After Trump Was Notified of Russian Bounty on US Troops – Secret Transcript of Meeting

Saturday, June 27, 2020 at a Golf Course in Virginia.

Trump is standing at the first hole warming up. His military aide rushes of to him.

Aide: – excuse me sir, there’s an article in the NY Times you may want to read.

Trump: – Do you like your job? If you do you should know better than to interrupt me when I’m warming up.

Aide:  – But, but, Mr. President I just . . .

Trump: – You just?  You just. Do you think I care what you just? The only just I care about is you just better do your job and just stop bothering me. Now you just beat it!

Later that day after working hard on the golf course Trump relaxes in the club house over a Diet Coke. The DNI enters with three other men. 

DNI; –  Mr. President you’ve heard the news?

Trump:  I’ve been golfing and tweeting, I’ve been very busy – why would I care about the news. As Yogi Berra my favorite New York Yankee said there’s a time for everything but not at the same time. By the way, tell general what’s his name, you know the Army guy who was with me when I took that perfect photo at that church — probably will be one of the most historic photos ever taken – I’d guess it will be as famous at the Gettysburg address at some point – tell him – I never can remember his name. I keep thinking General Smiley but that’s not it  – tell him I want a new military aide.

DNI – Yes sir.

Trump – All right good – let me know.

DNI –  If you please sir there’s an article in the

Trump – Didn’t you just hear me, it’s not the time.

DNI – But sir, it’s – –  President Putin.

Trump:– Why didn’t you say so? Is he on the phone? Where’s my phone? Where’s my military aide?  Get me my phone. I do not like to keep President Putin waiting. Give me my phone!         ,

DNI: – Mr President – it’s in the newspaper that Putin’s having the Russians pay a bounty on the killing of American troops.

Trump: –  Is Putin on the phone?

DNI: – No, sir, Mr. President.

Trump: What did you say about him? I missed it.

DNI: – Mr President – it’s in the newspaper that Putin’s having the Russians pay a bounty on the killing of American troops.

Trump: – There it is – it’s right besides me – I should have known it was here – I had just sent out a tweet. What was that again?

DNI: – Mr President – newspaper’s saying  that Putin’s having the Russians pay a bounty on the killing of American troops.

Trump:  I suppose he is – he’s only doing what we do – what paper wrote it?

DNI:  The New York Times

Trump:  Oh, that’s good, none of my folk will believe it. I’ll just give it the fake news or enemy of the people or I love the troops  lines – that’ll make it go away.

DNI: – But sir – we’re talking about American troops.

Trump:  Don’t worry – we’ve got plenty of them – you know  – like with the Kung Flu that’s around – like – things happen – anyway if it makes you feel better I’ll turn the table on the fake news. I’ll say they messed up the investigation like you suggested back in March.

DNI – How did you know that?

Trump: – I could say I’ve got everything bugged – but – no – a few of the people at the meeting secretly recorded it and let me listen.

DNI: – So you knew back in March?

Trump:  Before that – but look – I talked to President Putin – he denies they are doing it – I’m certainly going to believe the Deep State over him – and Jared told me that – do me a favor will you – run up to the bar and get me another diet coke and some of those snacks on the counter.

















































































































































































































ho was with me when I took that perfect photo at that church — probably will be one of the most historic photos ever taken – I’d guess it will be as famous at the Gettysburg address at some point – tell him – I never can remember his name. I keep thinking General Smiley but that’s not it  – tell him I want a new military aide.

DNI – Yes sir.





without bothering me


  1. wa-llahi! Bill, Trump’s total incompetence is killing people. A lot of people are about to die because of Glorious Leader’s glaring mistakes. If the election is stolen from Trump, are you going to drink a quart of Clorox in protest?

  2. William M. Connolly

    Abe, one of my heroes is William F. Buckley . . .he and Thomas Sowell and MIlton Friedman helped convince me CONSERVATISM is best.

