Most Wanted – A Whitey Book

Tom Foley was a Massachusetts state trooper who rose through the ranks to become a colonel in charge of the 2,300 person force.

I met him a couple of times.  I always believed Tom was one of the best cops that went after Bulger.  There was no question about his dedication and integrity.

He wrote a book Most Wanted.   It mainly tells how the FBI went about undermining everything that he tried to do to catch Whitey.  It is worth reading to get a feel for how out of control the FBI has been and continues to be.

We have a disagreement over one big event in his life when he was a young trooper.  In fact, during the Wolf hearings he stood back when Flemmi testified to it when he knew was false.  I hoped that he would address it.

He has never accepted that he was wrong when it came to this matter even though he suggests the FBI set him up.  It may seem like a small thing in an otherwise very praiseworthy career but his persistence in suggesting the acquitted trooper Ivan was corrupt is just plainly wrong.  It might be too much to expect him to really face up to how he was used by the FBI in that matter.

More to come on this.




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