Will The New Suffolk DA Rachel Rollins Terrorize Boston?

If you read the Boston Herald headlines you’d perhaps think that the new Boston DA was the reincarnation of the mythical Whitey Bulger who allegedly terrorized Boston even though almost all of its citizens never heard of him until long after he fled the city. Those headlines were:  “National police group knocks incoming DA Rachael Rollins Organization: Policies will create ‘clear and immediate danger’

The Police Group operating out of Indiana called the National Police Association wrote to the Massachusetts Bar Association. In its complaint it used language such as: “reckless disregard for the laws” and ““risk and danger to law-abiding citizens.” Additionally it continued: “By Rollins disregarding her present and future obligations as an attorney, the greatest suffering to be endured is by the men and women in law enforcement that will be faced with an impossible decision – ignore the oath they took due to an attorney-politician’s unwillingness to adhere to the same standards as each of them have sworn to follow, or jeopardize their own professional and personal livelihoods by adhering to Rollins’ policies.”

That is a bunch of gobbledegook that may sound good in  Indiana but won’t play well in Massachusetts. It shows the group’s total ignorance of the role of a district attorney. Unfortunately it is a common police view and misunderstanding of the separate roles played by police and prosecutors in our society.

I’m not sure what this group expects the bar association to do but even if it took its complaint seriously it has no power over her. She’d still be district attorney even if it disbarred her which is as likely as this National Police Association giving her its “Law Enforcement Person of the Year Award.

Rollins, when told of the complaint and asked about it said: “Big, bold change” will be coming over the coming days. Obviously she gave the complaint little regard.

Rollins has suggested she is going to drastically change the way minor crimes are being handled by her office. She set out a list of them. Nothing she is going to do will interfere with the ability of police to perform their duty or cause them to violate any oath they may take. It is just after they do their job she will do her job which she should be doing. Unlike what the police association claimed, that is her “present and future obligations as an attorney.” 

I spent over twenty years as a prosecutor during most of which I ran the operation of a DA’s office under the DA. Rollins is doing two things that I have believed necessary to make our system of justice operate better and more efficiently. First, we have too many acts that have been criminalized which should be civil offenses. She has recognized that. She will not prosecuted most of those that do not threatened the well-being of the community; rather, she will impose civil penalties. That is as it should be.

Second, she is acting as the common law intended a district attorney to act. She is exercising her power to decide what crimes should be prosecuted and what crimes won’t be.

She has the power of nolle prosequi, sometimes called nol pros. It is not the police who decide whether a case should be prosecuted, it is the district attorney.

When I had that power many times I used it to see justice was done. Most DAs are afraid of using it. It is a powerful tool. One example was when a judge ordered a complaint to issue against a police officer. I thought that wrong. I nol prossed the case.

The judge was livid. He thought he could decide who would be prosecuted. He was greatly upset when he learned he was unable to do anything about my action  

Rollins has the ability to make major changes for the good by changing the way things are done. At this point we should wish her well and hope she uses her power wisely.


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  1. Seriously Edgar :

    Mise-en-Scene .

    That’s How We Roll .

    Think : The Phantom of the Operation

  2. Now ….. take your party hat off. Put away your New Year’s Eve sparklers and that red white and blue kazoo you call your spirit animal .

    RELAX !!!!

  3. Freeh:

    We’ll handle the Mise en Scene

    Or, The Mess on Scene , as I like to call it .

    This will all seem like a dream .

  4. Freeh :

    All Black budget $$$

    My security bill must be fucking enormous by now

    Alien … Not White Supremacist

  5. I checked the link for gary caradori
    in my previous post.
    it would not open
    Here is some material from his wikispooks page

    Gary Caradori

    Gary Caradori

    (Franklin child prostitution ring/Premature death, investigator)
    Gary Caradori.jpg
    Born 15 April 1949
    Died 11 July 1990 (Age 41)
    Cause of death
    Plane crash
    Spouse Sandi Caradori
    Victim of assassination
    Interests Franklin child prostitution ring
    An investigator into the Franklin Prostitution Ring, killed with his son in a plane crash.
    Gary Caradori was an independent researcher hired to investigate the Franklin child prostitution ring. As former Law Enforcement, a trained investigator and interviewer he had sufficient credibility to be employed by the Nebraska legislature.[1] He interviewed a number of victims and obtained such damning evidence that on 10 July 1990 – foreshadowing a boast made two decades later by Sunny Sheu – Caradori called his boss, Nebraska State Senator Loran Schmit, to inform him that they now had the subjects of their investigation “by the short hairs.”[2] The next morning however, he died in a small plane crash. His other personal effects were recovered, but the briefcase of evidence was lost.[2] Research into details of the attack is ongoing as of 2018 through means such as FOIA requests.[3]


