Alan Dershowitz: Who is Worse? Whitey Bulger or Jeffrey Epstein

(1) big pigAlan for many years condemned Billy Bulger for the sins of his brother Whitey.  Billy didn’t choose Whitey to be his brother; when he came into the world Whitey was already there waiting for him. With Alan Dershowitz though, he did choose to have Jeffrey Epstein as a close friend, so close in fact that he said he is one of the few outside of his family he has sent proofs of his books to read prior to their publication. So the way I look at it the guy who voluntarily befriends criminals is much worse than someone who happens to be related to one.

The crimes committed by Whitey involve murders, drug dealing, gaming, gun offenses and extortion. He  was accused of murdering two women but probably wasn’t the real killer since that would be Flemmi who wanted to get rid of them. All his other victims were men. Most, but not all, were criminals themselves. Nothing to be proud of; nothing to minimize.

The crimes and allegations against Epstein are that he dragged into prostitution over forty young girls. It’s alleged he had three twelve-year-old girls flown in for a party from France as well as other real young girls from Europe to satisfy his and his friends evil leanings. That to me is another kind of murder; he murdered their futures. He caused these children to lose their innocence and destroyed their lives if these allegations are true. They will go through life forever tainted and impaired by his actions.

Is there anything worse than the large scale destruction of the innocence of 12, 13, 14 and 15  year old girls?  It is alleged Epstein, a billionaire, used to convey the girls from state to state on his plane to service his friends. That’s called “White Slave Trafficking” when done with women who are the age of consent; there seems to be no word for how gross it is when is done to young girls.

On the scale of crimes it for me it is much worse to steal the joy and hope of youth than to murder adults. To prey on the young to satisfy one’s carnal desires and to use these innocent victims as prostitutes for other old men is the lowest of the low. Knowing Epstein with all his money has to stoop to this level should make people run from him rather than befriend him.

That is the type of man Alan Dershowitz calls his friend. It’s also the type of man that we hear little about in the main stream press. We see articles on Whitey flashed about in the headlines when he sneezes; but the silence when it comes to Epstein is outrageous.

There’s another great difference. There is absolutely no showing that Billy had any idea of the despicable crimes his brother Whitey was committing. No one outside his close circle of criminal friends knew of them until the late 1990s after Whitey had fled Boston. His friends looking to save themselves from the death penalty or life in prison made deals to testify against him and tell the prosecutors whatever they wanted to hear about Whitey. Unlike Billy, Alan, however, knew all about the type of person Jeffrey Epstein is. He knew he was another Fagan stealing the future from children and forever debasing them. He was his attorney in the case where it was alleged he had victimized more than forty young girls. His tactics in that case I will write about later but for now you must understand he went to the wall for Jeffrey going after the girls and the law enforcement people involved in presenting the case.

I have no problem with him representing Epstein as a lawyer and using the money and influence money can buy to save Epstein. I do have a problem with a system that lets that happen and the cowards in the federal prosecutors office that folded under that pressure. But his relationship to him was more than attorney client it was based on a long-term friendship.  He visited him at his home in the Virgin Islands and in New Mexico and New York City. He flew on his plane. Those also are the places where Virginia Roberts said she was forced to have sex with him.

This sixteen-year-old girl being prostituted by Epstein said she called him Alan and knew he was a famous professor. She saw him on television calling her a liar. She said that Dershowitz was the man who had sex with her at least six times. She said it was Epstein who is the liar.

What Whitey and Epstein did is equally despicable. Whitey is in prison for the rest of his life. We read about him still. Epstein did a small amount of time under circumstances that made it easy for him. Epstein is now free to carry on his sordid life. While he walks in his filth he’ll still have Dershowitz as a friend.  Where are the zealous prosecutors going after Epstein? Where are the newspaper reporters and columnists prying into his life?

Dershowitz has called many people in the Boston area corrupt. I’d like to suggest he look in the mirror and ask the person who he sees what he should call a person like himself who is a friend with a sexual predator like Epstein. Have you no shame?



  1. Matt, I know you’re talking about Dershowitz, but —

    one of the TV programs circulating about Whitey notes that one of Whitey’s “commandments” was “no women” – and Flemmi spilled his guts to a girlfriend, who was then eliminated in a house in South Boston that was not 50 feet from, and facing, the house of Whitey’s brother.

    I can’t help but think of other arrogant jerks (former NY atty general, and Weiner, for example) when looking at your posts about Epstein and Dershowitz.

    I agree with you – ruining young girls’ lives is absolutely horrific. Sentencing guidelines come into play here, but I can only conclude there was a huge deviation from them here.

    • Elmer:

      Khalid was wondering if you were still around. He misses your views on Ukraine. He asked me if you were still alive and I’m glad you provided the answer for him.

