Your In Good Hands With The Trump Team: What A Joke!!

Breathe a big sigh of relief. Trump has brought together the most expert group in America he could find, the best and the brightest, to sit on the Council to Re-Open America. They will have the input to pass on to Trump who will decide when to re-open America to expose Americans to coronavirus when back at work.

From all the people in America he could have chosen, especially the scientific, medical and economic communities he has come up with people with no expertise in those critical areas. In other words he picked seven people who will echo what he wants to do and give no feed back to him. It’s like picking a seven-person council and naming yourself to all the positions.

I know we will be fed the nonsense that they will consult with various experts here and there but don’t you think it would be nice to cut out the middlemen with no experience and go with the experts in the first place. Why is it so difficult for Trump to find people who might have an independent opinion?

The Council is composed of six white men and the president’s daughter. Hardly is it a representation of America or put together to reach out to all of America. No blacks or Hispanics but only Trump white folk.

The most laughable part of this is there will be the usual Trump folk telling us what a genius decision this turned out to be. They’ll probably tell us everyone else he could have chosen belongs to the Deep State so the only people left in America who he could rely on were these seven.

So who are these folk. Trump’s daughter Ivanka whose claim to fame seems to be her ability to get patents in China that no one else could get  since Trump became president. Or as one magazine put it that she has had: “a failed clothing line, . . . an inability to obtain a top security clearance without President Daddy  demanding it, and a grasp of the current situation so strong that she thinks quarantined parents have time to take up new instruments and brush up on Greek and Roman mythology.”

The there’s son-in-law Jared of Middle East fame who proposed a peace deal between the Israelis and Palestinians which was laughed at throughout the world. Add to that his twenty odd attempts to file a financial disclosure form, his inability to get a top-secret clearance, overpaying for an aging skyscraper that the Arabs bailed him out on, being a well know slum lord, and covering up with his friend Mohammed Bin Salman the murder of Jamal Khashogi. Clearly he is qualified for the position.

The we have Mark Meadows who advertised himself as having received a a bachelor of arts from the University of South Florida in Tampa. Well, it turned out that really never happened. He got an associate degree. What’s the big deal? It’s only a letter difference. One’s a BA and the other is a AA.

Then there’s Larry Kudlow, the twice divorced 72 year older;  Steve Mnuchin, the twice divorced 57-year older with a net worth of 300 million,  Robert LIghthizer , 72 who has two children but no known wife and whosenet worth was valued at around $18 Million before becoming the Trade Representative. But now it is worth around $46.1 Million after being involved with the government.”  I didn’t know government work paid so well. Finally Wilbur Ross, 82 years old net worth 600 million.

There may be others but these are the main parties that we know about at this time. Trump being a man of his word said when he announced he was going to have this group said: ““We’re going to have the great business leaders, great doctors. We’re going to have a great group of people, . . . ” Did anyone see them?


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  1. We were talking about scapegoats a short time ago. Let’s see. Why don’t we deflect a little criticism and blame the world’s largest health organization and cut funding to it as the worst plague in over 100 years sweeps people into their graves all over the globe.

    The planet’s inhabitants are dying at a record pace and Bonespurs is more worried about his fucking image than those that are suffering. Maybe when he was a kid he was pen pals with Slobodan Milosovich?

    1. Milosovich was also unfairly maligned. Read my chapters on Clinton’s invasion of the Balkans in Shots Heard Round the World, Americans Answer the Call to Arms, volume II. In Kosovo, the people started fleeing after the U.S. began bombing. The KLA was a terrorist organization and Madeline Albright supported it.

      Any idea how many people died during World War II? That was a record pace. World War I, a record pace. compounded by the Spanish flu: record paces.

      what’s happening today, pales in comparison.

      1. The one people most ethnically cleansed during those Balkan Wars, were the Serbians, especially the Serbs in Croatia, but also the Serbs from Kosovo. All the details are in my chapter: Blackout in the Balkans.

      2. “Milosovich was also unfairly maligned.”

