Will Brady/Kraft Dispute Impact Super Bowl Chances

Brady-Bunch-new-england-patriots-32121646-500-502You won’t read about this in the mainstream media. The reason is access. Those who cover the team know it isn’t in their best interest to be on the wrong side of either Tom Brady or Bob Kraft. If that happens you get cut, not in the way that causes actual bleeding, in the way they used to do in high society which was to not invite you to anything, shun you by crossing the street or jumping in a doorway if they see you coming, putting out the word that anyone who associates with you is to be treated like you as a persona non grata, and basically ignoring your existence. A sports writer on the wrong side of Bob Kraft or Tom Brady might as well restrict his writing to things like the Iditarod sled dog race.

Not being caught up in the sports writers rat race and beyond the wide reach of the Kraft and Brady power I can bring this to the attention of those fans who want to see the Kraft- Brady team in the Super Bowl in the hope the dispute can be resolved and things return to normal.

You’ve heard the expression “A rose is a rose by any other name.” You may have noticed up until this point I have not mentioned the name Patriots. That is for good reason. That is what is behind the dispute.

A little history. The NFL has lately undergone several scandals. As you know the Commissioner Roger Goodell has caused specific studies to be undertaken by various groups both inside and outside the NFL to get a better perspective on what I’ll call the inside story. There has been a lot of publicity about the new rules of conduct he is proposing. Less has been said about the secret study of the attitude of players toward other teams in the league.

This study set up by the two psychologists who were involved in developing the CIA’s program that handled the terrorist suspects was designed to subtly give insight into how the players viewed the other teams without directly asking the question. The results of the test were quite stunning and surprised everyone in the Commissioner’s office as well as most of the owners.

If you know anything about the NFL then you must know most of the guys who play in that league are strong believers in America as well they should be because of the opportunity it has given them. Most have the same feelings toward America as Pat Tillman who left the NFL to join the Army. They consider themselves to be as patriotic as the next guy. What surprised people was not that the test results showed this but it showed there was a common belief among the men that when playing the Patriots they had mixed feelings. A large number unconsciously thought that it was in America’s interest that the Patriots win. This resulted in them not putting forth their best efforts is probably in part the reason for the great winning record that the Patriots have achieved since 9/11.

Goodell had a top secret meeting with the owner of the team Bob Kraft and coach Bill Belichick. He explained the findings to them. Both were upset at the suggestion the team was not as good as they thought it to be. Their disappointment turned to dismay when Goodell said in order to level off the playing field the name of the team would have to change after the season ended.

Belichick had no strong feelings about a new name. He was happy the NFL had found another reason for the team’s success other than the secret videotaping he had been doing. Goodell insisted the team get back to him as soon as possible with the new name since he wanted to run it past others.

On the way back to Foxboro Belichick suggested to Kraft they keep it quiet until after the season ended. Kraft agreed at first but thought Tom Brady could be told. Brady was known for his loyalty and being closed mouth. Belechick reluctantly went along with including him in the secret.

Kraft, Belichick and Brady sat down to discuss this. Kraft came up with the suggestion the team be called “The Kraftsmen” which gave him recognition and implied that it was a highly skilled team. Brady balked at that. He felt he should get the recognition since he is on the field every game. He suggested the team be named “the Brady Bunch.”

Despite Belichich trying to referee the dispute it just got hotter and hotter. Each man held fast to his position. Now it ends up neither man is speaking to the other.

It is rumored that Brady has said unless he gets his way he’s heading off to Costa Rica to join Giselle. Kraft is probably thinking that’s fine with him because he’s got another quarterback waiting in the wings. Belichick is at a loss what to do but fears the morale of the team will be undermined. You note that no one has even begun to consider the view of us fans.

In order to save the season we must step up. We must vote on the name we like better. If we vote our preference we can solve the dispute. Let your views be known so that we can win the Super Bowl this year.

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  1. This is the year!!! You’ll need to show up for the celebration. You can call them any name you want followed by “winner” of 2014 Super Bowl. Go Pats.
    Merry Christmas.
    Nice one Matt!

  2. Also, thoughts on judge garsh’s ruling about Odin Lloyd’s text to his sister letting her know in code he feared for his life because he was with Aaron Hernandez, maybe she’s ignorant to Ebonics or modern day code talk is

    1. Jim:

      I like to engage in a little satire when it comes to the sports scene in Boston which too many people take too seriously.

  3. Lol. Glad Bob didn’t want to call them the Klansmen. Putting late wife’s name on uniforms was an embarrassing self-indulgence. Have lived in NYC since 1980, but still hooked on all the local teams. Would like to see Boston back in the bame.

  4. Well, I’ll grant you this: this has about as much truth to it as your silly posts about how the trade of an aging lineman with eroding skills had destroyed the Patriots season…I get it now..that was a joke too, right??!!

        1. GOK:

          It’s all right to be obsessed as long as you recognize it. Too many people take it too seriously so I have a little fun with it on occasion. When I used to do wiretaps I was amazed that people would place bets of ten dimes (10,000) on a game and that was 25 years ago. That’s serious business in my book.

          I’ve always been amazed how it has universal appeal from the dumbest to the brightest among us and the opinion of one is as good as that of the other. Merry Christmas.

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