The Trump Followers Views of January 6, 2021 – Nothing of Note Really Happened?

The Trumpers and QAnons in Congress and those spread throughout the country who speak about this uprising on January 6  tell us there were other riots over time in our country. One went back to the 1954 attack in the House of Representative by four Puerto Rican nationalists which ended up wounding five Congressmen. But most tell us about the Black Lives Matter demonstrations during the 2020 summer.

I fail to see the relevance of those attacks with one upon our nation’s Capitol by hundreds upon hundreds of people intent on disrupting the orderly process of government at the urging of Trump. One wrong does not justify another. Small wrongs do not justify a giant wrong.

Here we had for the first time in our history a president of the United States urging his mob of followers to go to Congress to stop it from acting as it should.

The Trumper notes: “Some protesters wrongfully fought back. We condemn violence, but we do understand.” Understand what? I assume what is understandable from the Trump point of view is that the violence was all  justifiable for three reasons:

First is the doctrine of self-defense. What happened was the few hundred police in doing their jobs trying to protect the Capitol from thousands upon thousands of folk “battered and sprayed and threw “flash grenades” at protesters.” This is a novel self defense argument where the aggressor justifies his aggression by saying his victim put up a defense.

Second, the other folk got me mad defense. Those rioters attacked the Capitol because; “they were just angry at the government in general. You know if you keep calling Trump supporters “deplorables” or worse for four years, keep spewing hate at them for four years, keep comparing them to Nazis for four years, then you may expect you’ll enrage them. The anti-Trump hate mongers have succeeded in enraging pro-Trump supporters.”

Third, the Patriot Defense: “I compare those who rioted at the Capitol to the Patriots who stood up to British Soldiers at the Boston Massacre in 1770. Patriots threw rocks and ice and snowballs at British Soldiers. Some Protesters at the Capitol turned into rioters who threw objects at D.C. police.” Does that mean that those who threw rocks and bottles at the law enforcement officers during the Black Lives Matters marches are to be compared to Patriots?

The bottom line, though, we are told is that nothing really happened anyway.  The attack really amounted to much ado about nothing.

Here is what one Trump follower stated, indicating that despite what we watched in horror, we were looking at it in the wrong way. He writes: “It’s not been proven protesters murdered anyone or intended to kill anyone.”  What does “not  been proven” mean. Does it mean there was no riot and there was no destruction of the Capitol because it has not been proven? Are we only to believe things after they go before a court of law to be proven. We do know Rosanne Boyland was trampled to death by people rushing to breach a tunnel entrance on the west side of the Capitol. We know Officer Brian Sicknick got killed and two other officers committed suicide.  Are we to disregard that knowlege because it has not been proven? He goes on to say: “In fact, the only allegation (charge) is that a connection exists between the officer’s stroke and “bear spray” (less toxic than pepper spray, as I read).” 

My thought when I read this is that more did not die but it was not for want of trying as the Trumper admits: “some few have struck police officers, have hurled objects (flag staffs) or wielded batons which could have been deadly.” That does not include them dragging police officers down the stairs, hitting them with fire extinguishers and flag poles, crushing them behind doors, and otherwise injuring over 140 of them.

What’s the big deal, the Trumper writes: “No statues were torn down. No paintings/artwork were destroyed. No arsons were started. Some broke windows and doors? I see a few hundred engaged in “violent” civil disobedience causing mostly minor damages and minor injuries. Most arrested (less than 400) mostly just trespassed.” 

We are now to believe according to the Trumpters and QAnons the protesters simply wanted to delay the vote certification, were justified in their actions,  and nothing of significance happened outside a large group trespassing  on the Capitol grounds causing a some broken windows and doors but no other damage.

But the best is yet to come.


  1. Hey Buddy Boy William:

    I read you said the goons who attacked the Capitol only did so because they wanted a “fairer recount.”.

    Now you saying they wanted time to change the minds of Senators. What was it?