    Here’s what Wikipedia says about John Birch: “Businessman and founder Robert W. Welch Jr. (1899–1985) developed an organizational infrastructure in 1958 of chapters nationwide. After an early rise in membership and influence, efforts by those such as conservative William F. Buckley Jr. and National Review led the JBS to be identified as a fringe element of the conservative movement, mostly in fear of the radicalization of the American right.”


    • Uncle Tom Sewell?

      Wa-llahi! Let’s offer a bounty of a 1oz gold coin for every Russian ear delivered to the US embassy in Afghanistan . We’d soon have buckets full of human ears. Modern DNA can identify ethnicity, so, we won’t get screwed by the Afghans. They can’t, just, massacre a village full of Hazara to turn in their ears.

  3. I know a leftist liberal when I see one……eh?

    • William M. Connolly

      Yes, I know a leftist-liberal when I read them or hear them. None can deny leftists-commies-socialists-Big Government Liberals-Interventionists-Abortionists-Tax and Spend Welfare State Mentality Liberals EXIST, they abound in the Media, Academia, the Feds, and many are Atheistic Antagonists, not just atheisitic-agnostic-deists, but openly hostile to religion and religious expression. There is no freedom from religion, Academics; there is freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of association. DO NOT DRIVE RELIGION FROM THE PUBLIC ARENA . . .IT IS ANTI AMERICAN TO DO SO.

      • William M. Connolly

        Conspiracy-theorists are a fringe element in both conservative and liberal political wings in America.

        The Deep State is real: There are power abusers like Wyshak, Comey, Muellar, perhaps even Louis Freeh, who since assuming power in 2002 greenlighted the persecution of John Connolly by Wyshak in Miami, perpetuating the phony “Rogue Agent” theory.

        Nothing wrong with reconsidering the Kennedy, King assassinations, but when you spend your life spinning wheels, digging up, over and over again, the same ground, you devolve into a conspiracy theorist.

        I have heard Robert Kennedy Jr. raise good questions about vaccines, and science should always be open to questions, but there comes a time when it is wiser to accede to the collective wisdom of the vast majority of scientists.

        That does not mean that Global Warming, Climate Change, or Vaccination programs should not be questioned; they should constantly be questioned and the science and policy responses put to VIGOROUS SCRUTINY AND VIGOROUS EXAMINATION . . .rejecting FAST FIXES and FOOLISH CUREALLS, such as the immediate ban on all fossil fuels: IDIOCIES IMBECILLIC SOLUTIONS

        I READ NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, SCIENCE NEWS, SCIENTIFIC AMERICA and buy books such as Slime, and Entangled LIfe, because I am interested in science, biology, rational approaches to a better, safer world.

      • wa-llahi! Bill doesn’t like the division between church and state? Bill according to the US Constitution there can be no religion in the public space. For Americans to be free to practice their different faiths in the private space, the public arena must be atheistic, and, show no favor to any particular religion. It must be completely devoid of religious expression.

        Nietzche said, “When God is dead, all things are possible.” Think on that, Bill.

  4. William M. Connolly

    This latest NYT Trump-hating, Russia-bating, war mongering story is as phony as THE GULF OF TONKIN tale and THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION stories.

    These leftist stories are fabricated, forged and foisted on the American people for one reason: to undermine President Trump’s Administration and to get elected the malleable liberal cipher, Old Joe Biden (the fading Old Pol struggling with obvious mental decline, who has publicly vowed if elected to do everything in his power to make Roe v. Wade (abortion on demand) the statutory law of the land via Congressional enactment).

  5. William M. Connolly

    One of my favorite politicians, Ted Cruz of Texas, a Harvard graduate, responded to Governor Cuomo’s question: “Where does it say protesters have to be peaceable?” Senator Cruz said, “In the United States Constitution’s First Amendment: You have the right to “peaceably assemble”.

