Mid – Day Update: July 18, 2013 Steven Rakes Is Dead!

IMGP1312The papers have confirmed the rumors that Steven Rakes’s body was found off the road in Lincoln. There was no obvious signs of trauma. First question is what was Steven doing in Lincoln.

Some have said he committed suicide because he was not going to be called by the prosecution as a witness. I got to figure if that was the case he’d not be going to the woods of Lincoln to do it.

Last time I saw Rakes was when I was at Castle Island. He was walking around there with another guy. We stopped and chatted for a few minutes. I went my way but driving back out of Southie I drove by the L Street bathhouse and I saw him sitting on a bench outside the building. I thought to myself he seems to have no trouble walking around Southie openly.

The last time I saw him at the courthouse he was standing outside the cafeteria talking with three other people. He looked at me and I said to him, this was a day after Weeks had testified, “I don’t think you’re one of Weeks’s favorite people.” He put us his arms and shrugged as if to say what can I do about it.

When I first met him back in the spring he came up to me and identified himself. He said he had been reading the blog. We talked for about 30 minutes about different things in Southie. He told me of an incident that happened shortly after Whitey was on the lam when he was at the bathhouse and he saw Whitey come through the door. When he saw that, he took off. I suggested that Whitey would never have come back like that and he insisted that he had.

It will be interesting to see what the medical examiner concludes. If he committed suicide he had to have had someone drive him to that area, he couldn’t have walked to Mill Street in Lincoln. The street is the first major street on the right after you get off Route 128 and onto Route 2.  It seems to me a place to dump a body and get back on to 128 as quickly as one can.

As for the trial, Lindholm is still being a difficult witness having trouble remembering anything. Lindholm adds nothing to the case against Whitey, he’s just another extortion victim.  This is truly much ado about nothing. It’s taking up a lot of time and those expecting to see Flemmi may not have the chance to see him today.

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  1. Those jurors saw Rakes in that courthouse a lot. Chances are, they will hear about this – I wonder why this was so boldly reported in the media and I wonder if the judge considered sequester after this major event!

    Those jurors saw the evil man Weeks, basically telling a different story than the ordinary citizen Rakes in the courtroom audience.

    Those jurors saw Rakes’ reactions to Fortnight, the loser.

    Those jurors could put 2 and 2 together wrt Weeks hating Rakes and quite capable of doing something about it.

    RIP, Rakes.

    1. Margaret:
      The jurors only option against Weeks is to disbelieve all he said; but I’ve mentioned before there is no well of sympathy for Whitey.

  2. What if Fortnight did it? I was there at the courthouse the day that Fortnight testified and I saw his level of anger. For example, basically telling Carney that “outside” he’d fight him, after losing his temper.
    Fortnight and Rakes probably saw each other in Southie quite a bit.
    It was, frankly, so shocking to hear that Fortnight lives in Southie, a free man. Disgusting.
    Bear with me here with this scenario to “help” the Defense:
    If Fortnight had anything to do with Rakes, this proves what a volatile animal he is. Defense can argue that Fortnight, being the lier he admitted to in this very trial, was really the murderer in the relationship. See where I am going with this?

    1. Margaret, I want so much for that to be true.
      Problem is the body disposed to be found and the car in Waltham are not southie ways. But then again week’s was bobo. An errand boy. A killing one, bit u R right his temper gets the best of him.
      Im interesred in stipppos drug habits. Sounds more like a body dumping after an over dose. Happens mote than people think.

      1. Could be sending a message to the victims leaving him on the side of the road like a Mexican cartel. Tommy Donahue calling out Pat Née so boldly in front of the courthouse saying he wants him arrested could be a fate sealer if this is Irish mob related. Really don’t see how this wouldn’t be related to that this thing has the big Irish players in Southie written all over it. Coward had an art in the herald today saying rakes seemed shady and was a little too close to the underworld, even referring to benji as “Fleming” his st name. Stippos lawyer even says this raises a ton if red flags

        1. Something tells me stippo was going to reveal current news about the state of organized crime in Southie, unless kids are robbing and killing guys with 95 caravans with a bubbly tint job, ya never know

          1. Jim:

            I hope we find out more about what is going on with Stippo. Right now with his car being 9 miles from his body it sure looks like a homicide.

