in the 1960s-1990s. He who denies that denies history. Even today men like Harvey Weinstein are seeking massage therapy psychiatrically modulated therapy.

    Moreover, 90% of the priests “accused” were adult homosexual men preying on post-pubertal adolescent teens or high school aged teens. They weren’t pedophiles. Pedophiles prey on pre-pubescent children . . . real children. They were homosexual priests abusing youngsters in their teens.

    Moreover, the incidence and prevalence of molesters in the Priesthood was less than that in the Boy Scouts, Teacher’s Union, YMCA’s, etc, etc.

    Finally, the Globe’s hysteria whipped out false accusations going back 40 or 50 years, impossible to refute or defend. Honorable men were smeared by one accuser 40 years ago. His career destroyed.

    Second finally, amid the witch hunt, 95% of Priests were never even accused of anything . . . name another organization that if so pilloried and excoriated publicly for so many years would do better, and I’d eat my hat.

    In other words, much of the “scandal” was motivated by the Boston Globe’s ancient anti-Catholic bigotry.

    And Matt is right to point out that two dirty bastards, mud slingers, Carr and Dershowitz delighted in the mud slinging and blood letting and exacerbated it.

    I’ll give you an area to research: Find out what percentage of men were convicted in any given year of pedophilia and/or sexual abuse of someone between the ages of 12 and 16 (the age of consent) and I’ll bet you a dollar to a dime, the number of priests in that group are vanishingly small. I know one falsely accused; I knew one, not in any of my parishes, rightfully accused, convicted and jailed. The latter got justice. The former got screwed by the mud slingers, rumor mongers, and cleric-haters.

    Even that recent widely broadcast show To Catch a Predator, never caught one priest, and perhaps one or two ministers and rabbis. The Clerics had the lowest record of abuse, although no doubt within all professions there are fallen men and women.

    The Boston Globe is a vile enterprise that wouldn’t dare point a finger at itself or its own industry in that regard or in any regard, for that matter. Holier than thou manipulators of facts and reason to suit whatever leftist soup du jour they’re slurping on any given day. Hippocrites!!! Hippocritical Bastards!

    Of course, too, remember there are a lot of good people who work at the Boston Globe, too. Mostly not in the editor’s offices or contributing opinion pieces.

    1. Bill
      No love for the Globe in these quarters but that “Witch Hunt” had real witches! The damage to the survivors is almost incomprehensible and as I tried to point out, the acts were crimes…the defense of psych repair does not carry the day…and the Church attorney filing, casting blame on the parents trusting the priests and therefore being partly responsible for the abuse, was what got me going early on in this horror, some six months prior to the Globe articles.
      Merry Christmas and wishing all better days ahead

      1. Bill, everytime a degenerate molests, rapes a child or young adolescent the damage in incalculable.
        The Boston Globe as is its wont went on a Jihad against the Catholic Church and found over the course of 60 years, some 2% had been ACCUSED of some type of sexual impropriety.
        Want factss: Do as I did: Research the issue: Take Massachusetts arrests for sexual offenses in any given year, then narrow it down to sexual offenses against persons under 16 (the age of consent) or narrow it down however you like, then find out what percent of the offenders are Priests, Rabbis, Ministers, then compare their numbers among convicted sex offenders with the numbers of convicted sex offenders in the general population and you’ll see that PROPORTIONALLY priests have lower incidences and prevalences of sexual assaults of the young than men in general . . . and some professions, education, YMCAs, Boy Scout Leaders, have far higher percentages.
        But ask the average American who reads the Globe and he thinks there’s an epidemic only in the priesthood.

        As I emphasized. The Church’s Chief Counsel, Milton Rogers, and other Church Lawyers advised keeping the matter quiet, and psychiatrists at the time not only agreed, but mistakenly counseled that they could treat the degenerates and return them to other parishes, etc. Cardinal Law is the only one people are outraged at . . . he was neither a lawyer nor a psychiatrist . . . he was following what were generally acceptable practices back then, . . . . but people today, like the Globe, with 20-20 hindsight say, “We would have immediately fired them and reported them.” Well, the Globe hasn’t done so yet to the perverts within its own walls.

        No one says the Lawyers and Psychiatrists will be going to Hell . . . only the Cardinal . . . why . . . . because of anti-Catholicism and because they’ve been conned by the Globe . . .

        Why aren’t all those Anglican, Baptist, and Jewish clerics going to hell . . . you can’t name one, and you probably are delusional enough to think there are none . . . it’s only the Catholics..

        I am sick and tired of the good Christian stone throwers, detractors and defamers . . . who all sign hymns on Sunday, while they pelt their neighbors with pejoratives the rest of the week . . . .

        1. Evening Bill
          Trying to answer some points you had raised. I have seen the studies and agree with your quantitative analysis. I believe you will also agree that we were all taught in our youth that if one child is hurt, every child is. And it was our sacramental church injuring those children. I felt it was incumbent on me to respond as I was in the process of raising three boys at that time! In short, abuse in OTHER institutions was happening but I was in a position to act to stop it from happening in the Church I loved. I had asked the hierarchy, its lawyers and counselors to be decent citizens and allow the courts to handle crimes. As for me, I have no part in sending anyone to hell as I spend my days hoping to avoid going there myself! Hoping we all avoid that fate.

  14. I’d be more interested in whether John Cardinal Wright ever got to Heaven.

    Perhaps also of note is that to my knowledge there were no order priests involved in the Boston scandals. They were all secular priests. Which may confirm the rumours heard about St John’s seminary over the years.

    And they mocked Richard Cardinal Cushing for his asperity!

    1. Sad to say there were other orders accused in the scandal. Sadder to say, an old family friend, Monsignor Matt Stapleton, pride of Southie known as the Iron Major, was in charge at the seminary when all this was unfolding..yikes! Like many others who tried to seek reform, we didn’t just stamp our feet but got activated at the parish level…My wife and I did the Child Abuse Protection presentations, Mary was a Lector and taught CCD and I, who I can guaranty am not a religious man, ended up on Parish Council. I had tried to point out in an earlier segment of the Irish show, that these were not close calls requiring a degree in Psychology..these were crimes ….that Matt will recall we had prosecuted in the 1970’s…

  15. Pray for mercy.
    At the height of the abuse crisis, the Irish RTE sent a crew to Boston. The situation in Dublin was as bad and they had hoped to show how we had responded here. They filmed my family and victims and others involved in the response…the ruined lives…a truly terrible time.
    This is the last segment of the RTE report:

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