Asst US Attorney Fred Wyshak’s 30 Year Crusade and the Fish That Got Away

There it was in front of me. An article on Fred Wyshak. It wasn’t in the Boston Globe his long time supporter but an AP article in the Boston Herald. When I first looked at the photograph accompanying it I did not recognize Wyshak. He’s aged. He’s wearing his American flag pin. He has a wry smile hinting to his disappointment that he never got the big fish he was after.

Thirty years. A lot accomplished on one hand yet on the other we cannot but fail to recognize that unlike Ahab he never had a chance to catch up with his Moby Dick. His Pequod, the Boston U.S. attorney’s office, despite roaming afar over the oceans of criminality using the most modern of tools  and inventing new ones, had no  chance of finding his target.

It was simple to explain. He was never in that ocean. It’s as if Ahab set out after an imagined whale and no Moby Dick existed. It is impossible to catch something that exists only in one’s head and the heads of others who urged the pursuit. How would we read or would we have never heard of Melville’s book if Moby Dick was a figment of the mad mind of Ahab.

Fortunately for Wyshak there were enough others who also possessed the same mindset as he so they urged him on abetting his delusion. He was able to garner notice of his pursuit of his bête noire because of his accomplishments while commanding the Pequod. These were somewhat substantial but highly overblown; the trade-offs given – keep in mind they were done for the purpose of finding the non-existent mammal like the Loch Ness Monster – to those who actually inhabited the ocean of criminality boggle the mind. 

What would you think of Wyshak had he gone to Newfound Lake in New Hampshire to look for Nellie? Not only would he be looking for something that did not exist but he would be looking in the wrong area. I suppose his justification for doing that is that it is more convenient; that is, if you are looking for something that is based solely on wishful thinking it is probably best to do it at a location nearby rather than venturing too far away. 

Wyshak was in the news because he convicted Frankie  Salemme for the murder of nightclub owner Stephen DiSarro 25 years ago in 1993.  His main witness was the man who more likely than not did the murder Stevie “Benji Ditch” Flemmi. Benji testified he came to the scene where DiSarro was being murdered and fled not wanting to be implicated in it. 

I don’t know if the jury believed he left the scene. It really didn’t matter. Even if they believed Benji was the murderer the murder still happened in the presence of Frankie Salemme in his house. That was enough to convict.

Benji while testifying admitted he had been involved in fifty or more murders. One thing I wonder about when I read that was whether he told Wyshak the identities of these people he murdered. After all, you have to remember that Benji had been protected by the FBI since the 1960s and surely the families of the victims are entitled to some type of compensation just as the families of Whitey Bulger’s victims.

Whitey was Benji’s partner in crime. Whitey met Benji after the latter had been an FBI top echelon informant for about ten years. Benji had just come back from Canada after the FBI had serious charges against him dismissed so he could be back on the scene providing information to it again. He and Whitey had the same habits – avoided drugs, worked out, stayed sober; and the same loves, as Frankie Salemme said: “women and money and not necessarily in that order.”

Benji told Whitey of the great deal it was working for the FBI. it will give you protection if you give it information. Whitey, who had served 9 years in prison for a robbery, quickly joined the FBI’s top echelon program. They operated with impunity under the carapace of the FBI.

How was it then that Wyshak choose Benji to use against Whitey? Benji had committed four to five times the number of murders as Whitey. If you heard Jimmy the Sniff testify then you’d know Benji was considered the most vicious. Whitey never murdered his girlfriend or daughter. It would seem the lesser of two evils was Whitey.

Answer that question and you’ll know about the fish that got away because it was never there.


  1. Jack Cashill and his co investigator ex cop
    Sanders are two of my heroes
    for many of the same reasons Matt Connolly is
    for readers of his blog.

    Hey it’s Sunday and raining here at Flying Pond Variety in Maine.
    What else is there to do ?