        2. JON- I read the Carr article, it is disgusting Carr says “I always found stippo to be shady” “With all due respect to the dead”???? he writes. Howie Carr should probably stop tweeting his locations on where he will be selling his latest trash aka recycled FBI reports, he is also doing a twooofer get a rifleman shirt aswell. Stephen’s kids and grandkids were his everything. Howie Carr is going way over the line. I think he should shut his mouth before something SHADY happens to him.

    2. Margaret- I am following you all the way, I just think that Fortnight aka “The evil Jheri curl” does not have the stones to do something like this. But We need more concrete evidence that it was not a health related death.

      1. Rakes’s death seems to coincide with Flemmi’s arrival in town – maybe Flemmi talked somebody into killing him….another one of Flemmi’s command decisions perhaps.

    3. Margaret:

      I thought some where down the road Fortnight and Stippo would clash – maybe it came sooner than I thought. There are too many murders put in Whitey’s lap before Fortnight came along so I don’t see them all being pinned on him. I hope the cops are checking out who made the call to Stippo that brought him to the McDonald’s in Waltham.

  3. Having been born and raised in Waltham, I can confirm the McDonalds on Main st is rather far from where his body was found in Lincoln. This whole thing just seems strange. Almost positive McDonalds and Wendy’s directly across the street have video cameras. It took 2 days to realize his car was parked in a McDonalds parking lot that closes at 11 pm during week nights? Could be wrong but a few things just don’t sit right with me here.

    1. Boston:

      I went on the map and looked, there is a good 9 miles or so between the locations. I agree with you that something is wrong with the picture. We’ll just have to see what the toxicology report says. I hope the cops are out retracing his steps rather than sitting back and waiting.

  4. His vehicle was found at a McDonald’s in Waltham. If in this day and age they can’t decipher who dropped the car there this thing’ll reek of an FBI informant/someone with a doj deal being the culprits. Not looking like a heart attack on a stroll through the woods right now.

    1. Jim:

      They must have more than they are letting on. Problem is we are kept in the dark. Yeah, I rule out the heart attack. I thought his car was close by to where he was found. It now looks like he had to have been dumped there.

  5. Anyone who knows Steve knows that there is no way he would commit suicide!!! He cherished life, his kids and grandchildren!! He was my mentor and close friend!! He loved life and was one the most mentally strong individuals you will ever meet!! He has been through HELL and came out smiling!! Steve would give you the shirt off his back and talk you off the ledge not be on the ledge
    himself… he knew how important his role in this
    world was to other people !! Just wanted to clear the air!!!

    1. James A.

      I agree with you from the limited experience I had with Steve, he seemed full of life. Thanks for posting that information.

  6. Rakes was a federal witness under subpoena. Why haven’t they taken jurisdiction and imposed the usual information blackout?
    It’s highly unusual that the Feds aren’t jumping on this. Maybe they have very good reason not to go anywhere near it.

    CPAC usually starts a homicide investigation by asking who has the motive to kill the victim. Has anyone said recently that they hated Stippo? Would that person also have homicidal proclivities? Anyone?

  7. Jim, Flemmi also has at least $2 million the feds let him keep. If he was going away for life why would he need the dough.
    There are also outs in Flemmi’s plea deals with Florida and Oklahoma that allows the sentence to be changed upon conditions.
    Flemmi’s release is a matter of time.

  8. Carney better call him out on the bullshit he spat about “his deal”. Funny how he said he was in “federal custody” not prison, he seems like the only person on federal bop’s site who has an “unknown” release date who is not in bop custody, sorry to keep posting regarding this but that deal really is unbelievable. This fact the jurors need to hear. You think wyshak’s already objected to this before it could be said in open court?

    1. Jim:

      He better have that at the top and the bottom of his list of questions. Wyshak can’t keep out promises, rewards or inducements

  9. I posit that the Government decided not to allow Mr. Rakes to testify because he intended to impeach parts of the testimony delivered by Kevin Weeks.

    By disputing parts of Weeks’ testimony, it could have cast doubt upon the rest of it, as well. See G. Jeffrey MacDonald, Doug Stanglin, and Gary Strauus, Former Bulger Associate Says Bulger Longtim FBI Informant, USA Today, July 18, 2013, http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/07/18/whitey-bulger-stephen-rakes-boston-gangster-dead-body/2551323/ (noting that “Rakes was present for the testimony and later disputed the account, saying he was forced to sell the liquor store. ‘Kevin continues to lie, as usual, because that’s what he has to do,’ Rakes said that day. ‘My liquor store was never for sale – never, never, never.'”

