You Won’t Believe To What Time Period the Republicans Want to Return America!

A Present Day Republican

The Dodo Birds I believe must be the new symbol of the Republican Party because it will eventually become extinct. It knows that. We see it in the idea of making America great again which suggest that if you elect a Republican to the nation’s highest office he will take us back to those days when we were great. The pitch is so clear that it tells us the future is something we should fear while the past will offer us the comfort of a mother’s embrace. The Republicans offer the people nothing to look forward to.

The idea of going backwards is mainly Trump’s idea where he leaves open the time when he believes we were great. It is not a call to all Americans because many believe there was little greatness in the past for them. But it is a call to White Americans who were in the ascendancy in the past.

How far do these Whites dream of  going to? Is it to the  antebellum years just before the Civil Was which were so enjoyed by Scarlet O’Hara; or is it to the days right after the end of Reconstruction when the Southern Whites regained power and cleverly struck most Blacks from the voters roles; or to the 1920s when the KKK regained its strength and the Jim Crow laws prevailed in much of the South and many Black folk were denied their right to vote and be treated equally with Whites in public accommodations; or to the days in the early  1960s when Blacks could be denied the right to sit anywhere they wanted in a bus, public transportation or movie theater, or eat at the counter of a city restaurant or drink from the same public water fountain as Whites, or attend school with White students and those who dared to exercise normal human rights were set upon by White police with their attack dogs and billy clubs? Take your choice but it was going backwards. Those in the Republican Party strongly embraced the idea of going  backwards.

Sadly for them, the rest of America, which is in the majority, wants to move forward toward forming a more perfect union where Blacks are treated equally with White as are Asians, Latinos, Native Americans, and  every other citizen. Who ever got ahead by going backwards?

The only Republican remedy to this ever increasing diverse America and its eventual destruction is initially through delay. It now is desperately trying to limit the votes mainly to Whites by making it difficult for the  other groups to vote. This may work for a time but it is only a temporary solution. Eventually it will be impossible to deny the ever increasing others of their rights to move the country forward.

Knowing their work depriving  citizens of their right to vote as they are now doing is only a temporary patch upon the ever increasing rejection of the idea of going back, the Republicans have one last card to play. Dreading the idea that the electorate will soon push them into irrelevance and extinction, they hope to pull out their ace which is to do away with the will of the people. Their plans to do this were thwarted with Trump’s defeat. But as previously explained the majority of them do not accept that. Rather, like Trump himself, who all but said why have an election when I will win no matter what the vote, they hope to do away with all pretenses of democracy.

We could never have anticipated how far these Republicans would take us back to the days when America was great. No its not quite to the time of the Dodo bird. They want us to go back prior to the Revolutionary War when the king ruled America. They almost succeeded once in pushing us there.  They’ll try again. After all, what choice do they have.

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  1. It is funny. Sometimes I just scribble: streams of consciousness.

    I see that the libs are the greatest threat to America: the leftists, the Dems, the autocrats like Biden, the socialists, the historical revisionists, the Big Gov Tax and Spenders, the globalist interventionists, the “hate speech” haters who hate free speech, the reverse racists who hate those of European descent, and libs who put all Republicans in one basket and spite them.

    Of course, I recognize that broad brushing and stereotyping and calumnies do nothing but divide. But I sometimes serve a taste to libs of their own poisonous rhetoric. You know let’s keep throwing mud-balls, spit-balls at each other so we can really advance understanding.

    You know the “race-baiters” mostly just hate those of European descent, Greeks, Irish, Italians, Jews, Germans, English, French, Scandinavians, Baltics, Balkans, Slavs, who have contributed immeasurably to America. The “race-baiting” haters only want to paint darkly America’s history, Western Civilizations’ progress.

    Many liberal race baiters are self-haters and can’t extricate themselves from the past, as if no Civil Rights Laws were enacted (prohibiting voter discrimination) or as if Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) had not been overturned by Brown v. Board of Education (1956). Of course, the hateful leftists keep lashing themselves for the historic wrongs of others and keep lashing other contemporaries who are innocent, because it makes hateful leftists feel morally superior to throw mud at those who reason differently.

    Typical leftists tolerate everything but opposing views. “Tar and feather” those conservatives, the leftists want and say today, explicitly or implicitly: Silence conservatives, shun them, burn them at the stake.. Some Academics want more “hate speech” laws to ban expressions that “offend.” Didn’t Oliver Wendell Holmes say, “all ideas offend”, so, “let us have a free trade in ideas”?

    Oh, I used to enjoy the days when Bill Buckley, on the right, and Alan Dershowitz, on the left, debated, without invectives.