    So if they stopped the vote – what then? Was Trump going to stay as president. Or was QAnon Gen Flynn going to be president.

    You’re confused.

    • When one contains multitudes, one can contradict himself.

      • william m. connolly

        Stalin said the killing of one person is a tragedy; the killing of a million is a statistic.

        I’ve written ten books, essays, letters-to-editors which have been consistent for decades.

        Perhaps, you see contradictions. Perhaps you do not understand. Perhaps you just disagree.

        • But you do contain multitudes. That is in all of us. And we all contradict ourselves from time to time. That is how we evolve. You’re certainly not someone that is unwilling to change. Too many people think that revising their opinion is criminal. A weakness. It is, in fact, a strength.

    • william m. connolly

      No, Tony. You have misrepresented my views. I posted yesterday Trump’s comments on January 7th. Trump, Congressman, and Protesters primarily wanted a simple delay . . .on confirming delegates. Secondarily, their motivations to protest included a general outrage at a Leftist Government trampling all Americans Constitutional Rights. The Protesters’ rage was multidimensional. Let’s wait and see what “the goons” you call them, veterans, police, firemen, teachers, local politicians, ordinary men and women really think and want. Essentially equality, fair treatment, not equity and preferential treatment.

      You think they are “goons” . . .I think they were and are Patriotic Americans who love this country, love its history and traditions, and love its Constitutional Freedoms enunciated in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

      Patriotic Americans also have the Free Speech right to disagree via expression, explicit verbal, written or spoken, or symbolic expression. I view the whole march on D.C. was symbolic expression. I condemn the violence. The right to swing your arms end at another’s nose. The right to protest and march is subsumed in the Constitutional First Amendment’s rights, but only in peaceful assembly, peaceful protests.

      Today, more and more Patriots are outraged by leftist elements in Government, Media, Big Businesses, Academia, and teachers’ unions, who essentially hate America”s traditions and are seeking to trample our Judaeo-Christian traditions, and substitute them with revisionist secularist leftist reverse racist views.

      It is the Left that is devise and destructive, censorious censors, and intolerant of opposing views. Re read Orwell’s 1984, Newspeak.

      • Why do you fabricate? You said the goons wanted a “fairer recount”. Yes you changed said otherwise yesterday but first you said they wanted the “fairer recount.: Admit it and stop all your nonsense writing.

        Now tell me what the goons expected to happen if they stopped the certification. Can’t you deal with the simple question. No essays. Just the answer and don’t be feared of admitting you are wrong.


    Trump urged his Patriotic protesters to continue protesting. Patriotic Congressmen continued protesting certification of delegates on January 6, 2020.

    When violence erupted at the Capitol, liberals and conservatives condemned it; none I know condoned it. I have heard liberals condoning violence, arson, looting, attacking police in 2020 and in 2021.

    Of course, some leftist Bidenites have been demeaning and belittling Trump’s protesters for four years. Bidenites said Trump’s peaceful rallies were “hate fests.” Bidenites compared Trump’s supporters to Nazis. For four years, the Bidenites have vilely vilified Trump’s Patriotic supporters.

    Some Bidenites have attempted to impugn me by attributing words to me I’ve never written.

    Let’s begin with this: (1) I have never said that Patriotic Protesters “were justified in their actions, and nothing of significance happened outside a large group trespassing” at the Capitol. I said most were non-violent, non-destructive; and most simply trespassed. (2) I have never said that there is no evidence of violence/destruction at the Capitol. (3) I never “justified” violence/destruction. (4) I never “justified” violence against cops. (5) I repeatedly stated rage and violence is “understandable” in certain circumstance. (6) I never said nor implied: “Nothing really happened”; (7) I never said nor implied violence/destruction was nothing much, just “much ado about nothing.” (8) I did say most police injuries were minor. I know some were severe. (9) I know thousands of police were injured, some killed, during the Summer 2020 riots. Attacks on and killing police continue to this day.