    Because of these inconsistencies, the Government apparently chose not to call him to the stand, as it may have opened the door for Carney to use Rakes as a mechanism to further impeach Weeks’ testimony on cross-examination as well.

    1. Jay:

      I’m thinking a little differently on this. The government, I suggest, is into the area of overkill. They’ve probably realized the the defense has not been attaking any of the murder so they don’t have to put in any more extortions. So they culled out other witnesses aside from Rakes and are racing to the end.

      There was also the element of not being able to control Rakes which might have concerned the prosecutors.

      But I think your explanation also has a lot to commend itself as the reason for not calling him.

    1. Rather- He was found out in woods no car keys no wallet …what do you think is going on ? I am a bit shocked I must say. I was looking forward to Stephen testifying and speaking the truth. RIP RAKES

      1. Yeah, I don’t know. Never met him. Don’t knowknow his background other than common knowledge. Was he a drinker? Drug user? Mental issues?What were his movements since he left court Wed morn?Where is his car? Who was with him last? What is the connection to Lincoln? We know Weeks didn’t like him, and Jay has a good theory, too.

        1. I believe he was looking for property to purchase in Lincoln that is all I can gather on why he would be there

    2. Rather:
      I’m late catching up but he was found off a path. Much will be answered if his car is in the area.

      1. Matt- Do you have a timetable that we could apply to the length of time it should take to get the information/ toxicology/ autopsy report? When it goes how long before we know should consider something is fishy?

        1. Doubting:

          Should be a couple of weeks at most . Don’t think they’ll be something fishy here since the federals are not involved – but as we’ve seen in the Todashev case they do seem to be able to make the state dance to their tune.

  10. How’s Benji’s complexion? Does he look like he’s been getting any sun lately? Is he wearing stylish specs?

      1. D.T., What I mean is does he look like he’s been locked up? Bishop’s belly….that’s a good one. Or as my grandfather used to say about guys with a big gut…..”he looked like a God**** Stoughton bottle..”

        1. Rather – LOLOL that’s hilarious.. but I have to say BISHOP’s Belly was Matt’s I cannot take credit. Rather, I know it is total SPECULATION But do you think this could be a murder by some of the Castle Island FBI/wiseguys?

      2. Doubting:

        Flemmi has the lean grandfatherly look. No evidence of extra rations. Murderman was truly 5′ 5″ tall by 65″ round.

        1. Good thing he’s locked up, that grandfatherly look might look like that stepfather look to find him molesting his granddaughters also.

    1. Rather:
      Best word for him is prison drab. He has no color but does look like life’s OK for the old guy. He slinks back in the chair and so far his answers to the questions have not been more than a few words. Forget what his specs look like but they didn’t stand out. We’ll have to wait until Carney asks his stock question “tell us about your prison life” to learn more.

  11. I think you are right in your assumption Matt, It does seem a good place to dump and run. I think there are far too many people not on the level involved in the Whitey fiasco that have to much to loose considering Rakes was going to drop the ” bombshell ” Davis referred to in that article. Davis also said he was looking forward to taking the stand and in no way was the type to take his own life. Not to mention why would he wait until the day before to do it * IF * he did ? he had to know he was going to take the stand long before yesterday.

    1. Craig:

      On Tuesday Wyshak told Stippo Rakes he was not going to use him as a witness. He was found dead in the same clothes as he was wearing on Friday. I had a little interaction with Rakes. My opinion he was not the type to take his life. I thought dump and run because I could see no connection bewteen Rakes and Lincoln; now Davis says he was looking at property there. This could be of natural causes – heart attack I’m withholding judgment after I read the Lincoln connection. We should know soon unless the FBI gets involved then we’ll know in 2020.

  12. Dear Matt,

    The title of this may require an amendment. Once said amendment is made, you are welcome to remove this post; just trying to assist you, my comrade-in-arms here.


        1. Matt- yes I agree I am hoping it was a medical thing ..I hope the family gets an honest report back that it was health related and not the obvious

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