Wishing Upon A Star For A Deep State.

I suppose it doesn’t bother the Trump people that he has meetings with Vladimir Putin and wants no witnesses to them other than the people that Putin brings to the meetings. Not only doesn’t he want American witnesses he won’t brief the American officials on what he discusses with the leader of Russia. Everyone who has been involved with previous presidents suggest this is highly inappropriate and somewhat chilling that we have to get our news about what Trump is doing from the Russians.

I suppose you would not be bothered because his statement at Helsinki backing what Putin said over his American intelligence officials didn’t bother you. You were not even bothered by the comment he made the other day when he tells our intelligence people to go back to school since he knows better than they do about Iran, North Korea and Russia.

I know, he’s protecting you against the Deep State so you have to support him no matter what. And, for some of you, God had willed that he be president of the United States as Sarah Sanders Trump’s press secretary said. She’s part of the Evangelical movement where that belief is often expressed. The believe America is God’s chosen country and that He watches over it. They don’t explain where He was when Obama got elected.

By the way since I had no idea what the Deep State is I found this definition to enlighten me:  “an anti-democratic cabal of rogue bureaucrats believed by some to work within the machinery of government undermining the policies of elected officials to serve their own ends, drawing on allies within the intelligence community, the military, industry and the media.”

An article noted it was: “Previously a phrase primarily associated with the alt-right and “full moon” conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones – who worries the deep state will one day assassinate President Trump – the notion has migrated to the mainstream since the advent of the Trump presidency” .

Which I guess means that the Deep State came into existence with the election of Trump and it did not exist previously in the United States. For those who believe in it and agree that the definition about is correct, I’m wondering a couple of things. What do they believe are the ends the Deep State is looking to achieve? Where was the Deep State before Trump?

I always thought the idea of a Deep State was nonsense and it surprised me when grown seemingly educated people started spouting it. Then today I got thinking: “Wouldn’t it be good if there were a Deep State to protect us against presidents who might have reasons to betray our country.” Obviously as we’ve come to see Congress is not up to the task. You know, if the Deep State knew a president was meeting secretly with adversaries and making deals and not telling other Americans about what was said and done it could thwart that traitor’s plans. The Deep State’s ends would be protecting America from adverse foreign influence designed to hurt America and help its foes.

Unfortunately, no matter how much I wish it, I know that no Deep State came into existence upon the election of Trump. If there was such a thing it would not have first sprung up after 220 years. But one can always wish for something, anything, even a Deep State to protect his country from being undermined by a person who doesn’t read, gets his information from an adversary, and from a television entertainment show and who believes the enemy over loyal Americans.

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  1. Deep state? I have to think about it. It seem on hasty reflection we might all, at times, and, unconsciously, be tiny parts of the machinery of the deep state. Out to the barn to dig up some Foucault. Back later.

  2. Wa-llahi! I hope all you folks have all seen “The Death of Stalin” on Showtime. The film is an amusing, and, enlightening spoof on Glorious Leader and the Trumpsovki.

  3. Google Defense Clandestine Service. Welcome to the DS. They are specifically chartered to do what no one else can.

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