The Trump Followers Views of January 6, 2021 – It Was Only A Small Group

A Trumper makes the incredible assertion in discussing the January 6 riot: “What about claiming that the election was stolen? That’s an opinion. Americans have a right to express their opinions.” You wonder what that means in the context of the riot. No one doubts you can express your wacky belief that the election was stolen. Trump claimed that even before the first vote was cast as he did in 2016. But you cannot claim it by invading the Capitol.

The Trumper also writes: “Did those hundreds upon hundreds of Trump supporters carrying American flags attempted to “overthrow” the Government? Of course not.”  He said they were there only to delay the certification of the vote but that is nonsense as we have seen. Then one is left with the question what was there purpose? All that is left is they wanted Trump to remain as president which is tantamount to overthrowing the government.

But the Trumper’s total defense of what happened boils down to this: “On Jan 6, the hundreds of thousands at the Mall were peaceful. Of the thousands who marched to the Capitol, a few hundred were violent/destructive.” 

But isn’t that how many things begin, a mob forms and a few in the mob act out violently doing the will of the mob with the support from the mob.  Suggesting only a few did the vandalism is like saying only a few did the extrajudicial lynching of Black Americans in the South in the early part of the twentieth century while the rest who cheered them on had nothing to do with it. It’s like suggesting that only the guy and gals who went to fight in Vietnam were violent and destructive and the rest of us Americans were peaceful.

The January 6 mob outside the Capitol building was there because Trump called them to come there and have a “wild” time and the told them to, “walk down to the Capitol” because “we are going to have to fight much harder. And Mike Pence is going to have to come through for us, and if he doesn’t, that will be a sad day for our country. Because you’re sworn to uphold our Constitution.”

That was the purpose in going down to the Capitol. These folk were bent on having Mike Pence do what he did not want to do nor had the power to do. How was that going to be upholding the Constitution?  It wasn’t just the 800 or more Trump supporters who invaded the Capitol that wanted Pence to usurp the vote.  It was all of those who walked down there giving them support.

All this was done under the auspices of the only president the United States ever had who refused to concede he had lost but not only did not lose but won by a landslide. Under the auspices of the only president we have had that urged a mob to go to Congress to interfere with its business. Despite all the presidents we have had from every political philosophy, from very liberal to very conservative, no other president felt above our democratic traditions until Trump came along. He truly was the president who wanted to be king.

One final item as to weapons. A judge said yesterday: It is “the strongest evidence that the government has presented that there was a quick reaction force outside the District of Columbia, the location of the quick reaction force and that members of this conspiracy provided weapons to this quick reaction force, clearly is prepared to have weapons at the ready for violent conduct.”



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  1. A few hundred cadre can be the catalyst of horrible events. After the nooses were put to their intended use, the mob would be claiming “That is not what we meant” but it would have been too late for some legislators (as it was for one murdered Capitol policeman).

    1. Yes, that true. But you’re speculating. What “can” or “could” happen? An infinite variety of things can and could happen. Be wary of convicting, defaming, before all the evidence is in. Doubts persist. A scaffold was erected on the Mall. That’s symbolic speech. Think of Kathy Griffin holding the bloody decapitated head of President Trump.

      On January 6, no legislators were lynched, punched, or pushed. One elderly woman said something to the effect she’d shoot Pelosi in the head. An intent? A threat? Or just on off the cuff spontaneous angry expression. She was unarmed, had no firearm, when she said that.

      Officer Sicknick died of a stroke on the night of January 7. On January 6th, Sicknick called his family and said he was “pepper sprayed.” By the police? Two men have been charged with using “bear spray” on Sicknick. Unproven. Moreover, to my knowledge, no Scientist has proven or even claimed bear spray can causes strokes. Sicknick was not “murdered.” He died, apparently, of natural causes: a stroke.

      One man Jon Schaffer has admitted to entering the Capitol and carrying bear spray. Schaffer is not charged with using bear spray. The Capitol Police have alleged that bear spray is “a deadly or dangerous weapon.”

      The FBI said Schaffer “admits forcing his way into the U.S. Capitol for the express purpose of stopping or delaying congressional proceedings.” Schaffer admits being a member of Oath Keepers. That’s not a crime. It’s not a crime to be member of Proud Boys, Qanon, BLM or ANTI-FA.

  2. Wilhelm of Cognitive Dissonance


    He Was Convicted of a Bombing Plot. Was It a Setup?
    Since 9/11, U.S. authorities have used informants to convict hundreds of people of crimes related to international terrorism. Did the informants help create plots where none had existed?

    FedEx gunman was 19-year-old former employee whose mom warned FBI about him last year

    APR 16, 2021 AT 2:37 P

    Manhattan federal prosecutors confirm decision to not pursue Jeffrey Epstein in 2016

    APR 16, 2021 AT 5:45 PM

    1. True, MSFREEH, the FBI has a history of framing, bullying, coercing defendants, extracting false testimony, granting obscene deals to serial killers for their dubious testimony, et cetera. You know the FEDs have planted FEDs to incite, incriminate, implicate, abet criminal activity. It’s not just the FBI, but other FED deep staters, on CIA, intelligence, investigative agencies, etc.

