The Whitey Bulger Murders: The Zealous Prosecutor and Blind Media 2 of 2

() HareI’ve been writing about the murder of Debby Davis. I pointed out Whitey had no motive to murder her. The one who did was the one who blamed Whitey.

Flemmi had all the reasons to want her dead. He would have murdered her if Whitey did not exist. He did not need to be told by anyone since his savage nature had been insulted by her. She was leaving him after seven years. She found a guy in Mexico who she planned to get involved with. The idea this beautiful woman would leave him for a Mexican had to cut him to the core. Animal Flemmi decided that If he could not have her no one could.

No fair-minded prosecutor would put the killing of her on Whitey. No fair-minded media people or authors would fall for it. If that was all that was too it some might quibble and suggest Whitey may nevertheless been involved.

But it does not end there. It gets worse. Martorano asked Flemmi how he and the Davis girl were getting along. Flemmi in response said that she is dead. He said accidentally strangled her. Flemmi admits he murdered her yet the prosecutor implicates Whitey. He was possessed by an irresistable impulse to make Whitey appear more evil. He felt compelled to do it. In the normal course of events a prosecutor is not supposed to make deals with people who are worse than the target.

Any analysis of the murders charged against Whitey must consider the zeal of the prosecutor who would believe such outlandish lies.

I also eliminated Whitey from the murder of Deborah Hussey. Again Flemmi who again had the motive to murder her implicates Whitey who lacked any. I noted Whitey’s history with women showed no evidence of violence against them. The witnesses against him in the Hussey murder, Flemmi and Kevin Weeks, had the exact opposite history: Weeks threatened to throw his girlfriend in a landfill; Flemmi murdered his.

They both admitted being at the house where Deborah was murdered. Grabbing her and throwing her to the floor was the same thing Weeks did to John McIntyre. Yet it was in their interest in getting deals from the prosecutor by putting it on Whitey.

Deborah Hussey was a direct threat to Flemmi. She was his step daughter. She had been sexually assaulted and taken advantage of by him in her early teens. She had been turned into a drug dependent prostitute prowling the Combat Zone. He feared she would disclose he raped her as a young woman; even worse that he did it while treating her as his daughter. That would have seriously undermined his “tough guy” image and could have put him in the can.

Keep in mind Flemmi being protected by the FBI had never spent a day in prison at that time. Also note that although he was sent to prison for his many murders he is not in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons. No one in the media seems to wonder why this man who is the worst of the worst is not in prison where he is supposed to be.

I have written about Hussey’s murder here and here and here. The MO was clearly that of Flemmi and Weeks. They were well paid for their testimony if they implicated Whitey. Even crime writer T.J. English who befriended Pat Nee and Kevin Weeks could only suggest Hussey was murdered by Whitey “because they could get away with it.”

You see that you have reached the nadir in looking for a motive when you say a 53 year-old-guy like Whitey who has never harmed a woman all of a sudden murders a woman because he can get away with it.

To analyze any murder, you first have to understand that before a person will murder another person, outside of those with severe mental problems or caught up in a sudden highly emotional encounter, you must assign a motive for that person’s act. Ask who has something to gain from this murder, With gangsters such as Whitey they must feel somehow they will gain an advantage either by eliminating an opponent or a potential witness against them or receive some monetary benefit. Of course there are screwballs like Martorano who murdered to protect his so-called friends but they are few and far between..

I mentioned the murder of John McIntyre. I will look at that next.

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  1. Outstanding write up. Look at the similarities between the murders of Debbie Davis, Debra Hussey, Bucky Barrett, and John McIntyre. Notice anything particular?

    1. John:

      You must be referencing something in particular. I have noticed one thing and I will be writing about it. I am not sure it is the same thing you are referring to. Mine relates to a guy who wrote a book bragging about his exploits (Not Weeks) who called himself Whitey’s partner. He does not tell us anything in the book about being the guy who helped bury some of the people including his partners who were murdered in Southie. He lies about how McIntyre died; Weeks in his book tried to cover for him but really put him in the jackpot. They both had their books come out at the same time so stupidly they forgot to coordinate their stories. If that is not it, perhaps you will be kind enough to give me a hint. Thanks for writing.

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