Are The Birds Coming Home To Roost?

martinMartin Niemöller (1892-1984) was a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.

He wrote:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

You see how it all begins, very slowly. Nothing is taken from us quickly it seems it is always taken from the other person. As long as it is the other, we sit back content to let it happen.

That’s why I suggest that we must be vigilant in protecting our rights and that the small encroachments on our rights must be noticed and talked about and opposed. When I say our rights, I mean the rights we have come to know and expect as Americans. It is our sacred obligation to see that these are passed on to our children and our children’s children.

John Donne wrote the poem which most know: No Man Is An Island.  He talked about connections and concluded with the words:

“Each man’s death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.”

Substitute the word “loss of rights” for “death” and you’ll understand what I am trying to get across in writing of the duty to protect ourselves from the Government.

Some have suggested I protest too much about the increases in our police force telling me these are our neighbors. But history has shown that the police states of the past were made up of neighbors and not strangers. Where did the Nazi get its forces? What about the Khmer Rouge? Cultural Revolution? Stalin’s Great Purge?

That one is our neighbor guarantees nothing. When law breaks down it even becomes neighbors who turned on neighbor, each one fighting for survival sometimes urged on by a government.  That is why we must be ever alert in protecting our rights so that it never comes to that in America because we are such a diverse people.

We have to especially guard against the following in line with the party politics. When the NY Times wrote about the extra scrutiny by the IRS of filings by conservative organizations, the most popular comments to the NY Times article selected by the readers were those that said something to the effect, “so what, the Republicans would do it to.” Here the IRS did something clearly wrong and some were unable to condemn it because it might have an adverse effect on or was done by their own party. (I’d note President Obama had no problem condemning it.)

We’ve must go back to a basic notion of right and wrong. A wrong is a wrong no matter who does it. We should not look at who did it to make our decisions.

This is all my way of getting to the gist of this post. The NY Times wrote about the Department of Justice (DOJ) seizing the records of more than 20 telephone lines of AP reporters. It was done by subpoena issued out of a prosecution office. It was in the form of a general search in the face of the Constitutional demand that searches be specifically aimed. It was equivalent to going through all fifty apartments in an apartment building because the person with the contraband was seen entering that residence.

If the DOJ believed there is some evidence that an AP reporter may have done something wrong it can’t search all the AP phones. It must narrow its search and if it can’t do that then it has no right to seize records of innocent people. Our executive agencies like the DOJ are not supposed to go on fishing expeditions.

Much of the mainstream media is upset at the DOJ. If it examined its prior actions perhaps it will realize that its silence when it came to other acts by the DOJ only encouraged the DOJ to take that bold step. Many have noted that the Obama Administration has been aggressively pursuing people leaking information. It has indicted twice as many leakers as all other prior administrations combined. No one complained at this chilling effect on people who see something wrong in the government and desire to expose it.

In this blog we’ve talked about outrageous government actions that have happened. We commented on how none of the mainstream media seem to notice preferring to shower the DOJ and FBI with praise, always finding justifications for their actions. Because of this attitude the DOJ has pushed the envelope even further. The reaction to this is even tepid. The DOJ is telling all the media organizations  that  any calls they make are subject to being secretly examined by it.

The mainstream media  did not speak out when other people were being picked on by the DOJ. It prefers to maintain a close relationship with it. One paper currying favor and access outrageously named the U.S Attorney in Boston as Bostonian of the year and could hardly suggest a reason for doing it.

The media has now seen the result of its thinking of its own good and not of that of the general society. Now it will be interesting to see what happens to this quisling group. Will it more than ever it fall in line; or will it protest against DOJ overreaching.

One reporter seeing what happens is reminded of the Stasi, the East German secret police. The DOJ has taken advantage of the media’s passivity. The DOJ just took one small step toward intimidating the media; this is one giant step into taking away our rights.



  1. so whats the reason to black out a couple names on the witness list? they still hiding stuff from the public. there idiots this whole trial is about being sneaky lying deceitful with these bums. but its 2013 so lets keep pulling the wool over your eyes.

    • Pat:

      I wondered the same thing. I don’t think they plan to have the guy or gal wearing a hood on the witness stand so at some point he or she will have to be identified. All we can do now is wait. The jury has already been called and I don’t see we’ll have to wait too long for the show to begin as long as Whitey has no more tricks up his sleeve. I’d prefer it start in the fall so I don’t waste my summer in Boston so I’d like Whitey to do something for a three month delay.

