Individual Murders: The Ladies Group: Deborah Hussey (part two)

(3)RoseLaRoseWhat we know of Deborah Hussey’s death comes from two individuals: Steve Flemmi and Kevin Weeks. For their testimony both were well rewarded. They would be well paid as long as they spun the line the prosecution wanted them to tell.

Billy Bulger put it well in his book “While the Music Lasts.”  Pointing out that lawyers are forbidden by the code of ethics to “pay, offer to pay, or acquiesce in the payment of compensation to a witness contingent upon the content of this testimony” but that prosecutors have an exemption from that prohibition. In this case had a defense attorney done what the prosecutors did they would be spending a lot of time at Cedar Junction.

Flemmi who was sentenced to life in prison but he was kept out of the federal prison system and avoided being prosecuted in Florida or Oklahoma where he was subject to the death penalty. He is probably out of custody and living somewhere under an alias. Aside from that he was allowed to keep more than two million dollars of his illegal gains the government  had seized.  Weeks also who admitted involvement in five murders as well as a ton of other crimes. He should have been imprisoned for life but he did only five years. He also was given back his lottery winnings of more than a million dollars which had been confiscated. Both men were well compensated for their testimony.

The mindset of each man was to move as much stuff away from himself and drop it on the shoulders of Whitey. The more they did that the more they benefited from the prosecutor. I’ve pointed out many times before how easy it is to attribute what one did to another especially when you are talking to someone who wants to believe the other represents consummate evil.

Flemmi as I noted during the trial did not want to take responsibility for anything.   I wrote back then: “Again and again Flemmi minimized his role in the murders having someone else doing them or suggesting he had no choice but to do them.  He murdered his friend and mentor Edward Wimpy Bennet because Salemme wanted to make an impression on the Mafia; he was involved in the bombing of lawyer Fitzgeralds’ car because Larry Zannino insisted on it; he was involved in murdering Tommy Timmons because Zannino insisted; he had to kill Peter Poulos in Nevada because Zannino insisted, well you get the picture. Zannino, of course is Larry Baione a captain in the Boston Mafia – and Flemmi tells us how much he didn’t like the Mafia.”

How then do you believe him when he shifts the responsibility for murdering Deborah Hussey onto Whitey who had no reason to kill her?  Do you blithely accept it because he said it when you know almost everything else he said is a lie and you know that he was the only one with the motive to murder her?”

I suppose you turn to Weeks’s testimony and say that he corroborated Flemmi. Remember Weeks was into getting a deal for himself and blackening Whitey. He was moving himself away from all the murders he participated in. He, like Flemmi, puts himself in the background or blames someone else.

You cannot understand how Weeks operated by listening to his testimony. You have to have read his book Brutal to get a real insight into his mind. That book which was written when Whitey was on the lam and not expected to come back and away from the control of the federal prosecutors gives a more truthful picture into the type of man Weeks is.

Writing this reminds me of one part of his testimony in John Connolly’s case.  He was asked on cross-examination about his threats to his girlfriend Janice Connolly. He admitted that during a domestic dispute he threatened to cut her up and throw her in a landfill where she would never be found. He then went on to say that after he did that she continued in the relationship with him. Of course she did. Did the girl have any choice?


  1. Matt
    OK. I could be wrong but I think on his won Weeks is not a very capable or slick criminal. One thing that surprised me is when he saw Flemmi and Bulger get indicted why the heck didnt he STOP all criminal activity. If the feds could get those 2 surely Weeks wasnt stupid enough to believe his time wasnt coming up soon.

    • Jerome- I agree with your assessment of Weeks. I feel he was a person who was able to bully his younger peers by being the pissboy(big picture wise) of Bulger/Flemmi. I know all those drug dealers like RED Shea and PoleCat,Mackenzie were under Weeks. Weeks was the type to bully and be a verbal shit talker. In my honest opinion he has no solid irish traits in him, he obviously has no ability to suffer like a real irishman, he only held his bowels for 2 weeks, and always has someone else to blame. I admire RED Shea for atleast taking it on the chin and taking his medicine like a real man who has done wrong would. That whole you can’t rat on a rat rhetoric is cute for interviews, it is not at all what a man with honor or decency would say. It caught on when Martorano started saying “you can’t rat on a rat” Kevin can’t even come up with his own cute punchline for his stupid media tours. These men should all still be in jail. Kevin Weeks was always the lamest in my opinion and still seems like a cry baby to this very day.

  2. Matt
    So Weeks is a wealthy man today. Dont know if he owns the 3 floor townhouse he lives in but he does share it with other people. I wonder if the people who live on his block are aware of who he is and what he has done in the past. For some reason I still see him far below Flemmi and Bulger in terms of being despicable human beings. Still dont get why NO ONE has taken revenge on him. Especially the family of the victims.

    • Jerome:

      I know little about Weeks’s wealth. Most of the lottery money went to his ex-wife. He complains there are attachments on everything he owns. I’m sure most people who live around him know who he is. They go their own way and he goes his. In Southie people know who are good and who are bad; they interact but stay out of each others ways. Weeks is a smart guy. He got involved with Whitey but when he was grabbed he realized as smart as he thought he was he could still end up in the can. I don’t see him getting involved in criminal activity any more; unless, he is a Top Echelon Informant and then the FBI will want him to get back into a criminal lifestyle. But on his own volition I don’t see him going back in the rackets.

  3. Hi Matt and thanks for another good article on your blog as I think that you had some insightful article and I am surprised that the prosecutor could call a man like flemmi to the witness stand in the bulger trial as he has lied so many times.

    What was your understanding of the relationship that the flemmi brothers had with Barboza and paul Rico?

    Did frank salemme have any relationship with whitey bulger? As I read on the twitter about bulger’s trial that his son and brother were caught on surveillance photos by the state police at the Lancaster street garage

  4. You also have to look at his supposed plan to kill Howie Carr. Weeks was ready to assassinate Carr but stopped because Carr’
    s child got into the line of fire. This is classic Weeks, no? 1. He didn’t actually kill anybody 2. He was actually a good guy since he didn’t want harm a child. I believe this story is pure invention,