    1 Franklin child prostitution ring‎
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    Franklin child prostitution ring‎

    Full article: Franklin child prostitution ring
    In November and December 1989, Caradori interviewed Alisha Owen, Troy Boner, and Danny King (no relation to Larry King), all in their early 20s. Owen was serving time in the Nebraska Center for Women at York for writing bad checks, while Boner and Danny King were living in the Omaha area. Caradori recorded their sworn testimony on over 20 hours of videotape, where they described being flown around the country as child prostitutes, involved in sadistic orgies as part of the Franklin child prostitution ring. Larry King, they said, had organized it all.[4]

    Fatal plane crash

    Caridori bloke up in flight.jpg
    Gary Caradori was killed on 11 July 1990, between 2:40 a.m. and 2:57 a.m. four miles south of Ashton in north-central Illinois, about 100 miles west of Chicago, according to the sheriff’s office.[5] John DeCamp wrote in his book, The Franklin Cover-Up that “A farmer reported he saw a flash of light, heard an explosion, and saw the plane plunge to the ground. The eyewitness account of the flash of light and the explosion was on the early edition of television news in Nebraska, but was pulled from

  6. We brought attorney John DeCamp to speak
    about his book The Franklin Coverup.
    DeCamp was a Lieutenant serving in Viet Nam
    where he was mentored by future CIA Director
    William Colby.
    DeCamp ran for the Nebraska State Senate in
    Nam as a Republican and was elected.
    The state prosecutor and his son were assassinated by
    the FBI when his investigation confirmed DeCamp’s
    suspicions of FBI involvement in a national pedophile ring.
    CIA Director was later assassinated after helping DeCamp



    in other white supremacist from Southie newes

    Charlottesville Police Department seeing a ‘mass exodus’

    Brackney said the department, which has 128 officers, is conducting exit interviews with all departees and four issues are the leading causes — salary, a lack of take-home cars, the climate in the city since Aug. 12 and attitudes of members of the initial Police Civilian Review Board.

    from Savin Hill


    Smyrna cop demoted after racial profiling incident
    Lindsey Nance
    Updated 9 hrs ago | Posted on Dec 28, 2018

  7. Harvey Weinstein is the reincarnation of Movie mogul Harry Cohn . Cohn was so torqued off about Sammy Davis Jr. shtupping Kim Novak that he dispatched Sam Trafficante Jr. bosom, to whisper in Sammy’s ear that if he did not want to lose his other eye ( Sammy had a glass one ) he should stop shtupping Kim Novak . Cohn was also publicly reviled on Carson by Tony Curtis years later for being ringmaster in the sexual circus that was Marilyn Monroe’s march to the Big Top .

    Charging is simple . Charging is a political tool in high profile cases like Weinstein’s . When he was a happy Democratic Party mover and shaker Harvey was so elevated that Meryl Streep compared him to GOD from the Academy Award stage as she held her Weinstein movie Oscar .

    Harvey is a garden variety Hollywood perv producer . He is the bloated sacrificial pig being offered by the Democrats on their Altar of the Damned Fool fucking got caught .

    Methinks that many who rail against the fat bastard are at Level 3 hypocrisy.

    For a fact

    Happy New Year !!!

  8. George Soros money funneled through ACLU PACs and a wave of “Criminal Justice Reform” have elected liberal DAs in Philadelphia and Cook County also. Liberalization historically has produced more crime. We’ll see if human nature has changed.

    1. “We’ll see if human nature has changed.”

      Don’t hold your breath.

      “He may make Boston a sanctuary City for the Police.”

      NC. That’s just too good.

      1. Abe :

        Agreed. Did not escape notice . He is a Wry one !!!

        That idea is a hypnotic intensifier .

        For taking a ha’pennorth of sage and twisting it with green moss and oak bark he did toss it into the sky and let the Heaven work its Spell .

  9. Happy New Year! We’ll have to wait and see on Rachel Rollins, though it is hard to believe she’ll be worse that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., who has proved to be a real disaster. Recently, there was video of a cop in a subway station using his nightstick to fend off five homeless men. Vance let all of these characters go free! Even Mayor Bill De Blasio joined the outcry that followed. Vance was forced to reverse course and arrest the guys who surrounded and menaced the officer.