      • They are probably counting on people being at the beach, out on the course, out on their boats, at a baseball game – too busy to pay attention. Sunny days and clear skies, means few will notice or care about the lies.

        • Alex:

          Summertime is slow news time so without a Big Sail Ship event on the 4th and Keith Lockhart getting old, all that is left will be reruns of the Marathon Terrorist Attack as the Globe labors away in search of a Pulitzer prize plus the the Red Stockings ongoing venture adding spice to the lives of the bored so the Whitey trial will be a welcome relief to the local news media to fill in the empty news dog days. You must keep in mind the general interest in Whitey is small. It is similar to the desire to watch a rerun of a game you just watched. In the mind of most Whitey is guilty and his conviction will be no more surprising than the idea the Labor Day is celebrated on Monday.

  2. Who owns tbe Boston Globe now? Who owns the Herald? Weren’t both papers up for sale at one point or still are? Aren’t newspapers a business? Would ticking off the FBI/DOJ with reports that go against the party-line(or ones that even “raise questions” about the information gathering effectiveness of its past or current staff) affect the potential for “wooing potential buyers/sale”? As such, could reporters be so passive today because they are aso subject to extreme financial pressures from management to just “get in line” and “not question” things for bu$ine$$ purposes in addition to fear/self-preservation pressures of trying to avoid getting on an FBI future POOF list or worse?

    To that end, how much advertising revenue does the Globe/Herald/radio/television stations get from certain corporate entities that may have affiliations with some of the “characters” involved – to be more specific, how much advertising revenue does the media receive from certain groups that may actually have a tangential role in all of this…Still not clear? Wasn’t Agent Connolly, for example, not only affiliated with the FBI in the past but also Boston Edison Company (now known as NSTAR/RCN, etc.)? How about the other characters in this sordid tale – who’d they work for? Any ad revenue associated there? And, since it’s a beautiful day, let’s not forget about all the “receptions” or maybe golf tournaments out there. In other words, do reporters “get sponsored” by certain corporations or groups with interests in the storylines to attend golf tournaments? Do reporters or board members or news executives play in such tournaments or are members of the same “clubs”? And just what is “golf’s” association to the underworld? Is there one? If I am not mistaken, one of the murders allegedly committed by Whitey’s group occurred on/near a golf course – (of course that may have just been the locale for it and that was that)?

    As an aside – Where is the Grand Jury report? Shouldn’t it have been out by now? You know, the Grand Jury that was supposedly convened on July 19th, 2011 to determine who assisted Mr. Bulger’s and Ms. Greig’s efforts at reconstructing their identities as well as helping them along the way and/or get established in Cali? How come the newspapers haven’t followed up on that? More importantly – and back on this note again – How come the victims’ families’ counsel haven’t made demands for that information, yet?

    And back to some holes on the course and in the stories, how come victims’ families counsel have never investigated the golf angle that supposedly precipitated the other murders? Or did they? A couple of questions that popped into my mind related to the Wheeler case were: 1.) who was a member of that country club where and when Roger Wheeler got hit? 2.)Do any of them have direct or indirecet ties to the cast of characters? 3.) How did the thugs get in or get to stay on the premises waiting for the “time” In other words, who was a member of that club at the time that put the thugs on their “member-guest” registration that was probably needed to get them into the swanky golf club in the first place? Or, did the thugs just wait for Mr. Wheeler to go back to his car? (all day long in the club’s parking lot completely unnoticed the valet or club manager who would naturally tell them to move along as typically happens in those places if for nothing else to keep the riff raff out.) 4.) Did the FBI ever investigate the members? If not, why not? From the lack of information on it, it would appear that nobody ever thought to ask those questions – That always bothered me. If I were a reporter, of course, I would be relentless,….Oh, wait…I would be probably be quickly and forever “unemployed.”

    • Alex:

      The Globe is owned by the NY Times; the Herald by a bookie in Chelsea who is into make=up with Howie Carr. Both are up for sale at varying times. They’re both losing dough so few are interested in them. The newspaper industry is a going out of business industry. None of the big money advertises with them anymore; the Herald’s advertisers are the same people you see hawking goods on TV if you’re up at three in the morning.

      It’s not so much the advertisers that the papers need but the sources and it has to be good to the FBI and US Attorney to get inside information. You can’t bite the hand that feeds you. I don’t see the big corporations having any say in the matter.

      Ortiz’s grand jury investigation that was just beginning after the probation officers were indicted ended with more indictment against the probation officers. The grand jury checking on the Greig/Bulger matter has gone no where; it’s still waiting for Catherine Greig to fold her hand.