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

  6. Just when you think you have hit the low……This cannot be. I’m giving Trump the benefit of the doubt because I refuse to believe even he cannot be that callous. Maybe he didn’t hear the report, we know he doesn’t read anything, and he doesn’t understand much. OK, but what now ? The ball is in his court. If he launches a thorough investigation, along with the appropriate Congressional partners and a frank intelligence community
    dialog, maybe redemption is at hand. The trouble is that he constantly lies to everyone.

    We’ll see.

  7. william m connolly

    Is that the same NYT that falsely sold us No Famine in the Ukraine in the 1930s and that still has the falsifier’s statute, Walter Duranty, in the lobby?
    Is that the same NYT that won a Pulitzer for falsely telling us for three years there was Russian Collusion, when there wasn’t.
    I agree with NC, folks who believe in these Russian Collusion Delusions concocted by NYT Leftists would believe in Piltdown Man, Bigfoot, Prenology, Alchemy, Astrology, and fairy tales like Marxism.
    The Leftists in the NYT and WAPO and CNN and MSNBC are conning us. LEFTISTS will say anything, regardless of its credibility, LEFTISTS have no moral constraints upon themselves. Power is their god; Socialism, the godless socialistic state, their dream.

    I notice the NYT is trying to wip up hostilities between Russia and the US. Warmongers! Blessed are the peacemakers.

    • Hey! Watch that Bigfoot comment. I seen Bigfoot. Had a foot THAT big!

      You can sometimes sound a little John Birch-ish, Bill.

      “Blessed are the Greek.”

      • William M. Connolly

        Abe, I have seen the light. Leftist-liberalism is a cancer in the American Society. The leftist wing of the Democratic Party, its partners in the MSM, are the enemy of America, the Republic, traditional values, and the enemy of America’s proud history. The Leftists are worse than the Know Nothings. The Leftists are deconstructionists. They want to tear down America. They do so by political correctness, imposing Leftist Language, Leftist Socio-political Views, Leftist Revisionist History via the MSM upon traditionalist Americans who believe in God, Country, Free Speech, Free Association, Freedom to peaceably Assemble, and Freedom of Religion.
        Leftists want to deconstruct our Federal-State Republican Form of Government; Leftists want to appoint anti-life activist jurists to the courts; Leftists want open borders, deballed police and military forces, Big Socialistic Welfare State Government, Atheistic Town Squares, Atheistic Public Forums . . . .of course We Conservatives and Moderates oppose the Leftists-Atheistic-Socialistic-Agenda tooth and nail.

        Up the Republic!

        P.S. I always supported the TEA PARTY’s goal of less taxes, smaller government. I agree with Winston Churchill: If you are not a liberal when you are in your twenties, you haven’t got a heart; if you are still a liberal when you are in your forties, you haven’t got a brain.

    • William M. Connolly

      Hutch, Trump does not lie; the Main Stream Media lies.

      • William M. Connolly

        Here is what the MSM calls “lies”, but only when Trump says them, not when Obama or Biden says them.
        NOT LIES: exaggerations, approximations, mistakes, roughly speaking, estimations, wishful statements, hopeful statements, precatory statements, prayerful statements, puffery, boasting, understatements, poking fun, jibes, jokes, jesting, etcetera

        For example, I heard on CNN Trump condemned for saying we were running 500 billion dollar deficits with China (Trade, Tariff deficits) and CNN said “LIAR” it was only 385 billion. I screamed. “Leftist Propagandists”

        When Obama said the seas will stop rising: NO LIE
        When Trump said the virus will stop by Spring: LIE, LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE

        A lie is an intentional falsehood, not a hopeful statement. Bill Clinton lied when he went on T.V. and spoke, “I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.” Bill should have said, “Sorry, I was horny; I made a mistake and I publicly apologize to my wife” the only one he owed an apology to.

        So, be careful when you throw around these Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire Allegations.

        Understand the Today’s Media, Print and Electronic, especially the liberal MSM is wholly corrupt.

      • When a man addresses others and tells him something that is untrue. how is that MSM’s lie?