An Aside – Beyond Blogging

IMG_4035Sitting in a local coffee shop and reading some of the comments I was struck by GOK’s suggestion that blogging is fine but isn’t there something else we can do beyond talking to ourselves and airing our woes. I’ve wondered at that myself. I’m writing about it here because I think what I’m going to suggest is something. It is actually beyond the subject matter of this blog but will fit right into my other one, hubgab.

To do this I believe I will need the help of 10 others who have an interest in the matter. Here’s what would happen. One of the matters that is discussed in this blog would be set out in post in that one, for instance the situation involving Mark Rossetti. I would spell out some of the facts relating to him and the FBI and hope that any who participate might find other facts. I would then ask as least ten other people aside from myself to write a letter to a specific person, in Rossetti’s case it would be the SAC of the Boston FBI office (I’d set out his name and address) . Each person would use her own style and words to ask the one question which we want answered. We would then use snail mail to send the letter and would post the letter we sent in the comment section. You’d have to use your correct name in the mailing so some of you who write under an alias would have to surface. You wouldn’t have to use your correct name in the comment section though.

When you received a reply, if you do, you’d also post that in the comment section. All the replies might be the same, but then again they may not. It wouldn’t be doing too much but it would be baby step beyond blogging.

If you are interested in doing something like this let me know. I’d think, as I said, we’d need a minimum of 10 people and we’d need to ensure that whoever agreed actually came through by writing the letter, stamping it and getting it to a post office.



  1. Matt, I’m of course happy to see this post.

    I’ll do it, although I don’t expect to “find other facts,” as you say above.

    What other requirements need to be set out? Everyone would mail it the same day, or maybe no later than some number of days after the date of your post? Everyone needs to be succinct and “on message?”

  2. Matt, I think I am a founder of a letter club…but my experience has not been positive, to date…if you get any response it will be a form letter back…most likely the letters are tossed in the round file…with that said, after 20 years I find that I have no other choice but to keep writing letters, and hope that one day they get to a person who has jurisdiction and is willing to buck the elite that put him/her there, and do justice by my family…money talks and letters get lost…

    • Jean:

      All I can say is keep up the good fight.

      • Matt,

        We have just posted our latest letter to New Hampshire on This one is addressed to the Department of Environmental Services, and copied to Governor Maggie Hassan, NH AG, and to the Director of Health and Human Services Food/Beverages. In my opinion a victims needs to do both – write letters and post them for the public. In the beginning, I just wrote letters, only to find that they had somehow gone missing. With the public posts,it is more difficult to deny the notice. I have now also been using my FB status page. The potential exposure there is one billion readers. If you are a FB member you can search for me and see my status page. As you have pointed out the Internet is the best tool for democracy, and it needs to stay free. Thank you foe keeping a place open for us victims who otherwise have no voice. We have no choice but to keep on fighting for our due process equal protection rights…

  3. Sounds both fun and productive. Count me in, Matt.

    • Jeff:

      Thanks – you’ll be a charter member of the Letter Club. Sorry for the confusion in having the same information in both sites. I put it up on hubgab but then realized few come to that site so to try to build up a core membership I came here. I’ll keep you posted.

  4. I’ll do it, Matt.

    • Rather:

      Thanks for joining the Letter Club. You’ll be one of the charter members for whatever that is worth. If and when we get the critical mass I’ll be in touch.