      Golf has no play in the matter. Wheeler was hit coming out of his golf club by Martorano with Joe McDonald driving the getaway car. It could very well have been a social club or a poker game. The Wheeler hit has little mystery to it.

      Reporters are people who need pay checks like the rest of use. Like good soldiers, they follow orders.

  3. when one speaks truth to power it is prudent to keep your dukes at the ready

    truth even into its innermost parts

    keep working

  4. Great post. When one looks at the DOJ in Boston the last 20 years you find the release from custody of eight serial killers, two heads of the NE Mafia ( Limone and Salemmi) released from prison, corrupt cops given a pass ( Morris and Schneiderham) and a $75 million dollar gift to the Mafia. You find Probation Officers, John Connolly, Aaron Swartz, Rico. Turner and Murphy framed and an attempted theft of a motel. One sees the political fix in the wife of the Congressman’s matter and the injustice of the Grieg sentence. Doesn’t that reveal a pattern of biased and political misuse of the DOJ. Aren’t the Benghazi, AP and IRS matters just a continuation of the government misdeeds of two decades. 2. How would Forlorn Butchers of Intelligence ( Marathon bombing case) or Frightful Betrayers of the Innocent( Connolly, Rico, Naimovich and Swartz) sound as titles to your next book? One could tell a great story of the abuse at the Moakley Courthouse using your book, Bill’s and the Rico book along with all the essential facts produced on this blog. The title could be Mafia Court. 3. Read a portion of the Flemmi book. He confirms that that he and Salemmi placed the bomb in Fitzgerald’s car in an attempted murder plot. The head of the NE Mafia Patriacha ordered the killing. Fitzgerald was representing a co operating witness. Even though the lawyer wasn’t killed the Godfather was pleased because the message had been sent. Has that message been received by the DOJ in Boston? Does that account for their coddling of LCN the last twenty years and their invention of WB as the biggest criminal extant? Are these people Mafia deniers? How do you account for letting the two Godfathers of the NE Mafia out of prison and permitting the Heroin trade to flourish? 4. Won’t C and B at the WB trial inquire about the bombing? What is the moral distinction between what Salemmi and Flemmi did and what the Tsarnaev brothers did? All the victims were innocent American citizens.

    • N:
      What you suggest is the Mafia has brought about a great triumph; it has seized victory from the jaws of defeat by having the agency that was once dedicated to its destruction and the body of judges who have sworn to uphold justice twisted into implements which the Mafia has wielded against it former major foes. The Mafia in New England was destroyed through the efforts of FBI agents Rico and Connolly and the Mafia has caused the FBI to become a sniveling weakling passively watching as these two agents have been turned into public villains and turned the judges into abettors who have sanctified the criminal element while attempting to crush those who led crime free lives believing the words of Mafia and Mafia associates over that of people who had integrity.
      How is there any justice when people who have committed no prior crimes are charged by the justice department and when they seek court appointed lawyers are laughed at by the judges and told to “do your best;” yet the worst of criminals such as Whitey, Flemmi, Martorano, etc. all have lawyers that have been appointed by the justices. I read a recent case where Pat Nee and company appealed an open and shut attempted armed robbery conviction and saw that the Appeals Court had appointed one of the best criminal lawyers in the city, Marty Weinberg, to represent them. If you appealed your conviction you’d get Jake the Snake to represent you only if you could afford him.
      To make matters worse, the judges are now appointed all these self-proclaimed expert lawyers to represent Joker Tsarnaev. The guy sets bombs to kill as many Americans as he can and we have to pay for a bevy of lawyers to help him. Why do Americans who get jammed in have to be happy with public counsel if they can’t afford a lawyer while terrorists get the best government money can buy.
      ‘2 Mafia court? Not a bad idea when you see how things have played out. As I noted the other day, how can Whitey expect a fair trial when about half of the district court judges and the court of appeals have all stated he’s murdered these people and given civil awards out to the families of the victims?
      ‘3 Salemme in 2004 or thereabouts swore under oath before the lawyers for the Congressional Committee that he had nothing to do with the bombing of Fitzgerald’s car. Your reading Howie Carr so much of what he writes is nonsense. I hope C&B realize that Salemme has called Flemmi a liar when it comes to that bombing. Salemme got rewarded for doing his 16 years for the bombing and keeping his mouth shut by being made the head of the New England Mafia. At that time the Mafia was interested in protecting Flemmi who was its liason with Winter Hill and a hired gun. Whitey Bulger was a bad criminal but his bark was worse than his bite. Whitey thought he was much bigger than he really was so now he’s suffering for being Mr. Bad – he made his own bed.
      4. The Tsarnaev’s win by a mile. I never knew the attempted killing of a lawyer was a crime.