        Bill, I don’t say this to too many people, but you are an uninformed idiot. I know people that lived through the entire affair on all sides of that horror show. Serbs, Croatians and the rest. That is one of the best things about living down here. And if you find someone that was living there and show them that you know the details of the horrors they went through, and you approach them in a courteous way, they will open up about what they went through. What they saw. Information that will never be found through the Freedom Of Information Act.

        My close friend in the Department Of State was privy to the testimony at the War Crimes Trials after the Balkans War. Suffice it to say that you have never been chained to a tree and made to watch your children have their skin peeled off one strip at a time over the course of a weekend while drunk Serbs cooked the flesh over campfires and fed it to their K-9 friends.

        Your siting of numbers of deaths in other conflicts to justify the deaths in another conflict is one of the most un-Christian acts a person has committed on this blog. As the late John Prine sang, “Jesus don’t like killin’, no matter what the reason for. Your flag decal wont get you into heaven anymore.”

        As far as reading your books; I wouldn’t use any of them to level my refrigerator.

  2. I thought the Feds only controlled interstate commerce. I thought you Libertarian types eschewed government power. Trump gets more passes from you than Bilitnikoff.

    1. Jonathon Turley, Constitutional Law Professor, has a good article in the Washington Post, which says Trump does not have the power to order states to end lockdowns.

      The President yesterday said his office would present their legal arguments on the extent of the President’s power. Of course, in wartime and national emergencies, the President’s Power increases, but I agree with you and Turley: it is not absolute. Nevertheless, I’ll await the President’s brief. My guess: he’ll avoid any clashes with the Governors, unless a Governor is acting wacky, in which case he might withhold some federal funds. Remember when Elizabeth Warren was trying to get ROTC kicked off campuses, she held her ground, until she lost the legal arguments and the FEDs then threatened to cut funds to any college that kicked ROTC off campus. She and her colleagues instantaneously caved.

      We’ll see how it goes. The Tenth Amendment says something about all powers not expressly given to the President (by the Constitution and Congress (the Draft)) are reserved for the people and the states.

      Rest assured, if an issue comes up, it will be resolved quickly by the Supreme Court.

  3. Trump is his own man. He doesn’t need any advice. The interesting question is if he re opens May 1 will the governors follow or resist? If a clothing store wants to re open in Massachusetts after Trump’s opening date will the owner be permitted to by the governor? Would the State be violating the Federal Constitutional rights of the store owner to assemble, contract and engage in commerce if prevented from a timely opening? Would the DOJ take action? 2. 98% of all deaths from Covid 19 are to people with co morbidities mostly elderly. The risk to healthy folks is very low. Lets get started and let the good times roll.

    1. Let them die! I’m healthy.

      As Pope Innocent III said, “Kill them all and let God sort it out.”

      1. It is all in the Millennial Plan. Get rid of Gramma and Grampa. They are old and in the way.

        1. Yes, this is the new cry of the euthanasians: Let the Family Decide, whenever Grandparents, Grand Uncles, Grand Aunts become “an undue burden”, for after all the millennials have to pay off those college loans and new mortgages.

          Remember the Nazis first came for the handicapped, the Gypsies, then Jews and Slavs. Roe v. Wade came for the unborn “let the woman decide” now American is coming for the elderly “let the family decide.”

      2. By my research, it was not Pope Innocent III who said it, but during a Crusade under his reign, @1200, a French Knight or lowly abbot allegedly said it. It may be apocryphal, but it does reflect the temper of the times when warfare was brutal, and, oftentimes, civilians and combatants were not distinguished. “Holy Wars” by Christians and Muslims and others, have not always been so holy. For a good example of the butchery of latter years, @ 1500-1800, read “Witchcraze” which documents how both Protestant and Catholics in Europe equally killed over 100,000 “witches”, mostly women burned at the stake. We’ve all read of the Spanish Inquisition, authorized by Pope Sixtus IV in 1478, against heretics. “Estimates of the number killed by the Spanish Inquisition, which Sixtus IV authorized, have ranged from 30,000 to 300,000. Some historians say millions died over several centuries. “But according to Professor Agostino Borromeo, a historian of Catholicism at the Sapienza University in Rome and curator of a 783-page volume . . . only 1% of the 125,000 people tried by church tribunals as suspected heretics in Spain were executed.” Governments, local churches and laymen carried on their own forms of inquisitions against “heretics” and “witches” and dissidents. Pope John Paul II apologized in 2000 for “violence” committed in the Church’s name, while insisting historians ” have a precise knowledge of the facts.”