      Remember the Alamo or border disputes allowing us to seize the Southwest from Mexico. Remember the Maine and how we claimed and seized vast swaths of islands from Spain, Remember the phony Gulf of Tonkin, the phony WMD, the phony claims to justify taking Kosovo from Serbia, justify our bombings in Libya, Syria, invasions, attempted coups (Vietnam) our incessant snooping and interfering with worldwide elections. Rememer Radio Free Europe. Remember what the FEDs did to John Connolly, Kenny Conley, the Probation Officers, the owners of Caswell’s Hotel, the City Councilor Turner, the State Senator Joyce, the innocent young man Aaron Hillel Swartz?

      Something’s rotten in Denmark!

      Beware now the leftists, the Bidenites, the reverse racists, the interventionists, the atheistics antagonists to free speech, freedoms of religion, the leftists akin to Marxists, Stalinistics. Remember Animal Farm and 1984 and Raybradbury’s Fahrenheit and dystopias now descending upon us.

      Remember the leftist Academia’s speech suppression, enforced conformity to critical leftists’ theories. Remember the NYT and Wash Post are leading us into an era of P.C. enforced Darkness. Under Benighted Bidenites the lights are going out, Darkness Descends.

  3. Correction: I shoulda wrote: “thought and talked” rather than “thought and said.”

  4. A few quick notes.

    Preface: I think I think differently I like rock & roll, country-western and classical music.

    1. A few nuts sat across the Potomac the night after the riots with some weapons. The night before the riot, some nut planted two bombs at both Democratic and Republican buildings. Was he a Trumper, anti-Trumper, murderous solo, or tool for the Deep State or the New York Times or other leftists? Who will be framed for that??? The night after the rioters had left the capitol, one vehicle was found a few blocks away with weapons, stuff for making Molotov cocktails.

    Now, that judge cited what evidence exactly? How many rifles, bombs, artillery, tanks awaited across the Potomac? How many deluded (two? twenty?) brought weapons to D.C. planning to overthrow the government? It took nearly a year for 15,000 Patriots to drive the 4,000 Redcoats out of Boston. Remember Lexington, Concord, Bunker Hill, Dorchester Heights? But we are to believe some nuts thought a few hundred were going to overthrow the U.S. Capitol Police, D.C.Police, State Police in MD and VA, the Nation Guard, and the U.S. Army?

    Judge, were the weapons readied to defend against Antifa types? I luckily had a student fellowship in “Community Psychiatry” at the D.C. General Hospital around the time of Woodstock. A lot of nuts back in Vietnam War times, like John Kerry who said U.S. soldiers were beheading civilians and acting like Gengis Khan. “Jenjis Khan”, Kerry pronounced it. Did a score of psychos or a hundred wackos think they’d overthrow the government? Not even these nuts thought so. They talked defensive. They self-identified as Constitutionally Defenders, as Pro-Patriots. The leftists like the Black Panthers and Symbionese Liberation Army and the Weather Underground that planted bombs and thought and said about overthrowing the America they hated.

    (2) Did a few say crazy things then and now? Senator Markey (40 years in Congress) said yesterday the Supreme Court was “stolen”. For 40 years while Liberals were a majority on the SCOTUS, not a peep was heard from the turncoat hypocrite Markey. Grotesque Hypocrisy. Newspeaker Pelosi cried “Hijack”; the Orwellian Newspeaker Nadler said we’ll “Unpack, not pack” SCOTUS.

    (3) I standby every single word, every sentence I’ve written. During the lockdown, I had time to review my nine published books, essays, letters to editors, posts, and I have found a few mistakes, mostly typographical. The only most glaring mistake, not that bad, was writing in one book that Flemmi testified at Connolly’s first trial. I should have written that O’Neil testified what Flemmi had said. The corrupt Fed Prosecutors (Wyshak and his cohorts) did not use Flemmi in the first trial because for six years Flemmi had insisted (twice under oath) that John Connolly was an honest cop who never did or say anything intending anyone be hurt. Flemmi, Morris et alia all testified Connolly, like all FBI agents, said to TEIs “no violence, no murders”. Of course, corrupt prosecutor Fred Wyshak coached Flemmi to change his mind, to recant his sworn testimony, and Wyshak brought him to Miami to sing a different tune.

    (4) The Miami trial travesty in 2006-2008? One of many judicial travesties. IN 1984, I was with my friend (no relation) John Connolly when B.C. beat Miami in football in 1984 with THE MIRACLE IN MIAMI pass. Legendary. Miracles happen.

    (5) See my previous posts rebutting the Bidenites’, leftists’, anti-Conservatives’ views on sundry topics.

    (6) Have a Happy Spring snowy day. Remember Joyce’s snow falling faintly throughout the universe. Remember Gray’s poem saying the poor dead may have been great. So, too, may have the unborn been great if not killed, allowed to live. Live and let live!

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