  5. Matt – As you know I have been commenting off line for awhile now. But, this post has brought me back. The bells have already tolled for me. My issues, or personal line in the sand that has caused me to be a POOF (Person out of Favor) to be targeted to lose all the rights that the above post describes, is that I believe that water should be a right to life and not made into a commodity to be traded, on what now appears to be an insiders,marketplace.

    The attacks upon me and my family are publicly posted on However, in NO Witness=No Case, an 11 part series that is posted on nhj, I describe how easy it is for any State to make a person ‘not competent’. Thus No Witness = No Case.

    In 1987 my family became the inadvertent stewards of a large spring source in northern New Hampshire. We did not learn of the springs existence until 1993, but by then it was too late for us. The powers that you describe were already entrenched, and no matter to whom we complained, a more powerful influence that wanted water to be made a commodity spoke more loudly. And, the managed misfortunes began in earnest.

    Since the US Supreme Court has made money to equal free speech, it would appear that some of the US elected representatives have been ‘deeply captured’. And, in past replies to me and others you have confirmed that once someone has been POOFed, it is almost impossible to get a fair hearing. And, as in my case, when you have been stripped of all your US rights, and made not competent the situation is impossible. This is even when emails confirming one’s statements of fact have been finally discovered.

    Water is life, whereas oil is lifestyle. If water becomes weaponized as oil already has, it could become the most powerful WMD. Then everyone in the world will know that John Donne wrote the truth: No Man Is An Island.

    Please keep this blog going as long as possible.

    Thank you,

    Jean Allan Sovik

    • Jean:

      You have an interesting story from you own personal life to tell about government power. It is on the site you refer to in your blog. What I find fascinating about it is that you have been writing to this blog for a long time and you write well and in a logical manner discussing the issues. Yet you tell us that one day in a New Hampshire court you were declared not competent to stand trial under very unusual circumstances.

      From all I can tell you are very competent. Which brings me to a greater issue. When a person writes that she has been found to be incompetent, then the tendency of most people is to believe that what the person is writing is bereft of substance or is basically not true. In other words, once that label is attached to a person then that person has double trouble: first, even before discussing her grievance, she has to show she is worth listening to; then if that can be established, she then has to convince the others what she is talking about has substance. I see this as a future government tactic, much as it was once used in the Soviet Union. A nice way to shut down opposition is to label the opponent as one with psychological problems.

      From my point of view I believe you have shown yourself to be worth listening to and you have a real grievance. I hope that in posting here there may be a way that some will consider your issues more seriously. I believe you make a great point when you tell us that the big deal in the future will be the ownership of water. I have read that is a big industry at the present time in India; and, as we know, it plays deeply in the troubles in the Middle East. I suppose what we must all be alert to is the “privatizing” of our water resources by our states to help them get over the revenue deficits many face. Some day soon we may find the Quabbin Reservoir is called Lake Google or Buffet’s Backwater.

  6. Matt-

    You write more cogently and crisply than many bloggers and ‘journalists’ who have national recognition. While your blog is nominally about the trial of one man – you address issues with importance to every citizen. You and your legion of great commentors/questioners have demonstrated for me, time and again, that this trial of whitey is a lens that exposes all the blemishes and misdeeds of a government. In my opinion, Whitey’s alleged crimes pale in comparison to DOJ and FBI running roughshod with criminals, perjurors, over the justice system. Glad to see you do all this without commodifying the story, without sensationalizing or (as far as i can tell) lying as so many authors and ‘journalists’ have and continue to do. I just wish we could get you into the national dialogue.

    • Tom:
      Thanks for the nice words. I try not to lie based on the thought that once you do you lose your credibility forever. I may err at times but when I discover it I quickly admit to it. When I used to do all the wiretaps and electronic surveillances (bugs) I had all sorts of equipment which I had purchased that allowed me to secretly listen to just about anyone’s conversation. There, like with this blog, I recognized that if I ever did it in a wrongful manner, that is without a court order or pursuant to the requirements of chapter 278 (there were situations where we could put a wire on an undercover officer without a warrant), even fooling around, then the walls protecting my ability to do wires would come tumbling down. So I try to call it straight without being in anyone’s camp and let the chips fall where they may. I appreciate having people like you reading me and thinking about the issues that come up. That’s about all I could ask for.