A Most Dangerous Game: Libeling a True American Hero Robert Mueller

Yesterday I wrote about the unwarranted and what I believe are Russian encouraged attacks on the FBI. I noted how much it falls to the Russian benefit to have people like Boston’s Bigot Howie Carr rile up his readers against it. Carr in case you didn’t know it reads off the names of Latinos who have been arrested while the Mexican song La Cucaracha plays in the background. For years he has worked hard to create hostility toward Latinos and denigrate them. This act probably accounts for his friendship with Trump.

I pointed out the reason for the attacks on the FBI is that it is working hand-in-hand with Robert Mueller who is the special counsel investigating Trump’s involvement with the Russians during his campaign for president. Be clear about this, our intelligence agencies have spoken unanimously that Russia did that for the purpose of aiding Trump. Any suggestion that Hillary was involved with Russians and that they were working on her behalf is truly laughable.

Anyone who is familiar with the tactics of good criminal defense counsel can spot the ongoing act a mile away. When a defendant client is caught cold then you have to attack the investigators. What else is there left to do. You’ve seen it in the OJ Simpson case. No longer was he on trial but the LA police department seemed to be in the dock.  The Trump people have even asserted that the former Trump National Security Adviser Flynn who has pleaded guilty is not guilty.

It does not bother the Republicans and high level Trump supporters they are undermining America. They have picked up a Russian trick, an old one from the KGB, which seeks to cause confusion  among people in democracies so that they fail to trust anyone such as the news media or the people doing investigations who work to protect them. They sling mud everywhere they can hoping some of it sticks. Aside from hurting America what is most wrong about what they are doing are their unwarranted attacks against Robert Mueller.

What I find as most astounding here is the attack on the Americanism of Robert Mueller who fought for this country as a Marine lieutenant in combat in Vietnam and who received awards for bravery. Ironically those who did not serve are the biggest ones calling for his head. The demeaning of the men and women who put on the uniform by those who did not serve continues.

Mueller has led an exemplary life in both the public and private sector being appointed to highest government positions by Republican presidents with the approval of Republican Congress. He is a man of the highest repute and the longest-serving FBI director since J. Edgar Hoover. He has often been highly praised by those who know of his service to America. He was given a unanimous vote by the Senate less than seven years ago for a two-year extension of his term as FBI director. That’s a unanimous praise for a 67-year-old man who had in the opinion of everyone in the Senate, both Democrat and Republican, served the United States both honorably and well.

He left the directorship less than five years ago and entered private practice. His reputation was unblemished. He was called upon last year to be a special prosecutor, Now because he is conducting an investigation he is being reviled by the Republican Party and their toadies. We are now supposed to believe a man who left the FBI to many kudos at age 69 has suddenly turned rogue. And, astonishingly, some believe it. I dare any who doubts his integrity to put themselves up against his in terms of service to the country and tell us why we should believe you over him.

It is the country that suffers with these unprecedented attacks which have arisen since Trump gained office. He has called the media “fake” and “enemies of the American people”; he has attacked the intelligence community;he has fired the FBI director for not shutting down the Russia investigation; he has attacked Mueller and his investigation.

Is this the America where you want to live where the president tells you all the agencies set up to protect you are not to be trusted. What can we expect of good men in the future when they see how Robert Mueller is being slandered and libeled? is it Trump and the Republicans purpose to drive the best from public service so only the corrupt serve? Hard to see what else is their purpose.


  1. Flynn indictment exposes collusion with Israel, not Russia

    “Flynn was found by the FBI to have lobbied Kislyak to exercise Russia’s veto against the passage of a United Nations security council resolution condemning the growth of Israel’s illegal settlements. And he did so under orders from Jared Kushner, the presidential son-in-law and Middle East fixer, who was himself acting on behalf of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Thanks to Flynn’s indictment, we now know that the Israeli prime minister was able to transform the Trump administration into his own personal vehicle for undermining Obama’s lone effort to hold Israel accountable at the UN. A clearer example of a foreign power colluding with an American political operation against a sitting president has seldom, if ever, been exposed in such glaring fashion.”


  2. http://www.independent.org/publications/article.asp?id=1510

    Fear:The Foundation of Every Government’s Power

  3. Prison was made for the Trumps. They can learn to yodel, and, be like the Trapp family, Of course, they’ll be making music behind bars, instead, of hanging in the Alps.

    • In the Christian Faith, one of the corporeal works of mercy is to visit the sick and/or imprisoned.

      I’m going to have to look up how to spell “corporeal” and to review the corporeal and spiritual works of Mercy . . .if that’s the correct appellation .

  4. Wa-llahi! I figure the BOP will ship Glorious Leader to Buttner FMC (sex freaks). The daughter will go to Dublin. I’m hoping Junior gets Sandstone. It’s mighty cold in northern Minnesota. On those long winter nights, he can charm everybody out of those lousy moods that come with doing time.

  5. NC: right on. As I said yesterday . . .many serious questions must be answered fully . . .where there’s smoke there’s fire

    I’ve read GPS Fusion’s self-serving apologia and I’m convinced they are spinning and covering up . . .wait until they are fully cross examined and fully exposed and all the evidence comes in on WHO authorized that Dossier, How Russians contributed to it, how Russians were paid by Steele and Steele likely paid by FBI/DOJ and how DOJ/FBI at its upper most echelons used the Dossier to get FISA warrants and conduct agit-prop against Trump, then we’ll all be singing a different tune and won’t be Yankee Doodle, it’s be a Rebel Yell “Put the Malefeasors on top behind bars.” Cleanse the government. Purge it of the Rot at the Top. Federal Officials abusing their offices!