        1. “By my research, it was not Pope Innocent III who said it…..”

          He may not have but is often attributed to one of the Innocent Popes. I spent two weeks in Minerve in southern France birdwatching. The people there showed me where the Cathars that were hunted down, blinded and often had their tongues ripped out, were thrown from a high cliff into the grotto below. It wasn’t just the fall that killed them. There was a gigantic bonfire waiting for them as well. Their extermination was revenge for calling out Innocent III for being a glutton on many levels.

          I also read about the Spanish Inquisition. There are so many conflicts in the writing. Your 1% killed has been brought up recently. Now the other 99% weren’t exactly having a party. Having testicles ripped off and femurs snapped doesn’t always lead to your immediate death, but a few days go by and you could take the dirt nap.

          Any way you look at it, His rules were often ignored or disobeyed by the religious leaders throughout history. That goes for all religions.

        2. And, Bill. I strongly recommend that you read Empires Of The Sea. It is the story of the galley wars in the Med between Islamic and Christian powers in the 1500’s.

          1. I’ll read it, Abe. Thanks. I just tonight saw Empire of the Sun on Amazon Prime. Superb.

    2. I know. He has a “feeling”. It just makes you all warm and fuzzy that the Kush is in charge. After putting PPE on E-Bay he can now auction off re-opening licenses. He would have made a killing in the sales of indulgences.

  4. If Cuomo got into the race right now he would be the first write in candidate to win the presidency.

    1. wa-llahi! I hear that. President Cuomo, all good. Down with Glorious Leader! Send the FBI swat team to deliver his eviction notice.

  5. I wonder who Obama would have named to the Re-Open America team ?

    Let’s see: Hillary (and maybe Bill), Rahm Emanuel, Loretta Lynch, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Susan Rice, Elizabeth Warren, Reverend Wright …. Oh for the good old days ……

    1. HOW TRUE!

      Nancy Pelosi said that Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis was “almost sinful”. She of the come on down to the Chinese Markets in San Francisco. I wonder what she thinks bearing false witness is, as she’s a maestro at it, and the killing of one million unborn human beings annually, which she endorses, is?

  6. Well, all is well that ends well, I suppose.
    1. He did say he’d also consult his medical/health experts before making any decisions to lift the lock-downs and get folks back to work.
    2. You’ve identified many of the shortcomings, character defects and failures of these people.
    3. I note you resort to “identity politics”, “too many white people” “only one woman”.
    4. My next five books address these matters:
    i. “Jack, the Autobiography of Bill” (an autobiography);
    ii. “The War of the World’s Words” (where society is rift over the meaning of words”, such as he and she (sexist) black and white (racist), and words of Greco-Roman origin, which are banned (ethnocentric).
    iii. “Hum” (people only hum softly and dress blandly, lest they offend by word, gesture, art or cultural appropriation; ex. non-Brazilians are banned from singing/playing the Girl from Ipanema; doctors are banned from using the word “obese”.
    iv. “Microphobia: The Fearful Faceless Fiefdom” (everyone stays in doors, avoids all contact sports indoors and out, when outdoors everyone wears veritable haz-mat gear for fear of the viral-bacterial laden air and at the beach everyone remains fully clothed and never steps foot into the germ-saturated salty sea); and
    v. “The Shunning” (leftists enforce shunning of all who disagree with leftist cant, especially deplorables.)
    N.B. Three of these books were in the planning stages several years ago, and plans for their publication were published about a year or so ago.

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