Whitey Bulger’s Mysterious Move

Catherine Greig spent 16  years on the run with Whitey.  Before that she spent a much longer time as his girl friend competing with Theresa Stanley.  Catherine, as previously mentioned, has just been hit with an 8 year bit.  She’ll get out in her late 60’s.

One thing for sure is if Whitey isn’t under the grass at that time he won’t be walking on it.  He’ll still be in the can.  His trial in Boston won’t start ’til next summer.  It’ll take six months if it takes a day.  J. Carney has a good two months of cross-examination of Weeks and Martorano just from the books they wrote.  Then he’ll have at Howie Carr for a few days just for laughs.

That’ll take us into 2014.  If Whitey beats the case then he has to go to Florida and Oklahoma to face murder charges.  That adds another of couple of years.  If he beats those and avoids the death penalty, he’ll still have to face gun charges on the West Coast.  Assuming everything goes just right for Whitey and he beats everything then he’ll be out just before tripping into his nineties.

But we all know that Whitey can’t beat all the charges against him.  I’m sure there’s one or two minor ones that the Feds threw in that he will get hooked on.  When he does he’ll get the maximum.

Doesn’t Whitey know he’ll never see the street again except through the window of some prison transport van and there’s no grass in the exercise yard?

Greig could have made a deal to testify against Whitey in exchange for hitting the street.  She didn’t because Whitey told her not to. Why?

I’d want to think that Whitey knowing she stuck by him would feel an obligation to reciprocate.  But that wouldn’t be Whitey would it.  Whitey is all about Whitey.  I just don’t understand why Greig doesn’t realize this.