1. Steve Davis said that Rakes claimed he had a bombshell to drop when he got up on the stand. Weird that he would claim that to Davis and now he’s dead ? I wonder if Davis is telling the truth about Rakes saying that ? The coincidences and information on this case and what happened is becoming more and more strange and twisted. I wonder if any of us will ever really know what happened ?

    • I don’t know anything about Rakes or what he knows, but I do wonder which side killed him. Maybe they will blame Billy Bulger for it!

      • Question:

        We don’t know how he died yet. It may be natural since he’s off a walking path. He had a reason to be in Lincoln. If he was killed, Rakes was like a Halloran, he seemed to have a lot of people who disliked him. I thought from my limited interaction with him he was an OK guy but Fortnight Weeks on the stand made it abundantly clear he hated him.

    • Craig:
      Hard to think Rakes was a threat to anyone. As I posted in response to a comment yesterday that down the road Weeks and Rakes might have problems; but Davis giving Rakes a reason to be in Lincoln, that he was dressed in the same clothes as on Tuesday, much will depend on where his car is found. If it’s i the neighborhood of Lincoln within walking distance then it may be natural causes. Don’t the Southie guys make the body disappear after they do it in?

      • Unless the want a message sent.

      • Matt- I believe his body was about 9 miles I think from where the vehicle was. Now that we know the location of the vehicle what can we gather so far? I have not heard anything concrete about who he was with during this window of time. It is just heartbreaking for his family, I feel so much for his children and grandkids. Someone is responsible if it wasn’t health related and I hope it was not anything other than medical.

        • Doubting:

          It seems he had a meet scheduled at the McDonald’s. He drove his car there on Tuesday. He was next seen in a prone position 9 miles away. Seems suspicious to me. I hope they are already working this.

    • Question:

      It’s almost 9:00 p.m. Steve Davis, Rakes’s friend since Whitey’s capture, said he was looking at property in Lincoln. I couldn’t figure out how he’d be there but that may answer it. He was found off a walking path – could it have been a heart attack? My intitial feeling was it had to be a Southie thing with some who is a protected FBI witness. We’ll just have to wait for the medical examiner’s report to leak