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    22-year-old changing in dressing room catches FBI agent taking photos, NJ cops say

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    Motherboard reporter Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai filed a FOIA for the full video and just this week wrote that the Bureau has responded with a denial, though the letter wasn’t clear on what grounds.

    “The information you seek does not fall under the purview of the FOIA,” the rejection letter argues, explaining that my request did not comply with FOIA regulations, although it doesn’t specify which ones.
    Cazes committed suicide shortly after his arrest; he never stood trial.

  3. How deep is the deep state ?

    Can you name the FBI agents involved in
    the planning and coverup of 911. ?
    Nah that requires deep thought.

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  4. Billy Bulger

  5. Wyshak a total failure or a corrupt tool of OC? You are right thirty years framing innocents in an endeavor to frame a despised politician. The local pol despised by the media got the same vilification treatment Trump is getting from the hysterical national media. The results will be the same. Mueller is as partisan as Wyshak. 2. There is a report that Mueller is going to give Toni Podesta immunity to testify against Manafort. What a surprise. Mueller and his 13 angry Democrats give the Democrat a pass to prosecute the Republican when both were involved in the same activity. No bias. No partisanship is shown. Just ask Strzok and Horowitz. It reminds one of the treatment Connolly got. His boss Morris takes bribes from bookies, drug dealers and OC yet they give the leaker Morris a pass to get Connolly in an attempt to move on to Moby Dick. Are all Federal prosecutors psychos in the mold of Ahab? Power corrupts. Deep six the Deep State.

  6. Down in the whisper stream we call it Whitey’s Dick
    no harpoon intended

    it is a tale full of sound and fury
    signifying nothing

    told by Matt queeg
    suffering from male menopause
    giving us a irish tome poem

    because he is incapable of living his life
    into the answers

    and giving us a Heidenleben
    about a real hero’s life

    in other sharps and flats

    • John King McDonald

      Freeh, It is a tomahawk pipe …. A TOMAHAWK PIPE !!!! … Queequeg

      Here it is you generations of scholars:

      Queequeg was the elusive white whale.


  7. John King McDonald

    Bill, jump in, the water’s fine !!!

    • Thanks for the invite, John . . .I always enjoy your eloquence, even when we disagree .. .as I enjoy all the comments and Matt’s articles, especially when all of us, or some of us disagree.

      Matt’s article is brilliant and the metaphor perfect. I saw the movies. I believe Matt actually read the whole book . . .we studied parts in school . ..

      Here’s what Matt wrote: ” A lot accomplished on one hand yet on the other we cannot but fail to recognize that unlike Ahab he never had a chance to catch up with his Moby Dick.”

      In my mind, Wyshak self-immolated, self-destructed in his delusional quest to get Bill Bulger, an entirely innocent man with 40 Honorariums from the most prestigious institutions in the greater Boston are.

      I won’t ennumerate Wyshak’s and Wyshak’s Office’s many mortal sins, unforgivable sins in my book, but I’m not God . . .who does forgive the truly repentant . . . Wyshak, moreover, is not repentant; I’ve seen no evidence that he and his colleagues have ever apologized for cutting ridiculous deals with serial killer; for deputizing 5 state cops and telling Colonel Foley’s crew that the State House housed one of top criminal behomeths; for trampling on constitutional rights, like due process and double jeopardy protections; for spitting on the decisions of the Boston Jury; for aiming with laser beam accuracy at Bill Bulger associates like John Connolly, probo John O;Brien, innocent Chuck Turner framed in a one million dollar sting . . .Chuck as a City Councilor had been close to Jimmy Kelly,, council president, Jimmy was from Southie and a friend of the Bulgers, for singling out a 50 year old innocent nurse for persecution . . .I don’t recall any other bookie’s wife being charged by the Boston Office . . .for giving the Congressman’s wife leniency but Connolly’s in-law nurse severely harsh treatment . . .the bookie was Connolly’s brother in law . . .how many other bookies did Wyshak’s Office (The STERNS GANG) set up, cutting deals with criminals for testimony . . .it goes on and on . . . .and how Wyshak got himself appointed a Florida attorney so he could violate John Connolly’s double jeopardy and due process rights down there, putting on a 5 week travel with next to zero evidence (Flemmi and Martorano’s 20-year old refreshed memory that John Connolly once said, “If Callahan talks we’ll all be in trouble” . . .the sole phony evidence leaking Connolly to a murder committed by Martorano who never in his life met or talked to John Connolly . . .and I could go on . . .

