At A Trek Stop: Paul Suggests Putin’s About To Move

The Boardwalk To Perdition Getting ready to continue on after a good night’s rest, Paul A, Spike’s buddy, walked by me already prepared to move on. We exchanged greetings. Paul asked how I slept and referred to the earlier conversation I had with Spike. “I see you’re beginning to wonder about Obama?” “Sort of.” I replied. “You think he’s more interested in the perks than the work.“ “I thought I was the only guy who saw thought that but I read an article about it the other day.” “I hope you’re wrong but he does seem to be winging it lately.” I shook my head in agreement. ‘So how’s that play out when dealing with our Russian friend?” Paul asked. “You tell me!” I responded. Paul’s usually more on top of these things than I am. “I think the mess Obama’s dealing with in Iraq will make Putin think now is the time to move his troops in. You know he likes to do things fast when someone’s not paying attention.” “So you expect he’ll invade.” “No, you don’t understand Putin. He’s like those Brits of old. Divide and conquer – never show your hand. He’ll go in but it won’t be like an invasion but it will be a humanitarian mission.” “No one will buy it if he goes in with his troops.” “Putin won’t care about it because he knows confusions defeats unity. You know Kerry spoke with Lavrov the other day saying Russia shouldn’t intervene for humanitarian reasons.” I replied: “I heard that but he also said that to Lavrov about going into Crimea.” “Not only that Obama and Merkel agreed such an intervention would violate international law.” “Yeah,” I said, “That too they said about Crimea.” Paul smiled: “Now you see what I’m getting at. They know Russia’s going in just like they knew it was going into Crimea. It’s déjà vu.” “It looks like it.” “After he goes in the West will be divided and will argue over his right to do humanitarian. Putin will slowly start slicing off parts of Ukraine. Don’t forget he and Merkel have old ties back to East Germany days. You can’t be sure what camp she’s in.” Paul walked off as Spike came along. I continued to lace my boots. I’d follow along after them.


  1. “I thought I was the only guy who saw thought that but I read an article about it the other day.”

    Huh? “saw thought”?

    • Ed:

      You’re right I need an editor. Mistakes happen that’s why people have editors. I do my best not to err but looking over my writing I find lots of mistakes or things I could have said better or differently.