    PROOF. Bidenites ask: What does proof mean. Well, to Lawyers it means when a judge, jury, legal fact-finder has reviewed evidence and concluded a fact was “proven” or at trial a person was proven guilty. Civilians oftentimes use the term “proof” or “proven” to mean that there is an abundance of compelling, convincing evidence. Laymen think when they see a video, they think the act has been proven, and the motives are plain, incontrovertible. The same video examined in a courtroom oftentimes “proves” to be less compelling; the video viewers who thought the video “proved” now understand the “proof” was not beyond a reasonable doubt. Did he really kneel on his neck or shoulder? Doubts arise. Pathology shows no injury to the back of the neck. An expert may testify that only if pressure is put on the front of the neck can you get “asphyxiation” from “strangulation”. Sure, we saw that one guy throw a fire extinguisher, but it seemed to glance off an officer’s helmet. And that fire extinguisher did not strike Sicknick, although the MSM wrongfully reported for weeks that Sicknick was hit with it and wrongly reported that Sicknick was “injured.” The Medical Examiner found no “trauma”. Did that guy with the flagpole intend to kill? Well, there’s evidence he intended to hit with it, but did he hit at the cop’s hand holding pepper spray? Did he use it in self-defense? Did he use it recklessly? Did the young woman get trampled because the police pushed back on the crowd, forcing it to retreat? Were protesters and police crushed? Is not that’s why we condemn violence, especially in riots, by a crowd turned into a mob, because injuries, even serious injuries are likely? Is not a mob mindless? Are not most riots spontaneous? Sometimes good people get caught up in riots, where tempers flare.

    Rage is understandable; it’s a human emotion. Violence is understandable. I do not condemn emotions. I condemn violent actions.

    Some liberals, Bidenites, and Joe “the Baby Butcher” Biden himself are race-baiters, race-card players, reverse racists, constantly resorting to inciteful, divisive, hateful rhetoric, and while they do so, they often pretend they are holier than thou.

    Is it only one side entitled to rage, rage against the dying of the light? Are only Bidenites entitled to hate-bait?

    • “Baby Butcher”? This from a person who defends a serial abortion sponsor?

      The acts of January 6 were a textbook example of terrorist activity. The vanguard, supported by the mob, attempted to co-opt the democratic functions of a legitimate government. Plans were made, equipment of implementation secured and the terror began. No platitudes of an inflamed wronged populace can hide the aims of these terrorists.

      How close to an “Oxbow Incident” did we come?

      • william m. connolly

        Conservatives, including Catholic Bishops, have described Joe Biden as “the most pro-abortion President in American history.”

        Before Trump became President he expressed support for abortion. He repented, likely under the influence of his Catholic wife, and came to see the Truth. He not only professed support for pro-life positions, Trump was the first President in American history to speak at the annual March to Life in D.C., which began in 1974. The American Conference of Bishops and the National Right to Life group were organized against abortion in 1965. The Catholic Church as outspokenly against the killing of innocent for two thousand years.

        Biden was a turncoat on his long held pro-life positions.

        TERRORISM: I think I responded yesterday to this absurd allegation. Terrorism occurred on 9-11 and on Boston Patriots Day (2013) and many other events where innocents were murdered in America, in Europe and across the World. Capitol Patriotic Protesters murdered no one, intentionally killed no one. The FBI said no one inside the Capitol had a fire arm, except the D.C. police. I asked before: How were these Protesters planning to overthrow the U.S. Government with flagpoles? At most a few hundred resorted to violence/property destruction. Remember, 99% of Trump supporters that day remained peaceful. Remember, after 3 months, 400 protesters were arrested, mostly charged with Trespass-related crimes.

        It is risible to claim a few hundred without firearms sought to overthrow a government.

        True, Patriots like the anti-Kavanaugh Protesters, sought to interfere with government processes, to delay a vote, to persuade Senators and Congressmen to change their views.