    As previously reported in another thread, Vance went to bat for billionaire sex fiend Jeffrey Epstein by attempting (unsuccessfully) to have him reduced from a level 3 sex offender (for the most serious cases) to level 1 (for the least serious cases.)

    Also keep your eye on sex maniac Harvey Weinstein. Vance did absolutely nothing about Weinstein until the public clamor grew so loud that he was forced to arrest the movie mogul. It looks to me like the case against Weinstein has been badly mismanaged, with at least one instance of serious police misconduct. I would hate to see the case against Weinstein collapse, because the guy is very clearly a serious sex offender. (Yes folks, I’m talking level 3.)

    Will the bungling Vance blow the Weinstein case? Stay tuned. In the meantime, don’t get too worked up about Rachel Rollins. Things could be worse, believe me.

    1. Danny Boy :.

      A crisp report !!!

      You may have to pick up the slack for the Savin Hill Billy .

      Let your freak flag fly .

  10. Our esteemed Persecutor seems to suggest any usual arrests would be made . They would simply go Civil once relegated to her Office .

    Mayor Marty is not quite ready to sacrifice the Downtown to ANTIFA at the next mass Boston Common rally; But it’s still early days . The White House has been taken by lesser mortals figures our Irish Ché Begorrah !!!

    He is quite the bully boy .

    Bully for him .

    Politics ain’t beanbag .

  11. Are the merchants going to stand for shoplifters and trespassers? What if 100 homeless decide to sleep in the D A’s office or camp out at the State House? Will the Police respond to her call to remove the transgressors or will they be indifferent? What if some homeless decide to sleep in the SJC’s offices? The Mayor may take the position that if the Police aren’t backed up by the D A and Courts he’ll institute a policy to protect Law Enforcement. He may make Boston a sanctuary City for the Police. It may be interesting or it may not.

  12. The White Guys you know are sometimes better than the Zeitgeist you don’t know .

    For the hyper-literal and the hyper-liberal this is anathema ; how can you bring race into it .

    Rachael is neither.

    Some will ride that friggin’ Zeitgeist like the Roller Coaster at Political Paragon Park . Until the splintered wooden seat slats of that ride bite them in the ass .

    She knows what is going on . She seems to be on her own ride . She is approachable. She knows she can consolidate power … All over the joint … If the boys like her . As well as the girls .

    And We Do .

  13. Nice picture of the Rachael Rollins

    She will engage

    She is different

    She is ambitious

    She is up for seizing the Zeitgeist and giving it a good leaving alone .

    So to say

    Brawny Brainy Female Beauties in …. Black is Beautiful .. Booties …

    She is a political nightmare for Marty in the future . She wants to be Mayor .

    Where the hell will we push him up to so that happens without our Irish Ché suffering the same forlorn abandonment in political exile as his Hero .

    See : Harvey Weinstein , as Comedian Joey Diaz pointed out recently , is not going to show up in Manhattan for the big show with white superstar defense counsel Benjamin Brampf . Basically Brampf cannot question the plaintiff females at all as female Counsel can . And we all know it . As Diaz suggests , he will undoubtedly show up with two female defense attorneys, preferably Black and/or Asian , and it will be … Game On .

    This is the Cultural Conversation that Rollins , in that Amalgam of wit , race, gender , personality and charm that is Rachael Rollins is simply and seamlessly more adept at than other less … Demographically Anointed politicians.

    Even overachievers like Marty . Though Marty … IS … going to become a Black politician if he keeps working hard enough at it . And he will .

    She is … Formidablé ..as the French say .

    And dabbling in Rachael’s paintbox is sure to be a lotta Fun !!!!

    Which never hurt .

  14. “Big, bold change” – This comment is disturbing in that it reminds one of Obama’s pledge to effect a fundamental transformation of the USA.

    I mean, really, how much change should we expect, and how much of that will be any good? Did Dan Conley do such a bad job in his tenure as DA?

  15. Looks as though we may not see mopery charged anymore.

    Fifteen crimes Rachael Rollins wouldn’t pursue as DA

    “Instead of prosecuting, these cases should be (1) outright dismissed prior to arraignment or (2) where appropriate, diverted and treated as a civil infraction for which community service is satisfactory, restitution is satisfactory or engagement with appropriate community-based no-cost programming, job training or schooling is satisfactory. In the exceptional circumstances where prosecution of one of these charges is warranted, the line DA must first seek permission from his or her supervisor.”


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