      Wyshak was worse than delusional, he was and is evil . . . a delusional man entrusted with enormous power who consistently, persistently abused it, prosecuting and persecuting innocent people since the late 1990s (that I know of . . .and a man of this character and habit and self-delusional psyche, a man who would deliberately draw many others into his cabalistic delusion, convincing them that the State House was the home of Godfather . . .that’s what Dershowitz wrote, what the Globe wrote (disgustingly one prominent op-ed columnist even wrote that Bill Bulger should be “shunned” because Whitey was a killer . . .that was Jeff Jacoby who I’ve shunned ever since . . .and the Globe I’ve shunned and they sigged FEDs on so many innocent folks . . .and they got the leaks from Wyshak’s Office and protected him and covered up his delusions and were largely uncritical of his deals, and in fact cheered him on as he tilted at windmills wielding a real sword that bankrupted and incarcerated innocents . . . .and you know I could go on . . . .and I have in four books . .. in nine books . . . few read . . .but I took with some honest friends at BC who have PhDs and teach and administer at colleges and universities, and they write a lot too and they say, Welcome to the Club . . .few read what we write . . .we write anyway . . .Press on, Persevere, Oust the likes of Wyshak and other self-bloated delusional sadists with poor insights into themselves and poorer insights into the criminal mind and poorest of all insights into the HAVOC they have wreaked in innocent persons and innocent families lives, the undue stress they have caused, not unwittingly but wittingly, intentionally, they like to squeeze families . . .8 years for the bookie’s wife, a 50 year old wife and mother, a nurse with a clean record . . . probation for the Congressman’s Wife . . . .Equal Justice in Wyshak’s Warped Mind and Soul and there many like him in seats of power in the FEDS in Boston and DC, and most likely throughout the nation . . .

      Clean House

      I hold no grudges and wish no one ill . . . We must call a spade a spade . . . .We are duty bound, morally bound to call it like we see it, understand it, and judge it . . .and if we’ve been given a modicum of talent to do research and writing . . .good researchers and writers are a dime a dozen, but excellent ones like Herman Melville are rare gems and Matt is right on diagnosing Wyshak’s malady with the appropriate metaphor . . .and John is right, too, to see Matt as Ahab and Wyshak the doomed whale

      Wyshak team, Wyshak’s Office (a,k,a, Sterns Gang) has been wrong, badly wrong, for at least over 20 years of their persecutorial prosecutions

      Have to run . . .have fun

      • Bill, Sam,
        If it is a crime to disclose Grand Jury testimony, how can the Globe not be prosecuted?

        Bill, if I can shake the tail the feds have on me (to get to you), I’ll see you Monday.

  8. John King McDonald

    Big Ocean !!!!!!!!

  9. John King McDonald


    This is what happens with confused metaphors. It is not the NANTUCKET SLAY RIDE !!!

  10. John King McDonald

    Work it out : Fred Wyshak is Moby Dick and … You … are Captain Ahab.

    Fred is a figment of your imagination ?

    • Ahab had a stump to prove he had a legitimate beef. To some that stump hanging off their hip would be enough of a reminder to always maintain a good distance between them and the White Whale. To others a commorient ending had to be the only way. Melville was kind enough to grant Ahab, “…a boon not often denied so humble a supplicant as he”, to use one of his phrases (I believe I read it in The Confidence Man).

  11. John King McDonald


    Captain Ahab did catch up with Moby Dick. Or, got caught up by Moby Dick and dragged to Davy Jones’s Locker, if that gets you there.