      Here’s what he wrote:

      “Elmer commented on the situation in Ukraine. He held strong nationalist views, and, heartily approved forceful measures for dealing with the Russians. Elmer enthusiastically supported the Maidan demonstrators.
      Some members of the Ukrainian Diaspora have returned to Ukraine for the apocalyptic battle with Putin. Despite momentous events in the East, we haven’t received any recent info from Elmer. He is one of my favorite conversants. I’d never been called a “sovnik” before. It set me off on a intellectual journey through the history of Ukraine. In light of the constantly breaking news from Ukraine, I was hoping he’d be around to comment.
      Considering the direction “peace” negotiations are going, is Kyiv planning for a low-intensity partisan campaign (LIC) in the East.” How many “little blue men” are running around Ukraine? Where’s Poland in all this? Will Warsaw allow American SF, and, Ukrainian forces, to operate from bases on Polish territory in the event that the Russian Army rolls on down to the Dniepr?
      I see that Yarosh was wounded, but, has now, returned to the front. If he survives, he may someday lead Ukraine.”

      I’m going to post on Ukraine on Sunday so perhaps you can use that to fill us in on anything new.

    • Elmer:

      Flemmi said Whitey killed the girls but the only one with a motive to do so was Flemmi so I have my doubts about Whitey’s participation. The house Flemmi killed Debbie Davis in was facing the Whitey’s brother’s house, across the courtyard from it. Flemmi bought it for his parents who had not yet moved in at the time Flemmi murdered her. The other woman was killed down the street from that house. Flemmi never spilled his guts – that was a fake reason he put forth – the real reason was Debbie had found another guy in Mexico who she wanted to be with and Flemmi could not stand the idea of being replaced.

      Spitzer and Weiner did not have anything to do with little girls. Spitzer got jammed in with a prostitute who was in her 20s or 30s; Weiner was more an exhibitionist or what we’d have called a flasher in the old days. He’s the type of guy who would have worn an overcoat with nothing under it and when he saw a woman approach he’d open it. Neither of them come close to what Dershowitz and Epstien are alleged to have done with little girls.

      Epstein should have gone away forever but he could buy his way out of anything – nothing worse than stealing the innocence of youth. That’s something to cherish and once it is gone unlike most other things it cannot be recovered.

      • According to the tv program, Whitey hated rats. And he killed people who might have any info against him. He “no women” rule did not mean not hanging out with women – Whitey had many girlfriends, and sometimes 2 at a time. It meant one did not divulge info to women. According to the program, Flemmi spilled his guts to the poor innocent woman, so she was killed.

        Still agree with you about Epstein, as far as what his sentence should have been.

  2. The real reason that the Zionist controlled corporate mainstream media is “hands off” on this story is because Epstein and Dershowitz are rich and powerful figures in a certain ethnic-religious tribal group. They thought that this episode was over and buried, as are many other incidents that we never hear about. Sometimes the truth can not be suppressed, no matter how much money and power is used and it bubbles to the surface. I am really looking forward to see Dershowitz meet justice in whatever form it comes in.

    • Harry:

      It is amazing that Epstein and his dealings made so little news. It is only when Big Mouth starts mouthing off that people start wondering what it is all about. Of course the amazement continues when we see so much of the media that loves nothing more than a sex scandal involving a prominent person keeping silent about this. I don’t think it has anything to do with the ethnic-religious tribal thing as it does with the big money that is involved. Epstein doles out millions of dollars to people; no one wants to do anything to upset the golden goose. Plus, we have no idea of how many people in the media Epstein has compromised who are running scared. They all hope this goes away as we saw when Dershowitz launched his attack; rather than chasing people off like usually happens the reverse occurred. I too am interested in seeing how this plays out but I’m not sure we’ll see much justice since there is too much money involved.

  3. It seems the mainstream media is hands off this story. The relationship between Epstein and Bill Clinton is nothing Hilary wants to talk about on the campaighn trail. Will this story come forth in greater detail as the elections draws nearer?

    • Norwood:

      Right on the money. The mainstream media is all in bed with Hillary and wants to keep any negative news out of the paper; Hillary’s Bill is as you might expect a loose cannon who find comfort in friendship’s with guys like Epstein. The story won’t go away even though many wish it would disappear. A lot will happen in the background. That Dershowitz came out so strong in his defense give the story a lot of life. He’ll have to put up or shut up and to save himself he might throw some others into the fire. I know the money is trying to keep it suppressed but it may be too good of a story to go away.

  4. MaTt,

    you may not be the first one I would consult on Patriots personnel decisions (couldn’t help myself!), but this post made me want to stand up and applaud! Fantastic job. This deserves wider distribution. I know the Ledger prints your stuff sometimes. Any chance this sees the light of day? Great job!

    • Declan:

      Sorry to hear you won’t come to me for news on the Pats but if you change your mind I’m here. I’m not sure many people in the media want to go with the story which if it were about others less powerful people with less money it would be all over the news. I don’t however see it disappearing and so I thought I’d give a little background on it. I’ll try to stay on top of it especially since it is off season in the NFL so I won’t be offering my expert opinion on those matters although I may be calling Bob Kraft with some suggestions on the April draft. Which reminds me, whatever happened to deflategate?

  5. Professor Dershowitz has always reminded me of WOODY ALLEN ….