    Liberals use the old invectives “racist” and apply them routinely to all who think differently.

    Who really lives in the past? Who today is engendering hatreds? Who are the real bigots, biased, today?

    I have learned more from the speeches and writings of Bill Buckley, MLK, Thomas Sowell, Ronald Reagan, et cetera, than the writings of today’s “race baiters” or from Biden’s speech writers who falsely scream “racist” “Jim Crow on steroids”, “sick, sick” against Georgia’s rational election laws applied equally to all.

    2. Some Jim Crow laws enacted by Democrats prohibited all blacks from participating in Democratic primaries. The Democrats called their primaries “a club”, a private club. That’s a Jim Crow law. Today’s liberals club all who disagree with them. All laws the liberals don’t like are “Jim Crow” laws, “racist”, “sexist”, “offensive.” Oppose aspects of an 800-page, trillion-dollar Dems’ bill, you must be a “racist.”

    The liberals’ new orthodoxy is this: Whites are bad, except whites who agree that Whites are bad; the worst Whites are those who think they are not bad. “Whites” are persons of European descent, whose ancestors were mostly bad. Right, liberals? Did they mostly oppress or free?

    1. Bill
      We are just walking each other home.

      Remember Bill….
      We are watching you.

      1. Msfreeh: True: Remember the leftist FEDs and their Corporate Allies, the InternetSwampeySwamis, are watching We the People who are politically incorrect (mostly conservatives, even some liberals). Did not James Clapper perjuriously falsely denied to Congress that FEDs are collecting mega data?

        The FEDs are collecting mega data on millions of us. Leftist FEDs and Corporate Leftists are scrutinizing our posts, twitters, writings. Orwellian Big Brothers in Gov and in on-line Corporate Corps oversee, intimidate, censor, stigmatize, punish (denial of internet access), rub out the errancies of those who dare to express “offensive” views.

        Academia, too, is infested with this Newspeak, this intolerance of opposing views.


        From Robby Soave, a Pittsburgh student whose observations are published, wrote recently:

        “A quick coda to this story. I found UVA’s filing. The university argued, quote, “Offensive student speech does not enjoy First Amendment protection.” Soave posted previously: “Craziest campus story I’ve seen in a long time. A (medical) student asked a dean a question about microaggressions-he was mildly skeptical of the concept. He was branded an “aggressive threat” and banned from campus.” There’s more: UVA demanded the student, who simply asked questions, undergo psychiatric evaluation and treatment (re-oriented to correct thinking.)

        The student is now in Federal Court claiming UVA abridged his Free Speech Freedoms. The Judge has denied UVA’s motions to dismiss. Ongoing goes the brave who “fight for freedom on the bloodless battlefields of fearless expression.”

        1. Bill
          About 11 years ago I went down to Washington DC
          to videotape a protest at the White House on December
          16 2010.
          I went down to videotape Maine artist Robert Shetterly
          getting arrested alongside many of the people he
          painted in his series Americans Who Tell the Truth.
          Some of these people arrested that day with him included
          Daniel Ellsberg, Chris Hedges, Jennifer Flowers MD,Ray
          McGovern and Medea Benjamin.

          I also videotaped my friend viet nam vet and
          blues musician Watermelon
          Slim getting arrested after chaining himself to the light

          Joe Biden is part of the Deep State just like Trump,Hilary
          and Obama are.

          In other news…

          Published on
          Friday, April 09, 2021
          byCommon Dreams
          Congress Urged to Reject Biden’s ‘Unconscionable’ $715 Billion Pentagon Budget
          “Throwing money at the Pentagon does not keep us safe from modern day threats.”

          Ellsberg Conference

          UMass Amherst to Host Online Conference on ‘Truth, Dissent, and the Legacy of Daniel Ellsberg’ to Commemorate 50th Anniversary Release of Pentagon Papers
          Many high-profile figures to participate on April 30 and May 1; Ellsberg will have historic conversation with Edward Snowden; five-part podcast also launched
          April 6, 2021
          Contact: Ed Blaguszewski 413-695-4522

          Friday, April 30, and Saturday, May 1, 2021
          Free. Online. Open to All.
          “Wouldn’t you go to prison to help stop this war?”
          — Daniel Ellsberg

    2. Bill, where was that wide brush when you were COO of WestCon? You could have tripled your revenue.

      1. Hutch, We’ve read the leading wide-brushers on this site, and WestConn has painted the houses of some leftist wide-brushers, back then, in the early 1980s, but we never discriminated against anyone for their views. . . .only corrected them, or at least, outspokenly differed.
        WestCon employed and welcomed all hard workers, irrespective of their notions.

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