    2. Here’s what I posted about this post yesterday: I repost it here so that it will be in sequence. It’s funny, though, how some are willing to Indict/Condemn President Trump before all the Evidence is in, and willing to exonerate Comey/Mueller before all, before the bulk of the likely evidence is in.

    3. If you don’t think Federal Prosecutors and top Federal DOJ et alia Federal Officials violated the Constitution and abused Powers and ran roughshod over We the People, you haven’t been reading history. I offer as Exhibit One the Federal Prosecutions of the Probation Department (where Chris Bulger, Bill’s son coincidentally worked) for the non-crime of “not hiring the best qualified person.” I offer as Exhibit #2 the Federal Prosecution over six years of Boston Police Officer Kenny Conley who was eventually awarded some $650,000 dollars in compensation for wrongful prosecution. The Motel Owners? The disparate treatment of the bookie’s wife (a nurse) and the Congressman’s wife? Young Mr. Schwart? Mr. Chuck Turner? . . .the abuse of power goes on and on . . .it comes from the top . . .it must be stopped.

    4. Here is my Yesterday’s Post: Regarding Matt’s post on Robert Muellar:

    There are no Sacred Cows in America . .

    Benedict Arnold also served courageously, exemplarily, in a leadership role

    Bill Bulger was raked over the coals for 40 years and retired with an unblemished record.

    Robert Muellar’s record has yet to be fully examined and serious questions exist about his actions/decisions in his official government role in several matters. NO gold star, for him, until those questions are fully answered.

    What is laughable is to put any stock in what CNN, Wash Post, NYTimes, etc, tells us today. Yesteryear, you could take them, always with a grain of salt, but generally trust their reporting. Today, Americans rightly do not trust most major news organizations. Check out the polls . . . Congress and Media and Press are about the same in trustworthiness . . .

    No Connection between Hillary’s Campaign and Fusion GPS and the Russian Dossier which is a politically hatchet job, scalping of candidate Trump? Talk about the risable!

    What prosecutors often do is state as FACT matters which are highly disputatious and open to grave doubt, if not entirely wrong. They’re called “Opening Statements” and not only are they not “factual” they are not even evidence.

    There is NO unanimity of opinion in Intelligence Agencies about the degree of so-called Russian “meddling” the last election . . . As I’ve stated, IT IS MINISCULE . . .AND decidedly not outcome determinative . . . . in other words, All Agree, alleged “Russian Interference” had ZERO to to with HIllary’s loss. You keep repeating “Russian Meddling” and never concede it had ZERO effect on the election. That’s what Intelligence tells us. That’s not what Hillary and the Fake News say. They say it was monumental, when it was miniscule. The proverbial molehill made into an imaginary ominous Mountain: “The Russians are coming; The Russians are coming.” Malarkey. Red-scare hype!

    I say appoint a special prosecutor to thoroughly investigate Muellar, his operation as special counsel, and his years in Government, to see if he has displayed the same kind of bias James Comey has demonstrably shown in letting Hillary off the hook, and in setting up Trump and Flynn, directly and indirectly.

  6. Flynn was set up by Comey, Strozk and Mueller. He was the victim of the crime when he was unmasked and they leaked signals intel to the Post. Someone on this blog formerly complained about Grand Jury testimony showing up in the Globe and about wiretap intercepts being published. These were claimed to be serious criminal offenses. It looks like times have changed. 2. Mueller is a friend of Dershowitz. That may explain Mueller’s and Comey’s support for waterboarding joining Professor Torture’s view. The position they adopted while working for W. They both threatened to quit unless they could continue to use warrantless wiretaps demonstrating their contempt for the Bill of Rights. Both lied to the American people about the Tsarnaevs and the Boston Marathon bombing. They deceitfully hid the FBI’s connection to the terrorists. Mueller framed Connolly and Rico. He knew the charges against them were bogus. Yet he joined the conspiracy with the Mafia to frame them. Mueller is not a hero. He is a crook and a Deep State apparatchik A man of no character.

  7. in other news

    Reporter Greg Palast: GOP Stole 2016 Election Using Voter Suppression, Purging Ploys

  8. We brought FBI Lab whistlebower Dr Fred Whitehurst
    to speak at our 3 rd annual conference investigating
    the FBI held at Bates College. We also arranged for him to
    speak at Harvard Law School.
    We shared a hotel room for that event.
    He worked in the FBI Lab for 14 years.
    Frederic Whitehurst

    Frederic Whitehurst has been a member of the COV board since 2016. He holds a BS in Chemistry (East Carolina University 1974), a PhD in Chemistry (Duke University 1980) and a JD (Georgetown University 1996). He is presently employed as an attorney in North Carolina engaged principally in criminal defense. He also works as a forensic consultant reviewing work product from government crime laboratories and testifying as an expert witness. Fred joined the COV board because of his close ties with Vietnam. He was a soldier during the Vietnam/American War stationed in Quang Nam and Quang Tri Provinces for three years from 1969 to 1972. He returns to Vietnam to visit the family of Dr. Dang Thuy Tram whose war time diaries he returned to the family after holding them for 35 years. Dr. Tram’s mother and family adopted Fred as a member of the family in 2005 and thus he travels to see his mother and sisters in Hanoi as often as possible. He has a special interest in the issues surrounding the use of Agent Orange during the war.


    13 Shocking Facts About Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller

    Thu, 11/02/2017 – 12:38

  9. Past is not always prologue. Mr. Mueller did enter the office with a fine reputation. It may not be in place when he leaves it. Judas was an Apostle in good-standing until the dinner party. Mr. Mueller’s selection of staff with verifiable biases has raised suspicions. In this he has been unwise. Beyond that all is fog.