A Sad Day In America: Trump’s Attempt At A Lenin Type Coup Fails

Yesterday, January 6, 2021, which was described in Congress as a day of infamy, at 8:00 a.m. I wrote the following which was hours before the attack on Congress began:

“In your longest days would you ever expect the person who occupied the same office as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln or any other president would call for people to come to Washington for a “wild” time with the intent of overthrowing the duly certified election results. It never happened before in this country which prided itself on the peaceful transfer of power from one party to another. Doesn’t it make you question the intent of Trump? Would you be happy if he succeeded in having his followers move into Congress, take over, and proclaim a new government under Trump? Is that what you want for the United States? It is what he wants.”

It was obvious to me as shown by that statement that Trump would urge his followers – believers in the QAnon crazy conspiracy theories and the existence of the Deep State and Trump’s unsubstantiated and nonsensical claims to have won – to descend on Congress for the purpose of preventing its vote on accepting the validity of the 2020 election.  I am still at a loss to understand why it did not occur to our members of Congress that a Trump led mob of insurrectionists would follow the will of Trump and try to pull a Lenin by overthrowing a duly elected legislative body – in Lenin’s case the Duma – by force and violence and take the proper actions to protect themselves.

This is your America. The insurrectionists were just about all white men and women who broke into the Capitol causing panic and great fear among the mostly peaceful members assembled there. One Congresswoman from New York was so convinced that she would not survive texted  to her family telling them to remember she loved them. While the riot raged Trump for the most part sat back, watched it on television, and failed to condemn it. He aided, abetted, and enjoyed the ravaging of the Capitol.

That he would do this is entirely predictable. It has been predictable since he first started running for office that he cared nothing about our country but only about what he could get out of the country. He aligned himself with Russia, Saudi Arabia, and other dictatorships while rejecting the values of the Founders of our country and those who fought and died to keep it free and those of our democratic allies.

Trump since his installation has brought deep shame upon America. Yesterday, he put the icing on the cake. Those who supported him over these years who reacted in horror at yesterday’s happening should examine their minds and ask why they did not see this coming. Those who reacted with pleasure at what happened yesterday, and I am sure there are some, should be ashamed. They won’t be because they do not really appreciate the country in which they live with its diversity and freedom and they, like the insurrectionists, believe in Trump’s crackpot ideas.

The shame Trump brought spread far and wide throughout the world. America, once considered a beacon of light for democracy which beckoned our ancestors to come here showed itself to be the home of darkness. The Trump darkness. The darkness of  Trump and his followers who have dedicated themselves to destroying American democracy where wild unsubstantiated claims were to be used to wipe away millions of American votes.

The attempted insurrection will rightly mark Trump. That is what he will be first known for in history as the president who sought to overthrow our democracy. He was after all a crazy man who would be king.

Here is where we stand today. National guard units from some states are being sent to our nation’s capital to protect Congress from the president and his mobs. That is unprecedented, sad and shameful.


  1. Trump and his lackeys are scrambling to stay in power because a terrible reckoning, financial (balloon payments)) and criminal, is awaiting them once they leave and lose their access to power. They thought they had more time to bribe, threaten, and suborn their way to escaping the costs of their despicable acts. Trump and especially Giullani, are fighting so fiercely because there is a Manhattan DA awaiting them.
    I can’t wait until one of NYCs finest ushers T into the back of a cruiser cautioning “Watch your head, creep”.

  2. WOW !

    Brace yourself – The American Empire is over and its descent is going to be horrifying